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Latest Stanley Cup Odds 2024

Odds to win the Stanley Cup in 2024

The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy among the major North American sports, and arguably the hardest to win. A four-round, all best-of-seven grind that requires as much luck and attrition as it does skill makes for one of the great spectacles in all of sports, and is a favourite among Canadians in particular. Futures betting on the Stanley Cup Winner is a staple in the Canadian betting industry, with Stanley Cup odds existing almost as a second language in the north. Below, you’ll find the latest 2024 Stanley Cup odds. Currently, just two teams remain in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, bringing 32 NHL clubs much closer to the final, one and only champion.

For those curious what the Stanley Cup odds are today, here are your 2024 NHL Stanley Cup betting lines (These odds were last updated on Feb 21, 2024)

If you click any of the NHL odds to win the Stanley Cup above, you will be redirected to our partner’s site to register an account and place bets. All odds are subject to change.

For those who are interested in keeping up with our NHL Stanley Cup predictions and our personal NHL Stanley Cup favourites, keep an eye on our NHL News section, which is loaded with game previews and editorial pieces that help you understand the NHL playoff landscape inside and out.

Edmonton Oilers to win the 2024 Stanley Cup


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Early Stanley Cup Odds for 2024

The 2022/23 Stanley Cup Final is over and the Vegas Golden Knights have taken home the first championship in their history, creating a summer party for the ages. With that settled, it’s time to move on to the next season. While teams are still far from finished in making changes to their rosters, you can already get futures odds on the next champions:

Western Conference Top 5OddsEastern Conference Top 5Odds
Colorado Avalanche+850Toronto Maple Leafs+900
Edmonton Oilers+900New Jersey Devils+1100
Vegas Golden Knights+1100Boston Bruins+1100
Dallas Stars+1700New York Rangers+1300
Los Angeles Kings+1800Carolina Hurricanes+1400

These NHL Stanley Cup odds are courtesy of bet365, but similar can be found on many of the Best Canadian Sportsbooks. We’ve also got you covered if you are looking for the latest Stanley Cup Prop Bets.

NHL Stanley Cup Odds Vegas

NHL Stanley Cup Odds Vegas

If you’re looking to bet on the next Stanley Cup Champion, there are all sorts of NHL odds and Las Vegas odds for you. The most popular sports betting odds on the Stanley Cup are NHL Stanley Cup futures, which are available throughout the year. When the Stanley Cup Playoffs begins, the depths of available Stanley Cup betting greatly expands. In order to keep track of all this and to understand what you can make based on the NHL playoff odds and your risk, you can use a betting odds calculator. While the most complicated NHL Finals odds will involve parlays, it is a good idea to check out this guide even for outright betting.

There are not just the NHL odds to win the Cup, Canadians will find betting odds on what player will win the Conn Smythe Trophy (for Playoff MVP) and many more NHL props, such as how long any given series will last or how many goals a particular player will score. Betting on the Stanley Cup playoffs is a ton of fun, and can make you a bit of bank in the process!

How to Bet on The Stanley Cup?

Canadians should take a few steps to maximize your Stanley Cup Playoffs betting experience.

The first is to find the best bonuses available on the NHL and the Stanley Cup. Some online sportsbooks operating in Canada may offer unique promotions and bonuses for Canadians looking to bet on the best-of-seven series.

Canadians should also have an idea of where they can find the best NHL futures and Stanley Cup odds before they start betting.

Not every online sportsbook offers the same NHL prop bets and NHL futures on the Stanley Cup. There are a lot of similarities across the various books’ Stanley Cup betting odds, but finding even the slightest edge in margin can make a big difference. Knowing how to compare and find out where the best and most action is can be helpful in narrowing down your decision.

Many also want to know what online sportsbooks offer the best mobile betting experience.

A great mobile experience helps make betting on NHL playoffs odds easier, especially when Canadians want to do some live betting on the games. Once you find your preferred app for Stanley Cup betting, the sky is the limit!

Before you start betting on NHL Stanley Cup futures, you need to find the best welcome bonus available. One of the best Stanley Cup Betting tips we can give you is to find a spot that helps you stretch that initial bankroll, and really make the most of the current Stanley Cup odds.

