Nunavut Sports Betting

While the territory is small in population and home to no professional sports franchises, sports and sports betting is still apart of life in Nunavut.

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  • Vast Selection of Global Sports Odds
  • Excellent Live Mobile Betting Platform
  • Secure service – Licensed in Canada!
  • 100% Canadian Focus
  • Plenty of deposit methods
  • Clean and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • The world's favourite sportsbook
  • Provides action for nearly all international sports events.
  • Safe, secure betting services and competitive lines.
  • Wide variety of betting markets
  • Advanced mobile betting platform, including virtual and eSports.
  • Secure, encrypted service, licensed by multiple jurisdictions.
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Are you a Canadian who is looking for the best sports betting sites? If so, you have arrived at the top

Nunavut has finally joined so many other Canadian provinces and territories in allowing single-game sports betting!

C-218 legalized single-game betting at the national level, and Nunavut opened itself up in November 2021. The national law is not a mandate to allow single-game betting, but rather an opportunity. You can still use online sportsbooks to get in on these types of bets.

How to Gamble in Nunavut?

While there is a Nunavut lottery provided by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (often shortened to WCLC), there are better ways to bet on sports.

Here at, we provide the people of Nunavut with everything they need to know about betting online.

We give information on how to choose one of the many amazing online sportsbooks, highlight the higher number of sports betting options available and provide information on the many other benefits received by switching to an online betting site.

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How to Gamble on Sports in Nunavut

Before you can start betting on sports online, you need to make sure you meet the requirements of the online sportsbooks.

There are a few general requirements every for every online sportsbook. The first is to be a minimum of 18 years old.


To prove age online sportsbook will require a form of government identification.

The best types also show your address, which is another requirement for online sportsbooks (proving you have a residency in the territory).

Nunavut Sports Betting

People signing up for online sportsbooks must also have a valid email address. Along with an email address, readers need to have a form of payment the online sportsbook accepts.

The most popular methods for paying and payments are debit cards, credit cards and bank wire transfer.

There are other ways to pay, which can learn about when comparing the best betting sites available for Nunavut gambling.

Compare Sportsbooks for Best Betting Opportunities in Nunavut  

As mentioned earlier, online sports betting is superior to the Nunavut Proline style system currently in place.

However, unlike what is offered by the WCLC monopoly, there are multiple online options available in Nunavut.

To pick the best option, you need to compare the different online sportsbooks. The first thing our readers should examine is the bonuses offered by online sportsbooks.

The majority of online sportsbooks offer a bonus to new users after they signup and make their first deposit.

The bonuses offered are not the same across the board. Some match initial deposits, while others give their new customers a free bet.


The amounts and requirements of the bonuses are different depending on the sportsbook.

Our readers should also look at current campaigns and promotions. Depending on the time of year, online sportsbooks may offer additional incentives to new and existing users. These offers often coincide with the start of new seasons (start of the NFL or NHL season, for example).

Also, compare what methods of payment different online betting sites accept. Some take Bitcoin, while others take different types of e-wallets, a few (although it is a rarity in Canada) take PayPal.

What options they take and how fast online sportsbooks process payments are essential considerations when picking an online sportsbook.

Best Sportsbooks in Nunavut

There are multiple reasons to make the switch from the Nunavut sports lottery to online sportsbooks. We showcase many of the great reasons why you should make the switch to online sportsbooks

Betting Options on Every Sport

Online sportsbooks offer more betting options then what is available through the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

They offer dozens of different bets on games from the major four sports league in North America (MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL), plus plenty of action on other popular sports such as golf, MMA, college and soccer. There is always something exciting to bet online.

NHL Action Every Day

Online sportsbooks know the NHL is king in Canada and offer better NHL odds and more betting options on every game.

From the preseason to the Stanley Cup Finals, there is never a shortage of betting options.

Online sportsbooks also offer NHL futures and NHL props on Division winners, Stanley Cup matchups, award winners and season goal leaders, meaning the NHL is open for betting throughout the year!

Nunavut NHL Odds

Everything NBA Canada

Online sportsbooks know how much Canadians love their teams from their country. Along with NHL odds, NBA odds are at an all-time high in popularity with the success of the Toronto Raptors.

Find great odds on the Raptors and every NBA team online. 


The Wealth of Super Bowl Betting Odds

When betting on the biggest sporting event, the Super Bowl, on an online sportsbook, people from Nunavut will see even more betting options.

From the typical point spread, moneyline and game total to Super Bowl specialty props and loads of player props, there is no shortage of great options Super Bowl odds to bet on the Big Game.

