Best Sports Betting Apps Canada

In this post, we list the best sports betting apps from the best sports betting sites available. Sports, entertainment, eSports and political wagering action moves quickly. Rounding up all of the best sports betting apps in Canada is an ever-evolving feat involving many sportsbooks, and there’s nothing better than having it all in the palm of your hand. So stay connected and play when you want, where you want, on the best mobile betting apps in Canada!

  • Vast Selection of Global Sports Odds
  • Excellent Live Mobile Betting Platform
  • Secure service – Licensed in Canada!
  • Founded in 1946
  • Sharp Odds and Competitive Prices
  • Legendary Sports Gambling Family
  • The world's favourite sportsbook
  • Provides action for nearly all international sports events.
  • Safe, secure betting services and competitive lines.
  • LIVE sports and casino wagering
  • Sportsbook offers global betting options
  • Has a mobile sportsbook app
  • Wide variety of betting markets
  • Advanced mobile betting platform, including virtual and eSports.
  • Secure, encrypted service, licensed by multiple jurisdictions.
  • Vast Selection of Global Sports Odds
  • Excellent Live Mobile Betting Platform
  • Secure service – Licensed in Canada!
  • Founded in 1946
  • Sharp Odds and Competitive Prices
  • Legendary Sports Gambling Family
  • The world's favourite sportsbook
  • Provides action for nearly all international sports events.
  • Safe, secure betting services and competitive lines.
  • Wide variety of betting markets
  • Advanced mobile betting platform, including virtual and eSports.
  • Secure, encrypted service, licensed by multiple jurisdictions.
  • 100% on first deposit up to C$500
  • Sports First Focus On Global Events
  • Offer Multiple Deposit/Cashout Options


Best sports betting apps in Canada

Do you remember when the only betting options were jetting off to Las Vegas, government-run sports lotteries or dealing with a shady backroom bookie? We do, and that is why we are so excited about the present and future of sports, casino, poker and horse betting. Sportsbook mobile apps at companies like FanDuel or BetMGM are a big part of why the betting business is booming like it is.

Accessing a wealth of gambling action has never been quicker, safer or easier. That’s due to major technological advancements, plus the will and ability of top online sportsbooks to skillfully adapt to change. Thanks to readily available wagering apps, Canadians can place sports bets, play cards, slots or table games, plus wager on great horse racing action, from virtually anywhere in Canada.

Wondering what it takes to be listed as one of the best betting apps Canada-facing bookmakers offer? Or which is the best sports betting app in Canada? While the list isn’t that long – every point carries weight with Canada Sports Betting reviews. When reviewing the books’ various apps our focus is on quick and secure access, intuitive navigation, and on-device accessibility for deposits and withdrawals.

Do Canadian Sportsbooks Offer the Best Sports Apps Design?

Canadian sportsbook app graphic

Mobile gaming allows us to play games of both skill and chance with our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Some apps, of course, are better than others. Canadian bettors deserve to know which online sportsbooks provide the best betting app experience, so they can bring the games with them on the couch, or on the go.

Features required when choosing top mobile sports betting apps:

  • Clean, one touch menus that are responsive and fit any size screen
  • Compatible with popular online payment solutions
  • Deliver quick login plus simple and intuitive navigation
  • Suited for Android and iOS, via native apps or mobile pages
  • Accessible anywhere a cell signal can be picked up in Canada
  • Must be presented by reputable wagering organizations
  • Give players the same betting platforms offered on desktop versions

Poor loading times are an absolute non-starter for us. A spinning wheel, rotating hourglass, or a pack of dots that just won’t go away can make a massive difference in a bettor’s night. Whether it’s jumping in just before the pre-game cutoff or capitalizing on Live Betting odds that are just right, responsiveness is key to a great night on the books and something we prioritize in our review process. Top-rated apps provide instant access and then stay connected until players close them.

