Toronto Maple Leafs' Odds

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Remember that the home games are played at the Toronto Maple Leafs Arena.

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Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs Team Info

Team Name Toronto Maple Leafs
Conference Eastern
Division Atlantic
Founded 1917

Toronto Arenas (1917-1919)

Toronto St. Patricks (1919-1927)

Toronto Maple Leafs (1927-Present)

Arena Scotiabank Arena
Stanley Cups 13 (1917-18, 1921-22, 1931-32, 1941-42, 1944-45, 1946-47, 1947-48, 1948-49, 1950-51, 1961-62, 1962-63, 1963-64, 1966-67)
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Maple Leafs' betting


When wagering on the NHL betting odds of the Toronto Maple Leafs, there are numerous options available to be pursued. Pre-match odds are available well in advance of all games on the Maple Leafs schedule. Live odds are in play for each and every game as well. 

Future book wagers on offered on players in terms of individual awards such as the scoring leader, MVP or rookie of the year. As far as the Leafs team, you can place a future wager on whether they will win the division or conference title as well as the Stanley Cup.

Once the playoffs get underway, you can play Stanley Cup odds on the Leafs winning the overall title.

You're able to place individual game wagers throughout the playoffs in a similar fashion to regular-season wagering but you can also place a series outcome bet on each round.

This can be as simple as which team you think will win the series, or as complicated as picking the team and the exact number of games required to complete the set.

Always remember that Vegas betting lines are the same as NHL betting lines.


How To Get The Most Out Of Toronto Maple Leafs' Betting Lines


When betting on Toronto Maple Leafs games, or placing other Leafs-related wagers, it's important to ensure that you are getting the most for your money.

One of the beautiful facets of sportsbooks that cater to the Canadian market is that they understand and recognize the passion that Canadians hold for hockey and the NHL and offering the according to a wealth of wagering opportunities.

That being said, every sportsbook is different.

Those differences could be dramatic, or they could be nuanced. 

Still, you'll want to take a look at all of your options before making a decision. You wouldn't buy the first car or first home you saw. Take the same approach when shopping for a sportsbook. Check each site's Leafs odds out thoroughly.

Compare the NHL markets of each sportsbook to decipher whether they offer the sorts of bets you seek.

Maybe you like to play live wagers. Perhaps you're someone who prefers to delve into future wagers. Every sportsbook will have its strengths and weaknesses.

Look for a selection of NHL Teams betting odds that's a fit for your needs as a bettor. 

How do bet on Leafs games at one site compared to a rival sportsbook?

Are you someone who's always on the go? If that's the case, you'll want to be certain that your chosen sportsbook's mobile site is compatible with your chosen mobile device.

As well, determine the sort of bonus offers you'll get upon signing up and read up on the terms and conditions attached to those bonuses.

How To Find The Best Welcome Bonus For Leafs' Vegas Odds?

When seeking out the Leafs Vegas odds, you're going to find that as you peruse sportsbooks, just about all of them seek to entice you aboard with some sort of bonus offer. These bonus offerings come in several formats.

It might be a no-risk first bet. Say you bet $100 on the Leafs to win with your first bet and they lose. That sportsbook would refund the $100 to your account.

Some will offer no-deposit bonuses, where a pre-determined amount is deposited to your new account even before you put any of your own money into it. And there are sportsbooks that continue giving through reload bonuses that match a percentage of any further deposits to your account.

Another sportsbook could try to get your business by offering free cash to bet upon signing up. It might be a set amount of $100 or $200, or it could be a matching bonus offer where they deposit the same amount to your account that you do with your first deposit.

Which Sportsbook Has the Highest Leafs' Odds?

When betting on Maple Leafs odds, you will likely find that there are slight differences in the odds offered on Leafs games at different sportsbooks.

For example, let's suppose that one sportsbook offered the Leafs to win their next game at odds of 2.10. But over at a rival sportsbook, the Leafs were listed at 2.30 to win the same game.

If you bet $100 at 2.10 and the Leafs win, your profit will be $110. But if you play the Leafs at the second sportsbook at odds of 2.30, now your take home on a winning wager turns out to be $130. Sure, it's only $20 but have you ever turned someone down who offered to give you an extra $20 no questions asked?

This same formula applies to Toronto Maple Leafs betting on pre-game odds, live betting odds and future book plays. Let's say you wanted to place a future wager on the Leafs' total points for the season.

Sportsbook A pegs the total points for the Leafs at 96.5. However, Sportsbook B expects more from Toronto's NHL team and puts them at 100.5 points.

A solid option here would be to middle two bets between the sportsbooks. Bet the over at Sportsbook A and the under at Sportsbook B. Now if the Leafs finish between 97-100 points, you'll cash on both wagers. 

Which Sportsbook Has The Most Current Maple Leafs' Betting Lines?


When it comes time to do some Maple Leafs betting, you'll want to make sure that you're playing the best Maple Leafs odds.

