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Edmonton Oilers’ Betting Odds

Check out below the Edmonton Oilers’ next game.

The team matches will be displayed here once available

Oilers Odds

It is always possible to bet on Edmonton Oilers NHL games as the odds are available all year round.

You’ll see pre-match odds prior to the start of an individual game, and live odds throughout.

You’ll also see futures markets for individual players such as MVP and best rookie, and there’s always the option to bet on the team futures market – why not place a wager on the Oilers to win the Stanley Cup?

It doesn’t matter when you choose to bet, NHL betting odds are always available, and so are Stanley Cup odds. You can also look at NHL Playoffs betting lines.

Vegas betting lines are a synonym for NHL betting lines.

Home games are played at the Oilers’ Arena.

Edmonton Oilers Team Info

Team NameEdmonton Oilers
HistoryAlberta Oilers (1972-73) Edmonton Oilers (1973-present)
ArenaRogers Place
Stanley Cups5 (1983-84, 1984-85, 1986-87, 1987-88, 1989-90)
Conference Titles7 (1982-83, 1983-84, 1984-85, 1986-87, 1987-88, 1989-90, 2005-06)

Edmonton Oilers’ Standings

How to get the most out of Edmonton Oilers’ betting lines?

The NHL is huge in Canada, so there are several sports betting websites that you can choose from to bet on the Oilers. So, how do you pick a site? Each site varies slightly, and some will better suit your needs than others.

The key is to consider what YOU want in a betting website.

If you’re only after the best special promotions or welcome bonus, then you should take a look to see which sites are best in that category.

If you want to find the best Edmonton Oilers odds, check out our NHL Teams betting odds page and make a choice based on the Oilers betting markets available.

Vegas Odds Oilers

Sportsbooks are unique in that they all have different mobile apps. Various sites may appeal to you because of the layout – remember that ease of betting is going to give you a great chance of betting more regularly, and also really important for live betting using NHL odds and Oilers odds.

You will find a vast range of sports betting odds right here, making CSB the best place to start.

How to find the best welcome bonus for the Oilers’ Vegas odds?

The welcome bonus is the first thing you will see when you arrive at an online sports betting site. 

All betting companies are vying for your betting dollars, so they usually offer you a welcome bonus that involves matching your first deposit with a bonus bet of equal value.

To get your bonus, you will need to deposit money, so you still need to invest if you want to gain a bonus by betting on the Oilers. 

There are some restrictions – welcome bonus bets don’t always translate to instant cash. It’s often necessary to turnover your welcome bonus by using it to bet (also known as wager) before you can withdraw. You will also need to be wary that you can’t select just any bet type – often, you’ll need to pick odds that are over 1.50.

The positive news is that you should be able to use welcome bonuses to make bets on NHL games, and if you win, you can use the winnings to make your next bet.

Don’t forget that you can collect these bonuses from all of our partner betting sites, so try them out today.

Edmonton Oilers Betting

Which Sportsbook has the highest Oilers’ odds?

The best place for betting on Edmonton Oilers games is right here at CanadaSportsBetting, as you’ll find dozens of partners with great odds available. 

With access to so many options, you will need to compare the odds at each betting website before placing a wager to get the best value for money.

We make comparing the different sports betting sites easy. You can opt to open up some of our partner betting sites and compare each page to try and locate a value bet, or you can check current odds right here by using our odds list – this shows odds from the top selection of our partners so you can get an understanding of the average odds available.

All our partners have fantastic odds, although if we had to choose one, we would say the highest odds for Edmonton Oilers matches can often be found at Bet99.

Research is key to a successful bet, and that starts with finding the best Oilers Vegas odds (another name for Oilers betting odds). From pre-match odds and futures markets to live-betting odds – CSB has your back.

Which Sportsbook has the most current Oilers’ odds?

The odds are available on all sports websites for the entire year with very similar odds. Every site will tell you that their site is the best, so how can you know which site has the most current Edmonton Oilers odds?

You can start by comparing sites individually, although we have some tips for the best sportsbooks, depending on your needs and preferred method of betting.

Sports Interaction (SIA) is one of the most frequently updated sites when it comes to NHL odds. If you check this site, you will normally be getting the most current and up-to-date odds available.

You’ll also find some great proposition bets available at a range of our partner sites. Bet365 is one of the best options for props betting.

Betway is a great place for futures betting, featuring an extensive range of outright markets. You will be able to bet on the Stanley Cup all year round.

Our vast range of partner sportsbooks has been selected because they offer the best and most current Oilers odds. As well as the Oilers, you can also find fantastic odds for every team in the NHL. We’ve got it covered.

edmonton oilers odds

This Is How You Make The Best Oilers’ Bets Tonight

Tonight is the big game and you’re looking to place a wager on the Oilers. Yet there are so many options available, and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming.

So, if you’re not sure about what bet to place for the next Oilers match, or if you’re looking for help in deciding between a couple of options, we can help. 

Our writers here at CanadaSportsBetting are experts and well-versed in making accurate picks. You’ll find a stack of great selections on our free NHL picks page.

Here you’ll find free picks for all the popular types of betting options, plus all the futures and outright bets for the NHL, including Stanley Cup and MVP odds.

Betting on sport is more like investing when you know exactly what to put your money on.

We provide FREE picks, something that is hard to come by. By using these tips, we can help you select winners every night, and we show you a huge selection of the best Canadian betting sites to place your winning wagers.

For an even more detailed analysis, you can check out our NHL Power Rankings page that provides a detailed list of who’s hot and who’s not at any point in time during the season.

Our expert writers are constantly reviewing NHL games and live and breathe the sport of hockey. For this reason, CSB is the best place for information about how a particular team is doing, and we can bring you all the insider tips about the Oilers.

Picks and Power Rankings are a great way to stay ahead of the game, and sports betting is all about finding that edge. You’ll be in good shape if you stick to betting with CSB, the best place to bet on the Oilers tonight.

Edmonton Oilers FAQs

How many titles have the Oilers got?

The Oilers have a total of five Stanley Cup titles, though they haven’t managed to get to a final nor win a title in some time now. 

Can you win big betting on the Oilers?

You certainly can. The Oilers are a very strong team and often turn up to take wins against the title favorites each season.

Who is the head coach of the Edmonton Oilers?

Dave Tippett is the current manager and has been in the role for some time now, but without managing much success in the postseason. 

When did the Edmonton Oilers last win a Stanley cup title?

The last time the Oilers managed to get a title was during the 1989/90 season, which was a long time ago now. 

Who is the Oilers best player?

The MVP for the past few seasons has been Connor McDavid, which would indicate he is probably their best player.