MLB Scores And Standings

Kicking off in late March or early April, and then creeping into October, the baseball regular season is a long one. With games playing out every day, odds on MLB games come and go in the blink of an eye. Our LIVE odds scoreboard below is always up to date with the latest lines on every match.

Quick access to MLB scores and standings is huge help when following a proactive betting research plan. Avoid the advertisement-laden, non-relevant video spewing, device slowing, big wigs by bookmarking this page. Our LIVE in-game updates, plus game-by-game rankings, deliver convenience and accuracy.


Bet on MLB Games

The length of the MLB regular season gives bettors plenty of opportunities to wager on MLB games. For the most part, MLB betting is dominated by three main types of wagers (ranked in order of popularity). The first is the moneyline than game totals and lastly the run line.

MLB Moneylines

As baseball is a long season, full of ups, downs, swings and misses, on just about any given night (or day) a team can win. Because of the parity in the MLB, with the top teams averaging around a 60% winning percentage and the worst teams usually bottoming out around 40%, picking which team will win the game is the most popular option. Moneylines on favourites are most frequently between -120 and -200.

MLB Game Totals

Most MLB game totals are between 8.0 and 9.0, with 7.0 to 11.0 being the cutoffs on most online sportsbooks. When betting on MLB game totals always consider the starting pitching, each team’s lineup, the ballpark and the umpire. Everything plays a fact in how many runs will score in a game.

Even the time of year is essential. Early in the season and later in the MLB playoffs, runs dip below average. Use as much information available to try to pinpoint when a game is full of fireworks versus when a game will be a legitimate pitcher’s dual.

MLB Run Lines

An MLB run line is essentially a fixed 1.5 point spread on MLB games. However, odds on run lines are not 50/50. The best team playing the worst team in the league, will often still be the favourite, even with a -1.5 run line. Run lines are most popular when the favourite is between -200 and -350 on the moneyline and expectations are for the favourite to win handily.

Always Consider Starting Pitching Before Betting on EVERY MLB Game

Starting pitching is the most critical factor to consider when betting on the MLB. How the starting pitcher performs dictates the majority of MLB games over the season. If you think a pitcher will control the other team and go deep into the game, betting on that team and pitcher is smart. If you expect him to struggle, betting against the pitcher is smarter. Player vs pitcher stats, pitcher splits and recent history are just some things you can check out to make a better bet.

Major League Baseball Futures

Betting what team will win the World Series is the most popular MLB futures wager available on the MLB. While World Series futures are open throughout the year, there are two times of the year when bettors love to bet World Series futures.

The first is before the start of the regular season. In March, as Spring Training concludes, the second is after the trade deadline at the end of July. You can also bet on World Series futures at the start of the playoffs, but the odds are worse (as there are only ten teams to bet at this point). Other futures available include regular season win totals, Pennant Champions, Division champions and some player awards.

Before you Bet you Should Know

Here are a few other tidbits of betting information to know before you starting betting on baseball.

No Action

As starting pitching is so important when betting on baseball, online sportsbooks give bettors the option to pick “no action” on a wager. What “no action” means is if a starting pitcher is changed, then the bet is void and refunded. It is protection for the bettor essentially.

Umpire Handicapping

How umpires call games as more of an impact on betting than most realize. Some umpires have a tendency to call a higher amount of strikes or favour the home team on 50/50 calls. Everything an umpire does throughout the game and the season adds up.

Looking at umpire statistics can help a bettor determine when it is good to bet the over versus the under, or which umpire sees a larger percentage of road underdogs win. Adding umpire stats to your research before betting gives you an extra edge, especially over the course of the entire Major League Baseball season.  

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