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2024 IIHF World Juniors Odds and Betting Breakdown

The 2024 World Junior Hockey Championship has been a tournament of surprises, especially with Canada’s unexpected exit, leading to a major shift in the betting landscape. The United States has now taken the forefront as the new favorites, with odds at -125, in a tournament that has defied predictions.

The prevalence of regulation draws in recent games has notably influenced betting strategies. An interesting statistic reveals that a bettor who placed a $10 bet on each draw since 2023 would have averaged a profit of $7.70 per game, despite a win-loss record of 12-40.

As the tournament approaches its climax with the finals, the excitement reaches a peak among hockey fans and bettors. This unexpected turn of events has added an extra layer of anticipation to see how these developments play out in the final showdown and influence the 2024 World Junior odds.

For those looking to engage in the thrill, top Canadian sports betting apps are offering opportunities to participate in the betting excitement surrounding this climactic event.

Team USA To Win 2024 IIHF World Junior Championship

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2024 World Junior IIHF Odds

2024 World Junior IIHF Odds

What a pair of semi-finals we’ve witnessed in the 2024 World Junior Championship! These games were more than just hockey; they were stories of resilience, comebacks, and the sheer unpredictability of junior hockey at its best.

Let’s start with Team Sweden. Trailing in their game against Czechia, they were against the ropes, down but not out. What we saw next was nothing short of a masterclass in determination. Sweden, in a remarkable turnaround, showed why you can never count them out, clawing their way back to seize a victory from the jaws of defeat. Their performance was a testament to their unyielding spirit and skill, setting the stage for a thrilling final.

Now, onto Team USA. They found themselves in a precarious situation, down 0-2 against a tenacious Finnish team. But in true American fashion, they staged an incredible comeback. It was as if they flipped a switch, rallying from a two-goal deficit to secure a 3-2 win. This wasn’t just a game; it was a statement. Team USA, showing their depth and resilience, proved why they’re a force to be reckoned with and a favorite for the gold.

These semi-final games set the tone for what’s to come in the gold medal game. Sweden’s inspiring comeback and Team USA’s nerve-wracking rally have laid the groundwork for a final that promises high tension, skillful plays, and the kind of edge-of-your-seat action that makes junior hockey an exhilarating spectacle.

As we gear up for this clash between Team USA and Sweden, it’s not just about the gold medal; it’s about the heart, the fight, and the spirit of junior hockey. This final is shaping up to be a clash of wills, a test of mettle, and ultimately, a display of the finest young talent in the world of hockey. Buckle up, folks – this is going to be one for the ages at the 2024 World Junior Hockey Championship.

World Junior IIHF odds updated as of Mar 01, 2024, via SportsInteraction


The stage is set for enthralling hockey action, with America now emerging as the betting world junior favorites and each team vying for the coveted gold.

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Team USA vs Sweden

The upcoming gold medal game of the 2024 World Junior Hockey Championship is set to be an exhilarating showdown between Team USA and Team Sweden, two powerhouses of junior hockey. This matchup is the culmination of a tournament filled with surprises and intense competition, and it promises to be a battle between the best young talents in the sport.

Team USA, entering the game undefeated with a 6-0 record, has demonstrated remarkable resilience and skill throughout the tournament. They’ve shown their ability to bounce back under pressure, most notably in their semi-final game against Finland where they overturned a 0-2 deficit to win 3-2. Key players like Cutter Gauthier and Jimmy Snuggerud have been pivotal in their journey, showcasing why they are top NHL prospects.

Team Sweden, the hosts, have also had an impressive run, marked by a 5-0-1 record. Their semi-final victory over Czechia, where they came back from an early deficit, was a testament to their tenacity and strategic play. With standout performances from players like Jonathan Lekkerimaki, Sweden has proven they are a formidable opponent capable of rising to the occasion.

The game is not just a contest of skill but also of strategy and mental strength. The United States, with their tactical plays and depth in the squad, are the favorites as reflected in the odds (-143). Sweden, however, holds the home-ice advantage and a resilient team spirit, making them a strong contender (+110).

As the teams prepare to face off, all eyes will be on the potential strategies they employ and how key players from both sides perform under the high stakes of a gold medal game. This final is set to be a showcase of future hockey stars, and regardless of the outcome, it promises to be a memorable and thrilling encounter in the world of junior hockey.

