Ontario Sports Betting 2021

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada and it's also the best place to place a wager on the sport, and the good news is that there are now several options available for betting online, especially after the law opened up single-game sports betting in Canada. Ontario sports betting is made easy by CanadaSportsBetting.ca - you'll find all the information about Ontario sports gambling right here at CSB.

Toronto is the most important city in the province. We prepared a fully detailed Toronto Betting Guide.

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How to Gamble in Ontario?

The Earth seemed to open up in August 2021, when the Canadian national government began to allow provinces to host single-game sports betting. Since then, provinces have been quick to dive into this new market, and bettors are rejoicing. Single-game betting in Ontario was one of the first to become possible.

How to Gamble in Ontario?

From NHL to NBA, Canadian football to soccer, you can place wagers in Ontario on all the most popular sports, and there are fantastic lines and markets available through all the leading online sports betting companies.

You'll find out more about the best options for sports betting in Canada here.

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    The Best Sports Betting Sites in Canada
  • How to Gamble on Sports in Ontario

    How to Gamble on Sports in Ontario

    Sports betting online in Ontario is 100% legal and so easy to get involved in. Any Ontario resident can gamble online as long as they are over 18 years of age and have an active email address and phone number. Of course, you'll also have to have money to gamble with, which means you'll need a credit card, debit card or another way to transfer money into an active online sports betting account.

    If you meet these criteria, you're ready to select your sportsbook and sign up.

    Setting up an online sports betting account is simple enough - and the first step is choosing from the many sportsbooks that are available online. While there are stacks of online sportsbooks out there all competing for your betting dollars, we've partnered up with the best sports betting sites and have reviewed each one to save you time.

    Once you've chosen, simply enter your personal details and you're ready to bet - it literally takes less than two minutes to complete most applications.

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  • Compare Sportsbooks If You Want To Gamble In Ontario

    Every online betting website is different in a number of ways. Some offer a more extensive list of odds on certain sports, while incentives and bonus bets can also vary between sportsbooks. It is therefore extremely important to compare sites, particularly the bonuses and promotions that can change on a weekly basis.

    The good news is that you're not limited to one sportsbook - if you see good offers on different sites you can sign up to as many as you like! Just make sure you select our partner sites for the best deals. 

    Sportsbooks are not all the same when it comes to depositing money and receiving payouts. If you're looking to deposit via debit or credit card, you should be ok with the majority of sites, although only certain sportsbooks will accept other methods such as bitcoin or other electronic transfer methods. Check out this link for the best deposit methods in Ontario.

    The most important thing to work out is how quickly sportsbooks will pay your dividend - there's nothing worse than celebrating a big win and waiting days for the money to come through.

    It's also worthwhile pointing out that many sportsbooks now accept Paypal - find out more here: PayPal deposits in Ontario

    Best Sportsbooks in Ontario

    All of the top sports betting websites are available to the people of Ontario, and there is almost no limit to the betting opportunities available online.

    Best Sportsbooks in Ontario

    Betting On NHL

    Canada's most popular sport is so much better when you place a wager on your favourite team, and it doesn't matter if you're a Leafs or Senators fan. The top sportsbooks in Canada allow Ontario residents to bet on every single NHL match

    If you think you can pick the next winner of the Stanley Cup, you can choose to bet on Stanley Cup outright markets, plus you could always bet on someone like Austin Matthews to win the league's MVP award. The action never stops when it comes to Ontario gambling on hockey.

    Betting On NBA in Ontario

    Canada's team is also Ontario's team! Jump on the Toronto Raptors bandwagon, or choose from any of the other NBA franchises to place a bet on. Place a wager on individual matches, NBA playoff games or pick the overall winner - there's a range of possibilities and you can do it all in Ontario. Check out our guide to betting on the NBA.

    Betting On Soccer

    Toronto FC are Ontario's representative in Major League Soccer (MLS), and you can bet on the Reds or any other franchise during the regular season (March to October) and also the MLS Cup Playoffs from October and November. Online gambling in Ontario would not be the same without this MLS favourite.

