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Ottawa Senators’ Odds

Find below when, where and against who the Ottawa Senators will play next.

The team matches will be displayed here once available

Home games are played at the Canadian Tire Centre.

Ottawa Senators Leafs Team Info

Team NameOttawa Senators
HistoryOttawa Senators (1992-present)
ArenaCanadian Tire Centre
Stanley Cups0
Conference Titles1 (2006-07)

Find the best Ottawa Senators odds and betting resources like picks, power rankings and statistics here.

Ottawa Senators’ Standings

Senators’ Odds

For Ottawa Senators fans, there’s nothing better than tuning in to a game and seeing their team in action.

But, what about making things even more exciting and placing a bet on your favourite team in the middle of the things?

Here at Canada Sports Betting, we work with countless partners who certainly give you that option and provide you with the best Ottawa Senators odds. 

Whether it be moneyline, over/under, live bets in the middle of the game, futures bets or more, Ottawa Senators betting can be both fun and easy, especially with the betting odds Senators followers have at their disposal. 

When you’re getting ready to make your bet, it’s always essential to remember Senators Vegas odds are the same as NHL betting odds. Come time for the postseason, and those Vegas odds will result in the same NHL Playoffs betting lines. Of course, you’ll want to keep an eye on Stanley Cup odds as well.

How to get the most out of Ottawa Senators’ betting lines

Before you get ready to place your wagers on the Senators, it’s always remembered that there are many things to consider before you end up pulling the trigger.

Vegas odds Senators fans will have in front of them will often be different on different sites. It’s crucial always to check different sportsbooks and find the best odds for you.

This will be the case both before a game and in the middle of the action if you choose to live bet something.

Also, if you’re thinking of making a futures bet, things could change say if there’s an injury on your team, or if Ottawa goes on a hot/cold streak. Odds will change up, so it’s smart to look at the markets and find what is best.

On top of looking for the best prices for your bets, you should also compare bonuses out there. Sports Interaction (SIA) offers up to a $200 sign-up bonus, while other sites including Betway ($200 bonus), PowerPlay ($250 bonus), bet365 ($200 bonus) and others have deals for you as well.

If you prefer to bet through your mobile device, you must check out which sportsbook has the most suitable app for you and will provide the best NHL Teams betting odds. You should see if their app is easy to navigate if it is easy to install if it has specific bonuses for mobile users, etc.

How to find the best welcome bonus for Senators’ betting odds

As we’ve informed our readers here at Canada Sports Betting, multiple different outlets offer fans not only high odds, but outstanding bonuses to sign up for their betting sites. In this case, all of our partners offer up welcome bonuses for Senators fans who want to place bets on Ottawa this season.

However, it’s important to note how bonuses work.

For example, with Sports Interaction (SIA), they offer a welcome bonus of up to $200. This means if you sign up and deposit $200 into your account, they’ll match that $200 in your account. You can’t load $40 and expect to receive $100. In that case, you’d get an extra $40 to play with.

Welcome bonuses will always entice new users to sign up because they’re being given extra money to lay bets with. Keep in mind, though, with welcome bonuses, you’ll need to make an initial deposit to claim your prize. You can’t receive a max bonus of $200 from a place and put $0 in your account to start.

With all of our partners offering up bonuses, it’s a fun and extra incentive to sign up.

However, you must remember as well that you can’t deposit $200, claim your $200 bonus, then cash out. Depending on which site you use, a specific number of wagers will be required to fulfill your account. So, find the best odds for you and get ready to start betting.

Which Sportsbook has the highest Senators’ odds

With the dozens of partners we have here at Canada Sports Betting, it’s incredibly simple for Senators fans to check out all the different kinds of odds that are available to bet on. Again, though, we must stress the importance of comparing the different odds before making your bets.

For example, say you have your eyes on a Senators game and are more than confident they’ll be able to win. You’ve got the moneyline odds on your mind.

Well, one site could provide you with 1.45 odds, while another has 1.50 odds. You’ll want to go with the odds that will pay you out the most money. In this case, opening up multiple different tabs for sportsbooks and checking out the odds from our odds widget would be a wise move.

With our odds widget, it shows the odds from multiple sportsbooks side by side for your comparison convenience. Comparing the odds is vital for pre-match games, live-match betting and futures bets.

Injuries and other things can always affect the way odds change. The more you check, the more changes you’ll notice and the better you’ll be prepared to make the wisest bet for you.

Which Sportsbook has the most current Senators’ betting lines?

Regardless of which Ottawa Senators game you have your eyes on, we’ll always remind you how important it will be to open up as many different sportsbooks to find your best bet. At the same time, understand it’s easy to follow with our partners and you’ll be able to find different prop bets too.

Sites like Sports Interaction (SIA), Betway, bet365 and others are popular for loading different prop bets and getting them up in a timely fashion. Leading up to any Ottawa Senators game, you’ll be able to bet on a plethora of outcomes. This is a fun way to follow a game as well.

This includes who will win each game, how many goals will be scored, which players will end up scoring, how many power plays there will be and more.

In the futures department, you’ll be able to bet on who will win each division in the NHL and take a look at Stanley Cup odds and MVP odds. The options seem unlimited out there.

When do the odds typically come out? Well, it depends on when the Senators will be in action. If they have a game coming up on a Wednesday night, it’ll typically be ready to rock by Tuesday night after the latest batch of games.

For futures bets, though, the odds are available for bettors far in advance, so no need to worry about waiting there.

This is how you make the best Ottawa Senators’ bets tonight

In your day-to-day lives, we understand that you’re busy and the thought of comparing different teams, players and trends for teams is not an easy task. Well, that’s why you have the chance to take advantage of all the research that’s being done here at Canada Sports Betting.

Our content experts spend plenty of time each week researching different areas of action to best prepare our readers to lay down their best bets.

On our site, you can find NHL Power Rankings, which shows which teams are on the upward trend, while also showcasing who isn’t playing well.

For example, say the Senators win five straight games. They’ll then be on the uptick and you’ll see them trending up in the power rankings.

What about free picks? Well, you’ll be able to find Free NHL Picks on our site, where we break down games and offer up who we think will come out on top.

Say the Senators have a Friday night game against the Anaheim Ducks. Well, in this instance, we’d discuss both teams and inform you of why we think the Senators would be able to either win or lose this particular contest, providing context for the final result.

With all those tools available to you, betting on the Ottawa Senators truly has been made easier. What are you waiting for? Make a move and sign up with one of our partners today.

Ottawa Senators FAQs

Who is the Ottawa Senators head coach?

The head coach of the Ottawa Senators is D.J. Smith, who has been with the team since 2019. 

How many Stanley Cup titles have the Sens won?

The Ottawa Senators may not be winning much these days, but they have managed to clinch 11 Stanley Cup titles in their history. 

When did they last reach the Stanley Cup Finals?

The Sens last made it to the Stanley Cup Finals back in 2007, where they lost out 4-1 to the Ducks.

Can you win big betting on the Ottawa Senators?

You certainly can, as the Ottawa Sens offers the same kinds of odds you’d find at any time. Although, the Sens are one of the least successful players in the league at the moment!

Who is the Ottawa Senators most famous player of all time?

It’s difficult to say, but Daniel Alfredsson is certainly one of the names that spring to mind and would make a strong claim at being the best ever.