There are two main welcome bonuses available from online sportsbooks. There is also a chance of seasonal promotions around when the Finals start, that may increase the amount of the bonus or add additional rewards.

The first and most common welcome bonus is an initial deposit bonus. After creating an account and making a deposit, online sportsbooks offering this bonus will match a new user’s first deposit.

The bonus is usually 100% and up to $200.The bonus is only eligible for betting and withdrawals from your account cannot be processed until you meet the rollover requirement set by the online sportsbooks.

The rollover requirement ranges from six to ten times your initial deposit plus the bonus. Some partners allow for partial withdrawals before the rollover is cleared.

The other bonus is a free bet. After making your first deposit, online sportsbooks offering this bonus will reward new users with a free wager between $5 and $10. This money has to be used for an online bet with most setting the minimum odds of the bet at 1.40.

Also, keep an eye out for promotions on Stanley Cup betting. Particularly on the Canadian market, books will want to get as many people doing their NHL Stanley Cup Betting with them, and that will lead to targeted promotions.

Some online sportsbooks may increase bonuses or offer rewards to bettors who are wagering on every game or making futures bets on the Stanley Cup winner. Be patient, do your research, and when you find the best place for your Stanley Cup betting, get your Stanley Cup bet on!

Every online sportsbook we recommend offers current Stanley Cup odds. However, the odds found on each online sportsbook can differ.

There are two methods to finding the highest Stanley Cup odds available in Canada.

The first is to compare all the Stanley Cup online gambling sites individually, by opening multiple tabs on your browser.

The other option is to check out our odds widget at the top of the page, which shows updated Stanley Cup odds from a few of our partners.

If you are only looking to wager on Vegas odds to win the Stanley Cup, then shopping around for betting lines is an option. Stanley Cup odds are open for almost the entire year, making it easier to spend the extra time to find the highest odds available.

When betting on Stanley Cup games, there is less time to do all the searching and research. During the Finals, our odds widget is the best way to find the best Stanley Cup pre-match odds from the best Canadian betting websites.

As one of the most popular betting options in Canada, the majority of online sportsbooks keep their Stanley Cup odds very current.

Online sportsbooks such as Sports Interaction (SIA) and Bet99 with their big presences in Canada, will continually update their Stanley Cup winner odds throughout the year. All the way until only two teams are left standing, at which point Stanley Cup Finals betting becomes the big focus.

Some online partners also focus a share of their resources on creating a great list on NHL proposition bets.

Betway and PowerPlay are two great websites available in Canada for Canadian looking to make prop bets on the Stanley Cup Finals.

Canadians looking for an excellent list of NHL futures markets may want to check out William Hill. Outside of their extensive list available every day for betting, William Hill also offers personalized betting options, which can include unique NHL futures.

While just about every partner we have here at Canada Sports Betting offers mobile betting, the mobile experience is different than what is available on the desktop.

The main difference is what is shown on the screen at a given time.

Mobile websites and applications scale down the amount of Stanley Cup betting options shown at a given time. This scaling is only done to make functionality and appearance better on mobile devices.

Also, every partner we recommend has a desktop website. While many are shifting towards betting primarily on mobile sites, the desktop site still has its place, especially when people are shopping around for lines or looking to parlay multiple bets.

What are the Types of Stanley Cup Odds?

The most popular type of bet on the Stanley Cup playoffs and Finals is a moneyline, or a straight up bet.

Once the playoffs start the difference in odds between the favourites and underdogs gets progressively smaller. By the time it is the Stanley Cup Finals, favourites are opening between -130 to -160 (compared to the regular season which sees some favourites open at -250 or more).

The puck line, hockey’s equivalent of a spread bet, remains a betting option on the Stanley Cup Finals and can offer much higher profits for successful bets. These are used in single game situations.

If the odds on the favourite open at -145, then a -1.5 puck line on that team should open around +185. If you believe that a favourite is going to dominate a game, or that an underdog might not take the win but could keep it close, this could be an effective path to take with your Stanley Cup online betting.

Lines on over/under lines for total goals in the Stanley Cup Finals are pretty close to consistent with those in the NHL regular season.