    Plus, you can place wagers on the English Premier League, the biggest soccer competition in the world, and all the international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and the CONCACAF Gold Cup (featuring Canada's national team). All this can be done in Ontario.

    Betting On MLB 

    Check out all the baseball action by betting on MLB matches, and of course, you will be able to select from the best odds and markets for Toronto Blue Jays matches.

    With over 160 regular-season games for each team plus the MLB World Series to look forward to, there are always opportunities to bet on MLB in Ontario.

    Betting On Other Sports

    All the leading sportsbooks will feature almost every sport on the planet, and the beauty of betting online is that you can bet on sports all over the world, not just in the province of Ontario.

    You can bet on the NFL season any time from August until February each year and get great odds on all the PGA Tour meets and major championships throughout the season. 

    Motor racing (including NASCAR and Formula 1), tennis, curling, cricket, UFC - you name it. Whatever your passion, you can place a bet on it in Ontario and receive the best odds from the best sportsbooks.

    Betting On Big Sporting Events

    Betting On Big Sporting Events

    If you prefer to save your money for the biggest events in world sport, you've come to the right place. There is a stack of big matches, races and tournaments every week around the globe - here is a small selection of the hundreds of big sporting events that our partner sportsbooks cover throughout the year:

    • NFL Superbowl
    • Stanley Cup Playoffs
    • NBA All-Star Game
    • Indianapolis 500
    • World Cup of Hockey
    • World Curling Championships
    • The Canadian Open (Golf)
    • UEFA Champions League Final
    • Rugby World Cup

    Types of Betting

    When you consider the hundreds of lines and markets available across the hundreds of sporting events each week, it's no exaggeration to say that there are millions of opportunities to bet on sport in Ontario each year.

    From simple moneyline betting using pre-match odds, to live in-play wagers, to outrights and futures markets, there is a range of ways to bet on sport in Ontario.

    Every match or race in every sporting competition is covered by the top online sports betting companies, and you can choose from a variety of lines including over/under markets, odds on the spread and even props betting for those who love an obscure wager.

    Pick your lines, select your handicaps, adjust your wager and bet on multiple games at once - online sports betting sites allow you to do almost anything, and it can all be achieved in Ontario. If you live somewhere else, check out sports gambling in Canadian provinces for information on your province.

    Proline Ontario

    The Ontario betting community should be familiar with Proline, as it is one of the most popular ways to bet on sport in Canada. Many think of online gambling in Ontario as synonymous with Proline, but this is not the case. It is the official provincial place to wager, but not the only one.

    How to Place An Accumulator Bet

    How to Place An Accumulator Bet (Proline)

    It's easy to place an accumulator wager. By selecting any bet on your chosen sportsbook, your choice will appear in your 'bet slip'. If you were to go and select another bet from another game or another sport, your bet slip will now show two separate bets, but also give you the option to get combined odds. This is the accumulator section.

    This can be done as many times as you like with few limits, although generally, you can't place more than one bet on the same match.

    Let's use the MLS Decision Day as an example. Every match in the last round of MLS soccer is played at the same time on the same day at the end of the regular season. You could place a bet on a couple of games individually, or instead, you could select as many as you like and try an accumulator.

    If you were to place an accumulator with six different games, you will need all six games to win in order to win your bet. However, the reward you will get will be huge as the odds multiply with each additional leg.

    So why would someone choose to make an accumulator bet? Well, simply because of the bigger profit.

    If you start with $100 and place six individual bets which each have odds of 1.50, your maximum profit is $300 (6 x $50). The same $100 on a six-leg accumulator bet could see you profit $1000.

    Accumulator bets are a great way to make your online sports betting experience more entertaining and more profitable, and it all starts on CSB.

    You can also find out more about Proline by visiting our Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company page.

