Saskatchewan Lottery Sports Betting

As the meat in Canada’s three prairie province sandwich, flanked by Manitoba to the east and Alberta to the west, Saskatchewan is home to just over one million residents. Go ‘Riders! That’s a familiar refrain from Stony Plains to Weyburn as Rider Nation is very passionate about their CFL Roughriders – the lone pro sports team in the province. Here is a look at the Sports Select dominated Saskatchewan betting scene, even after the opening up of single-game sports betting in Canada.

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  • Provides action for nearly all international sports events.
  • Safe, secure betting services and competitive lines.
  • Vast Selection of Global Sports Odds
  • Excellent Live Mobile Betting Platform
  • Secure service – Licensed in Canada!
  • 100% Canadian Focus
  • Plenty of deposit methods
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Single-game betting in Saskatchewan is set to open in 2022. Residents of the province are eagerly awaiting the adaption of single-game betting, ever since the Canadian government began to allow single-game betting. Big changes are coming to this prairie province.

How to Gamble in Saskatchewan?

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Saskatchewan Sports Betting

Thanks to a forced alliance, with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, Canada’s “breadbasket” is lacking some quality grains when it comes to sports wagering. Though they deserve much better, watermelon wearing ‘Rider Nation’ is hooked into handicapping with the WCLC Pro-Line schemes. Fortunately, the top online Saskatchewan sports betting sites listed below are quality alternatives.

Proud of their four Grey Cup Championship titles, through the 2016 CFL season, Saskatchewan boasts a dedicated fan base that rivals any other in pro sports. ‘Rider Nation, which is always fully decked out in bright green, has a sparkling new home as the Roughriders moved into New Mosaic Stadium in 2017. It’s a shame they don’t have a higher quality “home-based” sports betting option to go along with their new digs. Guided by a “live and let live” mantra (we have trash talking limits) the line is reached with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation Sports Select betting schemes. Our list above, that features the best bookmakers in the business, is tailor-made for Saskatchewanites.

Lotteries In Saskatchewan

Established in 1910, the CFL Roughriders are the lone pro sports team in Saskatchewan. The next level is crowded as amateur sports are a huge draw on the prairies. Sports fans head out in droves to support teams like the Swift Current Broncos and Prince Albert Raiders in the Western Hockey League. Summer baseball is also big as Saskatchewan is home to many teams in the Western Major Baseball League. Led by Casino Regina, which offers over 800 slot machines, tons of table games, plus a modern poker room, there are a number of exciting LIVE action casinos spread out across Saskatchewan. Established in 1969, Marquis Downs in Saskatoon is the home of horse racing in Saskatchewan and fans of the ponies can also wager at a number of off-track betting locations throughout the province. VLT “money pits” are also plentiful in the land of the Western Red Lilly.


Saskatchewan Lottery – Sports Select Pro-Line

Void of any “homegrown” online betting options, including sports wagering, casino games and poker action, Saskatchewan residents are stuck with the Sports Select betting model. It is however far from being “model” as the Pro-Line, Props, Pools and Point-Spread game cards are fraught with danger. Seriously, we are not just trashing Sports Select – for the sake of trashing them. With a vast number of the WCLC options, bettors need to navigate gambles within a gamble as they also have to deal with TIE options. One example of the unfair nature of adding TIE odds rears its ugly head with the Props option as bettors are required to select an H Player, a V Player or a TIE – let’s say for most receiving yards. 

Through the first ten weeks of the 2016 NFL season, with CFL games in that time frame included, the WCLC offered 164 Prop bets. TIE options pay a whopping +1700 and it happened FIVE times, or once on every 33 times, on those 164 Prop offers. Not only did bettors get very lucky bagging the TIE, but they were also required to make two other correct selections to cash a winning ticket. Also, those five ties are a lot as we tracked the same option in 2015 and a TIE occurred only FOUR out of 289 times. The big price paid with TIE odds preys on the most desperate gamblers due to the huge possible payday. On the other side of the coin, they screw knowledgeable handicappers when they fall into the mix since smart bettors would never wager on such pathetic longshot schemes. 

*** If the above example doesn’t illustrate how inferior the WCLC is, let’s look at Sports Select possible payout pitfalls compared to the quality offers at the William Hill sportsbook.

