Montreal Canadiens Odds

There are many different Montreal Canadiens odds available for betting before and throughout the NHL season. NHL bettors will find Stanley Cup odds on the Montreal Canadiens on each of our partner's websites.

There are also a variety of NHL betting odds on Montreal Canadiens hockey games. Pre-match odds available on Montreal Canadiens hockey games include NHL moneylines, NHL game totals, NHL puck lines and NHL prop bets on the team and players.

Canadians will find these options available on every Montreal Canadiens game through the preseason, season and NHL playoffs.

Remember that Vegas odds is a synonym for NHL betting lines.

Monday, Jan 27 19:00 EST
Washington Capitals
Montreal Canadiens

Home games are played at the Bell Centre.

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Canadiens Odds

Any time is a good time to place a bet on the Canadiens odds. Odds are displayed prior to the match, during the match for live betting and we can also find futures and prop bets odds for individual players and teams.

The Vegas odds for the Canadiens are the same as Montreal Canadiens betting lines.

The Canadiens are one of the most traditional ice-hockey team from the NHL and the whole world. The franchise's history is full of great players, exciting games and honourable trophies.

You can find open markets for Canadiens betting odds in the major sportsbooks.



How to get the most out of Montreal Canadiens betting lines?

There are a few steps to take to maximize your experience when wagering on Montreal Canadiens betting lines or other NHL teams betting odds.

The first thing to take into consideration is the bonuses and rewards award. Our online partners offer different bonuses to new users called welcome bonuses.

Some of our partners will also offer rewards and promotions on specific sports such as at the start of the NHL season.

It is also important to know what online sportsbooks have the most NHL markets and the best NHL betting odds. Online sportsbooks differ in the odds and markets they offer. Finding the best one for your Montreal Canadiens betting is important before moving forward.

Also, many Canadians will want to pick an online sportsbook that offers a mobile betting site or mobile betting app. About every partner, we have offers a mobile betting option, with the majority focusing on mobile websites over mobile betting applications.


How to Find the Best Welcome Bonus for Canadiens Vegas Odds?

A great way to make the most out of Canadiens Vegas odds is to start with a welcome bonus from one of our online partners.

The majority of online sportsbooks we recommend for Canadians offer two types of welcome bonuses. The first and most common bonus available to new users is an initial deposit matching bonus.


After signing up and making their first deposit, online sportsbook will offer to match that deposit.

On average, most will match up to $200, although some of our partners are willing to increase the amount through a special promotion only available through Canada Sports Betting.

The bonus has to be used for betting and withdrawals cannot be processed until the users have hit their rollover requirement.

The rollover requirement is the amount that needs to be bet (usually between six and ten times the initial deposit and bonus amount) before full withdrawals are eligible on the account.

The other bonus is a free bet given to new users after they make their first deposit. The money, usually between $5 and $10 has to be used for betting and odds of at least 1.40 are required for the bet to be valid.

Which Sportsbooks has the Highest Canadiens Odds?

Canadians will find that all our partners here on Canada Sports Betting offer Montreal Canadiens odds. The question on hand is not what websites offer Habs odds, but which online sportsbooks have the highest Canadiens odds.

To find the highest odds, Canadians have two options.

The first and less recommended option is to open multiple online sportsbooks at once and compare their odds.

The other easier and quicker option is to check out our Canadiens odds widget, which shows Canadiens betting odds from a few of our top-rated online partners.

While we often focus on NHL moneylines, our odds widget on NHL team pages will show the best NHL puck lines and game totals on the next Montreal Canadiens hockey game.

Bettors looking to wager on Montreal Canadiens futures may want to spend some extra time shopping around.

Futures are open for a much longer time than any pre-match market, and their lines move throughout the offseason and regular season. Following a few different online sportsbooks could help a bettor find better odds as they change throughout the year.

Conversely, those looking to do live betting on Montreal Canadiens should stick to one online sportsbook. Following multiple live odds at once is difficult as they adjust quite fast, meaning you could miss your chance to bet if you are not focused.

Which Sportsbook has the most current Canadiens betting odds?

When looking for odds on Montreal Canadiens, bettors are likely to only find NHL betting odds for the team’s next game. Online sportsbooks odds, like Canadiens Vegas odds, start to appear after the team’s previous game is complete.


Online sportsbooks will sometimes wait to release odds if a key player sustained or the goaltender in the net is questionable.

A few of the bigger online sportsbooks with a big footprint in Canada, such as Betway, may offer some odds earlier, but the general rule is most online sportsbooks release hockey odds close to the same time.

NHL prop bets are quite popular on Montreal Canadiens. Betway, as well as Sports Interaction (SIA) and PowerPlay, are great online sportsbooks to use to wager on NHL prop bets on the Canadiens.

This is how you make the best Montreal Canadiens Bets tonight

Most bettors know that research is imperative to a successful season of NHL betting.

Of course, finding the time to research every Montreal Canadiens game is time-consuming. That why here at Canada Sports Betting, we have a dedicated team of betting experts to make wagering on every Montreal Canadiens game easy.

Visitors to Canada Sports Betting will find the best free NHL picks every week.

Every pick is researched and draws from the best online odds, to not only make betting quicker but make winning picks more profitability.

We also offer a handy NHL power rankings resource, when Canadians can get more information before they bet on the Montreal Canadiens or other NHL franchises.

Our NHL free picks run throughout the regular season all the way until the Stanley Cup Finals.

We also highlight through the NHL season, updated NHL Stanley Cup futures, including every team that is still active in the hunt for Lord Stanley. Check back often to see the Montreal Canadiens’ odds of winning the Stanley Cup.