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Best MLB Betting Sites and Sportsbook Reviews

Available free of charge, 365 days per year, Canada Sports Betting features the best MLB betting and reviews.

From MLB preseason futures, then throughout the Major League Baseball regular season, plus thrilling MLB World Series playoff action, top online bookmakers are the best MLB betting sites.

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Ranking the best MLB Betting Sites in Canada

Ranking the best MLB Betting Sites in Ontario

Best Sportsbooks for Major League Baseball

Canadians looking for top online baseball betting sites have landed in hardball heaven. That is due to Major League Baseball being a top featured competition here at Canada Sports Betting.

Huge fans of the Great American Pastime – our Crew features MLB sports betting odds all year long. Avid baseball bettors, CSB handicappers have decades of hardball wagering experience.

Staying on top of the action, CSB baseball Free Picks focuses on MLB odds from the best online bookmakers in the business. We also feature MLB Championship betting as the odds of our future are updated weekly.

Each strong, in their own right, bettors are advised to shop around for betting sites that best suit their playing style. Below, we offer advice on where and how to bet on baseball at the best online sportsbooks.

MLB Outright Winner Odds

Keep up to date with the up to the minute MLB odds on Canada Sports Betting.

The odds for the MLB World Series were last updated on May 19, 2024:

MLB Betting Sites in Canada

Are you searching for the top baseball betting sites that accept Canadian MLB bettors? Quoting the massively popular 80’s band Survivor song; The Search is Over. When it comes to MLB betting – We play hardball.

Experts in the online sports wagering industry, we are here to guide bettors to the best Canadian betting sites available across the Great White North. Remember to wager with “entertainment” money and stay within a budget.

Offering more matches than any sports season on the Planet, featuring games from February to October, MLB betting is a marathon. With a multitude of the preseason, regular season, and MLB playoff odds, knowing where to wager is important.

Active ‘Cappers ourselves, we have spent decades researching and reviewing the best MLB wagering websites. There are several components that make a top baseball-betting site and we discuss our favourites below.

Rule Changes for the 2023 MLB Season

Major League Baseball is set to introduce three rule changes in 2023. Following successful experiments in the Minor Leagues, the Joint Competition Committee, made up of four active players, six members appointed by MLB and one umpire, voted in favor of the changes, which aim to improve the pace of play, action, and safety.

The three new rules include a pitch timer, limits on defensive shifts, and bigger bases. The pitch timer will include a 30-second timer between batters, a 15-second timer with the bases empty, and a 20-second timer with runners on base. Additionally, pitchers will be limited to two disengagements, and batters will need to be in the box and alert to the pitcher by the 8-second mark.

The new rules have been thoroughly tested and refined over 8,000 Minor League games, equivalent to 3 1/2 complete Major League seasons. The aim is to address fan concerns and improve the pace of the game, increase action, and showcase the athleticism of players. The new rules have been well-received in the Minors, resulting in a reduction in game time and an increase in stolen-base attempts.

To enhance athleticism, increase batting average on balls in play, and restore traditional outcomes on batted balls, the Major League Baseball will implement new restrictions for the defensive team. These rules mandate a minimum of four infielders, with at least two infielders positioned on either side of second base when the pitcher is on the rubber. These players must stay within the outer boundary of the infield throughout the pitch, and they cannot switch sides.

If the defensive team is not properly aligned, the offense can opt for an automatic ball or the play’s actual result. However, the rule allows the team to position an outfielder in the infield or shallow outfield grass in specific situations, but prohibits four-outfielder alignments.

Furthermore, the traditional 15-inch bases will be replaced with larger, 18-inch square bases, reducing the distance between the bases, and encouraging more stolen-base attempts. This change will also provide players with more space to operate and avoid collisions. The bigger bases could also prevent oversliding, reducing the instances when a player loses contact with the bag while sliding through it. The league-wide batting average on balls in play has been declining in recent years, with a .291 average in 2022, six points lower than in 2012 and 10 points lower than in 2006.

Top 8 MLB Betting Sites

Knowing which baseball betting websites offer the best MLB-focused sportsbooks is just as important on wagering on the right side. Bank bonuses and bet smart by comparing odds offered at the best bookmakers.

Offering extensive pregame and LIVE MLB coverage, BetMGM is a decades old baseball-betting favourite here at Canada Sports Betting.

Kind of like picking a favorite daughter or son, Betway has made a steady climb to the top of our recommended list by offering 100’s of daily MLB betting options.

BetRivers earns our stamp of approval as a top MLB focused online betting sportsbook.

Paying extra cash back, on all successful MLB parlay tickets, is one of several reasons Bet365 is one of the best baseball betting sites.

Offering daily player rewards, that compliment their vast early MLB odds, Unibet should be added to any “stable” of MLB wagering websites.

From Poker stars, to sports betting experts, 888sport delivers loads of regular season and MLB playing betting odds, plus MLB World Series futures.

Caesars is clearly focused on Canadian bettors, and cover all the MLB betting markets. From training, to props, they have it all.

