CFL Football Betting Odds 2019

CFL Football Betting Odds 2019

With the 2019 CFL Grey Cup race now in full swing, wach for the lastest weekly Canadian Football League match prices in the space. Odds for Week 3 CFL action, supplied by spin-palace-sports bookmakers, updated on June 24, 2019

Thursday June 27 - Week 3 CFL 2019

Away Team Win @ Win Home Team
Edmonton 2.45 @ 1.57 Winnipeg

Friday June 28 - Week 3 CFL 2019

Away Team Win @ Win Home Team
Montreal 6.50 @ 1.12 Hamilton

Saturday June 29 - Week 3 CFL 2019

Away Team Win @ Win Home Team
BC Lions 5.50 @ 1.15 Calgary

Monday July 1 - Week 3 CFL 2019

Away Team Win @ Win Home Team
Toronto 6.50 @ 1.12 Saskatchewan

CFL 2019 Season Preview

Will anyone be able to stop the Calgary Stampeders? That’s the question Canadian Football League fans have been asking themselves ever since the 2018 season came to a close. Behind the strong right arm of quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, the Stampeders had little trouble taking down the Ottawa Redblacks for the Grey Cup win.

Heading into the new season, which is set to start on June 13 with a showdown between the Tiger-Cats and Roughriders, the Stampeders are the odds-on favorites to take home the title once again and repeat. Who could give them a run for their money? Here’s everything you need to know to get you ready for the 2019 season:

How Does the CFL 2019 Season Work

Key dates, playoffs format

CFL season is divided into regular season, playoffs and the Grey Cup Finals.

  • CFL preseason starts on May 26 and ends on June 8.
  • Regular season starts on June 13 and ends 21 weeks later on November 2.
  • CFL Division semifinals on November 10.
  • CFL Division finals on November 17.
  • Grey Cup Final on November 25.

There are four games every week during the CFL season, with one team on a bye every week.

After the season concludes six teams advance to the CFL playoffs. The top two teams from each Division are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, while the other two spots go to the two teams with the next best records. This format means four teams from one Division can make the playoffs.

  • There are two rounds of playoffs (four games total) followed by the 2019 Grey Cup on November 24.

How does the CFL season work

More information on the CFL competition

Check out our CFL teams odds page, for more betting information on the Canadian Football League and on all nine teams currently competing.

What are the Types of CFL Vegas Odds

The most popular CFL betting odds are moneylines, point spreads, over-under lines and Grey Cup Futures. 

CFL Moneyline odds

Betting on CFL moneylines involves picking which team will win the game outright. Most CFL Vegas odds on moneylines range from -160 to -275 on the favourite, and offer odds of +130 to +200 on the underdog. CFL moneylines are the most straightforward wager one can place on a CFL game.

CFL Vegas Odds

CFL Point Spread Odds

The most popular betting option on CFL games is the point spread. The majority of point spreads in the CFL during the regular season range between 4.0 and 7.5 points. The odds on point spreads open at -110 on both sides. However, odds can adjust in the lead-up to the game, if public money is favouring one side.

Point spread betting on the CFL is no exact science. Between 2016 and 2018, 40.7% of teams finished with a record of at least four games above or below .500 against the spread. The inconsistencies in the league can make point spread wagering harder than it is on other leagues. However, in our advanced betting tip section, we touch on the best times to bet on CFL point spreads.

CFL Over-Under Odds

CFL over-under odds draw plenty of action during the CFL season and playoffs. A CFL over-under line is the total points scored between both teams during the game. The average CFL game total line is around 50.5 with the majority of game totals following within the 48.5 to 53.5 range. Odds on both sides normally open at -110, although they will adjust if the public is hammering one side.

While the rules in the CFL lend themselves to an exciting brand of football (with more big special team plays and a greater necessity to pass due to the fewer downs), it does not make the over hit more often.

In 2018, the highest scoring team in the CFL was the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The Blue Bombers were 11-9 (playoffs included) on the over-under last season. The second highest-scoring offence, the Calgary Stampeders, went only 7-13 (playoffs included) on the over-under. Do not just assume since it is two high-scoring offences that the game will hit the over. Check injuries, weather and team statistics before betting.

One last tip when betting on CFL over-under lines – watch out for exceedingly high (any line greater than 55.5) game totals. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers had three games in 2018 with game total lines greater than 55.5. All three of those games finished under.   

CFL Betting Picks

Other CFL Football Odds

CFL Grey Cup futures are a featured betting option on nearly every online sportsbook. Due to the size of the league, the odds difference between the favourite and the biggest underdog are not nearly as significant as they are in larger leagues. However, underdogs have a history of winning the Grey Cup at a higher rate than leagues with 20 to 32 teams.

