Nova Scotia Sports Betting 2024

Residents of the east coast enjoy access to a wide range of betting services, but those who want to wager online can’t rely on traditional Nova Scotia lottery games.

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  • Vast Selection of Global Sports Odds
  • Excellent Live Mobile Betting Platform
  • Secure service – Licensed in Canada!
  • 100% Canadian Focus
  • Plenty of deposit methods
  • Clean and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • The world's favourite sportsbook
  • Provides action for nearly all international sports events.
  • Safe, secure betting services and competitive lines.
  • Wide variety of betting markets
  • Advanced mobile betting platform, including virtual and eSports.
  • Secure, encrypted service, licensed by multiple jurisdictions.
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Provincial gambling products like Nova Scotia Proline simply aren’t accessible over the internet. However, we may see a change in the coming months, as the gambling law in the state, and across the country, changed as of August 2021.

Despite the national law amendment residents can still not take part in single-game betting in Nova Scotia, which has been something bettors have been campaigning to change for a long time now. Despite this, single-game betting is not legal in Nova Scotia.

How to Gamble in Nova Scotia?

Competing online sportsbooks provide a full range of Vegas sports lines and odds that Nova Scotians don’t get from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

Find odds for your favourite sports!

Hockey, Football, Basketball, Horses and many more

How to Gamble on Sports in Nova Scotia

The pair of paths that Bluenose betting fans can pursue include a wide range of online sportsbooks, or the Proline product run by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. Both offerings represent a legitimate method of placing a bet on your favourite sporting events, but that’s where the similarities end. 

Like other Canadian provinces, the legal age for wagering in Nova Scotia is 19 years old. Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta are the only three provinces with a legal age of 18 years old for bettors. As such, the location of the wagering service will dictate this important legal detail, which all players should abide by.

Regardless of the betting service you choose to use, players should always be ready to verify their identity before placing a wager.


The sign-up process for online sportsbooks includes requirements for “know your player” procedures, which are designed to confirm the identity of the person creating an account. Verification is quick and secure, ensuring safe, full access for the player and legal compliance for the sportsbook.

The other main requirement for betting on sports in Nova Scotia is the ability to transfer funds into your bankroll.

Options for deposits and withdrawals include major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, Interac transfers, digital payment wallets, and even cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Depending on your geographic location, locally popular payment methods will be available through some online services.  

Choosing an online wagering service will give you the best selection of lines and odds, along with a range of betting types and competitions that Nova Scotia Proline can’t provide.

Comparing online sportsbook reviews will give you a good idea of services that work best for you, including bonuses and promotions that cater to your betting preferences.

Nova Scotia ProLine

Compare Sportsbooks for the Best Betting Opportunities in NS

Unlike provincial games, which have no direct competition to speak of, online sportsbooks compete against each other to attract the attention of new players while keeping establishing members happy with the service provided. As such, no pair of sportsbooks are alike. Determining the best sportsbook for your purposes requires a comparison of how different companies work.

One of the most significant differentiators tends to be the bonuses and promotions that sportsbooks give to members. The most obvious examples are welcome bonuses available through nearly every single sportsbook on the internet.

Some companies provide a standard free bet, while others boost your initial bankroll by matching your first deposit up to a certain amount. Some companies will arrange a larger maximum bonus, while others may have a slightly smaller bonus with less of a rollover requirement.


The way that deposits and withdrawals work also changes slightly from one service to the next. Some sportsbooks are capable of processing withdrawals faster than others and allow larger initial deposits for high rollers.

The methods of deposits and withdrawals almost always include credit cards, Interac and bank transfers, but methods like digital wallets, cryptocurrency and regionally relevant payment services will differ from one company to the next.

Comparing promotional campaigns and payment methods represent two of the most important differentiators. You’ll also want to visit the mobile and desktop versions of online sportsbooks to see how the interface works for you. Some companies develop apps that greatly improve the user’s experience through mobile platforms.

Best Sportsbooks in Nova Scotia

Some of the best sportsbooks available in Nova Scotia include Canadian companies like Sports Interaction (SIA), along with internationally renowned companies like William Hill.

Similar to most betting in Canadian provinces, players can pick and choose from multiple sportsbooks, finding the service that best matches their individual preferences.

Betting types offered through online sportsbooks include standard wagers, live odds, hundreds of props, futures betting and the ability to make parleys. These lines and odds are available in dozens of sports leagues and events, including North American pro leagues and international associations that are popular around the world. Through online wagering providers, Nova Scotians can also enjoy live betting.

Compared to Proline lotteries, which must operate according to restricted rules, sportsbooks can give players access to a myriad of potential wagering opportunities. This opens up different strategies that players can apply to boost the odds of consistently remaining in the black, especially over a longer period of time. 

Nova Scotia Hockey Betting

In Nova Scotia and across Canada, hockey odds covering NHL, Stanley Cup, Olympics and World Cup events are the most popular bets provided. Pro minor league hockey associations like the AHL and ECHL capture the attention of Nova Scotia bettors as well, especially during Memorial Cup season.

Baseball Bets

The east coast loves baseball, passionately following the Toronto Blue Jays and baseball odds throughout the lengthy, 162-game MLB season and during the World Series playoffs. Sportsbooks offer a full range of baseball wagers for fans across the province.

