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As one of the Original Six franchises of the National Hockey League, the Toronto Maple Leafs carry a massive following that expands outside of just Toronto. While the Toronto Maple Leafs do not have the most Stanley Cups in the National Hockey League, the franchise is arguably the biggest and most important for the league. Of course, the Toronto Maple Leafs struggles since the mid-1960s are well-documented, that has not stopped fans from coming out to watch and bet on every Toronto Maple Leaf game. 

Take a look ahead or check back on the Toronto Maple Leafs regular season and playoff schedule here. Lines, scores and stats update live, to provide bettors with some of the most important statistics and information they need. Also see odds from previous games, to see when betting on or against the Toronto Maple Leafs was a good value. 

Home games are played at the Air Canada Centre.

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See where the Toronto Maple Leafs sit in the overall NHL standings below. Switch between home and away splits and check out Atlantic Division standings, all updating in real time every day throughout the NHL season. 

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As one of the Original Six NHL franchises, the Toronto Maple Leafs have a fan following amongst the greatest in North America. While the Toronto Maple Leafs recently celebrated their 100th year of existence, the last half-century has been arduous for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs own the longest active Stanley Cup drought in the NHL and have only made a handful of Conference Finals appearances (winning none).

Things got particularly bleak in the mid-2000s when the Toronto Maple Leafs mustered a single postseason appearance, where they eventually collapsed in epic fashion to the Boston Bruins. However, everything is looking bright in Toronto now. After hiring one of the top head coaches in the NHL (Mike Babcock) the Leaf started a massive rebuild.

Following a few seasons of smart drafting and big offseason moves, the Toronto Maple Leafs enter an era where they should consistently rank as one of the top choices to win the Stanley Cup.  

Betting on Toronto Maple Leafs Game

Whether they are playing one of their biggest rivalries such as the Montreal Canadiens or travelling for a California road trip, Toronto Maple Leaf hockey games get plenty of viewers and betting action.

The Leafs have righted their organization after years of futility. Now, it is up to the coaching staff and stars players to get out of the first round of the NHL playoffs and potentially into the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Leafs have assembled an offensive juggernaut, with Auston Matthews and John Tavares each having the potential of scoring 40-games per season (if healthy). Their offensive prowess leads to some high scoring games. Fans can also bet on Toronto Maple Leaf player props. Player and game props are available on the top online sportsbooks serving Canadians. Canadian sportsbooks know how important hockey and the NHL and offer plenty of great betting options on every Toronto Maple Leaf game.  

Canadians will often see the biggest Toronto Maple Leaf games on Saturday. Hockey Night in Canada often puts the Toronto Maple Leafs front and centre on Saturday night, against one of their biggest rivalries (Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators or Montreal Canadiens) or matched up against one of the marquee stars of the league.   

Betting Toronto Maple Leaf Futures

For the last half-century, it is hard to content there has been a franchise (and fan base) more maligned and suffering than the Toronto Maple Leafs. Betting on the Leafs to win their Division, let alone the Stanley Cup, has not been a winning bet the last 50 years. However, after some great drafting and moves in free agency, the Leafs are well-positioned to be one of the dominant forces in the Eastern Conference well into the 2020s.

Online NHL sportsbooks offer different futures on the Toronto Maple Leafs before and throughout the season. Knowing when to bet on Toronto Maple Leafs futures is essential. NHL futures move throughout the season, depending on transaction, success and player health. For example, the Leafs skyrocketed to the top of the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup futures list after they signed John Tavares.