The NBA All-Star game features the legends of basketball playing an elite pick-up game for pride and fame. This festival grew from a single game to a weekend of events, including the slam dunk competition, skills competition, Three-Point Contest and various high-profile celebrity and young star matches. Nearly all the biggest names in the history of the NBA appeared in the all-star game, ranging from Dr J., Magic and Kareem to Kobe, LeBron and Jordan.

Odds for the NBA All-Star Game 2019

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Sunday, Feb 17 20:00 EST

NBA All-Star Game Betting Odds

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  • Betting Line / Moneyline: If the moneyline is negative, it shows the amount you must wager in order to win $100; if it is positive, it is the amount of money a player wins on a $100 bet.
  • Spread Betting: wager made against the spread.
  • Over Under: wagers made on the total score between the two teams.
  • Props: bets made on a very specific outcome of something not necessarily related to the match.

Since the main event tends to focus on razzle-dazzle and slick scoring, the over/under will be  much larger than the average NBA matchup. Odds for the winner of the slam dunk and skills competition will also be available, along with a variety of scoring props and other niche wagers which add to the fun of the all-star weekend.

NBA All-Star Game Betting Trends

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NBA All-Star Game Results

The first NBA all-star game was a relatively tame affair, resulting in a 111-94 win for the east at the Boston Garden. Compare that to the most recent tilt last season, which ended in a 192-182 win for the western conference. Teams used to play a semblance of defense in the event, but now the game revolves around scoring prowess, dunks and fancy fast breaks. The rise of the three-pointer also increased the amount of scoring in the game, parallel to regular season strategy.

Year Winner Loser Score
1951 East West East 111, West 94
1952 East West East 108, West 91
1953 West East West 79, East 75
1954 East West East 98, West 93 (OT)
1955 East West East 100, West 91
1956 West East West 108, East 94
1957 East West East 109, West 97
1958 East West East 130, West 118
1959 West East West 124, East 108
1960 East West East 125, West 115
1961 West East West 153, East 131
1962 West East West 150, East 130
1963 East West East 115, West 108
1964 East West East 111, West 107
1965 East West East 124, West 123
1966 East West East 137, West 94
1967 West East West 135, East 120
1968 East West East 144, West 124
1969 East West East 123, West 112
1970 East West East 142, West 135
1971 West East West 108, East 107
1972 West East West 112, East 110
1973 East West East 104, West 84
1974 West East West 134, East 123
1975 East West East 108, West 102
1976 East West East 123, West 109
1977 West East West 125, East 124
1978 East West East 133, West 125
1979 West East West 134, East 129
1980 East West East 144, West 136 (OT)
1981 East West East 123, West 120
1982 East West East 120, West 118
1983 East West East 132, West 123
1984 East West East 154, West 145 (OT)
1985 West East West 140, East 129
1986 East West East 139, West 132
1987 West East West 154, East 149 (OT)
1988 East West East 138, West 133
1989 West East West 143, East 134
1990 East West East 130, West 113
1991 East West East 116, West 114
1992 West East West 153, East 113
1993 West East West 135, East 132 (OT)
1994 East West East 127, West 118
1995 West East West 139, East 112
1996 East West East 129, West 118
1997 East West East 132, West 120
1998 East West East 135, West 114
1999 Canceled due to the league's lockout.
2000 West East West 137, East 126
2001 East West East 111, West 110
2002 West East West 135, East 120
2003 West East West 155, East 145 (2 OT)
2004 West East West 136, East 132
2005 East West East 125, West 115
2006 East West East 122, West 120
2007 West East West 153, East 132
2008 East West East 134, West 128
2009 West East West 146, East 119
2010 East West East 141, West 139
2011 West East West 148, East 143
2012 West East West 152, East 149
2013 West East West 143, East 138
2014 East West East 163, West 155
2015 West East West 163, East 158
2016 West East West 196, East 173
2017 West East West 192, East 182
2018 Team Lebron Team LeBron 147, Team Stephen 145
2019 Team Lebron Team Lebron 178, Team Giannis 164
2020 - TBA vs. TBA
2021 - TBA vs. TBA

Overall, the eastern conference holds the edge with 37 victories, winning 56% of all-star games. Since the year 2000, the western conference has utterly dominated results, winning 12 of 18 matchups against the east. During the 1980s and 1990s, the eastern conference set the pace with 13 victories in 21 contests. Momentum shifted when the 1999 event was cancelled due to a lockout, around the same time the western conference turned into the best half of the NBA.