While connected, easy-to-view wagering options are another huge priority. Top betting apps for Android and iOS phones and tablets carry over the best features from their web platforms, while keeping text and images sharp and clear. From there, placing bets should be accomplished with a few simple screen touches. A route of selecting NHL -> Calgary vs Edmonton -> Flames puck line, is a perfect example of three touch app betting ease.

Which Betting App is Best for Wagering on Parlays and Accumulators?

Best Canada sports betting app for parlays or accumulators

Accumulators, commonly know as parlays in Canada, are a profitable form of online betting when performed properly. Accumulator bets are exciting, due to the vast mix of matches involved, and long-lasting since they often begin with east coast morning matches and end with late-night west coast contests. Some of the best sports betting apps in Canada, like Betway or FanDuel for example, help bettors place their multi-leg parlay wagers quickly.

Top sportsbooks offer apps that deliver slick navigation when players are wagering. That’s important, since parlay tickets can run longer depending on the number of matches selected. Bettors don’t want to be constantly swiping up and down to ensure that each leg of a parlay is on their slip. Try MLB parlay wagering with some of the apps—DraftKings, Caesars, et cetera—and will tickets usually load and display perfectly on an iPad.

Beyond functionality, speed and security, Canadian sports fans are well advised to watch for online betting apps from vendors who add value on accumulator bets. Bookmakers like BetMGM, who delivers a fantastic mobile experience, offer between 5% and 100% extra return on parlays that have between three and 14 legs. That’s above the big bankroll building return on original wagers!

Best Sports Betting App Payment Solutions for Sportsbook Deposits

Best Canada sports betting apps for payment solutions and deposits

Looking to wager at betting apps that offer popular payment solutions, which are coupled with secure banking features? No surprise – there’s an app for that! Since you work hard for your money and spend precious time researching your picks, you should never have to worry about playing in a secure environment. At CSB, we only recommend respected and safe online betting sites.

Long before the mobile betting wave rolled over the wagering world, the best gambling sites made personal and financial security a top priority. However, the more convenient online wagering gets, and with vast amounts of money travelling electronically, the unscrupulous crowd is always looking for an easy mark. The same features your bank trusts protect top online gambling apps.

Each sportsbook app that Canadians can wager with will be 100% safe to use. Sportsbooks like FanDuel, Betway, BetMGM and more have stellar reputations for safe money handling and quick payouts.

With our top-ranked apps, Canadians can use credit or debit cards, plus cryptocurrency and digital wallets (on some platforms), to fund their bankroll. We have never had any issues when making deposits or requesting payouts, with the bankers recommended by our review team. As with all online shopping, read up on and understand all money-moving rules when funding an app-supported personal sports betting account.

How do Bettors Download the Best Mobile Betting Apps?

How to download the best sports betting apps in Canada

It doesn’t make a huge difference where you’re downloading your apps, but make sure you’re getting them from a trusted source.

Dedicated desktop apps are few and far between these days, with most websites being modern enough to carry the load. Those who do opt for standalone apps, however, are best downloaded straight from the sportsbook’s website.

In the case of mobile apps, your first priority should always be to check your devices’ primary service – typically the App Store on iOS, or the Play Store on Android. If you’re not sure which search result is legitimate, check on the book’s website for a direct link to their app on your respective store. The best sports betting apps in Canada will typically be highly reviewed and often have some verification from the respective ecosystems.

Some sportsbooks may not have apps on the App and/or Play stores, and will either have you play on similarly-featured mobile pages that you can bookmark on your device, or in the case of Android devices, they might have a direct download to install or “sideload” the app. Should you go the sideload route, only download and install the app from the book’s website, to ensure the app’s safety and security isn’t compromised.

The best free sports apps make the betting experience so much more seamless and fluid. Before we had access to today’s apps, one could hear about a scratch or an injury ahead of a big game (say, NFL Thursday Night Football) while on the way home, but lose any potential value gained in the odds before getting to their computer. Now? You can react in seconds.

With no-cost betting app downloads, placing wagers is quick and easy. Simply select your Canadian sportsbook app – have a few so you can shop for the best prices, click on the match and select your betting choice. Now you can take advantage of any inefficiencies in the spread, straight up, or game total odds before the book adjusts, and your wagering ticket will be accepted and confirmed in mere seconds.

