Latest NBA Finals Odds 2019

Latest NBA Finals Odds 2019

Lines for the NBA finals odds shift throughout the regular season and the playoffs - Stay informed of the latest championship updates. Our latest price refresh was on April 15, 2019. Click any bookmaker to palce your bets!

NBA Championship Odds
Golden State Warriors  -227 -230 -225
Milwaukee Bucks  +600 +500  +600
Houston Rockets  +1000 +1050  +1100
Toronto Raptors  +1100 +1200  +1100
Boston Celtics  +1600 +1500  +1200
Philadelphia 76ers  +2500 +2600  +2200
Oklahoma City Thunder  +4000 +3500  +4000
Denver Nuggets  +4000 +2400 +4000
San Antonio Spurs  +5000  +4500  +5000
Utah Jazz  +6600 +6000 +6600
Portland Trail Blazers  +6600 +5000  +4500
Orlando Magic  +8000 +6000  +20000
Indiana Pacers  +15000 +7500  +20000
Brooklyn Nets  +15000 +8000  +25000
Detroit Pistons  +25000 +20000 +50000
Los Angeles Clippers  +25000 +25000  +25000

NBA Championship Odds 2019

As expected, the Golden State Warriors remained on top of NBA championship odds all season. The main challengers will be the Houston Rockets in the western conference, along with the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks in the eastern conference. 

Golden State Warriors To Win the NBA Championship Odds

NBA finals odds will continue to favor Golden State throughout 2019, barring catastrophic injuries. The Warriors have revealed cracks in their facade during the regular season, losing focus due to emotional outbursts from everyone but Klay Thompson and Boogie Cousins. You can look at the NBA Playoffs brackets here.

NBA Finals Odds

Current NBA finals odds don’t differ much from the opening odds prior to the start of the campaign, despite the Bucks and Raptors owning home court advantage in the post season. 

NBA Finals Schedule

The NBA finals consists of the winners of the eastern and western conferences, who compete in the final seven-game series to determine who hoists the Larry O’Brien Trophy. 

Home court advantage is given to the club with the best record in the regular season, instead of the highest seed. For example, if the seventh-seeded San Antonio Spurs met the sixth-seeded Brooklyn Nets in the championships, the Spurs would enjoy home advantage because they have more victories. 

The 2019 NBA finals will begin on May 30th and finish on June 16th at the latest.

Who is favoured to win the NBA title

The NBA odds to win championship feature the Golden State Warriors as top dogs, according to sportsbooks. In the eastern conference, the Milwaukee Bucks have the best odds, with the Raptors considered the next best non-western threat.

The Houston Rockets, lead by the indomitable James Harden, came on strong in the second half of the campaign to assert themselves as the Warriors greatest threat in the west. 

It’s tough to see the Denver Nuggets or Philadelphia 76ers making the finals, given their lack of post season experience. Nonetheless, the Nuggets and 76ers join the Boston Celtics as superb dark horse candidates for a championship playoff run.

Have a closer look to our NBA Power Rankings, so you can place your wager with more confidence.

NBA Finals Predictions

Basketball tends to be one of the easiest major leagues to foretell, which makes NBA Finals predictions a bit more certain compared to other championships. 

The Warriors overwhelmingly own the best odds to win NBA championship number four of the last half-decade. Golden State owns arguably the best starting lineup in NBA history, including two of the greatest shooters and one of the best scorers of all time in Curry, Thompson and Durant. Iguodala’s a NBA Finals MVP and Green consistently ranks among the best defenders and big man passers. Adding DeMarcus Cousins only improved this top-heavy lineup. 

NBA Finals Predictions

Milwaukee’s considered the biggest threat to upset the Warriors because of Giannis Antetokounmpo and coach Budenholzer leading the Bucks to first overall in the association. However, the Toronto Raptors have gelled well to finish the stretch run, primed to make their first finals now that LeBron operates in the west.