An example of this is in 2017 when the Toronto Argos beat the Calgary Stampeders to win the Grey Cup. The Stampeders opened the season as the top choice to win the Grey Cup at +260. The Argonauts sat alone at the bottom of the 2017 Grey Cup Futures at +1250.

If you want to gather more information on Grey Cup Futures, click here.

Other popular options on CFL odds include player game props (i.e. will a specific quarterback throw for more or less than 300 yards) and player futures such as what player will win the league's Most Outstanding Player Award.

CFL Odds 2019

Advanced CFL Betting Lines

After covering the basics of CFL betting, now is the time to dive into some more advanced CFL betting strategies. 

Sandwich Game Theory

Sandwich game theory is a concept that involves three games. The theory implies a team, coming off a big game, may look through a lesser opponent the following week to tougher or more critical matchup the week after.

In recent years in the CFL, the sandwich theory is most applicable to Western teams facing an Eastern team between West rivals. Take the league-leading 2017 Calgary Stampeders as an example. Calgary played at Winnipeg, at Montreal and then hosted Saskatchewan. The Stampeders beat the Blue Bombers 29-10 and then headed to Montreal to face a 1-2 Alouettes squad (Montreal was only 7-11 in 2016). The Stampeders entered the game as 4.0-point favourites, yet lost 30-23. Upsets like this occur every season.

Since every team plays multiple times per season (compared to the NFL where some teams only play once every three or four years), every team has a higher level of familiarity with their opponent making upsets always a possibility. Identifying when a sandwich game is on the schedule can help improve your bankroll over the season.

CFL Sandwich Theory

Betting on Your Favourite Team 

As is the case with any sport, bettors have a bias towards their favourite team. This bias tends to cause sports bettors to wager on their favourite team to win or cover the spread at a higher rate than usual.

In some cases, it is the better wager. Fans of the Calgary Stampeders are in the midst of a five-year stretch where the team has won at least 13 games every season. If you are a fan of the Montreal Alouettes, then betting on them to win over the last few seasons provided a negative return. Always take more into account than what team you like personally when picking the winner of a game.

Home Field Advantage

Home Field Advantage exists in the CFL and typically lends itself to a 3.0 swing in the point spread. Field noise, lack of travel and no change in time zone are just a few reasons teams play better and win more at home.

In 2018, eight of the nine teams in the CFL had more home wins than road wins, which translate to most teams having a positive return on the moneyline over the entire season. Against the spread is a different story, as no team in 2018 covered more than six spreads at home (with most teams closer to .500 against the spread at home).

Comparing the Moneyline with the Point Spread 

One of the more tricky aspects of betting on the CFL is determining when to bet on a moneyline and when to bet on a point spread. As a competitive professional sports league, there is no perfect way of deciding when to pick one over another. However, there are two tips most agree are the most profitable.

The first is to take the top team in the league and bet them on the point spread. The Stampeders, who are the most successful team in the CFL over the last half-decade, have had seasons where they are 13-5 against the spread. The best team in the CFL wins enough games by blowouts that bettors can feel confident picking them even when they are double-digit favourites.

The other strategy is to look for one or two teams in the league that play better on the road. The Montreal Alouettes were arguably the worst team in the CFL in 2018. However, the Alouettes went 7-2 ATS as the away team. Studying betting trends and point differentials are the easiest ways to identify which team is the best bet on the road.

The best time to bet the moneyline over the point spread is when the home team is the underdog. This topic is covered more in the paragraph below.

Betting on Home Underdogs

The home underdog is one of the most enticing betting opportunities on the CFL. Home teams have an advantage, which helps even underdogs win against superior opponents. In 2018, the Saskatchewan Roughriders opened a home game against the Calgary Stampeders as 6.5-point underdogs (or with odds of +215 on the moneyline). The Roughriders not only covered the spread but also won the game 40-27. That was just one of Saskatchewan’s three wins as home underdogs in 2018. Betting on home underdogs is one of the smartest wagers possible on CFL games.

2019 CFL Current Standings


All-time CFL Champions

The winningest franchise in CFL history is the Toronto Argonauts. The Argos have won a record 17 Grey Cups in 23 appearances. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have the most Grey Cup appearances with 24 (only one more than Toronto and the Edmonton Eskimos). If including defunct CFL teams on the list, then the Ottawa Rough Riders should rank fourth all-time with nine Grey Cup wins.

All-Time Winning Active CFL Franchises

  • Toronto Argonauts 17
  • Edmonton Eskimos 14
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers 10
  • Calgary Stampeders 8
  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats 8
  • Montreal Alouettes 7
  • BC Lions 6
  • Saskatchewan Roughriders 4
  • Ottawa Redblacks 1