Best PayPal Betting Sites Online

PayPal is considered an industry leader when it comes to online payment methods as it really took off in 2002 when Ebay acquired the rights to it. PayPal is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world and has become a mainstay as a banking option in the online sports betting industry.

  • Original online payment service trusted by millions
  • Instantanous deposits and withdrawals
  • Limited fees and charges
  • Available For Play On Mobile Devices
  • Thousands Of Sports Betting Fixtures
  • Latest Technology Powers All Platforms
  • Founded in 1946
  • Sharp Odds and Competitive Prices
  • Legendary Sports Gambling Family

Latest numbers indicate that about 20% of all online transactions occur through PayPal, thus finding a sportsbook to use this method is rather easy.

PayPal sites in Canada aren’t as abundant as they are in other parts of the world, but there are still plenty of solid options out there for Canadian bettors. As arguably the largest online payment method around, sportsbooks would be foolish not to include PayPal as a banking method.

Canadian online sports betting highly recommend using paypal as your Preferred Method of depositing and withdrawing funds from your online sports betting account. This comes down to a couple factors, mainly convenience and cost effectiveness. Sports betting websites that accept paypal should be at the top of your list when deciding who to wager with. 

Online sports gaming is allowed in Canada, and making deposits to such sites via any financial method you choose is fine. Paypal betting in Canada is a standard practice.

Furthermore it saves lot of time, energy and most importantly, money creating a symbiotic relationship between the bettor, the casino and the 3rd party account that withdraws and deposits funds.

Best PayPal sportsbooks

The best Canadian sports betting sites don’t all accept paypal, but enough of them do that no one should be left out in the dark. 

You can comprehensively research the various sportsbook deposit methods here.

Tips for betting on Paypal

Paypal gambling should be categorized any differently than when you deposit via another avenue. The only differences are the fee structure and the deposit/ withdrawal structure. If depositing with a credit card for example, often this comes with a fee from the credit card which then becomes an added expense that needs to be accounted for.

When depositing via Paypal, there is no added fee, but the money will generally be withdrawn directly from the bank account linked with the Paypal account, unless there are appropriate funds in your ‘Wallet’.

This means that real money is being transfered as oppose to the money that comes with a grace period, when using a credit card for example.

Sites that accept Paypal have developed a good partnership with one another and the customers and it’s a relationship that has benefitted everyone. Paypal betting leaves more money in the hand of the consumer which then allows them the piece of mind to know they are not getting ripped off.

Choosing the best Paypal betting site

Ultimately this should come down to which sites offer the best lines on the games you enjoy betting the most. At the end of the day when designing your sports betting craft, things such as bonuses are not as important long term value and reducing juice on your plays. 

Betting sites that take Paypal are plentiful enough that it should boil down to platform will save me the most money on ‘juice’ over the course of your lifetime.

Since Paypal eliminates a large percentage of the withdrawal fees that come with transfering funds across accounts, the next major ‘FEE’ you battle is the juice on lines. Reducing this fee matters more than any one time promotion.

For example, if one site exclusively offers ‘dime lines’, where the juice is 10 cents on the majority of standard plays, you should be looking for a site that offers the same games with ‘nickel lines’ where the juice is commonly 5 cents.

Over the course of a lifetime, opting for nickle lines over dime lines will save you more money than you can imagine.

How to find the best Paypal sports welcome bonus

By reading this you have already taken it upon yourself to begin your research and there are a few more sources to locate the best sportsbook bonuses online that can help you find the best Paypal deposit bonus.

All major and minor gaming sites offer initial sign up and deposit bonuses, that can will be distributed upon sign up and initial deposit, whether by Paypal or other means.

Once you link your sports betting account with your Paypal account and make your first deposit, the bonus should appear instantly. If not please check the terms and conditions pertaining to that individual site. Most popular sites also offer a ‘live chat’ option to help any issues get resolved in a timely manner.

Can I get a ‘No deposit bonus’ with Paypal?

A No deposit bonus means that before you place any moment in your account, you have already been given some free currency to play with. Of the current Paypal sports betting sites, 888 currently offers a free cash bonus of $88 CDN with NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED, incentivizing online Paypal gambling and bet Paypal accounts.

Sports betting with Paypal

The big name sports betting sites that we have covered offer all the popular North American sports we know and love such as the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. But you will also find a plethora of betting lines for other niche sports such as Golf, Horse Racing and International Soccer.

So whether you are looking for Stanley Cup oddsSuperbowl props of lines for the women’s World Cup, there will be no shortage of opportunity. Betting sites that accept Paypal Canada wide offer all the relevant wagering options leaving nothing left to be desired.

Paypal Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

One of the best features regarding online sports betting and PayPal is the fact that PayPal has become quite selective when partnering up with sportsbooks. This is due to PayPal’s world-renowned popularity and reputation and they do not want to damage that by attaching themselves to questionable sportsbook operations. That’s why any sportsbook that offers PayPal as a funding method is considered a “stamp of legitimacy” because PayPal would not consider partnering up with them if any security concerns or other problems were associated with those sportsbooks.

Furthermore, it also means that those books that do offer PayPal are some of the biggest players in the online sports betting world and will provide you with a fantastic betting experience.

Whether it be the plethora of betting lines they offer on any and all sports under the sun, or tremendous deposit bonuses and reward programs, using a PayPal connected sportsbook should cover all your betting needs.

PayPal is known for it’s quick and easy payment methods and those apply to sportsbook deposits/withdrawals as well. Yet, the one knock on PayPal is the service fees attached to transactions and if you are a bettor that is continually moving money in and out of the sportsbook for whatever reason, there are likely cheaper funding options out there for you. Yet, it’s tough to go wrong with the legitimacy PayPal brings to the table and as long as the sportsbook you play at offers it as a banking method, there likely aren’t going to be any financial concerns on your end – other than going cold and losing a few sports wagers in a row.

Best Betting Apps that Accept Paypal

When thinking about Canadian betting apps that accept PayPal, your options will be more limited than they would be with other deposit methods. Here, it is really worth mentioning just one app.

Bet365’s mobile betting app accepts PayPal as a deposit option in Canada. This is a great app for lots of other reasons as well. For example, you do not need to download anything. Just visit the mobile website and it will optimize to your device.

While the quantity of your options is rather limited in this case, luckily the quality remains high with the Bet365 mobile sports betting app.