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Betting on NBA Games in 2018-19

As the game continues to grow its popularity, not just in North America but on a global scale, betting on NBA games is a major business worldwide. NBA odds are available on every game, as well as on NBA Futures (including NBA Finals winner, Division futures and player awards) and even the NBA All-Star game.

The most popular bets on the NBA are point spreads, moneylines and game totals. NBA moneylines have the most considerable variance of the four major North American leagues, with the biggest favourites opening with odds between -1000 and -2000.  

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Biggest Stories and Betting Trends of the Season

Betting on the NBA is big business because the NBA markets its stars and the league better than any other in North America does. For the 2018-19 season, here are some of the biggest stories sure to draw viewers and NBA betting action.

LeBron James Joins the Los Angeles Lakers

While many saw this coming for back in 2017, LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers is still the biggest story of the NBA season. James played the first 15 years of his career dominating the Eastern Conference (making nine NBA Finals, including eight straight from 2011 to 2018). LeBron leaving the East opens up that Conference to a new Finals representative. It also adds a new challenger to the Golden State Warriors.

While many are giving LeBron and the Lakers a year to become acquainted and to add another superstar, his first year in Los Angeles is driving plenty of NBA headlines and drawing in more NBA betting one of the NBA’s premier franchises.

Can Golden State Join the Great Dynasties of the Last 25 Years?

Even though the Golden State Warriors have won three of the last four NBA Championship, for the team to cement its place against the greatest NBA dynasties of the last quarter century (the Jordan-Pippin Chicago Bulls and the Shaq-Kobe Los Angeles Lakers), they need to pull off the infamous “Three-peat.”

The team entered the season as the favourite - you can see quality of the Golden State Warriors roster - and that should not change. Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson create the best trio of players in the NBA. While the fourth piece and cog to their machine, Draymond Green, has struggled this year, once the Warriors get Boogie Cousins into their line-up (who averaged 25 and 13 last season), they can mask any deficiencies from the former “Defensive Player of the Year” with Boogie’s offensive abilities.

Golden State Warriors To Win The NBA Championship Odds

Will Kawhi Leonard Lead the Toronto Raptors to the NBA Finals?

For any Toronto Raptors fan watching games on a regular basis, one constant this season is MVP chants for Kawhi Leonard. The former NBA Finals MVP is setting new career highs this season in points per game and rebounds, helping the Toronto Raptors own the best, or at a minimum, a top-three record all season. Of course, the mentality in Toronto is NBA Finals or bust this year.

Toronto Raptors To Win The NBA Championship Odds

The Eastern Conference as Good as the West

One of the more significant changes of this NBA season is the improvement of the Eastern Conference. For much of this century, the Western Conference ruled all, consistently having more 50-win teams and winning the majority of NBA Championships.

However, there is a shift happening in the NBA. More All-NBA level players are in the Eastern Conference this season, which is relaxed in the standings. The East is still worse at the bottom them the West (with the bottom handful of teams such as the Knicks and Bulls consistently coming in as large underdogs), but the top five or so teams in each Conference are as close as they have been since the 1980s.

More Balanced than Ever

The NBA is notorious for often being the least balanced league in North American pro sports. However, the 2018-19 season is bucking that trend. With new rules implemented this season to discourage tanking, most teams are putting forth a better effort.

This increase in effort (or competition) has made both Conferences, especially the Western Conference, more competitive. Playoff races are tighter than ever, and the games separating is down. While the top teams like the Golden State Warriors, Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics are still the favourites, their paths to the NBA Finals look tougher than expected when the season started in October. 

Boston Celtics To Win The NBA Championship Odds

NBA Futures

Who will win the 2018/19 NBA title? Look at the below odds:

  • 1. Golden State Warriors -173
  • 2. Toronto Raptors +733
  • 3. Boston Celtics +900
  • 4. Houston Rockets +1066
  • 5. Philadelphia 76ers +1133
  • 6. Milwaukee Bucks +1733
  • 7. Oklahoma City Thuder +1900
  • 8. Los Angeles Lakers +2033
  • 9. Denver Nuggets +3233
  • 10. Utah Jazz +5133
  • 11. Indiana Pacers +6133
  • 12. San Antonio Spurs +8133
  • 13. New Orleans Pelicans +8300
  • 14. Portland Trail Blazers +8466
  • 15. Los Angeles Clippers +10633
  • 16. Memphis Grizzlies +14133
  • 16. Minnesota Timberwolves +14133
  • 18. Detroit Pistons *14633
  • 19. Miami Heat +16300
  • 20. Dallas Mavericks +19966
  • 21. Charlotte Hornets +22966
  • 22. Sacramento Kings +29966
  • 23. Orlando Magic +33300
  • 24. Brooklyn Nets +34133
  • 25. Washington Wizards +39966
  • 26. Atlanta Hawks +409966
  • 27. Chicago Bulls +426633
  • 28. Phoenix Suns +439966
  • 29. New York Knicks +443300
  • 30. Cleveland Cavaliers +446633

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Los Angeles Lakers To Win The NBA Championship Odds

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