Quebec Sports Betting 2023

Quebec is a hotbed of Canadian sports betting, even after the new allowance of single-game sports betting in Canada. The birthplace of Canadian lotteries via Montreal, the province introduced a $2.00 “voluntary” tax lottery in 1968. Its official betting platform, the Loto-Quebec Mise-O-Jeu is one of the best provincial lottery platforms in the country. Whether you want to partake in sports betting in Quebec via Mise-O-Jeu or exploring online sports betting, we have you covered by giving you a preview of Quebec sportsbooks and the Quebec gambling landscape.

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  • Vast Selection of Global Sports Odds
  • Excellent Live Mobile Betting Platform
  • Secure service – Licensed in Canada!
  • Founded in 1946
  • Sharp Odds and Competitive Prices
  • Legendary Sports Gambling Family
  • The world's favourite sportsbook
  • Provides action for nearly all international sports events.
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Our favourite Quebec gambling sites accept deposits with Visa, Interac, Bitcoin and many other methods.

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We bring you the best odds for big leagues from NHL to NBA and horses to sports.

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With the opening up of single-game betting across Canada, Quebec was ready at the go. They have long been an important center of sports betting in Canada. Quebec betting, including Quebec online sports betting, is ready to take off to whole new heights with the possibility of single-game betting in Quebec.

How to Gamble in Quebec?

It was Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau who popularized Quebec gambling when he introduced the voluntary tax lottery in 1968. From there, Quebec has been a frontrunner in all things betting, including Quebec sports betting

Like the rest of Canada, Quebec loves its hockey and betting on it. Canada online betting is plenty of options, and at, we give you access to all the many sportsbooks available for the Quebecois.

There are many sportsbooks available for online sports betting in Quebec. But of course, we only reserved the best. Most of these books offer markets in the most popular sports in Quebec, like the NHL (hockey), NBA (basketball), and MLB (baseball). The UFC (MMA) and CFL (football) are also typically available on your typical Quebec sportsbook.

Quebec’s major sports teams: the Montreal Canadiens (NHL), Montreal Alouettes (CFL), and CF Montreal (MLS) will be prominent fixtures for sports betting, and the books will gladly focus on them. After all, online sports betting in Quebec will naturally gravitate to the home teams, like it does in just about any region.


How to bet on sports in Quebec?

In Quebec, betting online is easy. The minimum requirements you need is to be at least 18-years-old, have a registered e-mail address, and some cash (about $10.00). Registering is fast and easy on most Quebec betting apps.

Most books will require a minimum deposit, although you can use many forms of payment such as a credit card, a money order, or go through third-party depositing sites that take more forms of payment (like debit).

But before depositing, you will need to compare sportsbooks. It’s a competitive betting world out there, and each book comes with its own unique set of bonuses, rules, and conditions. Which of the many sports betting apps in Quebec is right for you is likely going to come down to personal preference, so it’s best to do your research with us.

You can find the top betting sites in Canada here.

Some of the main criteria you need to scrutinize before depositing are a bonus, betting lines, interface and customer service.

Many books have welcome bonuses while some have bigger “free bets” promotions; you can take advantage of this by signing up with multiple books. There is no need to stick to just one Quebec betting site – you’ll likely have a favourite, but by spreading your eggs across a few baskets, you’ll get the most out of your Quebec online betting.

The lines differ from book to book, and the order they release them is also different; depending on what sport you are betting on, find out which books offer the best and earliest lines.

Depending on how you bet, you should look at which books are best for computer betting (websites) and mobile betting (apps and mobile websites).

How well a sportsbook treats you? You can evaluate this by how well they answer your questions, how accessible they are, and how easy they make it for you to deposit and withdraw money. This is what distinguishes books from each other.

Sports Betting in Montreal

Montreal, the second-largest city in Canada, is a sports and entertainment hub. The city is a home to three major professional sports teams, the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League (NHL), the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League (CFL), and CF Montreal of Major League Soccer (MLS). Also, it hosts significant international sporting events like the Canadian Grand Prix and the Rogers Cup tennis tournament. It’s no surprise that sports betting is a popular pastime in Montreal, with its rich sports culture.

Sports betting is legal in Canada, with each province regulating the industry. Loto-Québec is the regulatory body in Quebec, where Montreal is located. Loto-Québec operates sports betting in Quebec and as such, Montreal sports betting operates through an online sports betting platform called Mise-o-jeu, and a network of retail betting kiosks throughout the province.

