NBA Finals Odds

Find the best NBA Finals odds and all other NBA betting resources like predictions, power rankings and statistics here. Below, find futures odds to win the 2019-20 NBA Championship.

NBA Championship 2019-20 Spin Palace Sports Bet365 BetWay
Los Angeles Clippers 4.25 4.00 4.00
Los Angeles Lakers 5.50 4.50 5.00
Milwaukee Bucks 6.50 6.25 6.00
Philadephia 76ers 8.00 8.50 8.50
Houston Rockets 9.00 8.50 9.00
Golden State Warriors 13.00 19.00 14.00
Utah Jazz 17.00 16.00 17.00
Denver Nuggets 19.00 18.00 18.00
Boston Celtics 23.00 26.00 23.00
Brooklyn Nets 26.00 26.00 26.00
Toronto Raptors 41.00 34.00 29.00
Portland Trail Blazers 41.00 34.00 34.00
Indiana Pacers 41.00 41.00 41.00
Miami Heat 61.00 46.00 51.00
San Antonio Spurs 67.00 51.00 67.00
Dallas Mavericks 67.00 61.00 71.00
New Orleans Pelicans 81.00 101.00 67.00
Orlando Magic 101.00 151.00 151.00
Sacramento Kings 151.00 201.00 151.00
Atlanta Hawks 176.00 101.00 151.00
Minnesota Timberwolves 201.00 101.00 201.00
Oklahoma City Thunder 201.00 151.00 151.00
Detroit Pistons 201.00 151.00 151.00
Chicago Bulls 251.00 251.00 251.00
New York Knicks 251.00 301.00 501.00
Washington Wizards 301.00 301.00 501.00
Memphis Grizzlies 301.00 301.00 501.00
Phoenix Suns 301.00 501.00 301.00
Charlotte Hornets 301.00 301.00 501.00
Cleveland Cavaliers 401.00 501.00 501.00

Odds updated on: October 28, 2019. Bet365 odds are subject to change.

NBA Championship Odds

There are NBA Betting odds available throughout the year, including the off-season.

While the NBA season will feature pre-match NBA betting odds for individual games and live odds for every fixture, futures markets are also open year-round for the NBA championship.

Remember that Vegas betting lines is just another way of saying NBA betting lines or NBA Championship odds.

Plus, you'll find individual player NBA betting lines (best rookie, MVP) and of course there's always NBA Playoffs betting odds for the postseason.

For the NBA best bets and a host of other betting lines on a collection of sports, check out our extensive list of sports betting odds today.

NBA Betting Lines

How to get the most out of NBA Finals Odds?

There are so many sportsbooks out there, and there are subtle differences that make some more suitable for your needs than others. So, how do you pick?

Consider what you really want in a betting website.

If you're solely after the best NBA odds, shop around - use our guide to compare betting sites and make a choice based on the markets available. And speaking of markets, each site will feature different NBA betting options.

If you're concerned with bonuses, compare the offers, specials and promotions that each site has to offer. No two bonuses are created equal.

Additionally, certain betting companies may appeal to you based on simple desktop or mobile app layout - ease of betting is a huge point to consider when choosing your ideal sportsbook, and the best way to ensure you can place bets on NBA matches quickly and securely

nba action

Who has the best welcome bonus for NBA Finals Betting lines?

The first thing you will see when you arrive at an online sports betting site is the bonus offer. It's basically the sportsbook's way of enticing you to bet with them. 

The most common bonus bet is one which matches whatever you deposit (let's say $50) with a bonus bet of equal or greater value. Bodog is one of our partners that offers such a betting bonus.

However, there are restrictions, and welcome bonus bets don't always translate to instant cash. 

In most cases, you will need to 'turnover' your welcome bonus by using it to bet (also known as wager) several times before you can withdraw. 

Also, you may not be able to pick your desired bet, as the odds will often need to be over a certain price (say 1.50).

The general rule is that you will need to deposit money before you can get your bonus, so you still need to invest. Nothing comes for free!

The good news is that you should be able to use welcome bonuses to bet on most of the NBA betting lines and NBA Finals odds available, and when you win, you can simply apply those winnings to your next bet.

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NBA Playoffs betting odds

Which Sportsbook has the highest NBA Finals betting odds

You've come to the right place to find NBA Finals betting odds, as Canada Sports Betting has dozens of partners who offer odds for the NBA.

All you need to do is compare the odds at each betting website before placing a wager - this will ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

For most of the year and especially in the off-season, the market will be dominated by futures lines (sometimes referred to as outright markets).

These markets relate to picking winners before the action begins and the earlier you place your bet the greater chance of obtaining higher odds. Oh, and future odds can relate to both player and individual markets.

