CFL Scores And Standings

CFL rivals lock horns several times a year over the 18 game regular season which means teams are always jockeying for playoff positions. Keep track of the Eastern and Western Division standings LIVE each and every week right here. 


Bet On CFL Games

When the season kicks off in July, there are just 18 regular season games before playoffs begin. Just after the first month, there is a good indication of how teams are holding up around the league. By that time, keen Canadian football fans have a good idea where they should be placing their wagers, and it’s a great time of year for those people. Hugely popular is the OVER/UNDER bet, where it is easier than the National Football League to predict if two teams will rack up points of be locked in a defensive battle. Bigger field + bigger balls = monster scores!

Canadian Football Playoff Odds

When you want to place a bet on the Western final or the Eastern semifinal, you don’t have to go to your local convenience store and be at the mercy of the provincial government set odds. Simply take the two seconds to look up one of our suggested sportsbooks to find the odds that really match your line of thinking. You could win a lot bigger that way, and in the CFL there are plenty of great lines to select from. The playoff season is short as well, so don’t wait until the teams get to far along because by then they’ll be at the big dance – The Grey Cup!

How To Bet On The Grey Cup

The winner of the classic East v. West final is awarded the Grey Cup, first won in 1909. The sheer history of the event brings together Canadians from far and wide to celebrate and party. As the most watched sports and televivion event in the country, the Grey Cup also attracts an enromous wave of sports bettors who descend on the sportsbooks like pirhanas. Online books offer great odds for the match every year but if you’re late you can always run down to the corner shop to hit up your lottery terminal and make a wager. We LOVE CFL action! 

While the CFL season kicks off in the summer sunshine, it wraps up under much cloudier skies. While the playoff races may be heating up the temperature on most games days has dropped. Wind, rain and even snow are all in the forecast for many stadiums which must be taken into account when making your wagering choices. 

Bettors must also remember that in the CFL history runs deep. Many of the league’s fiercest rivalries have been going on for decades. Over the Labour Day weekend many of these rivalries are highlighted with annual matchups. Bettors should know that the standings don't always tell the story with these games. Home field advantage, win-loss records and injury problems can all be thrown out the window along with the he form sheet because the chance to play spoiler or the chance to get one up on your biggest foe can be worth a few extra points. 

The action keeps rolling along into the playoffs as both the Eastern and Western Divisions hold a semi-final and final to find out which two teams will compete for Canadian football’s highest prize, the Grey Cup. These games showcase everything the CFL has to offer. Bitter rivals, wacky weather and wackier scoring plays. With our online sports books you can your fill of CFL action anytime and anywhere.