Shopping for the best price is something you would pursue whether you were buying new furniture, replacing a furnace or roofing your home. There's absolutely no reason not to do the same when seeking a sportsbook to play the Leafs Vegas odds.

Compare and contrast the vast array of sportsbooks that are available through Canada Sports Betting. You can do this by opening the pages of a number of sportsbooks simultanexz

If a sportsbook is offering the Leafs at 5.00 to win the Stanley Cup but a rival sportsbook has the Leafs at 10.00, you'd naturally bet the latter choice, since the return on investment is significantly more rewarding. 

Some sportsbooks will post their odds faster than others as well. Bet365 is a book that's known for getting its odds out there among the quickest.

Bodog, though, tends to put more time into setting their odds but as one of the most trustworthy books in the business, you know that they will stand behind their product.

If you want to live bet on Leafs games, Sports Interaction (SIA) is a site with a very expansive list of in-play wagers.

On the other hand, if future wagers are your style of play, Spin Sports offers an abundance of these plays.

How To Make The Best Toronto Maple Leafs' Bets Tonight


If you want to turn a profit when betting on Leafs odds, you'd better be prepared to put your time into learning all there is to know about the hockey club.

The students who were a success in school were that way because they made the extra effort. They did their homework and kept abreast of assignments.

Likewise, those who succeed in the business world do so because they stay out in front of the trends, keep their nose to the grindstone and remain on the cutting edge of the information highway.

It's no different when it comes to Toronto Maple Leafs betting.

As they prepare for a game, the Leafs players will spend ample time in meetings to unearth the tendencies of their next opponent - what they do on the power play, what style of penalty kill do they prefer, who's a shooter, who are the playmakers, where is the goalie's weak spot?

As you prepare to play the Leafs Vegas odds, you should be working just as hard to hone your craft.

What's going on with the Leafs? Are they on a hot streak? Struggling to snap a losing skid? In the midst of a long road trip? Who's hot? Who's not? Who's in goal for the next game? Is anyone hurt, or perhaps about to return to the lineup from injury?

At the same time, you should be researching the exact information about Toronto's next opponent. Do they struggle to win against the Leafs, or do they have Toronto's number? 

Fortunately, the info packages available via Canada Sports Betting can provide many of these answers. You can utilize the free NHL picks for Toronto Maple Leafs betting advice. You can also peruse the NHL Power Rankings to determine where the Leafs are situated compared to their upcoming opponent.

When it comes time to bet on the Leafs, you can do so at any of our partner sportsbooks listed below.

    Maple Leafs' FAQ

    • The Toronto Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup in 1967. The franchise is currently the team with the longest cup drought in the NHL.

    • The legendary Punch Imlach was the last coach to guide the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Stanley Cup, which occurred in 1967.

    • The Toronto Maple Leafs play in the Atlantic Division, which includes the Montreal Canadiens, Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, Ottawa Senators, Detroit Red Wings, Buffalo Sabres, and Florida Panthers. The Atlantic division is in the eastern conference.

    • The history of the Toronto Maple Leafs stretches back to the Toronto Pro Hockey Club, which was started in 1906. When the National Hockey Association started in 1912, the club became known as the Toronto Blueshirts. A naming dispute prevented the Blueshirt's name from following the team to the NHL in 1917. Eventually, Toronto decided upon the Maple Leafs, which hasn’t changed since 1927.

    • Currently, the Toronto Maple Leafs play their home games at the Scotiabank Arena, which was initially called the Air Canada Centre before the naming agreement ran out. Before the Air Canada Centre was built, Toronto played its games at the historic Maple Leaf Gardens in the downtown core. Their current arena is located close to the downtown Lakeshore area.

    • There’s a natural rivalry between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens, a grudge that has been around for more than a century. Typically, Montreal and Toronto sports teams clash to claim dominance in any league that both cities appear in. Unfortunately for Toronto, the Montreal Canadiens own the most Stanley Cup rings in league history.

    • If you ask some people within the Leafs organization, they’ll say that the blue on the Leafs jersey represents clear skies while the white part of the jersey represents snow. However, the tradition of Toronto's major league sports dictates that big-league teams in Toronto wear blue, representing hard-working, blue-collar Torontonians.

    • When the NHL started their league in 1917, the Toronto pro team was initially called the Toronto Arenas. After a couple of years, the team changed their name to the Toronto St. Patricks, a name that stuck between 1919 and 1927. In 1927, Toronto changed their name to the Maple Leafs, becoming one of the most storied franchises in North American pro sports.

    • Bill Barilko scored the Stanley Cup winning goal for the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1951. He disappeared in an airplane during a fishing trip in Quebec shortly afterwards. The Maple Leafs didn’t win another cup until after his wreck was found on June 6th, 1962, inspiring the Tragically Hip to write the song “50 Mission Cap” - a classic Canadian rock song that tells Barilko’s remarkable story.

    • Mats Sundin collected 987 points and 420 goals in 981 games during his 13-year career with the Toronto Maple Leafs.