Best NHL Betting Sites

      Few things are more exciting than catching an NHL game. Between powerful hits, awesome goals and epic saves, you’re sure to be entertained from start to finish.

      But, what about betting on your favourite teams when they’re getting ready to hit the ice? Here at Canada Sports Betting, all of our partners provide you with NHL odds and are great places to make bets night in and night out as NHL betting sites.

      With Sports Betting Odds changing on a frequent basis, this is also the case for NHL action.

      However, our trustworthy partners provide you with sound updates on those odds for any game you might be looking into.

        NHL Betting Resources

        Upcoming NHL Betting Odds

        Check out the latest odds for upcoming NHL matches.

        NHL Stanley Cup Winners Odds 2022BetUS
        Colorado Avalanche-130
        Tampa Bay Lightning+225
        New York Rangers+650
        Edmonton Oilers+1100

        The next match will be displayed here once announced.

        NHL Betting Sites Canada

        It goes without saying, but hockey is one of the top sports for fans to enjoy in Canada, making NHL action the main attraction every season. And the good news for Canadian fans is our sports betting partners are accessible to them from Canada.

        Some of the best NHL betting sites available include Sports Interaction, Spin Palace Sports and many others. We carefully prepared detailed reviews on the best websites to bet in Canada.

        When you're preparing to make an NHL bet on your team of choice, including for NHL Playoffs Odds, updated odds will only be a few clicks away for you to check out and then bet on.

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        What makes the best NHL betting site

        As you prepare to make your different NHL wagers, always remember we work with dozens of partners who are ready to provide you with the best odds for all the NHL games on the schedule that you’re interested in. 

        Having said that, It's important for readers to compare the odds at the different sportsbooks we have to offer. This can easily be done by visiting either the desktop version or the mobile apps (where they're available).

        In addition, don’t forget to check out our NHL Odds page or the Stanley Cup Odds page before you pull the trigger on a bet. Up to date odds will always be present and made available. 

        And when it's time for a champion to be crowned, it goes without saying, but we'll have Stanley Cup Finals odds ready to roll as fans prepare to make big bets on the final series of the year.

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        Find the Best Hockey Bets

        To make the best NHL bets, you should be familiar with the most common types of bets out there and when to employ each one. Let's take a look!


        The famous puckline in hockey betting is the same thing as Baseball's run line and what in many other sports they call the point spread. Basically, sportsbooks will give the underdog a slight advantage in the betting markets, making the betting a bit more exciting and potentially much more profitable.

        For example, they may give the underdog a 1.5 advantage. This means that if they lose the match by only one point, they still win the bet. The favourites have to win by two or more for the puckline markets to consider them a winner.

        Futures Bets

        Futures bets are often the most exciting of all. That is because they focus exclusively on the biggest hockey events of the year. They tend to be up for a long time, allowing you to bet on events that take place months in the future. Thus the name futures betting.

        In this category, you will find bets for the winners of the Stanely Cup for example. but you will also find player-level futures bets around MVPs and more.

        Hockey Prop Bets

        Hockey prop bets are all the fun and creative bet that do not have a direct bearing on the final outcome of the game. This is where you can often find the best bets, especially for those who are not big on crunching sports data.

        They are generally divided into team and player props. Team props may ask which team will be the first to score, while player props may ask if someone will score a hat trick. Each one will require you to know a different level of the sport.

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        Latest NHL Betting Sites Promotions

        Throughout the year, there will be a range of great promotions offered by top-tier bookmakers as a way to entice players and ensure sports fans wager with them. Generally speaking, these promotions come around major events or towards the Playoffs, as well as promos that run throughout the year.

        To ensure our players get the most out of NHL betting sites promotions, we will keep this page updated with the latest NHL promotional offers on at the best bookmakers available to Canadian players.

        While these are the promotions available today, bookmakers update their offers all the time, so be sure to shop around.

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        NHL 101

        The National Hockey went through a temporary restructuring during the height of the novel coronavirus pandemic. They created an all-Canada division in order to accomodate travel restrictions

        There are 32 teams in the National Hockey League. They are divided between two conferences and four divisions. Eventually one team from the Eastern and Western Conference will face off against each other in the Stanley Cup Finals.

        The Stanley Cup playoffs work in series of seven games. The winner of the majority of the games advances or wins the Championship. Once a team reaches four games in the series, the rest of the games are not played at all.

        NHL Betting Sites FAQs

        • Which types of NHL bets can I find?

          At these NHL betting sites, you can find all kinds of bets including futures, moneylines, props, and pucklines.

        • What's the best NHL betting site in Canada?

          The best NHL betting site for Canadian bettors will vary depending on your needs. Rest assured that all the sites we recommend on this page are excellent!

        • Are these NHL betting sites legit?

          Yes, absolutely! All the Canadian NHL betting sites we recommend are the best out there. We only recommend the ones we ourselves use.

        • Which NHL sportsbook should I sign up at?

          It is actually a good idea to sign up at more than one NHL betting site. Not only do you get more bonuses, but you can also more easily compare lines.

        • Is it legal to bet on the NHL?

          Yes, it is legal to bet on the NHL just like any other sport.

        • Which NHL betting site in Canada has the biggest bonus?

          PowerPlay has an amazing welcome bonus! It is worth up to $500!