Mobile Sites vs Mobile Apps Betting Tips in Canada

Canada sports betting tips

Still improving, technology has had a major impact on the betting business. From Race and Sports Books that never close to more LIVE slot and table action than one will find at the fantastic Grey Eagle Resort and Casino in Alberta, online gambling is more accepted in the mainstream every day. Just like with the sports themselves, there are many debates when it comes to mobile betting apps. When it comes to the best Canada sports betting apps, there are lots of different and legitimate opinions out there related to whether the app or website is better.

During our app research to uncover the best sports betting apps in Canada, we tested on both iOS and Android, both through mobile site and through apps (when applicable). While we like going straight to the source, some mobile sites are clunky or not compatible with smaller devices. Mobile apps can occasionally provide shorter load time (a must for live betting) and a more personalized feel and experience. Both work great, so call it a draw.

Canadians looking for the best of all wagering worlds should set up a variety of apps for their favourite sports, poker, horse and casino playing sites. Save valuable time and effort by not looking past our top bookmakers for the best sportsbooks apps.

1. Sports Interaction App

Sports Interaction app

As one of the best sports betting apps in Canada that lets users play across all platforms via their mobile website, Sports Interaction (SIA) mobile offers full services through smartphones and tablets without a dedicated download. This allows players to access their complete range of sportsbook services on mobile, without cluttering devices with downloads.

Another excellent facet of Sports Interaction (SIA) mobile is the outstanding user interface and web design, which works well across all mobile platforms. Some users might prefer the desktop look, a configuration which is also supported by the app – uncommon flexibility among providers.

Based in Canada, Sports Interaction (SIA) provides access to rare wagering opportunities, such as pro lacrosse and a rare cricket betting app for Android – a pair of sports markets that many sportsbooks tend to ignore. The combination of simplicity, superb design and the range of betting opportunities offered to make this one of the very best betting apps.

Winner – BestiOS Betting App Canada

2. William Hill App

William Hill Canada app

The elder statesman of the sports betting industry, William Hill has been around since 1934. Over the decades, this venerable company has grown into what’s arguably the international sportsbook to beat. Their mobile app demonstrates their ability to adapt, providing one of the best sports app offerings in the business.

Betting apps for Android phones don’t get any better than William Hill, mostly because of their ability to provide up to the moment information on thousands of sports markets. This includes a series of in-play betting scoreboards and live streaming action for sports. Not only can you bet on games and track your results at William Hill, but you can watch the events unfold on your phone or tablet.

For example, William Hill mobile is the best soccer / football prediction app for Android, outperforming the competition – something that was useful to many during World Cup season in 2022. To be fair, William Hill made its fame and fortune through football wagering services, so they have decades of extra experience compared to its closest competitors.

Winner – Best Sports Betting App Android

3. Betway App

Betway app

The safest, most trusted way to set your app up is to download it directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Betway mobile app caters to this audience by listing their software on these platforms. Apple and Google must pass these types of apps for inspection, ensuring that their users are downloading real Canadian sports betting apps like Betway.

This adds an extra step or two for installation, but sports betting fans benefit from extra security and stability. Betway provides all the same in-play and pre-game odds for sports fans, along with their full range of in-play wagering. The Betway iOS app and Android apps meet the app store’s standards.

For sports fans who also enjoy a trip to the casino, Betway provides access to Vegas-style games through the same app, instead of requiring a separate app download. Betway leverages modern streaming to provide live dealers in high definition, a perk not available from most sports betting apps. Lists for top betting apps Android should definitely include Betway’s Canadian sports betting app.

4. PowerPlay App

PowerPlay app

PowerPlay is one of the newest sportsbooks on the block, but they’ve quickly established themselves as an excellent provider of sports wagering services. Their mobile presence hasn’t reached the status of the best betting tips app, but PowerPlay has definitely built an online presence that caters to improved customer service, compared to most sportsbooks.