James Harden has put together the best offensive seasons in the NBA over the past couple of years, giving the Rockets a legitimate shot at upending the Warriors in the western playoff bracket. The Nuggets had an outstanding campaign, but their lineup has precious little playoff experience.

Worthy longshots include the Boston Celtics and Oklahoma City Thunder. The Celts could regain last year’s swagger which nearly lead them to victory over LeBron, while the Thunder’s physicality and perimeter defense could result in OKC making the finals for the first time since KD, Russ and Harden wore the Thunder jersey.

  • NBA Eastern Conference Winner: Toronto Raptors 
  • NBA Western Conference Winner: Golden State Warriors
  • NBA Finals Champion: Golden State Warriors

What are the Toronto Raptors odds to win the championship

This version of the Toronto Raptors is the best in franchise history, featuring NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard as a top-five player in the association. Kyle Lowry’s the heart of the Raptors, finishing second in assists with 8.7 dimes per game. 

NBA Championship Odds

Marc Gasol joins Serge Ibaka as one of the most versatile front courts in the NBA. Toronto’s back court includes the positionless ball Pascal Siakam, candidate for most improved player, along with Fred VanVleet and Danny Green, both of whom operate as elite guards.

Toronto’s listed behind the Bucks in terms of NBA finals odds, but the Raptors should be considered the best betting value in the playoffs. Expect the Raptors to make their first NBA finals in franchise history.

Toronto Raptors To Win the Eastern Conference Odds

What are the types of NBA finals odds

NBA finals betting odds include a wide variety of standard bets, along with props and other types of wagering opportunities.

NBA Finals Moneylines

NBA finals betting lines include all of the standard betting types found in the regular season. For moneyline bets on the NBA finals, you simply pick the team you believe will emerge victorious in an individual match.

During LeBron’s final season in Cleveland, the Cavaliers were considered underdogs against the Warriors. Cleveland’s odds to win a game were around +250, which means a $100 bet on the Cavs would return $250. As the favorites, Golden State would have had a line of around -300, which means that the bettor must wager $300 to return a $100 win on the Warriors.

NBA Playoffs Moneyline

NBA Finals Spreads

Just as popular as moneylines, NBA Finals spreads require bettors to wager on whether a team will win an individual game by a specific points margin. This type of wager can offer better value than moneylines when two teams are mismatched. 

For example, if the Warriors were listed as favorites over the Raptors with a spread of 5.5 points, Golden State would need to win by six points or more for the bet to pay off. However, if Toronto wins or remains within five points of the Warriors, a spread bet on the Raptors would pay out.

NBA Finals Over Under

The trinity of popular, standard bets on the NBA finals include over/unders, which involve predicting the total number of points scored in an individual game.

If a sportsbooks lists a total of 212.5 points for an over/under, both clubs needs to score 213 points for the “over” bet to win. If the game finishes with 212 or fewer points scored, the “under” wager pays.

NBA Finals Futures and Props

This type of futures bet requires the bettor to correctly predict the champion at the end of the season.

Props for the NBA finals tend to include a large variety of bets on specific aspects of an individual finals game. One type of prop bet could be whether or not Steph Curry scores 30 points in game two of the finals. Another might involve whether the Warriors scores more points than the Raptors in the second quarter of the third game.

Proposition bets take many different forms, limited only by imagination. You could create a prop bet which involves whether Kevin Durant notches more assists than the total number of goals scored in game three of the NHL Stanley Cup finals.

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All-Time NBA Champions

The Boston Celtics are the most successful NBA franchise in the history of the sport, dominating the association with 17 titles. Their eternal nemesis, the Los Angeles Lakers, jumped to 16 titles after Kobe filled his hand with rings.

Boston Celtics

Michael Jordan lifted the Chicago Bulls to a pair of three-peats in the 1990s, cementing his status alongside Bill Russell as the greatest of all time. As such, the Bulls are the third most successful club in NBA history.

The San Antonio Spurs have five titles under coach Gregg Popovich, while the Golden State Warriors total of four titles round out the top five all-time NBA champions.