Nunavut NFL Betting

Make Single Bets

Arguably the most significant benefit when betting online is the ability to place single wagersAcross Canada, provincial sports lotteries require Canadians to place (parlay) at least two bets.

However, online sportsbooks are not subject to the same laws, meaning Canadians can bet on a single event, making betting less risky.

Futures Markets

Online sportsbooks offer a much wider variety of futures for betting.

Futures are available on multiple leagues in North America, soccer leagues in Europe, including World Cup odds, and winners of tennis and golf tournaments.  

Better Odds

People who opt to bet online will notice quickly how much better the odds are compared to what is offered by the WCLC.

Live Betting

Operating exclusively online in Nunavut means online sportsbooks can offer live betting to all their customers.

Live betting is a great way to get in on the action during the game or hedge some bets placed before the game started.

Nunavut Sports Betting Odds

Mobile Betting

Even if you do not have a laptop, online sportsbooks betting is still possible through mobile betting sites and applications.

Every partner we recommend has a fully functioning mobile website or app, where bettors can place bets, receive bonuses and make deposits and withdrawals.

Nunavut Lottery

While there are similarities between online sportsbooks and what is offered in Nunavut, the advantages of betting online easily outweigh anything available from the WCLC Nunavut lottery.

Winning is harder when betting using the Nunavut lottery. Bettors using the WCLC service must make at least two bets.

Making more than a single wager decreases the odds of winning and increases the challenges bettors face.

Nunavut Sportsbook Bonuses

People who enjoy video casinos and scratch cards in Nunavut can find similar opposites available on most online sportsbooks.

Along with sports betting, online sportsbooks offer their users racebooks (for betting on horse racing), casinos, games (some options similar to scratch cards) and poker.

Anyone who meets the eligibility requirements to bet on sports online can play and enjoy these options.


Sports betting in other provinces

Sportsbook reviews FAQ

Is betting legal in Nunavut?

Nunavut is a small region with a population of less than 100,000. The province marks one of the most remote locations not just in Canada, but across the globe. While there may not be many residents, they are still able to gamble legally.

Is PRO-LINE Available to bettors in Nunavut?

Much like the rest of Canada, PRO-LINE sports betting markets available to Canadian citizens residing in Nunavut. In fact, PRO-LINE is the premium betting service on offer to residents of the province.

What’s the minimum PRO-LINE bet?

A common question among PRO-LINE users and understandably so. With a variety of betting lines available, it’s important to know the available limits before deciding how to wager on certain markets. The current minimum bet sites at $2. 

What’s the maximum PRO-LINE bet?

The minimum for PRO-LINE bets is very low, the maximum bet isn’t particularly high. The maximum for a PRO-LINE bet is $100. This isn’t very high when taking into account standard rates at online providers. While this is true, the option for Combo Play gives users the opportunity to win big on multiple bets on the same slip.

What is Point-Spread betting?

One of the betting lines available through PRO-LINE is the Point-Spread. This involves a bettor choosing to bet on handicaps given to a certain team. The purpose of a Point-Spread bet is to even the odds for a home or away win, meaning the odds are the same, allowing the bettor to place a wager on the difference. An extremely common wager for regular bettors and is widely available through sportsbook providers.

Can you bet with online sportsbook providers in Nunavut?

Online sports betting is extremely popular in the region of Nunavut. The remoteness of the area means that land-based betting is hard to come by and largely non-existent.

Online providers like Bet365Spin Sports Palace and WilliamHill have more games and events to bet on than anyone could ever desire, so be sure to check out what they have on offer.

Are there any land-based betting facilities or casinos?

Due to the sparsity of the population and the fact there just aren’t that many people in the province, the amount of land-based betting facilities are very limited. Aside from a few poker tournaments and a couple of lottery retail outlets, there isn’t much else on offer!

Are online casinos available in Nunavut?

Absolutely yes, residents of Nunavut are welcome to gamble online with any of the casino providers accessible in Canada. As there are no land-based casinos, this is very popular choice.

Can Nunavut residents play online poker games?

Much like in the other Northern territories, Nunavut is cold and it’s difficult to travel around, which makes online poker a great option to bettors. Poker is widely available and all of the aforementioned sportsbook providers offer this service.

Is there a gambling contact helpline?

Gambling is risking the loss of money, which can sometimes impact people’s lives. As such, it’s important to have measures in place to help people who may be having issues with betting. Help is easily available to those in Nunavut, simply call the Kamatsiaqtut Help Line at (867) 979-3333 or toll-free at (800) 265-3333.