Unlike many online bookies, PowerPlay provides live customer service representatives around the clock. The PowerPlay app helps you get in touch via live chat, WhatsApp and Facebook, facilitating superior communication with customers.

PowerPlay provides licensed betting for all major sports markets through their online app. However, since this company hasn’t been in play as long as vendors like William Hill, you’ll find an outstanding array of incentives for new players, including free bets and other benefits. PowerPlay’s need to compete for market share can benefit your bottom line.

5. 888sport App

888sport app

One of the few sportsbooks to leverage QR codes, 888Sport allows you to access the app quickly and easily by scanning the code provided on their website and ads. At 888Sport you’ll find one of the best-designed sports betting apps on the market, complete with a slick, easy-to-use interface and pleasing visual look.

888Sport app is more than a shiny interface. The 888Sport sportsbook app offers a complete range of sports betting for competitions around the world, ranging from North American pro leagues to EPL action and lesser-known sports like handball, giving selection that players aren’t often used to in Canada. Sports Betting App selection comes with a lot of pros and cons, and the variety on 888 is a significant pro, in our eyes. The 888Sport app’s variety is why people have said it is one of the best sports betting apps in Canada on Reddit and elsewhere.

The 888Sport company also lets users access a superb variety of special offers through their mobile platform, including free bets and special events for wagering. For example, if you love the NBA, you’ll find an outstanding offer for newcomers interested in placing basketball wagers. 888Sport isn’t as well known as an entity like William Hill, but they’re just as worthy of consideration on mobile platforms.

6. LeoVegas App

LeoVegas app

The folks at LeoVegas won the award for ‘Best Native App’ at the EGR Marketing and Innovation Awards in 2017. They also won awards for digital innovation between 2012-2017. LeoVegas earned these nods for good reason – their mobile presence is one of the best-looking offerings on the market, including apps for iPhones and Android.

LeoVegas’ app is also easy to use, blending great visual design with user accessibility in their Canadian Betting Apps. Sports fans who also enjoy casino games and slots will enjoy the ability to switch from sports to other types of gaming options. The LeoVegas sportsbook features unique promos, such as a flight voucher contest for players who want to travel.

As a company which has found success across the ocean, LeoVegas is beginning to expand their services into a growing North American market. Expect LeoVegas to gain traction in Canada and the United States with their app over the next few years.

Best sports betting apps Ontario

Best Ontario Sportsbook Apps

Sportsbook AppReview
Fast FactsiOS AppAndroid App
DraftKings Sportsbook4.5/5Super responsive, easy to navigate, social betting and betting groupsYesYes
Caesars Sportsbook4.5/5Visually stunning, live betting pioneer, superior efficiency and usabilityYesYes
BetMGM Sportsbook4/5Less cluttered than web version, straight forward, easy to useYesYes
Unibet Sportsbook4/5Streamlined, clean and efficientYesYes
BetRivers Sportsbook4.25/51:1 web options, easy depositsYesYes
Bet365 Sportsbook4.5/5Bets in a few clicks, live streaming, ease of useYesYes
Betway Sportsbook4/5Loads quick, ideal for iPad or tabletYesYes
PointsBet Sportsbook4.25/5Great in-game options, high user scoresYesYes
TheScore Bet Sportsbook4.75/5App focused Canadian brand, fast to load, lots of optionsYesYes
Proline Plus Sportsbook4/5Ontario government brand, good load speeds, easy to navigateYesYes

Legal, regulated single-sport betting came to the province of Ontario in April 2022, and with it has come a wide variety of sportsbook options. For the time being, most of our favourite platforms are sticking to responsive websites that carry their presentation across different devices and operating systems. Some do still see the value in dedicated applications, though. Here are our favourite Ontario Betting apps at the moment, with more sure to come in the coming months.

TheScore Bet App

It should come as no surprise that TheScore is the local leader in the app game. After all, their score and news tracking app has been so successful over the last decade that it completely overtook the rest of their business, facilitating a push away from their TV roots in order to double down on the momentum they’d built on people’s smartphones.