Hockey is one of the most popular sports to bet on in Montreal, with the Montreal Canadiens having a storied history, winning 24 Stanley Cup championships. During the NHL season, local sports bars are packed with fans cheering on the Canadiens and placing bets on the outcome of games.

Football is another popular sport for betting in Montreal, with the Montreal Alouettes having a dedicated fanbase, and many locals enjoy placing bets on CFL games throughout the season. The Alouettes have won seven Grey Cup championships, and while they have struggled in recent years, the team remains a source of pride for Montrealers.

Montrealers also enjoy betting on international events like the Olympics and major soccer tournaments, with many cultures represented in the city. This creates a lively atmosphere in local sports bars and betting shops and on Montreal online sportsbooks, and sets the tone for a strong scene of sports betting in Montreal.

While online sports betting is becoming more popular in Montreal, many locals still prefer to place bets in person at retail kiosks. Loto-Québec operates a network of these kiosks throughout the province, making it easy for Montrealers to place bets on their favorite sports.

Montrealers tend to be savvy bettors, often researching teams and players extensively before placing their bets. They also keep a close eye on odds and line movements. Many Montrealers enjoy betting on multiple games or events, creating parlays or accumulators that offer the potential for larger payouts.

Sports betting is a beloved pastime in Montreal – much to the delight of Montreal sportsbooks and Montreal betting apps. It’s where locals take pride in their sports teams and enjoy friendly competition. Whether betting on hockey, football, or international events, Montrealers approach sports betting with a passion and a knowledge that make it an exciting and rewarding activity. The city’s rich sports culture and the availability of sports betting options make Montreal a great place for sports enthusiasts to visit and enjoy their favorite pastime.

Compare Sportsbooks for best Quebec betting products

As we mentioned, compare sports for Quebec betting before making any deposits. 

One of the first to compare is bonuses. Some sportsbooks offer a welcome bonus or a signup offer. This is when the book will give you credits for merely making a deposit (read the terms and conditions on how to qualify for this offer). Some are generous enough to match what you deposited. 

Some books will give you free bets, meaning they will credit your actual betting cash. You can get this through a variety of ways, like constantly betting or taking advantage of a limited time offer. Read on which sites offer this.

Payment methods are also make-or-break with some books. For depositing, many will accept credit card deposits, and some will accept money orders or a third-party site where you can add and withdraw funds. For payment, some books send you a cheque while some will send you money through the third-party website.

You should also scrutinize how fast a sportsbook pays. The faster they send you money, the more reliable they are. Don’t judge books based on how their sites look.

Also, you can deposit or be paid through bitcoin. Find out more about how bitcoin deposits work.

Best Sportsbooks in Quebec

Sportsbooks offer a plethora of Quebec sports betting games and markets. This isn’t limited to your token NHL markets. From football to basketball to tennis to gaming, the books have you covered.

All the major events like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals and World Cup are not only a part but have countless bets being offered as early as when the previous version just ended!

Types of Betting

All types of betting are offered: pre-match odds like the moneyline and outrights, live betting, and futures.

The moneyline is when you bet on a team or player straight-up, the outrights are for choosing the winner of a cumulative event (e.g. who wins the Stanley Cup Finals), live betting happens during the games, and futures are for betting on an event that has yet to come.

Other pre-match markets including the point spread, where you bet on teams with a points handicap (e.g. Raptors win by 7), the total amount of points or goals scored in a game a.k.a. the over/under, and the props (side bets like “Messi will score the first goal”)


Quebec sports betting is heavily focused on hockey for obvious reasons. Even if the Montreal Canadiens are not so hot, sports bettors cannot get enough hockey action. Other than the NHL, international hockey is a big deal. Tournaments like the World Juniors, the NHL World Cup, and the Olympics garner significant betting action.

Unique to hockey betting is the “Puck Line” or the Canadian line. This functions like the point spread where you bet on a team plus a goal handicap. But different from the money line, a team favoured to win by more than one goal will be an underdog and vice versa.


Even before the Raptors became champions, Quebec has always been a passionate basketball province, especially in Montreal. The Raptors play some pre-season games here and there is an outside chance that Montreal will get an NBA team in the future.

Quebec gambling on basketball and the NBA will see a significant increase now that the sport is extremely popular. The international scene will also start getting more attention as the Canadian National Men’s Basketball Team has a solid chance to make noise in the upcoming FIBA World Cup.

Other Sports

Soccer is also a beloved sport in La Belle Province. The CF Montreal of the MLS has consistently been competitive since its inception in 2012. And Quebecers also partake in the international soccer scene or the overseas game like the Premiership or Champions League.