    Offtrack Betting Toronto

    Don't forget that you can also choose to bet on horse racing using many online sports betting companies. All the traditional ways to bet on horse racing can be explored, and you'll find the best horse racing odds right here on CSB.

    From The Kentucky Derby to the Prince of Wales Stakes and even the Melbourne Cup, there is information here on betting on horse racing, as well as guides and tips for all the biggest racing meets around the world.

    Online Casino in Ontario

    Gamblers in Ontario have lots of great options. There are plenty of online casinos avilable in Ontario. Many of them are based offshore, allowing them to provide even better betting odds. Here's a list of our favourites for online gambling in Ontario.

    Betway Casino

    The Betway Casino is always adding new games to its repertoire. This online casino will keep you having fun for a long time.

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    BONUS $ 1800
  • Bodog Casino

    The king of online sportsbooks also has a stellar casino. Known for their table games, the Bodog Casino nonetheless covers a wide range of casino favourites.

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    BONUS $ 600
  • PowerPlay Casino

    The PowerPlay Casino is known for its modern interface. Plus, their customer service agents are especially friendly and helpful.

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  • Offline Casinos and Their Legality in Ontario

    Ontario gambling is legal, and casinos abound throughout the province. With more than fifty casinos, Ontario is a great place for gamblers. And you will find them throughout the province. Even in Toronto, you will find four casinos.

    One upscale casino in Ontario is the Caesars Windsor. With breathtaking waterfront views, this lakeside casino will definitely leave an impression on you. Combine the calm of nature with the thrill of the slots, and you have one unforgettable experience.

    Nestled near Niagara Falls, the Fallsview Casino & Resort is one of a kind. Just a quick walk to one of nature's most stunning experiences, you can enjoy table games and slots in this high-rise tower.

    Sports betting in other provinces

    Sports betting in Ontario FAQ

    • Betting is 100% legal in Ontario.


      There are just a few wrinkles you need to know. Firstly, Canadian legislation explicitly states that gambling is only legal within the province-sanctioned lottery agencies.


      For Ontario, this is the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation). The Proline is the go-to for sports betting and can be purchased in your local stores or played online or by app. 


      However, while the legislation excludes online gambling from non-sanctioned platforms like Bodog or Betway, these platforms are controlled from offshore companies.


      This means the Canadian government has no jurisdiction as the betting sites are technically not established in the country.


      So to summarize: yes, you can bet legally in Ontario whether it's through Proline or through the online betting platforms. 

    • If you're looking to bet in Ontario, your best bet is to refer to the Proline. This is the lottery version of sports gambling and is the mainstream version.

      Alternatively, you can bet on any online sportsbook that is open for Canadians.

      Books like Bodog, Sports Interaction (SIA), and Bet365 host Ontarians and offer a gamut of sports from mainstream ones like hockey, basketball, and baseball to the latest in egaming and MMA. 

      Betting with these sportsbooks, you have more options. You can create parlays like what Proline specializes in, but you get a better payout. And you get more options with your parlay (no draws, just win or lose).

      Best of all, you get signup offers with most of these books along with promotions like free bets. And you can sign up for more than one.

    • You can bet legally in Ontario when you are 18-years-old, although you can only enter casino and slot facilities as a 19-year-old. Online sportsbooks also restrict their registration to persons of 18-years or older.


      It is a standard procedure for you to verify your identity with copies of valid government documents like a driver's license as well as copies of bills confirming your permanent residence and/or your credit/bank statement.


      To play in some books, you will need to bet from within Ontario. This means your geolocation should identify that you are within Ontario. Even if you are an Ontarian, if you play from somewhere else like Manitoba or Quebec, some books may rescind your access (it depends on whether the book is also available in these provinces).


      Check each sportsbooks' policies and restrictions. You can usually tell right away when going to the book.

    • Yes, you can bet with Bitcoin in Ontario when dealing with online sportsbooks. You may just need to verify your status as a Bitcoin user/seller depending on the book. And you will need to find sportsbooks that allow Bitcoin as a deposit option.