Basketball Betting

Nova Scotia basketball features a surprisingly passionate and knowledgeable fanbase who follow the sport. Wagering on the Toronto Raptors and NBA lines is a popular play in the province, especially during the NBA Finals and playoffs, along with FIBA World Cup events.

NS Lottery

Football Betting

Canada features a deep fanbase of pigskin prognosticators who closely follow American and Canadian football. NFL betting and CFL odds through sportsbooks give Nova Scotians the chance to make a play on both leagues, with the most action taking place during the Super Bowl and the Grey Cup.

Betting on Horse Racing In Nova Scotia

American Triple Crown events like the Kentucky Derby tend to be the biggest horse racing betting events in Nova Scotia. Players will be able to wager on all of the major international racing events through online bookies.

Sports Gambling Nova Scotia – Types of Odds


Pick the team that will win the match after the final buzzer. For some competitions, such as soccer, ties must be accounted for more often than American and Canadian football, which rarely result in a tie game.


Nova Scotia spread betting is another one of the most popular betting types. Instead of simply picking the winner, bettors wager on whether a favourite can beat the winning margin, or if the underdog covers the spread by losing within the predicted winning margin.


Over/unders represent the third type of standard bet, along with moneylines and spreads. Players predict whether the combined score of both teams will finish above or below a predetermined total.

Live Betting

The internet has given rise to live betting that features the ability to place wagers on a wide variety of standard bets and props while the game is underway. Technology allows for updates in near real-time, adjusting the odds according to the latest developments in the game.

Nova Scotia Lottery

Proline rules follow guidelines that force provincial lotteries to provide a limited range of wagers, without the ability to bet on single event outcomes. Forcing players to parlay their bets increases the difficulty of winning because you need to predict multiple outcomes instead of just one.

Furthermore, the odds you receive through provincial sports lotteries provide less value than sportsbooks, which compete with each other to attract more customers.

Put simply, placing wagers in Nova Scotia through sportsbooks always provides superior value compared to Proline and other provincial sports betting. Also, the ability to play online instead of being forced to visit a brick and mortar location is a major convenience.

We provide info that gives you the chance to compare different sportsbooks with Proline, so you can make your own decision. These sites also have experience with offering online casino-style games to those who enjoy a bit of extra action on the side.


Sports betting in other provinces

Frequently Asked Questions

Is betting legal in Nova Scotia?

The gambling laws in Nova Scotia are simple and much like the laws we see all over the country. Bettors must be 19 years old or older and adhere to the rules and regulations of the particular betting method. Sports betting is managed by the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation.

Where does the money go?

In Nova Scotia, 100% of gaming profits go back into our communities. While this is true for localized and national gambling services like The Lottery, it’s important to remember this isn’t the case for privately owned online sportsbook providers.

Is PRO-LINE available in Nova Scotia?

One of the most popular betting lines in the province, and in the country as a whole, is PRO-LINE. It offers customers sports bettors the opportunity to place wagers on multiple matches at the same time, providing a broad range of betting markets to players.

What’s the maximum bet?

While it’s not common for bettors to reach the maximum bet with PRO-LINE, players are able to wager as much as $100 on any betting card they pick. If bettors make a Parlay pick, they will also be able to be up to $100.

What’s the minimum bet?

The minimum bet on PRO-LINE is set at $2, which is really low and allows bettors to play the sports betting markets with very little money. While betting $2 doesn’t normally yield a large amount of profit, at PRO-LINE bettors can make multiple bets on one bet slip, which can mean big payouts.

Is online sports betting allowed in Nova Scotia?

Yes, it absolutely is and it’s extremely popular. PRO-LINE has been around for a while and commands a huge following in the country. While PRO-LINE is very popular, modern online sport betting providers simply offer so much more, it makes it difficult to compete.
It’s difficult to point out one individual sportsbook to wager with, but we’d always advise going with one of the major sportsbook providers; the likes of WilliamHillLeoVegasBetWay.

Are horse, harness and greyhound racing available in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia is the second-smallest of the 10 provinces in Canada, which means there isn’t a massive demand for live-betting facilities in the province. Horse racing is available in Canada, with three major racetracks running in Truro, Inverness and Northside Downs. All of these facilities offer live raceway betting as well as a simulcast for all the other racetracks around the country. Nova Scotia does not hold a thoroughbred or greyhound racing.

Are there any land-based casinos in Nova Scotia?

Betting is fairly popular in the province, and as such there are quite a few centres for betting with PRO-LINE, as well as the lottery. For the betting purists and those who like to play the tables, there are a number of excellent betting locations in Nova Scotia. Notably, the province’s biggest casinos in Syndey, Halifax and Membertou.

What’s the best payment option to use in Nova Scotia?

It’s very difficult for us to give a fair answer, as online sportsbook users often have their own preferences about how to deposit money. Most casinos will accept credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, while cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are probably the most popular option these days. The speed and convenience of cryptocurrencies make them a great payment method for sportsbook providers and sportsbook users.

Is there a gambling help hotline?

Betting can be fun, but it can also be too much for some people, as they’re unable to control and regulate their betting habits. The Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness has a gambling support call-line, which is 1-888-347-8888 or 1-888-347-3331.