The NBA decided to alter the format of the all-star game for the 2018 bash at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Instead of an east coast versus west coast match, one captain was selected from each conference to lead a team to victory. LeBron James and Steph Curry were selected as the two captains for the inaugural captain selection rules.

As such, fans can witness player combos previously impossible under the old rules. King James will line up alongside Russel Westbrook, Klay Thomson, Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard, while Steph Curry will combine forces with DeMar DeRozan, Joel Embiid, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kyle Lowry.

The 2017 edition of the all-star game broke several records, including most combined points with 374, the most points in a half with 189, and most points in a quarter with 101. Next to no defense was featured, resulting in a .578 field goal percentage and 162 made field goals, both records for the event. The fewest umber of points was 154 during the 1953 game, which featured both teams shooting a combined .362 FG%, making only 59 field goals. 

Now that the rules mandate a mixing of the best players from both conferences into separate teams, previous trends will no longer inform the potential results of all-star game wagers. The only trend which will likely continue is the explosion of scoring which has made recent all-star games among the most entertaining in the history of the NBA. Wagering on the winning team now revolves around the captain who built his squad best.

List of NBA All-Star Game MVP Winners and Other NBA All-Star Game Betting Opportunities (325)

The MVP of the all-star game usually goes to the player who controlled the pace, scored the most points, or produced the most amazing ball of the night. Early in the history of the game, Bob Pettit earned four all-star MVP nods, including three awards between 1956 and 1959. Pettit’s record of 27 rebounds in a single all-star game might never be challenged.