      Sportsbooks like Bodog and BetOnline accept Bitcoin and in some cases, even prefer it. This is because Bitcoin transactions are the quickest and don't go through the same processes as banking methods like debit, credit, or money orders. 

      But this same reason is also why many sportsbooks don't accept Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. The many grey areas around Bitcoin, especially its lack of established procedures and its unpredictability, make many books pass on it. 

      The OLG and Proline don't accept Bitcoin or cryptocurrency for now. The Canadian government tends to be a bit slower due to their cautionary measures when it comes to these things.

    • Using PayPal is one of the best ways to fund your online betting bankrolls. It is fast, discreet, and saves you the trouble of having to deal with all the intricacies that most banks require. Many Ontario betting sites, in general, accept PayPal like SIA, Bodog, and SpinPalace Sports.

      However, there are some restrictions in place particularly for Canada that may prevent you from using it deposit into these sportsbooks. These restrictions are similar to some of the ones banks have placed on their credit or debit cards.

      The Ontario betting sites that accept PayPal are Proline.

      Alternatively, you can use your PayPal to deposit to a third-party account like Entropay. The only downside to this is the fee you will be charged for depositing and withdrawing. If using PayPal is your only choice, you should look into this, otherwise, use another method.

    • How do odds work? The simplest way to understand betting odds is to imagine these as the implied probability of success. The higher their odds, the more likelihood they succeed, and the more money you have to put down to profit.

      Betting odds manifest in three ways:

      • Decimal Odds: most popular in Canada, these odds are simplest to calculate. Take your wager and multiply it by the decimal for your potential winnings.
      • Moneyline odds: also called American odds, these manifest as two kinds of numbers: plus and minus. The plus indicates how much you win on a $100 wager while the minus shows how much you need to wager to win $100.
      • Fractional odds: like decimal odds, these indicate how much you win by dividing your wager by the fraction. 

      If you want to determine the implied probability of the odds, use this formula:

      (Odds / 1) + Odds.

    • Before you bet, you should compare betting odds. You can compare odds by going to multiple sportsbooks and looking at their lines. Or even better, you can go to Canada Sports Betting's odds page where we have a table that lists the betting odds per select sportsbooks. 

      Usually, betting odds stay within the same area. A sportsbook will be the first to open the betting odds, which will set the mark for the rest to follow. The odds change depending on how much action (how much money is wagered) it gets.

      The more money is wagered, the higher the odds get. Consequently, the other line will also get lower.

      When you have more than one sportsbook, you can get the best possible odds. Some books will set their betting odds lower than the other books. 

    • You can identify the favourite from the underdog based on who has the higher odds to win. Favourites have a higher probability of success thus have higher odds. In betting odds, the favourites have a smaller payout and thus have smaller numbers.

      In a win-or-lose scenario (no draws), favourites usually manifest like this:

      • Decimal: 1.80 or lower
      • American: -125 or lower
      • Fractional: 4/5 or lower

      You will need to bet more to win less when it comes to favourites in a win-or-lose scenario while you win more for less while betting the underdog. It all correlates to their chances of success. 

    • There are many ways to bet but the most popular type of bet in Ontario is the "straight-up" bet or the "moneyline" going by American terms. This is when you bet on an outright winner. As a straight-up bet, the moneyline is available for almost every type of sport where there is a head-to-head aspect. 

      Betting on favourites will yield less payout than betting on underdogs. But betting on favourites has a higher chance of a payout.

      Next to the straight-up bet is the point spread. This is like the moneyline with an added caveat: a handicap. You bet on a team to "cover the spread", meaning they will win once the spread is added or deducted from them. 

      Different from the moneyline, the point spread usually has even odds. You get the same (or almost the same) from betting either the favourite or underdog. This is another popular type of bet in Ontario. 

    • Betting limitations will keep you from betting on the outcome of multiple games for offline sports betting in Ontario. The Proline will only provide you with a limited selection of games to bet on. 