Most lines in the Stanley Cup Final (barring a situation where two elite defensive teams end up in the final) this year should open at 6.0.

However, the NHL is having its highest scoring year in nearly 30 years, with teams averaging 3.18 goals per game.

Once the postseason starts, online sportsbook futures on the Stanley Cup adjust to only the 16 teams remaining. Compared to the NBA (which has a nearly identical playoff format), Stanley Cup futures are much closer, when looking at the biggest favourites and most considerable underdogs.

Sometimes betting on a few underdogs is the best betting strategy. While the best teams still tend to be the most likely to win, something that makes the playoffs, and Stanley Cup betting so interesting is that hockey’s nature makes those wins less of a foregone conclusion.

In 2012, the eighth-seeded Los Angeles Kings took on the fifth-seeded New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Kings and Devils opened the playoffs at +2000 to win the Stanley Cup.

The Pittsburgh Penguins (+400), the New York Rangers (+450) and Vancouver Canucks (+500) opened the playoffs as the favourites. Of the three teams, only the Rangers made it out of the first round of the playoffs.

Prop bets grow in popularity during the Stanley Cup Finals. With more time between games and more certainty in starting goaltending (typically the most significant factor for online sportsbooks delaying game odds), the number of prop bets increases.

While single-game prop bets are great during the Stanley Cup Finals, the best prop bets on the Stanley Cup Finals are not on an individual game but on player performances over the entire series.

Online sportsbooks release over/under players goals and points in the series and offer odds on the Conn Smythe Trophy (given to the MVP of the Cup Finals).

Who has the Best App for NHL Betting?

Who has the Best App for NHL Ice Hockey Betting?

While just about every partner we have here at Canada Sports Betting offers mobile betting, the mobile experience is slightly different than what is available on the desktop. The main difference is what is shown on the screen at a given time. Mobile websites and applications scale down the amount of Stanley Cup betting options shown at a given time. This scaling is only done to make functionality and appearance better on mobile devices.

Given the NHL’s popularity in Canada, you’ll have no issue finding lines, so app preference will likely come down to the technicals.  Each app has it’s pros and cons – check out our review on the Best Canadian Sports Betting Apps to do some research on who your best bet is.

Also, nearly every partner we recommend has a desktop website. While many are shifting towards betting primarily on mobile sites, the desktop site still has its place, especially when people are shopping around for lines or looking to parlay multiple bets.

How to make the Best NHL Bets Tonight?

This is How you make the Best NHL Bets Tonight

If you’re looking to bet strategically on the next Stanley Cup champion, researching your options and keeping up to date with the NHL is a must. It goes without saying, though, that keeping up with 1000+ games on the schedule and the ins and outs of 32 teams and 700+ players is a time-consuming practice. It’ll feel like even more of a drag when the spring and summer weather begins to call you outside.

Luckily, we have you covered! Here at Canada Sports Betting, we make it easy to make great bets on the NHL, and the Stanley Cup playoffs. Our team loves its hockey and spends time throughout the year researching the league to provide the best free NHL picks for our readers. Our picks section includes NHL games as well as 2024 Stanley Cup predictions.

We also run an NHL power rankings page for Canadians, to help them when they want to make their own NHL Stanley Cup predictions. We hope you enjoy the resources provided here at Canada Sports Betting and make us your top spot for NHL betting tips, odds and news.

All-time Stanley Cup Champions

Are you someone who believes that history is the best predictor? Well, let’s look at who has made it all the way to the promised land most frequently over the years:

