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The Edmonton Oilers continue to be one of the most frustrating franchises in the NHL. Despite struggling perennially and having more Draft Lottery picks than playoff series wins, the Oilers still boast one of the most talented young rosters in the league. Led by Connor McDavid, the Oilers are an exciting team regardless of their standings. It's anyone's guess how they fare every season. Let's break this franchise down.

The Oilers play in the Pacific Division where they meet Canadian rivals, Calgary and Vancouver at least five times a year. Keep track of when and who the Oilers play with the handy widget below, which updates regularly. Green highlights indicate a win for the Oilers while red highlights a loss. 

Home games are played at the Roger's Place.

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Edmonton Oilers Standings

Keeping track of how well the Oilers are doing is easy with this table. The Oilers are playing in a stacked division as part of the Western Conference and will be involved in both the division race and the wild card race. The table also provides other useful data such as their recent record, goals scored and goals scored against amongst others.

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Edmonton Oilers Franchise History

For the most part, the Oilers have been one of the NHL's most successful franchises. They began in 1971 as one of the 12 founding members of the World Hockey Association as the "Alberta Oilers". They changed to Edmonton in 1973.

Most don't know this, but "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky himself began his pro career in the WHA as part of the Oilers. It wasn't until the NHL and WHA begrudgingly merged to start the 1979-80 season until the Oilers (along with the Jets, Nordiques, and Whalers) came into the NHL.

Led by Gretzky, the Oilers became hockey's greatest dynasty during the 1980's. They won five Stanley Cups in seven seasons and led the league in goal-scoring for six consecutive years including scoring over 400 goals for five straight.

Gretzky and the Oilers became so dominant, the NHL had to change the league's rules to make the game competitive again.

After the '80s and the exodus of Gretzky and other star players, the Oilers still continued to be a competent franchise and would make the playoffs for most of the '90s and early 2000's. They didn't have nearly the same star power as their dynasty days, but they would have another Stanley Cup run in 2005-06.

Edmonton would come within one game of capturing their sixth Stanley Cup. But it wasn't meant to be. And they would make a series of terrible roster decisions that would lead to them finishing in the NHL's basement for the next ten years.

Despite their collection of lottery picks including four first-overall picks, the Oilers struggled to win games. It wasn't until the 2016-17 season when they snapped the losing skid and returned to the playoffs with a vengeance.

This has been mostly due to Connor McDavid, their best player since Gretzky. The young phenom is already collecting scoring titles and continues to produce despite the talent (or lack thereof) surrounding him.

With McDavid as their cornerstone, it's up to the Oilers' supporting cast and front office to give him the support he deserves. If they manage to get just enough, the Oilers will be perennial Stanley Cup Playoffs contenders and potentially Stanley Cup Champions again.

Betting On Edmonton Oilers Games

The Oilers can be difficult to bet on thanks to how tumultuous they have been as a franchise. But so long as McDavid suits up, you can count on Edmonton to, at least, score some goals and be in the race to make the playoffs.

There are a variety of ways to bet the Oilers and depending on their roster and their performance level, they will excel at one more than the other.

Puck line: also known as the "Canadian line", this is exclusive to the NHL. The puck line is like the NHL's "point spread" where the Oilers and their opponent are spotted a points handicap to "cover". 

A minus number like -1.5 indicates the Oilers are a favourite and must win by more than 1.5 goals (2 or more) to “beat the spread”. This is because 1.5 goals are subtracted from their final score.

Alternatively, a plus number like +1.5 indicates Edmonton is an underdog and can lose by no more than 1.5 goals to beat the spread. This is because 1.5 is added to their final score.

Check on the Oilers' ATS (against the spread) record before betting them on the puck line. 

Money line: also referred to as "straight-up" (S/U) betting, this is when you bet on the Oilers to win (or lose) regardless of how many goals.

A minus number like -200 means the Oilers are a favourite and by American odds, this means a bet of $200 will return $100 in profit. 

A plus number like +200 means Edmonton is an underdog and this means $200 will be the return in profit for a $100 bet. 

*Note: American odds are based on a $100 bet as a standard. It might be easier to calculate your return by converting the odds to either decimal (1.50) or fraction (1/2), which you can do in sportsbooks.

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