Now, the Toronto-based company has taken full advantage of a new ground-floor opportunity, using the experience they’ve built up in the US market with Penn National Gaming to have a fantastic iOS and Android app available at launch. As we talk about in our theScore Bet Canada Review, this is actually the only way to get in on the action with them – they only recently announced their expansion towards a desktop and web interface, which has getting the app right all the more important and this is without a doubt one of the best Canada sports betting apps.

Recently, theScore Bet announced a 10-year partnership with the Toronto Blue Jays, making theScore bet their exclusive marketing and promotional partner in the betting, fantasy, and casino sectors.

BetMGM Sportsbook App

Speaking of experience, longtime American players BetMGM were also very prepared for the Ontario launch. While some companies prefer to make separate apps for all of their markets, BetMGM Canada is provided to customers through the same app as all other regions. This means that when something gets updated, you won’t have to wait for your specific region’s variant to drop – you’ll get the newest version of one of the best sports betting apps in Canada right away. We really like BetMGM on the whole, as referenced in our BetMGM Ontario Review, so having the app perform so well is a huge plus.

BetRivers Sportsbook App

BetRivers is a relatively new player to the scene, but they have been aggressive about their North American push. Ontario is their first all-in foray into the Canadian market, and at launch, the platform comes with its own BetRivers Casino Sportsbook Ontario app on the Google Play store, for Android users. The BetRivers app provides live betting, live streaming, the ability to use their casino and table games, and an Ontario-focused experience. BetRivers doesn’t get high marks in our BetRivers Canada review without good reason – the app is a great entry point into that ecosystem.

Unibet Sportsbook App

The Unibet app is a very responsive platform that loads content quickly and without error. With a dependable wifi or cellular network connection, browsing through the various options, changing categories or perusing the various categories and tabs in Unibet is a hassle free experience. Want to find out more about the Unibet sports bets app? Then check out our Unibet Sportsbook Review.

DraftKings Sportsbook App

Canadians betting on mobile devices are a big fan of DraftKings – and it is easy to see why. The DraftKings mobile site functions excellent, and the layout is very pleasing and easy to navigate. It feels like a rare case where the scaled-down version of the site is actually superior to the desktop version. DraftKings also has iOS and Android Apps available.

DraftKings is in the upper tier of betting apps available to Canadian customers. Mirroring the website’s dark aesthetic, information pops off the screen at DraftKings in an easy to read and easy to understand layout. 

A feature rich app that’s a breeze to use earns DraftKings exemplary marks for mobile betting, and places it firmly among the top Ontario betting apps.

The iOS and Android versions of DraftKings both perform to the highest standards and maintain high review scores on their respective platforms. Fast payouts, constant updates and improvements and a sleek, streamlined experience make either version of the DraftKings Ontario App a winner. If you’d like to find out more, check out our review of DraftKings Sportsbook Canada.

Caesars Sportsbook App

The Caesars mobile app has garnered a 4.6/5 rating on the App Store, 4.5 on Google Play, and has been one of the top-3 options available in all jurisdictions it is currently available in. From our experience with Caesars mobile app, that rating is for good reason. It’s all about look of Caesars platform and its efficiency and overall usability. 

Starting with the mobile version of the Caesars mobile App, we found the platform to be easy to access, visually pleasing, responsive, and easy to navigate – Caesars ranked near the top in all of those metrics. 

Caesars has been a huge part of the evolution of live betting markets and absolutely requires as responsive a platform as any in the market today.

Generally, while not quite at flashy as some competing sportsbooks, Caesars certainly does the job of getting your attention and keeping you there. Find out more on our Caesars Canada Sportsbook Review.

Bet365 Sportsbook App

Life seems to pass by in the blink of an eye these days. Time is a valuable commodity and trying to make the most of it can be a challenging task. Anything but time-consuming, the Bet365 Mobile betting platform allows bettors to place wagers from virtually anywhere in the world – at any hour – day or night.