NorthStar Bets is on the forefront of betting tech in Ontario

What makes the Best MLB Betting Sites

Picking winners is a challenge. Playing at the best MLB betting sites should not be. The veteran Canada Sports Betting hardball handicapping Crew is here to help with both.

Sportsbook review experts, we help bettors uncover the best wagering odds and prices. Plus, we lead gamblers to valuable player rewards and bonus offers that help boosts MLB betting bankrolls.

Players are also advised on where they can find simple sign-up, which is paired with banking options that are both secure and readily available to bettors in Canada.

That includes season-long coverage of Canada’s Team as we feature Toronto Blue Jays odds in our weekly Free Picks. Though the 2019 campaign was rough for the young Jays – the future appears bright in Toronto.

Beyond the Blue Jays, we also deliver a cross-section of picks from American, National and Interleague matches. That helps us have a solid handle on who is hot and who is not during the MLB regular season.

Crowning the CBS baseball coverage, we dig deep with our in-depth advice and predictions on season-ending playoff and MLB World Series odds. Enter the postseason armed with as much knowledge as possible.

MLB Betting Bottom Line: For the best MLB lines and prices, backed by fantastic mobile wagering and quality customer service, click on any MLB-focused CSB recommended sportsbook!


As a bettor, you should aspire to getting the very best odds on the market. We provide sportsbooks with the most competitive odds on the market. 


This term should be understood broadly, meaning bettors should have access to live betting, a great website interface, mobile betting options, and first-rate customer service.


Every sportsbook should aspire to cover as many markets as possible, offering enhanced odds on the best betting lines.

Promotions & Bonuses

As standard, bookmakers should have a highly competitive Welcome Bonus, backed up with seasonal and ongoing bonuses that run throughout the year. 

Find the best MLB Bets

In order to make MLB best bets, it’s important to broaden your horizons and check around the various sportsbooks to find the optimal betting markets for you. In order to find them, it’s worth checking out our MLB sportsbook review page. Either way, make sure you learn about the odds before you start betting.

MLB Moneyline

For baseball fans around the world, the MLB Moneyline is without question the bet market of choice. The Moneyline is by far and away from the most common bet and that is mainly due to the fact it’s so simple. A Moneyline bet follows the winner and loser of any MLB matchup. The Moneyline is the gold standard for all TV pundits and commentators, as you can see which team is most likely to win based on what is coming out of Vegas bookmakers, who, for the most part, set the lines. A Moneyline bet could look like Toronto Blue Jays vs Los Angeles Dodgers, with the Dodgers at 1.91 to win—meaning they are likely to win.

MLB Futures

While the Moneyline is certainly the most popular, MLB futures are one of the prominent lines for baseball bettors. The MLB futures are popular, mainly because bettors are able to wager on their favourite team to clinch the World Series, even when the season isn’t active. In fact, bettors are able to wager on who is going to win the coming season, just after the previous one finishes. For example, you might see futures bet off the New York Yankees at 4.25 to win.

MLB Over/Under

The over/under is one of the main betting lines for any sport, not just in MLB betting in Canada. The over/under market is so popular as it offers something different and allows bettors to focus on another aspect of the game, over than a team winning or losing. The premise is based on the total score of one individual team or the combined score of both teams. The bettor will have the opportunity to try and bet on something like this; Yankees vs Padres, with the total combined total of over 7. This would mean that bettors playing the over need a combined score of 8+, while for the under it would be 6 or less.

Find all the MLB Betting Guides

Throughout the season if our readers ever feel they need to bolster their betting knowledge, we ensure we provide the resources! We offer a broad range of betting guides to help readers learn more about the sport and how to various skills to improve their betting knowledge.

We run through the best ways to make futures bets and how to understand the odds.

Learn more about Futures betting here.

Probably not the most popular betting market, but something that is used and certainly should be understood.

Educate yourself about Point Spread betting.

The moneyline for the MLB is definitely the most important line and one you should understand.

We break down the moneyline bet.

Odds change and look different, depending on the sportsbooks you’re using.

Learn exactly how the moneyline odds work.

For those bettors that are new to the industry and want to learn more about how to find value.

Take a look at our betting tools guide.

Latest MLB Betting Sites Promotions

As one of the leading North American sports leagues, the MLB garners global attention throughout its hectic regular season fixture schedule. MLB fans will find a great range of promotions available to players who are interested in baseball betting action.

With MLB betting promotions, it’s always best to check out the top-tier bookmakers to find the best promos available to Canadian players. On this page, our readers will find the most important promotional offerings today, as well as some long-term promotions across the best bookmakers.

As it stands, the MLB betting promotions available across the top bookmakers in Canada are listed above. However, be sure to keep checking back with this page as we keep updating it.

MLB 101

The MLB is a colossal season, containing a total of 162-games per team. The schedule is packed, with at least one team playing almost every day. The MLB is extremely exciting because of this, as you are able to track the progress of all teams with daily viewings. The season generally begins in April, or sometimes the end of March, and runs through until October.