Best Alternative To Saskatchewan Sports Lottery

Although we feel the TIE restriction should be enough to push players away from the Sports Select betting platform, the WCLC payouts further hammer home our point. As an example, we looked at the 2016 NFL Week 11 odds posted at the William Hill online sportsbook and those at the WCLC. We randomly selected three teams, Detroit, Dallas and Pittsburgh, and looked at the point spread and game total prices offered with both platforms. The payout discrepancy was rather shocking. With William Hill, a $100 three-team point spread parlay produced a potential $583.33 profit while the Game Total wager, betting UNDER on all three games, delivered a $611.57 return.

On those exact same bets, with the corresponding Sports Select cards, the Point-Spread bet returns $400.00 while the OVER/UNDER wager pays a $391.00 prize. It’s crazy that the William Hill bettors receive $183.33 more from their ATS wager and $220.57 more with their Game Total ticket. Click on any of the bookmakers listed above and surf around their system to check out the player bonus offers, their account funding options, plus the vast difference in the number of sports covered. Perks and benefits, when wagering with Canada Sports Betting recommended sportsbooks, are tangible.


Sports betting in other provinces

Saskatchewan Lottery Sports Betting FAQ

Is gambling legal in Saskatchewan?

Besides sports betting, all forms of gambling are entirely legal in the province of Saskatchewan. As well as being able to access online betting providers, there are a number of tribal and commercial establishments, where users can play bingo, table games, lottery and casino games.

Is PRO-Line available?

Absolutely it is. PRO-LINE is one of the premium betting methods in the country and no less in the province of Saskatchewan. PRO-LINE is accessible online, alternatively, there are a variety of vendors throughout the province, notably in stores in the capital Regina.

Which is the best online sportsbook in Saskatchewan?

Well often the best sportsbook is a subjective question, but there is certainly some top-tier sportsbook out there offering markets and betting options that users won’t find at some of the smaller providers.
Generally speaking, most of the biggest sportsbook providers are always going to offer fairly similar markets. However, sportsbooks such as BetWay offer the broadest range of betting options out of any of the top-tier sportsbooks around today.

Are there any land-based casinos in Saskatchewan?

With just over one million residents, Saskatchewan has a relatively substantial percentage of the population. Also, the province is really flat, with little mountainous areas at all, leading to the development of more commercial centres such as casinos. There are more than 10 casinos in the province for bettors to play on.

Are there college sports available Saskatchewan?

College sports aren’t anywhere near as popular in the U.S. as they are North of the border. However, there are some college teams playing in the national college leagues out of Saskatchewan, such as the Saskatoon Polytechnic Amaruks and the University of Saskatchewan Huskies.

What’s the minimum you can bet?

The minimum one can bet varies greatly, depending on how the user is betting. For the most part, users will either be using PRO-LINE or betting through an online provider. In the first case, PRO-LINE has a minimum bet of $2, while sportsbooks will offer a minimum ranging from $1-10 depending on the provider in question.

What are the limits on deposits in the Saskatchewan?

Deposit limits in Saskatchewan vary depending on the method used to bet. There are numerous betting options and markets available to bettors in the province. However, the limits are independently set by the betting industry and online providers. So while it’s difficult to give an accurate generalized figure, we can say that the limits vary from $20 up to $10,000 in some special cases.

Are there any pro teams in Saskatchewan?

There are numerous professional sports teams in the province of Saskatchewan. Without going through the entire list, we will just highlight some of the top-tier teams competing at a national level. The pro-Saskatchewan teams are as follows;
Saskatoon Legends (Baseball)
Saskatoon Slam (Basketball)
Saskatoon Sheiks (Hockey)

Is PRO-LINE popular in Saskatchewan?

PRO-LINE is probably the most popular betting line available to Saskatchewan residents. While some have their reservations about the less than generous odds, it does still provide an easy-to-access sports betting platform. Alternatively, users are welcome to sign-up to an online provider.

What is the Maximum bet on PRO-Line in Saskatchewan?

Otherwise known as the Sport Select service, PRO-LINE is readily and widely available to users across the nation. The maximum Sport Select bet is $250 at any retailer in Saskatchewan. But PRO-LINE offers users a parlay or multi-bet slip, which limits the maximum bet to $100.