The Montreal Alouettes of the CFL was a once-glorious franchise but has been a shell of that of late. Regardless, the team remains popular across Quebec, as is the CFL. Rumours suggest Halifax could also get a new team. With the city being close to Quebec, a new expansion team benefits both provinces. 

Read about betting in Canadian provinces to learn more about each province’s sports betting landscape plus the subtle distinguishments between each.

Proline sports betting in Quebec

Proline (Mise-O-Jeu in Loto Quebec) is one of the most popular betting platforms. It is government-sponsored and easy to access in most convenience sports and casinos. With a pen-and-paper style, betting on the proline offers a novelty not found anywhere else.

How the Proline parlay works is as an accumulator. You do not just bet on one team. You have to pick at least three outcomes (a team to win or an over/under total) to cash the bet. Each outcome should win if you are to cash the Proline ticket. If even just one loses, the entire ticket loses.

While online sportsbooks don’t have this specific accumulator, they have a similar feature: parlays. This is when you stack your bets together similar to an accumulator. You pick at least two outcomes and cash your bet if all your outcomes win. 

The advantage to the parlay is

  1. the payout is better than the Proline accumulator; 
  2. you can customize the bets on it more. You can even add props depending on the book.

The Proline accumulator or parlay is for someone who would like to get a better return on their bet. Stacking bets together shortens the odds thus a bigger payout. 


Betting on the Proline or Mise-O-Jeu is a lot of fun. Nothing beats the thrill. But the limited list it offers can be frustrating, especially for fans like you who know a lot. 

We got you covered. Check our partner sites who offer most of the markets but with better lines, more options for customization, and mobile and live betting options so you can do it anywhere and anytime.

Sports Betting Apps in Quebec

Sports betting has taken the Quebec sports community by storm, and the convenience of sports betting apps has played a significant role in this surge of popularity. Quebec sports betting apps allow users to place bets from the comfort of their own homes or while on the go, making it easier than ever for sports enthusiasts to follow their favorite teams and sports.

In Quebec, the regulatory body for sports betting is Loto-Québec, which offers a top-notch sports betting app called Mise-o-jeu. This QC sports betting app covers a wide range of sports, including hockey, football, basketball, and soccer, and provides users with the ability to engage in live betting. Live betting allows users to place bets on games as they happen, increasing the thrill and excitement of the betting experience.

The Mise-o-jeu app offers several benefits to users, including up-to-date information on betting lines and odds. This real-time data allows users to make informed decisions when placing bets. The app also provides users with detailed statistics and analysis on teams and players, giving them the necessary tools to make educated bets.

It’s important to note that responsible gambling is critical when using sports betting apps. While these apps offer a convenient and entertaining way to engage with sports betting, users must exercise caution and adhere to a budget to avoid falling into addictive behavior.

QC betting apps have revolutionized the sports betting landscape. With the ease of placing bets from a mobile device and access to real-time information and promotions, these apps have become a popular and exciting way for sports enthusiasts to participate in the world of sports betting. As long as users engage responsibly, these apps can provide a fun and engaging way to experience the thrill of sports betting.

Sports betting in other provinces

Online Casinos in Quebec

You may be asking yourself, besides Mise-o-jeu, what sports betting sites are legal in Québec? Online casinos in Quebec are very easy to access and use. These three are the best Quebec sportsbooks available in the province.

SIA Casino

Securing exclusive deals with game providers, the Sports interaction Casino has established itself as a strong force among Canadian gamblers. This top notch sportsbook is located in Quebec to boot.


BetWay Casino

BetWay is popular amongst Quebec gambling sites. A reliable a trusted brand for online sportsbooks in Quebec.


PowerPlay Casino

This modern casino has a sleek interface. It is easy to glide through the site and find your favorite games.


Offline Casinos and Their Legality in Quebec

Land-based casinos are legal and available in Quebec. The legal gambling age in the province is 18 years of age. These casinos are not limited to Tribal lands but are rather found throughout the province.

You can even find many right in the city of Montreal. For example, the Casino de Montreal is the largest in the city. Nearly 20,000 people visit the facilities on a daily basis. The casino is spread across three different buildings.

Looking for a more rural experience? Check out the Casino de Mont-Tremblant. It has a cozier feel, with most games having a minimum $1 entry. Check out their live show schedule before heading over

Quebec Gambling FAQ

Is Sports Betting Legal in Quebec? Can I sports bet in Montreal? Can you gamble online in Quebec?

