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19+. Ontario players only. T&C apply. Please play responsibly -
19+. Ontario players only. T&C apply. Please play responsibly -

After decades of operating one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas plus other ventures across the United States – BetMGM is expanding into the online sportsbook business. BetMGM started online betting in Las Vegas but is expanding to states with legalized sports betting. BetMGM has begun to move onward into Canada, plating their first roots in Ontario – you can learn about the experience in our BetMGM review.

This Month on BetMGM: The MLB postseason comes to a close with exciting World Series betting opportunities. The NHL, NFL and NBA seasons are in full swing and the FIFA World Cup is ongoing thru to mid-December!

  • History operating casinos and sportsbooks in the US
  • Fun rewards programs
  • Daily odds boosts
  • Good in-play betting system
  • Lacks some niche betting markets

BetMGM Bonus

New users from eligible states and provinces can receive a risk-free bet welcome bonus worth up to $600 when they join and make their first deposit at BetMGM.


BetMGM Canada Sports Betting

For decades the name MGM was synonymous with casinos, resorts, and Las Vegas – but with the legalization of sports betting outside Las Vegas in 2018, MGM is expanding its operations. The BetMGM sportsbook is now available in ten states – with plans to expand. BetMGM Canada launched in Ontario in April 2022, beginning their expansion into Canada. Don’t think too far ahead, though – any news on MGM opening a casino in Calgary is probably an April Fool’s joke for the time being.

BetMGM also operates an online casino under the name BetMGM casino. As an experienced casino operator – BetMGM had the know-how to move online and cater to the demands of American players.

The MGM name is sure to interest some Canadians – especially those who frequent Las Vegas. The BetMGM sportsbook and BetMGM casino do some things pretty well. But when you compare BetMGM to the established online sportsbooks in Canada, it is hard to find any clear advantages it has.

The History of BetMGM Ontario

The world renowned MGM brand, known to wagering enthusiasts worldwide, spun out of the  Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film studio. Kirk Kerkorian, who had owned Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer since 1969, developed the MGM Casino brand (initially known as MGM Grand) in 1987. Kerkorian was a major figure in the shaping of what Las Vegas was to become, he also became known as the “father of the Mega-Resort”, thrice building the world’s largest hotel (at the time of construction); the International Hotel (1969), the MGM Grand Hotel (1973) and the MGM Grand (1993). 

Gradually becoming a world power in entertainment, tourism and real estate, MGM Grand was rebranded as MGM Resorts International in 2010. In 2015, a subsidiary was created to handle the real estate developments exclusively (MGM Growth Properties) allowing MGM Resorts International to focus on the entertainment side of the portfolio. 

In 2018, after the United States supreme court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (allowing sports gambling to be legalised on a state by state basis), BetMGM was formed as an online gambling subsidiary of MGM Resorts International. 

In 2022, BetMGM obtained licensing from the AGCO to operate legally in Ontario.

A relative newcomer to the online gaming industry, MGM has a wealth of entertainment and casino expertise behind it, quickly making it a juggernaut in the space.

Signing Up for BetMGM Canada

Sign up is quick and easy on BetMGM Canada but be prepared to provide validation documents before you can use your account. 

Complete all the required fields and select a username and password combination that you won’t soon forget. BetMGM does not require a special character in its passwords in addition to at least one uppercase letter and one number.

After filling out all your account details and choosing a secure password, now comes time for account validation. If for any reason you close the page before validating, fear not, you will be able to log into your account using the credentials you chose and try validating again.

To validate your BetMGM account you must provide images of documents proving your identity and address are accurate. Once submitted you will receive confirmation in short order and your account will be ready to use.

BetMGM Ontario Look and Feel

The impression when logging in to BetMGM is certainly a unique one. The brand utilises its Gold and Black aesthetic to great effect. In a world of online sportsbooks awash in blues and greens, it’s refreshing to see some original presentation. What’s more, BetMGM’s colour scheme allows them to utilize the aforementioned greens to really accentuate user specific information. Making for a very pleasant navigation experience.

Odds are presented in a clean and easy to read way. Everything has its own space and after a few visits your eyes will know exactly where to scan. Categories are compartmentalised effectively and browsing through them is simple. As is customary, sports on offer are on the left while your slips and odds calculators are on the right. Interesting parlay opportunities and hot games of the moment live in easy to scroll boxes in the upper middle of the screen. Nothing is cluttered while also giving you an abundance of information. 

