CFL Standings

The Grey Cup is the culmination of an 18-game, 20-week long CFL season. Because of its small league size, each week could completely alter the Grey Cup picture. Keeping tabs on how each team is doing is key on capitalizing any shift in their odds. This standings widget stays updated so you don't have to look elsewhere.


Grey Cup Point Spread

This is the first line to be opened. Alternative to the money line where you simply pick who wins, straight up, the point spread comes with a "points handicap." Favourites are subtracted points from their final score while underdogs are given points. This manifest as something like this:

Calgary Stampeders -5.0
Hamilton Tiger-Cats +5.0

This means the Stampeders' final score will be subtracted five points and the Tiger-Cats', added five. Consequently, Calgary must win by more than five points while Hamilton cannot lose by more than five if either is to "beat the spread". 

To check how well a team does, look at their "against the spread" (ATS) record. A team might be winning many games but they could still have a poor ATS record meaning they are not beating their points handicap.

Grey Cup Money Line

The easiest way to get into the action is to make a straight bet on which team will win. But since not all teams are equal, the money line is put in place to provide a rough estimate of each team's probability of winning.

Let's look at a sample scenario if the Calgary Stampeders face the Hamilton Tiger-Cats:

The Stampeders will be lined at -250 as a favourite. This means a $250 bet is needed to win $100. On the flipside, the Tiger-Cats are lined at +190 as the underdogs. $190 is won when a $100 bet is made. Another way to look at it is to divide your wager with the minus number and to multiply it by the plus number (then divide by 100).

The money line is among the first to be opened leaving bettors plenty of time to do their research.

Grey Cup Game Totals (Over/Under)

Outside of picking a winner, game totals are another popular betting choice that plays entirely different. Oddsmakers will set a total: the sum of the total points scored by both teams. And bettors get to decide if the actual total scores amount to more (over) or less (under) than the line.

See this example:

O +53.5
U +53.5

The Stampeders blow out the Tiger-Cats 41-10.

Add their total scores together: 41 + 10 = 51. This means the "U +53.5" is the correct bet as the actual score (51) is less than the line (53.5) set by the oddsmaker.

Game totals are a great way to stay invested in the game even as a neutral fan. Most bettors like to bet the "over" because most of them are fans and enjoy seeing plenty of scoring. But do a bit more research and go against the public if necessary. You could reap the rewards.

Grey Cup Props

The Grey Cup isn't just a game, it's a celebration of Canadian Football. Like the Super Bowl, the Grey Cup has a halfttime show, celebrities performing, and players playing the hardest football in their entire careers. This doesn't just result in a more entertaining game but offers a juicier slate for betting lines.

Props (propositions) are side bets that (mostly) don't have anything to do with the game's outcome.

Football-related props include players (e.g. first player to score a touchdown) and types of scoring (e.g. how will the first points be scored). 

But what sets the Grey Cup apart from regular CFL games are the "exotic props" it offers. These are bets that include the frivolous extracurricular activities that happen during this time.

Things like the coin toss, the length of the National Anthem, or celebrity-related props like what outfit Shania Twain will wear or how many times Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be shown on camera.

There have been crazier props before! 

Grey Cup Live Betting

Thanks to modern technology, betting while the game is playing played is entirely possible. It's even possible to bet while on the road. Out backpacking across Europe? No problem. All you need is an Internet connection and download the sportsbook apps or log in online and find your bookmaker's live betting option. 

Not only is this a boon for its convenience, but it also allows bettors to hedge or capitalize on odds falling. If a favourite is down after halftime, they will be at a cheaper price than when they opened. "No Lead is Safe" in the CFL and thanks to live betting, opportunistic bettors can profit.