Canada Sports Betting Bonuses

Online sportsbooks compete for your attention through a variety of promotions that increase your odds of winning. Canada has access to the best sports betting sites around the globe, including sportsbooks which offer a variety of betting bonuses that match your wagering style and preferences. Some sportsbooks cater to high volume players while others work well for casual fans. Learn the details of how betting bonuses and promotions function to maximize your return on investment.

Best Canadian Betting Bonuses

Our guide to the best Canadian sports betting bonuses includes recommendations from the most trusted and popular sportsbooks around the world. Nearly all sports wagering providers give new members free betting money to entice veterans and newcomers, sometimes in the form of a bonus code during initial sign-up. Utilize all available bonus options, including promotional programs for returning members, to get the most value out of your betting dollar.

Top Sports Betting Bonus Offers

Unlike sports lotteries run by Canadian governments, sportsbooks have the autonomy to create a variety of promotions to attract new business and reward loyal customers with greater wagering value. Similar to most industries, gaming companies must compete to grow their business. There’s no reason you shouldn’t take full advantage of all the bonuses offered to new customers and established members.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t take full advantage of all the bonuses offered to sports betting fans.

Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus

Sign up bonuses are one of the main marketing methods which sportsbooks use to provide newcomers with a reduced risk chance to check out the site’s betting services. For the most part, these types of bonuses consist of simple offers, such as a free bet or bonus cash which matches the initial deposit you place into your wagering account.

Beginners may prefer a free bet to give sports betting a try, while veterans tend to prefer a cash bonus which they can use for multiple bets. You may find that sites which attract the casual crowd feature a smaller bonus compared to sites that focus on serving experienced, high-volume betting fans.

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Deposit And Reload Bonus

Separate from sign up bonuses, which strictly reward new members, deposit and reload bonuses reward established members by adding extra wagering money to an account when players reload their roll with a deposit.

Some sportsbooks don’t provide any deposit bonuses, focusing on other types of betting promotions to keep customers happy. Typically, reload bonuses range from a few percent to as much as 10-15%, depending on the size of the reload and the rules of the sportsbook.

Free Bet Bonus

This type of betting promotion tends to be linked as add-ons for wagers you’d normally bet on. One type of promo may offer a free bet when you experience a bad beat, giving you another chance on a wager which would win under normal circumstances.

A free bet may also consist of an add-on to a parley or accumulator promo, giving sports bettors a chance to earn a bit of extra profit for a wager they would normally attempt. Compared to deposit bonuses, which may be used for multiple wagers, free bets tend to be a single wager of a specific amount.

Sports Betting Specials

Every now and then, sportsbooks get creative with promotions by giving members an opportunity to wager on special betting offers. One example would be a “piñata bet”, which gives you a random team or player to bet on with a massive payout if your random wager happens to win.

Reduced Juice Promos

For traditional spreads and moneylines, reduced juice betting promos refer to a discounted vig (commission) that sportsbooks bake into the lines. If a spread tends to have a -110 line, a reduced juice spread might feature a -108 line, reducing the cost of the bet. Over a long period of time, reduced juice may lead to boosted profit.

Sports Betting Rebates

One of the more popular types of sports betting bonuses for high-volume players, betting rebates return a portion of your total betting activity back into your account on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Typically, the greater the volume of betting activity, the more of a rebate the sportsbook returns. Percentages range from a few percent up to a 10-15% rebate, improving your profit over the long term.

Sports Betting Cashback

Instead of a rebate program, some sportsbooks offer a cashback promo for their players. Compared to rebates, which may be as high as 15%, cashback programs usually max out at a few percentage points. This type of betting promotion isn’t commonly found and tends to be reserved for high-volume bettors.
Betting Points Programs

A few sportsbooks operate points programs which offer benefits at specific levels of wagering activity. These type of memberships may offer free bets, cashback or even prizes when you redeem a sufficient number of points. In some cases, you progress through membership tiers, like silver, gold and platinum, unlocking a new set of bonuses and prizes at each level.

Managing Rollovers

Some sportsbooks require players to meet rollover requirements before withdrawing the bonus cash provided by wagering promotions. A rollover involves putting the cash into play before the bonus turns into real money.

For example, if you get a $100 bonus on a $100 deposit with a sportsbook, a 3x rollover would require that you put the bonus into play three times before you can withdraw the money. A 3x rollover on a $100 bonus would require $300 worth of action. If the original wager’s part of the rollover requirement, the combined amount must be put into play. As such, a 3x rollover on a bonus and deposit totaling $200 would require $600 worth of action.