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Best MLB Betting Odds

Find the best MLB Odds in Canada and all other MLB betting resources like Picks, Power Rankings, and Statistics here. We take a look at the best MLB betting sites and provide some unique insights on how to find value in the market.

MLB Regular Season Game-By-Game Betting Odds

Bet365 odds are subject to change – Prices from top baseball betting sportsbooks here. The MLB regular season is long and one of the most packed schedules of any sports league on the planet. We track all the games through the season and into the Playoffs right here.

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MLB World Series Outright Winners Odds

The 120th Major League Baseball season began on March 20th, 2024. We are at the point of the postseason, so now we wait patiently!

We have the best and most up-to-date odds for the 2024 MLB World Series winner, the odds are subject to change and will be constantly changing throughout the season.

Introduction to MLB Odds

You can find MLB betting odds (also known as MLB Betting lines or Vegas betting lines) in different formats like the pre-match odds like straight-up lines, such as:

  • Moneyline
  • Runline
  • Team Totals
  • Over/Unders

Sports Betting Canada has an outline of the top sportsbooks that feature all types of MLB odds – the ones with the best and most markets.

MLB betting odds are diverse and plentiful.

There is something for someone regardless of familiarity or skill level. All this information will help you make the best bets possible.

Many MLB prop bets are also available, like the MLB Rookie of the Year and the MLB MVP of the year odds.

How to bet on baseball odds and win?

Winning at MLB betting odds takes two major things: finding the right betting strategy and finding the right sports betting odds for Canadian bettors. We hope this information on how to bet on MLB games will be useful for you.

Do your research

You do the research and know your stuff about the MLB, and we help you by providing our own expert picks and analysis, and we’ll also provide some of the best betting sites.

MLB Markets

Then, find the books with the right MLB markets – who has the best selection? Who offers the most variety? And also find the ones who post the best Las Vegas odds for the MLB and those who post early. Some books are market leaders regarding the MLB, meaning they are one of the first to open.


When doing research for the MLB daily odds, find the best odds for all MLB teams. You can peruse the sportsbooks available for Canadians and rank them based on what you need. Compare each sites’ bonuses (welcome bonuses and special offers) so you can avail of each.

For Live Betting

If you also prefer live betting, you will need to find which books update their baseball odds quickest and which offer the best mobile platforms. Live odds for the MLB change every second when a game is being played. Having an efficient mobile platform is crucial for live betting and betting on the go.

Can I bet on MLB Odds with mobile?

With over 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world, mobile betting is quickly becoming a big business. And sportsbooks recognize this as they push to make both their mobile betting sites and apps as easy to use and efficient as possible.

Most of our listed sportsbooks offer either a great mobile site or an app. We’ve compiled a list of the best betting apps in Canada, which you need to keep bookmarked.

When playing on mobile, there are a few things to consider. The Interface will be different than when you are on your computer.

Most betting sites have a tailor-made mobile site that functions differently. You don’t use your computer and smartphone in the same way.

While both have the same goal, mobile betting sites and apps function differently. Mobile sites are instantly available (no need to download), they are compatible across all devices, are updated faster, can’t be deleted, and are easily supported and maintained. They can also function like an app.

An app is more interactive and customizable for the user, they don’t rely on having a connection as much as a mobile site, and they have push notifications. These notifications are critical for betting as it helps you get to the books as fast as possible when there are updates.

Use our Free Picks and MLB betting tips for your MLB research

Research is an essential part of MLB betting and Canada Sports Betting helps you out by offering betting resources for you, the Canadian MLB bettors. Our expert picks, odds widgets, and an extensive list of the best sportsbooks make finding ways to win as easily as possible.

Our plethora of resources includes our Power Rankings, a quick guide to see which teams are riding hot streaks and are a money train versus the cold ones, the trainwrecks, and must-avoids. And of course, our experts offer their Free MLB Picks.

Before betting on MLB, keep in mind some fundamentals.

  • First, have a betting budget. Take a portion out of your bankroll for each bet as opposed to betting in random amounts.
  • Be familiarized with the odds and the teams to find out which have good value versus which you should avoid.
  • And lastly, always take advantage of promotions and free bets from the websites.

If you combine all of these tips, you will have covered at least half of how to bet on baseball and win. Now, you need to add a little bit of gut instinct and luck.

MLB Winner Odds

These MLB winner odds deal with the outright champions market. These are usually tied to the Futures page – who will win an event or series in the future. The MLB World Series Betting Odds are an example, but the futures can also include division winners and other international events of note.

Keep an eye on the futures as they can change on a daily basis depending on how the season shakes up.

Also, note teams that go on cold or hot streaks as their odds could fall or rise drastically. You can poach a contender at a value price or be swindled by a “pretender” who is overperforming.

Research just how much regular-season streaks, injuries, and other unseen factors matter when it comes to predicting the World Series champion.

We also suggest betting on two or more teams depending on the baseball odds today.

MLB Champions

The MLB was founded back in 1869 and has since been one of the most popular sports leagues around. Although it is very old, it still commands a huge following across the globe. We take a look at the best teams over the years.

  • 2021 – Atlanta Braves
  • 2020 – Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 2019 – Washington Nationals
  • 2018 – Boston Red Sox
  • 2017 – Houston Astros
  • 2016 – Chicago Cubs
  • 2015 – Kansas City Royals
  • 2014 – San Francisco Giants
  • 2013 – Boston Red Sox
  • 2012 – San Francisco Giants
  • 2011 – Boston Red Sox
  • 2010 – San Francisco Giants
  • 2009 – New York Yankees
  • 2008 – Philadelphia Phillies
  • 2007 – Boston Red Sox
  • 2006 – St. Louis Cardinals
  • 2005 – Chicago White Sox
  • 2004 – Boston Red Sox
  • 2003 – Florida Marlins
  • 2002 – Anaheim Angels
  • 2001 – Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 2000 – New York Yankees

MLB Betting Lines FAQs

Where can I place MLB bets?

For Canadian bettors, there are plenty of online sportsbooks that make MLB betting fun and easy. You can find our recommended sportsbooks on the top of this page.

What are the different types of MLB bets?

For individual games, the most common bets are moneylines, totals, and spreads. The big games will also include a good selection of player and team prop bets.

What are MLB futures?

MLB futures are a lot like moneylines in that you are betting on the winner of a match. The difference is that futures are reserved for big events like the World Series or Pennants.

Why do MLB lines change?

MLB lines can change for many reasons. Sometimes it is because something newsworthy has happened, such as an injury or an upset. Other times they change because of how many bets are being placed.

Who’s the MLB Vegas odds favourite to win the World Series?

Right now the Los Angeles Dodgers are the odds favourites to win the World Series 2021. But this can change drastically throughout the season.

Who won the first World Series?

The Boston Red Sox won the first World Series way back in 1903.