Each site will also have different prop bets (wagers that can be placed on in-game events that don't necessarily relate to the outcome of the game).

You can find all these options either by accessing multiple sportsbooks at once or by checking today's odds from our odds widget - this will show you prices from a select few partner sites side by side.

By exploring all your options, you will undoubtedly find a great bet at a fantastic price - shop around and you will get the best NBA odds.

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Which Sportsbook has the most current NBA Finals odds

All sports betting websites will have odds available for the entire year, and they will all tell you that they are the best. So, how can you tell which site has the most current NBA Finals odds?

5Dimes is the place to find the best value odds, and you'll normally see them update their site before their rivals. The user interface is easy to navigate, and you can also bet live on matches during the season.

Spin Sports is one of the best of our partner sites if you're looking for futures markets. Pre-competition betting will focus on the outright/future markets, such as Winner, Eastern Conference Winner and Western Conference Winner, while there are also player futures such as MVP and Top Rookie markets.

If you're looking for a wide selection of props bets, Betway and Sports Interaction (SIA) offer unique NBA Finals proposition bets. Bet on individual performances for a particular player in a game (think triple-doubles, number of 3-pointers), or even pick the winning margin. There are so many options to choose from.

We haven't selected partners at random - all of the sportsbooks we feature have been carefully chosen, so you can't go wrong with whichever sportsbook you choose to bet with.

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What's The Best Mobile Experience For NBA Basketball Odds?

The biggest revolution to come to online sports betting has been the development of mobile betting, and it's an absolute gamechanger. Betting live on sport is now easier than ever and can be done wherever you are, even if you're nowhere near a desktop computer.

Yet, the experience between betting via desktop and mobile can be quite different, so it's important to keep a few things in mind.

The number one tip is to make sure your sportsbook has an app - there's nothing worse than searching through a betting site that is meant for a desktop but has been compressed into a small mobile screen.

Bet365 and William Hill are two of our partner sites that have fantastic mobile apps, and they make betting on NBA Basketball so much easier.

Betting apps are very user-friendly and have been set up to make fast effective wagers. Almost all of our betting partners have mobile apps, and there are hardly any sites limited to just desktop or just mobile, so you can really take your pick.

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NBA Finals Predictions & Free Picks

While online sportsbooks, mobile apps and live betting have changed wagering forever, the old principles still apply. Research is still the key to a good bet.

To make the best NBA Finals bets, Canada Sports Betting makes it easy by offering Power Rankings (to see who's hot and who's not), plus we have free picks to outline who or what you should bet on.

We also provide top sportsbook reviews for our partners so you can make your selections with confidence. Check out our comprehensive review of partner site Sports Interaction (SIA).

nba finals odds

Odds to win the NBA championship

Remember that NBA Winner odds can be found in the outright champion market.

We provide picks with the best odds to win the NBA championship and NBA finals predictions once we have the two franchises which will play for the title.

Toronto Raptors Prevailed

Call it perhaps one of the biggest upsets the NBA has seen in the past 20 years, but the Toronto Raptors are your 2019 NBA Finals champions. After stunning Golden State with a Game 1 victory, the team from up north never looked back in its quest to take home the Larry O'Brien Trophy. 

However, there was plenty of drama along the way. After the Warriors won Game 2, the Raptors bounced back by winning Game 3 and Game 4 to take a 3-1 series lead. With Kevin Durant back for Game 5 however, Golden State looked ready to make this a series again. They won that crucial showdown, but Durant ruptured his Achilles. 

That season-ending injury wasn't the last of nightmares for the Warriors, as Klay Thompson tore his ACL in the Game 6 loss, the same night Toronto won 114-110 to capture its first title in franchise history. 


While some might bring up the injuries as an excuse, Toronto truly earned this title. And no one led the way more than Kawhi Leonard. In the series-clinching win, Leonard scored 22 points en route to earning NBA Finals MVP honors. It was the second time he won MVP, making him the third player in league history to win Finals MVP with two different teams. 

On 17/06/19, basketball fans flooded the streets of Toronto to be a part of the team's championship parade. After the Raptors historic season - the Greater Toronto Area deserved to celebrate this monumental accomplishment.

All-Time NBA Champions

The Boston Celtics are the most successful NBA franchise in the history of the sport, dominating the association with 17 titles.

Their eternal nemesis, the Los Angeles Lakers, jumped to 16 titles after Kobe filled his hand with rings.

Boston Celtics

Michael Jordan lifted the Chicago Bulls to a pair of three-peats in the 1990s, cementing his status alongside Bill Russell as the greatest of all time. As such, the Bulls are the third most successful club in NBA history.

The San Antonio Spurs have five titles under coach Gregg Popovich, while the Golden State Warriors total of four titles round out the top five all-time NBA champions.