Top Contenders At 2024 U20 IIHF World Championships

In the 2024 World Junior Hockey Championship final, Team USA stands out as the favorite, boasting an undefeated 6-0 record and demonstrating remarkable resilience, especially in their semi-final comeback against Finland. On the other side, host nation Team Sweden, with a strong 5-0-1 run, has shown tenacity and strategic prowess, notably overcoming an early deficit against Czechia in their semi-final. This sets the stage for a highly anticipated final, where Team USA’s depth and tactical skills are pitted against Sweden’s home-ice advantage and ability to rise under pressure, promising an exciting showcase of the future stars of hockey.

World Juniors Betting Trends, Odds and Analysis

The Over 5.5 has cashed at a 69% rate (38-17) since the start of last year’s IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship. To learn more about some of the most actionable betting trends for the 2024 World Juniors, scroll down.

Team USA: Over 5.5 is 11-2 in their last 12 WJC games

Sweden: Under 6.5 is 9-3 in their last 12 WJC games

2024 IIHF World Junior Championship of Overs

Dating back to the pre-COVID era of the World Juniors, the ‘Over 5.5’ goal total has emerged as one of the most reliable betting trends. Remarkably, 65% of round robin and medal round games in this tournament over the past four years have ended with six goals or more.

TournamentOver 5.5%Implied Probability
Since 202419-869%-221
Since 202338-1769%-224
Since 202255-2569%-221
Since 202170-3865%-184
Since 202089-4765%-189

Recently in the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship, betting on the outright regulation draw has been a profitable trend, with a success rate of 22% since the 2023 tournament in terms of world junior odds.

A bettor wagering $100 on each draw in every round robin or medal round game since 2023 would have a record of 12-43, but still earn an average profit of +$67 per game, regardless of the outcome.

Interestingly, betting on the draw has been even more lucrative in the medal rounds during the same period, with 6 of the last 15 medal round games going into overtime – a statistic that might greatly interest hockey bettors as we approach the semi-finals.

With this in mind, let’s explore some other key betting trends in the medal rounds of the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship.

IIHF World Junior Betting Trends – Medal Round

In the medal round of the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship over the past four years, the most profitable betting trend in terms of world junior odds has been wagering on the regulation draw. Despite a cashing rate of just 22%, this bet has yielded an impressive return on investment of +1.70%.

Remarkably, a bettor placing $10 on regulation draws for each of the last 38 medal round games would have accumulated a profit of +$258, averaging +$6.80 per game, regardless of the outcome. In the same period, the most reliable betting trend in the medal round has been backing the favourite, which has succeeded 64% of the time, winning 25 out of the last 38 playoff round games.

IIHF WJC Medal Round – Since 2020RecordROI %Units
Regulation Favorites25-13-0.06%-0.85u
Regulation Dogs5-33-0.14%-2.19u
Regulation Draw8-30+1.70%+25.87u

For the most part, the medal round has brought a number of low scoring games, with 58% of games in the medal round over the last four years having seen 6 goals or less.

IIHF WJC Medal Round – Since 2020Record%Implied Probability
Under 6.522-1658%-138
Under 5.521-1755%-124

Utilize these actionable hockey betting trends to inform your wagers on the 2024 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship, taking advantage of world junior odds with some of the leading sportsbooks in Canada.

Key Players to Watch in 2024 World Junior Championship

In this year’s World Junior Hockey Championships, the top players to watch are a mix of rising stars from Team Canada and Team USA. On the USA side, Logan Cooley, Hunter Brzustewicz, and Charlie Stramel stand out as key players to watch in this year’s tournament, with each bringing a unique skill to their game.

2024 IIHF World Juniors Odds and Betting Breakdown

Logan Cooley was a standout in last year’s tournament, with 14 points in seven games and a bronze medal to go with it. With Connor Bedard out of this year’s tournament, Cooley is likely to be the key played to watch in this year’s World Junior hockey championship.

Impact of COVID on 2024 World Junior Championship

The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly impacted the World Junior Hockey Championship scheduled for 2022. Originally, Gothenburg was chosen as the host city on March 14, 2019. However, due to the global disruptions caused by the pandemic, the event had to be relocated. Consequently, the 2022 Championships were moved to Edmonton and Red Deer, delaying Gothenburg’s opportunity to host until 2024.

