March Madness Odds 2020

We compile the March Madness betting odds from the top sportsbooks. 68 teams. Five Rounds. Three Weeks. One Champion. March Madness brings together the best college basketball teams to go at it in a single-elimination style tournament that is ripe with upsets. This is sports at its finest as both fans and bettors alike are glued to their TVs and digital devices to see how their brackets or underdog picks are doing. Good luck to everyone who bets!  

A new race for the USA College Basketball crown beings with regular season play that is scheduled to start on November 5, 2019.

The 2020 NCAAB Championship opens on March 17 and the Final match is April 6, 2020, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. We publish the best odds for the next games of the NCAAB March Madness Tournament. Watch for USA College basketball betting lines, in the space below, once SportsInteraction bookmakers set their prices for the 2019-20 tournament. Stay tuned!

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March Madness Final Four Predictions


An exciting journey, to making march madness predictions, begins with NCAAB regular season action. Teams play 25 to 35 games including high level in-season tournaments and Conference Championship series. Following key events, like the The Maui Invitational and Hall of Fame Classic tournaments, can help bettors decide on their march madness final four predictions.

Normally a stepping stone, to earning chalk status ncaa final four odds, neither Virginia (ACC) or Texas Tech (Big 12) won their season ending 2018 Conference Championship 

Winning the 2018 Hall of Fame Classic helped Texas Tech gain confidence that carried over to a cover of their underdog ncaa tournament final four odds vs Michigan. Virginia started to gain their form when they won three games en route to claiming the Battle 4 Atlantis Championship during the November US Thanksgiving holiday. Both squads enjoyed seasons to remember.

"Check here for complete coverage of 2019-20 March Madness Final Four odds. We begin releasing our NCAA Basketball picks once top rated online sportsbooks, like SportsInteraction, post Championship betting prices."

Virginia earned their third set of march madness final four odds during the 2019 tournament while Texas Tech advanced to the semifinals for the first time in school history. Earning a berth in the Final Four is no small feat as just seven schools have double digit appearances. Plus, over 200 US College Basketball teams have never enjoyed the thrill of NCAAB Semifinal Saturday.

Schools with double digit Final Four appearances from 1985 to 2019:

  • North Carolina Tar Heels = 20
  • Kentucky Wildcats, UCLA Bruins = 17
  • Duke Blue Devils = 16
  • Kansas Jayhawks =15
  • Michigan State Spartans, Ohio State Buckeyes = 10
2020 NCAAB Final Four Predictions Coming Soon!

What are the types of March Madness odds

March madness final four odds

Bracketology and March Madness pools aren't the only hot contests this month. Vegas Odds March Madness are also open for business and are taking on all comers. You can up the ante if you're a guru and know something everybody doesn't. Or maybe you just want to throw a little cash or test out a new underdog theory on making cash during the most hectic sporting event this time of the year. Let's take a look at the March Madness Updated Odds and how these main types of betting odds work:

March Madness Money Line Odds

Money line odds are also known as "straight-up (SU)" wagering and it is when you pick which team will win the game. This is a favourite among bettors as it is easy to understand. The odds are a conversion of each team's probability of winning. The greater the probability, the higher odds and vice versa. They usually manifest in one of three ways:

  • American (e.g. -500, -230, +150)
  • Decimal (e.g. 1.20, 1.43, 2.50)
  • Fractional (e.g. 1/5, 43/100, 3/2)

With American odds, a minus number indicates a favourite and reflects how much is needed to win $100. -500 means a bet of $500 returns $100. A plus number is the underdog and reflects how much is won on a $100 bet. +150 indicates $150 will be returned on a $100 bet. 

Decimal and fractional is more straightforward: Multiply your wager by the decimal (e.g. $100 x 1.20 = $120) to calculate how much you win (plus your investment). By fractional, multiply your investment by the numerator (first number) and divide by the denominator (second number) to calculate your winnings. 

March Madness Point Spread Odds

The point spread takes the money line spread and adds points handicaps to make it a 50/50 spread. A -500 favourite will have a points handicap of -7.5, meaning this team will have 7.5 points subtracted from their final score. They need to win by more than 7.5 points to cash the bet. Alternatively, the underdog at +7.5 has 7.5 points added to their final score. This team can lose by no more than 7 points.

Odds to win march madness

March Madness Over Under Odds

Outside predicting which team wins the game, predicting the total score is another popular way to wager. The over under or team totals sets a number, e.g. +201.5, that you bet the combined final score between two teams will go above (over) or below (under). 

If Team A scores 104 and Team B scores 101, add these two: +205. The correct bet here is the over as the two teams combined score went over the oddsmaker's predicted total.

Just like the point spread, this is a 50/50 scenario.  

How does March Madness work

March madness predictions 2019

March Madness is a single-elimination tournament featuring 68 NCAA Division I basketball teams. This is the ultimate tournament for college sports in the US. The 32 Division I conference champions receive automatic berths while the remaining 36 are given "at-large berths" (wild card invitations).

There are seven rounds in the tournament that takes place within three weeks beginning in the middle of March:

  • First Four (four lowest-ranked at-large teams and four lowest-ranked conference champions)
  • First Round (round of 64)
  • Second Round (round of 32)
  • Regional Semi-finals (Sweet Sixteen)
  • Regional Finals (Elite Eight)
  • National Semi-finals (Final Four)
  • National Championship

This format has given rise to one of the craziest three-week stretches in sports culture. Fans all tune in and play along with Bracketology and March Madness pools as the tournament structure leads to plenty of upsets and all-time underdog stories. 

All Time March Madness Champions

Find below a list of the all-time NCAA Men's Basketball champions and the number of times each university has won the title.

  • 1. UCLA - 11
  • 2. Kentucky - 8
  • 3. North Carolina - 6
  • 4. Duke - 5
  • 4. Indiana - 5
  • 5. Connecticut - 4
  • 6. Kansas - 3
  • 6. Villanova - 3
  • 8. Cincinnati - 2
  • 8. Florida - 2
  • 8. Louisville - 2
  • 8. Michigan State - 2
  • 8. North Carolina State - 2
  • 8. Oklahoma State - 2
  • 8. San Francisco - 2
  • 15. Arizona - 1
  • 15. Arkansas - 1
  • 15. California - 1
  • 15. CCNY - 1
  • 15. Georgetown - 1
  • 15. Holy Cross - 1
  • 15. La Salle - 1
  • 15. Loyola Chicago - 1
  • 15. Marquette - 1
  • 15. Maryland - 1
  • 15. Ohio State - 1
  • 15 Oregon - 1
  • 15 Stanford - 1
  • 15 Syracuse - 1
  • 15 Texas Western - 1
  • 15 Utah - 1
  • 15 Virginia - 1 (Defending Champion)
  • 15 Wisconsin - 1
  • 15 Wyoming - 1
  • 15 UNLV - 1

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