From a host of devices, including those that are iOS (bet 365 app on ios) and Android supported, bets at bet365 are placed with just a couple of taps. Players can also follow live scores, check on results, and even watch LIVE events with Bet365’s streaming service. There’s a reason many of the chats related to best sports betting apps in Canada on Reddit mention bet365 as a top sportsbook. If you’d like to know more, check out our Bet365 Sportsbook Canada Review.

Betway Sportsbook App

For players who like to wager of the fly, Betway betting is available on Android & iOS Apps and delivers a fantastic sportsbook experience.

We found that the Betway app loaded quickly and navigating the betting platforms was slick using an iPad. All wagering options, that are available from a desktop computer, are accessible on the fly as mobile devices connect to Betway quickly and seamlessly.  

Whether you are a sports handicapper or a casino game player, Betway betting apps give clients added opportunities to get in on all the exciting action when out and about. Want to find out more? Check out our Betway Sportsbook Canada Review.

Pointsbet Sportsbook App

PointsBet sportsbook app and mobile betting site work and look just as well as the desktop site. You can find everything available on the PointsBet app and mobile site – from in-play markets to betting tutorials. Exemplary user scores make PointsBet a fan favourite. If you’d like to know more, check out our PointsBet Sportsbook Canada Review.

Proline Plus Sportsbook App

The Proline Plus mobile app is available on Android and iOS devices.

The app (reviewed on an Android device using both a reliable Wi-Fi connection and data respectively) is responsive and quick. No loading hitches were felt and the bet slip propagated prices and potential payouts quickly and clearly. All pertinent menu buttons are located in a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and as such should be familiar to anyone who’s used a smartphone.

The app was stable and never crashed or suffered from freezing during review.

The app’s appearance mirrors the website’s dark aesthetic making for a clear, functional platform. If you’d like to find out more, check out our Proline+ Sportsbook Review.

Mobile Gaming FAQs

Can I bet on sports online in Canada?

Yes, online sports betting has been legal in Canada since August 27, 2021. Keep in mind that each province and territory follows different regulations.

Can I trust online sportsbooks?

Yes. The level of security that is involved in any games where customers gamble money is of the highest quality. Security is paramount to all online gaming providers, so it shouldn’t be something that concerns or deters players.

What sportsbooks are legal in Canada?

Presently, there are over a dozen legal sportsbooks in most Canadian provinces. Here’s a list of our favourites:

1. Sports Interaction
2. FanDuel
3. BetMGM
4. PowerPlay
5. 888sports
6. LeoVegas
7. bet365
8. PointsBet
9. theScore Bet
10. Betway

Where in Canada can I bet on sports?

Mobile sports wagering is legal in all of Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories:

1. Ontario
2. Alberta
3. Nova Scotia
4. New Brunswick
5. Prince Edward Island
6. British Columbia
7. Manitoba
8. Newfoundland and Labrador
9. Northwest Territories
10. Québec
11. Saskatchewan
12. Yukon
13. Nunavut

Which is the best mobile sports betting app in Ontario?

According to our CSB reviews, Sports Interaction is the best sports betting app in Ontario. The app offers users an excellent online gaming experience and expansive library of sports to bet on.

What are the best sports betting apps in Canada?

At CSB, we consider the best sports betting apps in Canada to be Sports Interaction, Betway, bet365, Parimatch, and BetVictor.

Do all sportsbooks have mobile apps?

Not necessarily. Most do, but often you’ll find that sportsbooks offer a mobile-responsive website rather than a dedicated app and sometimes a platform won’t even offer that, though cases like this are extremely rare. Apps for betting on sports can be expensive for smaller books to create. If this is a deal-breaker for you, it’s best to double check either through our CSB reviews or on the book’s website before signing up and setting up.

What are the top 5 sports betting apps?

Your mileage will vary on this one, as everyone likes different things about different apps. Our five favourites at the moment, however, include:

– Sports Interaction
– Bet99
– bet365
– Parimatch
– Betway