The teams play each other in their own division the most, as America is a vast country and it isn’t feasible to constantly move around the country to play games.

Major League Baseball History

Millions of fans worldwide have been captivated by the sport of baseball, and when it comes to professional baseball, the MLB is undoubtedly the most prestigious and well-known league. Over the course of more than a century, the MLB has transformed into a global phenomenon that is loved by fans of all ages.

The MLB traces its roots back to the 19th century, a time when professional baseball was split into various regional leagues, and no national governing body existed to regulate the sport. This changed in 1901 with the formation of the American League, which established itself as a true rival to the already-established National League, largely due to its innovative ideas and player acquisitions. In 1973, the American League introduced the designated hitter rule, allowing teams to use a hitter instead of the pitcher in the batting order. The league was also the first to use artificial turf in its stadiums, creating a faster and more thrilling pace to the game.

By the middle of the 20th century, the American League and National League had become the two dominant forces in professional baseball. In 1970, talks of a possible merger began, which eventually came to fruition in 1975, creating the modern-day MLB. The merger brought about significant changes, including the World Series, where American League and National League teams would compete against each other for the first time. It also led to the establishment of a divisional system, dividing the league into two leagues, each with three divisions.

Today, the MLB is a multibillion-dollar industry, with millions of fans globally. It features some of the most iconic teams in sports history, such as the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Chicago Cubs. The league also boasts some of the world’s most talented players, including Bryce Harper, Shohei Ohtani, and Aaron Judge. From its modest beginnings as a regional sport to its present status as a worldwide phenomenon, baseball has captured the hearts of countless fans. With the continued expansion of the league and its dedication to promoting diversity and inclusivity, the future of the MLB looks brighter than ever.

MLB’s Top Canadians

Though Canadians have long made an impact on the Major Leagues, the current generation seems to be heavily skewed towards pitching. 2023’s crop of Canadian big leaguers include starters Nick Pivetta (Victoria, BC), Cal Quantrill (Port Hope, ON) and James Paxton (Ladner, BC) as well as high leverage relievers Matt Brash (Kingston, ON), Rob Zastryzny (Edmonton, AB) and the Toronto Blue Jays very own Zach Pop (Brampton, ON) and closer Jordan Romano (Markham, ON).

The Cleveland Guardians star outfielder Josh Naylor (Mississauga, ON) and St. Louis Cardinals speedster Tyler O’Neill (Burnaby, BC) represent the best Canadian position players, and of course no list would be complete without elder statesman Joey Votto (Toronto, ON) who at 39 is past his prime years but is still a dangerous threat at the plate, and with a career WAR of 64.5 represents the gold standard of Canadian stars in the MLB alongside all time greats like Larry Walker, Fergie Jenkins, Eric Gagne and Justin Morneau.

Honorable Mentions

A list of Canadian Major Leaguers comes with some technicalities. For example, Canada can in part claim Jays’ superstar slugger Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has he was born in Montreal, Quebec while Vlad Sr. was playing for the Expos. Guerrero Jr. considers himself Dominican and represents the Dominican Republic internationally but he’ll always have a special link to Canada.

In an even bigger technicality, Dodgers star Freddie Freeman though American, represents Canada internationally in honour of his Canadian parents, namely his mother Rosemary Freeman, who died of melanoma when Freeman was 10 years old. It’s a touching tribute that allows Canadian baseball fans to cheer for one of the league’s best in red and white.

MLB Betting Sites FAQs

Where can I place MLB bets?

Bettors can place MLB bets at private online sportsbooks, or through government-owned betting sites such as Proline+ and Mise-o-jeu. Players looking for more choices can also try out Sports Interaction, bet365, Bet99, and other private sportsbooks legally available in Canada.

Can I bet live on the MLB?

Yes, you can! Top Canadian sportsbooks offer live baseball betting.

Which sportsbook is the best for MLB bettors?

Each online sports betting site will have its strengths, so it will depend on what you are looking for. Whether its bonuses or customer support, the sites we recommend will be excellent in all of these categories.

Why do MLB lines change?

MLB lines change at sportsbooks for two main reasons. Either something in the world of sports has happened, such as an injury or an upset, or many the amount of bets being placed at the sportsbook encourages the lines to change slightly.

Who is the favourite to win the World Series?

Right now the Los Angeles Dodgers are the favourites to win the World Series 2022 across the top sportsbooks.

What types of MLB bets will they offer?

At these MLB betting sites, you will have access to props, spreads, futures, moneylines, and more. Baseball tends to have the full banquet!

Is MLB Betting profitable?

As is the case with any sport, as long as someone puts in the appropriate amount of time and research into their wagers they stand a good chance of winning. Thus, the sport can be quite profitable.

Is MLB Betting popular in Canada?

The MLB is rather popular in Canada, as are many of the major American league sports. With the Blue Jays taking part, it draws extra attention to the sport.

How many Canadian teams are in the MLB?

There is only one team remaining in the MLB, which is the Toronto Blue Jays.