NHL Hockey betting odds 2019

Wednesday, Oct 02
Thursday, Oct 03
19:00 EDT
Montreal CanadiensMontreal CanadiensMTL
Carolina HurricanesCarolina HurricanesCAR
20:00 EDT
Minnesota WildMinnesota WildMIN
Nashville PredatorsNashville PredatorsNSH
20:30 EDT
Boston BruinsBoston BruinsBOS
Dallas StarsDallas StarsDAL
21:00 EDT
Calgary FlamesCalgary FlamesCGY
Colorado AvalancheColorado AvalancheCOL
Friday, Oct 04
14:00 EDT
Chicago BlackhawksChicago BlackhawksCHI
Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphia FlyersPHI
19:00 EDT
Washington CapitalsWashington CapitalsWSH
New York IslandersNew York IslandersNYI


The best NHL Betting Odds and hockey odds for today are also available for the NHL Playoffs, the Stanley Cup finals and the NHL draft.

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How does the NHL 2018-19 season work

All NHL Playoffs series are best of 7 series. There's three rounds before the Finals start - Round 1 - Division semifinals, Round 2 - Division finals, Round 3 - Conference Finals.

Sixteen NHL teams will make it to the postseason - eight from Eastern conference and eight from Western conference.

Key dates

  • The 82 game regular season starts on October 3rd and ends on April 6th.
  • The Stanley Cup Playoffs start on April 10th
  • Game #1 of the Finals between Boston and St Louis is on May 28th

Game #7 Highlights - St. Louis Blues @ Boston Bruins

Game #6 Highlights - Boston Bruins @ St. Louis Blues

Game #5 Highlights - St Louis Blues @ Boston Bruins

Game #4 Highlights - Boston Bruins @ St Louis Blues

Game #3 Highlights - Boston Bruins @ St Louis Blues

Game #2 Highlights - St Louis Blues @ Boston Bruins

Game #1 Highlights - St Louis Blues @ Boston Bruins

NHL Regular Season 2018-2019 Recap

The biggest contract-related stories for the 2018-2019 season came from Canada. Toronto Maple Leafs joined the Cup-contenders by signing John Tavares from NY Islanders.

William Nylander didn’t play for Toronto until December, because his managerial team and the Toronto back office couldn’t come to an agreement for his contract extension.

Best teams

Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning had a record breaking regular season which meant that their NHL betting odds kept getting smaller and smaller throughout the season and saw them spending nearlythe whole season on top of NHL power rankings.

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Tampa managed to win 62 games (128 points), which is tied for the NHL record with the 1995-1996 Detroit Redwings.

Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames were ranked #2 after the regular season and they were the best Canadian hockey team after the 82 game schedule. Calgary collected 107 points which was 21 points fewer than Tampa Bay Lightning.

These two teams were by far the best after the 82 NHL games.

Best Players

Nikita Kucherov

Nikita Kucherov lead the whole NHL in scoring with 128 points (41 + 87), which is also the new NHL Record by a Russian born player.

Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechikin is the best goalscorer of the modern NHL - he has scored 30+ goals every year since entering the league in 2005 - 2006. 

This year Ovi scored 51 goals, his 8th 50+ goal season. The only player besides Ovechkin to score 50+ goals was Leon Draisaitl (50), who skates next to Connor McDavid in Edmonton.

Standings after the regular season

Before placing your wager according to the NHL betting lines, you should consider the current NHL standings below. Here are the final Stanley Cup playoff standings for the 2018-19 NHL regular season:

Position MP PTS
1. Tampa Bay Lightning 82 128
2. Calgary Flames 82 107
3. Boston Bruins 82 107
4. Washington Capitals 82 104
5. New York Islanders 82 103
6. San Jose Sharks 82 101
7. Toronto Maple Leafs 82 100
8. Nashville Predators 82 100
9. Pittsburgh Penguins 82 100
10. Winnipeg Jets 82 99
11. Carolina Hurricanes 82 99
12. St. Louis Blues 82 99
13. Columbus Blue Jackets 82 98
15. Dallas Stars 82 93
16. Vegas Golden Knights 82 93
17. Colorado Avalanche 82 90
14. Montreal Canadiens 82 96
18. Arizona Coyotes 82 86
19. Florida Panthers 82 86
20. Chicago Blackhawcks 82 84
21. Minnesota Wild 82 83
22. Philadelphia Flyers 82 82
23. Vancouver Canucks 82 81
24. Anaheim Ducks 82 80
25. Edmonton Oilers 82 79
26. New York Rangers 82 78
27. Buffalo Sabres 82 76
28. Detroit Red Wings 82 74
29. New Jersey Devils 82 72
30. Los Angeles Kings 82 71
31. Ottawa Senators 82 64

Available NHL Vegas Odds

As the most popular sport in this great nation, NHL betting in Canada is a big business. From preseason action in September to the Stanley Cup Finals, NHL Vegas odds are available on every game.