Sports available on BetMGM Ontario are as follows:

  • Football
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • F1
  • Table Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Skiing
  • Biathlon
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Politics (Special Bets)
  • Rugby
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

All in all we find that browsing through BetMGM’s platform to be a superior experience worthy of the brands long standing reputation.

BetMGM’s Star Power

The MGM brand has put its considerable muscle behind its advertising and promotion. 

Striking official partnerships with the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball as well as partnering with specific franchises; the Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Las Vegas Raiders, Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens of the NFL. The Detroit Red Wings of the NHL, Washington Nationals of MLB and Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA.

Popular chain of technology enhanced driving ranges; Topgolf, also partnered with BetMGM and features BetMGM branding and promotional material at their many locations.

BetMGM’s influence is not merely limited to partnerships with organizations and franchises, as it has demonstrated a willingness to hire big name celebrities to enhance their image.

Chief among their ambassadors is Jaime Foxx, who can be seen across BetMGM material and ads the world over. Foxx is often seen interacting with BetMGM’s considerable stable of famous personalities such as Wayne Gretzky, Connor McDavid, Kevin Garnett, Jalen Rose, Barry Sanders and Vanessa Hudgens.

Canada’s Official NFL Sportsbook Partner

Mirroring their partnership with the NFL in the US, BetMGM Canada has recently announced a multi-year brand and licensing partnership that should excite Canadian NFL fans.

The deal affords BetMGM the rights to use NFL branding on their platforms and cross promote on official NFL sites and broadcasts.

As for it’s customers, BetMGM promises to “enhance the NFL fan experience in Canada in new and innovative ways”. The partnership stands to offer Canadian football bettors new promotions and exclusive NFL experiences.

If you like incentives and contests, BetMGM is a good spot to bet on sports. They offer parlay boosts, daily odds boosts, bet insurance, and contests on major sporting events.

The BetMGM M life Rewards is a fun touch. Bettors who sign up can earn Tier Credits when they bet in-person and online – redeemable for discounts at MGM resorts and casinos. That could mean a free lunch at an MGM restaurant to a free weekend in Las Vegas, once you bet enough.


The BetMGM website is good in some respects and below-average in others. The gold and black style offers a more elegant appearance when you first arrive at the site (where you pick the state you are in). However, once on the main page, the site forgoes its style for an overabundance of information and betting markets. While it is always nice to see daily odds boosts and the “easy parlay” section is nice – adding casino games to the sportsbook main page is not something we went to see.

The BetMGM casino website has a superior design.


Live betting at BetMGM is a little daunting at first. However, once you get the hang of the BetMGM website and mobile app, you will find their live betting works well and offers plenty of betting options. Arguably the top feature of BetMGM’s in-play betting is the red and green arrows that telling you what odds are going up and down – making it easy to get the best odds that moment or wait it out and get better odds later in the match.


BetMGM offers multiple ways to get in contact with their customer service department. However, finding where to contact them is a challenge. Unlike Sports Interaction – where a small live chat bubble is right there when you open the site, you need to dig around BetMGM to find contact information and their FAQs section. Overall, the customer service is satisfactory once you find it – but we would like to see it easier to contact them.


As an American sportsbook, the best betting odds here are on American sports. The Big Four North American leagues plus MLS, PGA, and WNBA all have some type of partnership with BetMGM. Along with those sports, UFC and European soccer are well represented. Niche sports are underrepresented at BetMGM.

As is the case with all American sportsbooks, state regulations may limit betting on college sports, amateur sports, and eSports. Check out BetMGM for complete details. Regulations subject to change.


BetMGM accepts a range of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal and Skrill However, some methods such as credit cards cannot make withdrawals. PayPal is a preferred choice for many – as users can use it for deposits, withdrawals and available in every state. BetMGM does not accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


The scaled-down version of BetMGM – either the mobile site or mobile app – is a better experience than the desktop website. The smaller version is not as busy as the desktop version and still offers everything. It still is not the greatest mobile betting spot – as its overall design caters more to experienced punters.


The Bottom Line on BetMGM

By name alone, BetMGM is able to capture a good chunk of the North American betting market. Of course, BetMGM is more than a name – offering quality odds, great live betting, and some great perks.