      The catch with Proline is the "tie" option, which is essentially a close game between both teams. This added category is what makes betting Proline complicated and why your odds of winning are even smaller. A "tie" is decided when the result is within 5 points for basketball, 3 points for football, or within 1 run in baseball.

      So even if your teams win their outcomes, they need to do so by more than the point and run totals listed above. Tough. And the payout isn't even as good as betting online.

    • You can bet on the outcome of multiple games online in most sportsbooks. This is also commonly known as "parlays", when you bet multiple outcomes into one collective wager. While many professional gamblers consider this an amateur move, it can still pay off in a big way.

      The way this works is you take one bet on an outcome, such as the Yankees beating the Blue Jays straight-up, and bet it together with another, like Bianca Andreescu winning her first-round match, straight-up.

      You will get a better payout if and only if all your outcomes win. There is also added risk here as your probability of success decreases with each outcome you add. But the payout will adjust to match this. 

      You can bet multiple outcomes into a single bet anywhere from eight to a dozen or more. Of course, the more outcomes you put, the more unlikely you will cash this bet. So bet a small amount and you can still win a lot! Think of it like winning the lottery.

    • Finding the best odds for bettors in Ontario can be tricky and there are no easy answers. The best way to find out is to familiarize yourself with the different sportsbooks. Each book releases a different set of odds, although most will set odds that are similar to 90% of the rest.

      You can find a list of some betting odds from popular sportsbooks here at Canada Sports Betting. Our table lists these odds side-by-side so you don't have to go to these books separately to see. However, there are hundreds of different books so you may take a while to go "odds shopping".

      Another tip is to find which sportsbooks constantly offer better odds than the rest. Some books, as part of their marketing, will intentionally do this to get more bettors to sign up with them. 

    • To find the best odds for betting, you will have to look through each online sportsbook or check our odds pages to find the odds listed for you. There are hundreds of sportsbooks and it can take you a long time to find the best betting odds. 

      Other than using our tables and widgets, there is no shortcut to finding the best odds. It takes a while to do so usually through familiarity with the books.

      After you've familiarized yourself with odds shopping, you will notice which sportsbooks have better odds than the others. This is why it's useful to open an account for more than book. 

      Also, pay attention to the betting trends. The more action (wagers being bet on) an odd, the steeper it gets. So you will need to move quickly to find the best odds for favourites or popular underdogs.

    • You can bet on the Super Bowl in Ontario. As the most popular professional sporting event in North America, the Super Bowl is viewed by hundreds of millions of people every year. Football diehards and casuals alike tune in every winter for this game.

      As such, online sportsbooks offer a fiesta of different odds and markets. Even sportsbooks that cater primarily to a Canadian clientele will offer plenty of Super Bowl odds and markets. Canadians also love the NFL and pay attention to the Super Bowl.

      You can find many types of Super Bowl odds from any sportsbook. The odds range from traditional markets like straight-up betting and point spread to both in-game and exotic props. 

      Almost everything including the singing of the national anthem, to the performers' outfits, to political commentary, to social media happenings, can be wagered. 

      Who knows, you may even have your own Super Bowl prop opened if you inquire within the sportsbooks.

    • You can find bonuses when you gamble online in Ontario. It's not too difficult once you find online sportsbooks. We display the best sportsbooks with their sign-up offers listed. Most of the top sportsbooks offer a deposit bonus. 

      A deposit bonus comes in two types: the regular deposit bonus, where the books match your dollar deposits with cash to use for bets, or a no deposit bonus, where they will give you free cash for bets just for signing up. 

      Signup bonuses are easy to find, but you'll need to read carefully how to apply them. The other bonuses, which are like promotions, can be trickier to get. And only some sportsbooks offer these. 

      You can find bonuses by frequenting sports betting websites like Canada Sports Betting. Other sports sites should also have ads for online sportsbooks depending on what is currently being sponsored. 

      Narrow your search to the sports you want to bet. If you're into hockey, look for NHL and hockey websites and blogs.