Yes, betting on sports is legal in Quebec. Residents of Quebec may bet offline with the Quebec provincial sports lottery or bet using online sportsbooks.

Where can I Bet in Quebec? What sports betting sites are legal in Quebec?

It is possible to bet online and offline in Quebec.
The provincial sports lottery Mise-o-Jeu offers Quebecers the option to bet in person at local stores or online.
Quebecers can also choose the option to bet using one of the many different online sportsbooks current available in Quebec.
While you cannot bet on these in person, the benefits of betting online include better odds, bonuses and more betting markets.

Who can Bet Legally in Quebec?

To place bets legally in Quebec, residents must meet a few requirements.
First, they must be at least 18 years of age.
They must also have a legal address in Quebec. Also, to bet online, they must have a valid email address and have a correct form of payment (bank account, debit card, credit card, Bitcoin…etc) to make transactions.

Can I bet with Bitcoin in Quebec?

Some online sportsbooks available to Quebec residents accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.
Quebec residents must have a Bitcoin wallet to make transactions and will receive payments from the online sportsbooks as Bitcoins.
Click here for more information on where to bet with Bitcoin in Quebec and across Canada.

Which Quebec Betting Sites Accept PayPal?

Compared to other methods of deposit and withdrawal, the number of online sportsbooks in Quebec that accept PayPal is relatively low.
One of the few sites still offering Canadians and Quebec residents the option to use PayPal is 888Sports.

How to Read Betting Odds?

To read betting odds, first bettors made to understand odds formats. Betting odds come in three formats – decimal, American and fractional.
Decimal odds are typically three-digit numbers starting at 1.01, with the amount won being a multiple of the odds times the amount wagered.
American odds show the amount won by betting $100. If the odds are negative, then you need to bet that amount to win $100. If the odds are positive, then a bettor wins that amount if they wager $100.
Fractional odds are similar to decimal odds, where the odds multiple by the wager show how much a bet pays.

How to Compare Odds?

You can also compare odds by opening the Mise-o-Jeu website and comparing it against odds available at Canada Sports Betting.
Sports bettors will notice the superior betting odds available on online sportsbooks quickly.

How to Identify the Favourite or the Underdog?

Determining the favourite and underdog is done by looking at the point spread and moneyline odds.
On the point spread, the team with the minus symbol in front of their point spread is the favourite, while the underdog has a plus symbol.
On the moneyline, the team with odds of less than 1.95 on decimal odds or negative American odds is the favourite. The opposite applies to the underdog. On some sports, including soccer and golf, the favourite is the opposite that offers the smallest return on a winning bet.

What is the Most Popular Type of Bet in Quebec?

Sports bettors in Quebec bet the most on point spreads, moneylines and over/under betting lines.
These three types of bets are available on the most sports betting markets, including the NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA.

Why can’t I Bet on the Outcome of Multiple Games Offline in Quebec?

Due to a law (which applies to all of Canada, not just Quebec), it is not legal to bet on a single outcome when using a provincial sports lottery.
For example, when playing Mise-o-jeu in Quebec, bettors must parlay any wager, with limitations on what types of bet can be parlayed on the same betting card.

Can I Bet on the Outcome of Multiple Games Online?

Unlike what is available offline in Quebec, online sports betting allows for single outcome wagers on sports.
Betting on a single event is legal as online sportsbooks do not house their headquarters on Canadian soil and are therefore subject to different gambling regulations.

Who Makes the Best Odds for Bettors in Quebec?

Finding the best odds for bettors in Quebec can be a time-consuming ordeal. To save time and make the process smooth, check out our sportsbooks index. Here residents of Quebec can find the best sports betting odds.

How to Find the Best Odds for Betting?

Here at Canada Sports Betting, residents of Quebec can find the best odds for sports betting.
Our team of comprehensive betting experts provide the best betting odds from the best online sportsbooks available in Quebec. Betting odds are open on all major leagues, including the NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA, with dedicated odds pages found here at Canada Sports Betting.

Can I Bet on Super Bowl in Quebec?

Quebec residents are able to bet on Super Bowl odds every year.
Quebecers will find more betting markets on the Big Game, including unique specialty props that make the event the most bet on single sporting event every year.

How can I Find Bonuses if I want to Gamble Online in Quebec?

Online sportsbooks available in Quebec offer new and existing user bonuses and rewards.
Check out our sportsbooks bonus page to find the best bonuses available and make sure to sign up for emails when you pick your online sportsbooks to receive details on additional bonuses and rewards programs.