The site design and difficulty accessing customer service are some drawbacks – that could scare away new and inexperienced bettors. Overall this is an experienced American sportsbook catering to American bettors, though their expansion into Ontario is an interesting one. We’ll be very curious to see how they lay their stake in the local marketplace!


Visit BetMGM and see for yourself…

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Can I Use BetMGM in Canada?

You can, as long as you’re located in Ontario. This applies to anyone who lives in the province, or someone just passing through. Other provinces will likely see launches in the future, but with Ontario being the first to approve regulated third parties, they’ll be your initial path to the BetMGM Canada experience.

How do I contact BetMGM Ontario?

Simply navigate to to reach out to BetMGM Canada’s customer service.

Who Can Play at BetMGM in the US?

Bettors who are the minimum gambling age (between 18 and 21 depending on the state) located in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Wyoming are eligible to play at BetMGM. Eligible games depend on which state you’re playing in – some allow for different activities than others. Visitors to these states – including Canadians – can also play while located in the state.

Where is BetMGM Located?

BetMGM is located at Harborside Plaza 3, 210 Hudson St, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07311. The headquarters for their resorts and casinos is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Will BetMGM Expand Further in Canada?

BetMGM has announced no plans to expand into the other nine provinces and three territories, only securing Ontario so far. BetMGM’s parent company – MGM Resorts International – is not planning to open a casino in Calgary, Alberta. That was an April Fool’s joke. Expansion could happen in the future, though!

What States is BetMGM Available?

Between betting, casino games, and horse racing, BetMGM is currently available in nineteen states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Wyoming. Which games are available for you to play will vary on the state.

Does BetMGM have a Mobile App?

Yes, BetMGM has two mobile apps: BetMGM Sportsbook and BetMGM Online Casino. Both apps are available on the App Store and Play Store.

Can I use a VPN to access BetMGM?

We do not recommend using a VPN to access BetMGM. If you are caught using a VPN, you risk having your account blacklisted and winning forfeited. There are plenty of online sportsbooks in Canada you can access without a VPN.

Does BetMGM pay real money?

Bet MGM is indeed a real money Sportsbook. Understand the risks involved with sports betting before making real money deposits and wagering on BetMGM Canada.

Are Winnings from BetMGM Taxed?

When playing on the Canadian BetMGM platforms, winnings are tax-free. The exception to this is for professional gamblers whose income makes up their full-time income, at which point one must file their taxes appropriately.
When playing on the American BetMGM platforms, all gambling winnings netting over $600 profits are subject to tax in the United States. Canadians visiting a state with BetMGM and win over $600 are also subject to tax. However, thanks to a tax treaty between Canada and the US, Canadians can file a tax return to reclaim some or all their taxed winnings.

How much money does BetMGM take from winnings?

BetMGM Canada does not take a cut from winning bets, the winnings are all yours. BetMGM earns money from losing wagers only.

What Sports are Available for Betting at BetMGM?

BetMGM offers a large selection of markets on the biggest North American sports, including a surprisingly good collection of odds on the MLS and WNBA.

Sports available on BetMGM Ontario are as follows:
Table Tennis
Politics (Special Bets)

BetMGM is also the NFL’s official sportsbook partner in Canada. Exclusive promotions and experiences will be on offer to Canadian customers for the entire football season.

What is Not Available for Betting at BetMGM?

BetMGM is subject to regional restrictions on college sports, amateur sports, and eSports.

Can you do Parlays on BetMGM?

Yes you can. All the betting combinations from major online sportsbooks can be found on BetMGM Canada. From single bets to parlays, round robins and teasers.

Can you Cash Out bets on BetMGM?

Yes. Certain bets will be available to cash out prior to the event in question at BetMGM Ontario’s discretion.

Do people win big on BetMGM?

As with any online sportsbook people do sometimes win big, but big losses are even more common. Luck is the ultimate decider when gambling so please gamble responsibly and within your means. Know your limits and stop when gambling isn’t something you enjoy anymore.

Does BetMGM Accept Bitcoin?

No, BetMGM does not accept Bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

What Types of Incentives are Available at BetMGM?

BetMGM offers daily odds boosts, bet insurance, and a rewards program. Like many platforms, BetMGM often has offers available for new members. Check their website after registering to see if there is anything that applies to you!

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