MLB World Series Betting Lines

Nibbling on a month of preseason contests, a 162-game regular season slate, and then Wild Card, Divisional and Championship playoff battles, the pièce de résistance arrives when handicappers are finally able to wager on MLB World Series betting lines. All of the preludes are definitely not a bad thing though as bettors should be fully dialled in once the Fall Classic takes center stage. Direct from top online sportsbooks, the baseball betting odds below are always LIVE.

MLB World Series Betting Trends

Perhaps the best of all MLB World Series betting trends is handicappers now having more choices than ever before thanks to major advances in the online sports betting industry. Escape Provincial Sports Lottery traps by placing bets at any of these Canada Sports Betting top ranked bookmakers. Remember, online sportsbooks are the only way Canucks can place single game Fall Classic wagers.

Fall Classic Playoff Primer Wagering Lines

Similar to a well-scripted suspense thriller, that's packed with plenty of twists and turns, betting on Major League Baseball action is a feast for the senses. Cactus and Grapefruit League spring training games introduce the plot that plays out during the 162-game MLB regular season. Leading to the first playoff chapter, the excitement really builds once all but ten characters have been snuffed out. Two more will fall during the “win or go home” postseason opening NL and AL Wild Card contests.

Eight contenders remain as the MLB Divisional playoff round opens in October. Although it's not as cutthroat as a single game elimination matches, the tension mounts as best-of-five series determine the National and American League Championship finalists. Four Fall Classic hopefuls then square off during a pair of seven-game battles with an appearance in the World Series on the line. Bettors who follow the action, from the start, are well tuned in for the Final Act due to these wagering primers.

Bet On MLB World Series Championship

With winter closing in on North America, the baseball finalists don’t enjoy a two-week rest like the NFL Super Bowl squads do. Surging towards a fantastic Grande Finale, the American and National League Champs take center stage almost immediately to fight in the Fall Classic. In fact, the 2011 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers began after a short two-day break. Although a slightly longer pause would be welcomed by most, since bettors have already watched three playoff acts – they should be ready to roll once the battle for baseball supremacy begins. As an added bonus, online sportsbooks make the transition from the playoffs to the finals seamless. 

That is especially true for handicappers who foresaw the Final Act and placed MLB futures wagers in the preseason or prior to the Wild Card contests. If you have a horse in the race, hedging this now two-pony duel is never a bad idea. William Hill, along with the sportsbooks listed above, will have game total, point spread and money line odds on both sides. That means a "win 1000 or lose 300" MLB futures scenario can easily be converted to a $500 winning ticket no matter how the Grande Finale plays out. Just like Bo, the top CSB touted bookmakers know baseball. Register and fund a secure personal wagering account prior to the start of another thrilling baseball betting marathon.