NHL Vegas lines also are offered on NHL futures, team props and player props throughout the National Hockey League season into the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Remember, lines and betting options adjust throughout the year. Once a team is eliminated from the playoffs, they disappear from NHL futures. 

NHL Betting Odds 2019

NHL Odds Explained

There are many types of available NHL Odds. We explain to you the most popular hockey odds below.

Available NHL Vegas Odds 2019

NHL Moneyline

The most popular NHL game odds available is the moneyline. NHL moneylines simply entail picking which team will win the game outright.

As a generally competitive league, NHL moneylines on favourites often open between -140 and -180, with underdogs around +120 to +150.

The closest games are between division rivals close to each other in the standings.

When the Anaheim Ducks visited the Vancouver Canucks late in the 2018-19 season (and the teams were only a two apart in the standings), Vegas opened the Ducks at +115 and the Canucks at -135.

When NHL game odds are this close, the difference is typically due to home-ice advantage.

When the best team in the league plays the one of the worst, the lines can open much further apart.

When the history-chasing Tampa Bay Lightning hosted the woeful Ottawa Senators in March 2019, the Lightning opened at -500 on the moneyline, and Ottawa was the underdog at +400.

NHL odds these far apart are rare in the NHL and only occur a few times per season. 

NHL Odds Explained

NHL Puck Line

Another betting option available on NHL games throughout the regular season and playoffs is the puck line. The puck line is a fixed 1.5 point spread on hockey games.

The puck line turns NHL moneyline favourites (any team opening from -115 to -300) into underdogs. In the 2018-19 NHL season, about 41.5% of games were decided by one goal.  

The large number of single goal games can make the puck line a trickier bet than merely picking a winner on the moneyline.

NHL Over Under

Outside of the moneylines, the most popular bets on NHL hockey games is over/under wagers (also sometimes referenced as game total lines).

Hockey odds on most NHL over/under lines are -110 for both options (with odds adjusting if the public is hammering one side).

With a recent increase in scoring, the average over/under line is opening at 6.0. Even lines of 7.0 are popping up on sportsbooks websites.

One example of a 7.0 in the NHL in 2019 came when the two worst defensive teams, the Ottawa Senators and Chicago Blackhawks, met in February.

By the end of the first period, the over had already hit, and by the end, the Chicago Blackhawks won 8-7.   

NHL Futures and Props

Most online sportsbooks offer Canadian a range of NHL futures and props to wager every NHL season.

The most popular prop is what team will win the Stanley Cup. Odds for the Stanley Cup winner open in the summer (not too long after the end of the NHL playoffs) and remain available right up to the end of the Eastern and Western Conference Finals.

Odds on the Stanley Cup winner change throughout the season. Before the start of the 2018-19 NHL season, many Vegas and online sportsbooks had the Toronto Maple Leafs at +650 as their favourite to win the Cup.

By the time the playoffs were ready to start, the Tampa Bay Lightning (+190) moved to the top, while the Leafs fell into a tie with the Washington Capitals for the eighth best odds at winning the Cup.

Other popular futures include Division winners and Conference winners.

Futures on teams are not the only option available. Many online sportsbooks offer props on players. One prop bet that draws attention every season is on the NHL Rookie of the Year.

As these players are unproven on the NHL level, Rookie of the Year odds offer reasonable prices and can turn a profit, even when betting on a few different options.

Other popular player prop bets include the NHL MVP (Hart Trophy winner) and the NHL's Top Goalscorer.

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you:

All-time NHL Hockey Champions

Let's have a quick look at the all-time NHL champions. The Montreal Canadiens is the most successful NHL franchise.

Montreal Canadiens Odds

Most Stanley Cups All-Time

  • Montreal Canadiens 24
  • Toronto Maple Leafs 13
  • Detroit Red Wings 11
  • Boston Bruins 6
  • Chicago Blackhawks 6

While total Stanley Cups won is a great indicator of a team’s overall success, changing focus to the post NHL-WHA merger paints a different picture of the league and its competitiveness.

When the NHL and WHA merged at the start of the 1979-80 season, the number of playoff teams increased from 12 to 16.

With 16 teams in the playoffs, the chances of upsets increase and improve the overall competitive balance of the league. Since the merger 17 franchises have won at least one Stanley Cup.

Total Stanley Cups Since NHL-WHA Merger in 1979-80

  • Edmonton Oilers 5
  • Pittsburgh Penguin 5
  • Detroit Red Wings 4
  • New York Islanders 4
  • Chicago Blackhawks 3
  • New Jersey Devils 3
  • Colorado Avalanche 2
  • Los Angeles Kings 2
  • Montreal Canadiens 2
  • Anaheim Ducks 1
  • Boston Bruins 1
  • Calgary Flames 1
  • Caroline Hurricanes 1
  • Dallas Stars 1
  • New York Rangers 1
  • Tampa Bay Lightning 1
  • Washington Capitals 1