2024 World Juniors Schedule and Location

In the playoff round of the 2024 World Junior Hockey Championship, the winning teams will be reseeded for the semi-finals based on several criteria. These criteria include their position in the group, the number of points they have accumulated, their goal difference, the number of goals scored, and their seeding entering the tournament, which is determined by their final placement at the 2023 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships.

The playoff round includes the quarterfinals, semifinals, the bronze medal game, and the gold medal game. The semi finals are scheduled for January 4. The tournament will conclude with the bronze medal game and the gold medal game, both on January 5, 2024, at Scandinavium, Gothenburg.

Historical Context and Past Winners in Previous IIHF World Juniors

Throughout the history of the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship, the most dominant teams have been Canada and the Soviet Union/Russia. Canada leads with an impressive total of 20 gold medals. The Soviet Union/Russia, considered together, have amassed 13 gold medals. These two teams stand out as the most successful in the tournament’s history.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the International Ice Hockey Federation took significant action against Russia and Belarus. The IIHF suspended all Russian and Belarusian national teams and clubs from participating in every age category and in all IIHF competitions or events.

Other noteworthy teams include Finland, the United States, and Sweden, each showing strong performances: Finland with 5 gold medals, the United States with 5, and Sweden with 2. However, their successes, though significant, have not reached the consistent heights of Canada and Russia.

Czechia, including its past as Czechoslovakia, hold 15 total medals historically, including 2 golds, while smaller contributors like Slovakia (2 bronze) and Switzerland (1 bronze) have also made notable appearances on the podium.

Bet On IIHF World Juniors With Top Canadian Sportsbooks

The top sportsbooks in Canada for betting on the World Juniors include Sports Interaction, TonyBet, Bet365, PariMatch, and Bet99.

Sports Interaction stands out for its comprehensive coverage of NHL betting and other types of sports wagering, along with swift withdrawal times and attractive welcome bonuses. TonyBet is recognized for offering competitive odds and a diverse range of betting options, including in-play betting. Bet365, despite some past issues in coverage for the World Juniors, remains a popular choice, offering extensive betting options for the tournament and various other international ice hockey events.

PariMatch is known for its user-friendly interface and wide selection of sports bets. Lastly, Bet99 is appreciated for its reliability and efficient payment processing, adding to its appeal for those looking to bet on the World Junior Ice Hockey Championship.

These sportsbooks are collectively renowned for their trustworthiness, broad spectrum of betting opportunities, and effective handling of financial transactions, making them ideal choices for enthusiasts looking to engage in betting on this event.

Bet365 World Junior Hockey Betting

While Bet365 does typically offer odds for the World Junior Hockey Championship, it’s important to note that they are somewhat hesitant to offer wider odds on the games over the last few years.

In contrast to Bet365’s more reserved approach, many other leading sportsbooks in Canada actively and prominently offer odds on the World Junior Hockey Championship, as confirmed by various sports betting websites. This suggests that while Bet365 participates in this market, other sportsbooks might be more assertive in their offerings for these events.

World Juniors Bet365 Game Props

Hockey fans can place wagers on specific aspects of any game in the 2024 World Junior Championships, such as the number of goals scored by a team, which team will score next, or if the game will go to extra time. These bets add an extra layer of excitement to each game, allowing you to engage with the match in a more detailed manner.

With some sportsbook, including Bet365, you can also place bets on the number of goals or assists a player will score in a game, or even predict the total shots on goal a player will have.

2024 IIHF World Juniors Odds and Betting FAQ

Who is favoured to win the 2024 World Juniors?

Team USA is currently the -125 favorite to win the 2024 World Junior Championship, despite facing several challenges in the tournament. With an undefeated record so far, they haven’t been fully tested yet, leaving a chance for an upset.

Can Canada win the World Juniors?

No, Canada cannot win the 2024 World Juniors as they were eliminated by Czechia with a 3-2 defeat in the quarterfinals, ending their bid for a third consecutive gold medal.

Where can I find World Juniors scores?

For up-to-date scores, highlights and standings from the World Junior Hockey Championship, you can visit Hockey Canada’s website, ensuring you stay informed on the latest developments.

Can you bet on World Juniors in Canada?

In Canada, prominent online sportsbooks like Sports Interaction, TonyBet, Bet365, PariMatch, and Bet99 offer extensive betting options for the World Junior Hockey Championship, including moneyline, live betting, and futures.

Are hockey bets profitable?

Hockey betting can be lucrative, but it’s a mix of luck and accurate odds, as sports outcomes are always uncertain.