  • The Montreal Canadiens lead the pack with 24 Stanley Cup wins, and nearly picked up their 25th last summer in an improbable run to the Final.
  • Following them are the Toronto Maple Leafs, who have both the longest active Stanley Cup drought, and the second-most championships in total with 13. The Detroit Red Wings also join the double digit club with 11 cups.
  • Next, we have the 5+ club. This includes the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks with six – both have snapped long droughts with success in the Salary Cap era – followed by the Edmonton Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins with 5.
  • Following them are the New York City-area teams; the New York Rangers and New York Islanders with 4 respectively, and the New Jersey Devils with three. Joining them in the 3+ club, fittingly, is a favourite winter destination for New Yorkers; the Tampa Bay Lightning have won the last two Stanley Cups to go with their 2004 victory. Colorado also joined this group with their 2022 victory, so the snowbirds can go skiing too.
  • Two more teams have a pair of trophies to their name. The Philadelphia Flyers won theirs in the Mid-70s, and the Los Angeles Kings in the 2010s.
  • For some, the memories of greatness live on one banner. This group includes the Anaheim Ducks (2007), Calgary Flames (1989), Carolina Hurricanes (2006), Dallas Stars (1999), St. Louis Blues (2019), Vegas Golden Knights (2023) and Washington Capitals (2018).
  • Lastly, we have the teams who have yet to win. These include the Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, Winnipeg Jets, Vancouver Canucks, Columbus Blue Jackets, San Jose Sharks, Buffalo Sabres, Ottawa Senators, Arizona Coyotes, and the league’s newest team, the Seattle Kraken. Florida has already punched their playoff ticket, with Minnesota all but certain to join them and Nashville on the cusp. Could this be one of their years?

NHL Stanley Cup Betting FAQ

Can I bet on the Stanley cup? Can you still bet on the Stanley Cup?

What are Stanley Cup odds?

Stanley Cup odds are the betting odds for each NHL team to win the next Stanley Cup. You will find the best odds at bookies that we recommend on this page.

When is the Stanley Cup Final?

The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin in late April, and tend to last about two months. The Stanley Cup Final’s start date is dependent on the pace of the first three rounds, and it’s end date dependent on the results of the best-of-seven series. Typically, the Final will start in mid-late June.

Where are its games?

The Stanley Cup Final is played in the two cities of the Conference Champions who play in it. The team with the better record receives home-ice advantage and hosts up to four of the possible seven Stanley Cup Final games – 1, 2, and if necessary, 5 and 7. The team without home ice advantage will host game’s 3, 4, and if necessary, 6.

How to read Stanley Cup odds?

Stanley Cup odds come in three formats – American odds, fractional odds and decimal odds. The odds represent the team’s chances of winning the Stanley Cup and how much you can win when betting on that team to win the Stanley Cup. A team with decimal odds of 11.0, American odds of +1000 or fractional odds of 10/1 will net a $1000 win on a $100 bet if they win the Stanley Cup.

Do these odds change?

Yes, Stanley Cup odds do change throughout the year. Odds adjust to reflect how teams are playing throughout the season. Odds on teams to win the Stanley Cup will disappear once they are eliminated from the playoffs.
The odds change again at the start of the playoffs and continually adjust after each round of the playoffs until the Stanley Cup Finals.

What type of odds are available for betting?

The most popular Stanley Cup betting odds available are NHL futures on what team will win the Stanley Cup. When the Stanley Cup begins, more Stanley Cup betting odds open for betting, such as what player will win the Conn Smythe Trophy (Playoff MVP), how many goals players will score, and how many games the Stanley Cup will last.

When can you bet on Stanley Cup odds?

You can bet on Stanley Cup odds throughout the entire year. Once the previous Stanley Cup is over, odds to win the next Stanley Cup open for betting. Stanley Cup odds remain open for betting until the next Stanley Cup Final.

Where to bet on the Stanley Cup winner? Where can I bet on the Stanley Cup from Canada?

You can bet on Stanley Cup odds through any of our partners’ websites. You can also check out our NHL Betting Sites guide for more information!

Who plays in the Stanley Cup Final?

The winner of the Eastern Conference and Western Conference playoffs brackets play in the Stanley Cup Finals.

How long is the Stanley Cup Playoffs? How long is the Stanley Cup Final? How many Stanley Cup games do you need to win?

The Stanley Cup Final lasts up to seven games, played over two-and-a-half weeks. This is follow three previous best-of-seven rounds, meaning that your champion will have to win four games against four separate opponents for a total of sixteen wins.

Who is favoured to win the Stanley Cup? Who will win the Stanley Cup?

Due to hockey’s nature and the ups and downs of playoff series, odds change pretty frequently in the NHL. Heading into the 2023/24 offseason, the Colorado Avalanche are the front-runners to win it all, with the Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leafs trailing them. Rounding out the top five are the New Jersey Devils and defending champion Vegas Golden Knights.