Year Game MVP Position Team
1951 Ed Macauley Center/Forward Boston Celtics
1952 Paul Arizin Forward/Guard Philadelphia Warriors
1953 George Mikan Center  Minneapolis Lakers
1954 Bob Cousy Guard  Boston Celtics
1955 Bill Sharman Guard  Boston Celtics
1956 Bob Pettit Forward/Center  St. Louis Hawks
1957 Bob Cousy (2) Guard  Boston Celtics
1958 Bob Pettit (2) Forward/Center  St. Louis Hawks
1959 Elgin Baylor
Bob Pettit(3)
Minneapolis Lakers
St. Louis Hawks
1960 Wilt Chamberlain Center  Philadelphia Warriors
1961 Oscar Robertson Guard Cincinnati Royals
1962 Bob Pettit (4) Forward/Center  St. Louis Hawks
1963 Bill Russell Center  Boston Celtics
1964 Oscar Robertson (2) Guard  Cincinnati Royals
1965 Jerry Lucas Forward/center  Cincinnati Royals
1966 Adrian Smith Guard  Cincinnati Royals
1967 Rick Barry Forward  San Francisco Warriors
1968 Hal Greer Giard/Forward  Philadelphia 76ers
1969 Oscar Robertson (3) Guard  Cincinnati Royals
1970 Willis Reed Center/forward   New York Knicks
1971 Lenny Wilkens Guard Seattle SuperSonics
1972 Jerry West Guard Los Angeles Lakers
1973 Dave Cowens Center/Forward  Boston Celtics
1974 Bob Lanier Center Detroit Pistons
1975 Walt Frazier Guard New York Knicks
1976 Dave Bing Guard Washington Bullets
1977 Julius Erving Forward Philadelphia 76ers
1978 Randy Smith Guard/Forward  Buffalo Braves
1979 David Thompson Guard/Forward Denver Nuggets
1980 George Gervin Guard/Forward San Antonio Spurs
1981 Nate Archibald Guard Boston Celtics
1982 Larry Bird Forward  Boston Celtics
1983 Julius Erving (2) Forward  Philadelphia 76ers
1984 Isiah Thomas Guard  Detroit Pistons
1985 Ralph Sampson Center/Forward  Houston Rockets
1986 Isiah Thomas (2) Guard  Detroit Pistons
1987 Tom Chambers Forward/Center  Seattle SuperSonics
1988 Michael Jordan Guard  Chicago Bulls
1989 Karl Malone Forward  Utah Jazz
1990 Magic Johnson Guard  Los Angeles Lakers
1991 Charles Barkley Forward  Philadelphia 76ers
1992 Magic Johnson (2) Guard  Los Angeles Lakers
1993 Karl Malone (2)
John Stockton
Utah Jazz
1994 Scottie Pippen Forward  Chicago Bulls
1995 Mitch Richmond Guard Sacramento Kings
1996 Michael Jordan (2) Guard  Chicago Bulls
1997 Glen Rice Forward  Charlotte Hornets
1998 Michael Jordan (3) Guard  Chicago Bulls
2000 Shaquille O'Neal
Tim Duncan
Los Angeles Lakers
San Antonio Spurs
2001 Allen Iverson Guard  Philadelphia 76ers
2002 Kobe Bryant Guard  Los Angeles Lakers
2003 Kevin Garnett Forward/Center  Minnesota Timberwolves
2004 Shaquille O'Neal (2) Center Los Angeles Lakers
2005 Allen Iverson (2) Guard  Philadelphia 76ers
2006 LeBron James Forward  Cleveland Cavaliers
2007 Kobe Bryant (2) Guard  Los Angeles Lakers
2008 LeBron James (2) Forward  Cleveland Cavaliers
2009 Kobe Bryant (3)
Shaquille O'Neal (3)
Los Angeles Lakers
Phoenix Suns
2010 Dwyane Wade Guard  Miami Heat
2011 Kobe Bryant (4) Guard  Los Angeles Lakers
2012 Kevin Durant Forward  Oklahoma City Thunder
2013 Chris Paul Guard Los Angeles Clippers
2014 Kyrie Irving Guard Cleveland Cavaliers
2015 Russell Westbrook Guard Oklahoma City Thunder
2016 Russell Westbrook (2) Guard Oklahoma City Thunder
2017 Anthony Davis Forward/Center New Orleans Pelicans
2018 LeBron James  Forward Cleveland Cavaliers 
2018 LeBron James  Forward Cleveland Cavaliers 
2018 LeBron James  Forward Cleveland Cavaliers 
2018 LeBron James  Forward Cleveland Cavaliers 
2018 LeBron James  Forward Cleveland Cavaliers 
2019 Kevin Durant Forward Golden State Warriors 

In the modern era of the all-star event, Kobe Bryant stole the show numerous times, also winning four all-star MVPs. Perhaps more impressive was the fact that Bryant earned the plaudit over a span of nine years, displaying the longevity of his craft. Russell Westbrook exploded in two consecutive all-star games in 2015 and 2016, leveraging his incredible intensity to consecutive MVP trophies. Russ only has one gear – playing all-out – which helped him rise above his peers.

Similar to other records involving early career achievement, LeBron James holds the record for youngest all-star MVP at 21 years and 51 days. The oldest all-star MVP was Shaquille O’Neal, who won the award at the advanced age of 36 years and 346 days. When Magic Johnson won an all-star MVP during his final participation in the event, it helped raise awareness for the scourge of AIDS, encouraging discussion among the general public.

The all-star game wouldn’t be complete without the slam dunk competition, which has christened stars like Michael Jordan and Vince Carter through their amazing, athletic, high-flying antics. A skills competition, young-stars game, and various individual and team props will also be available before the all-star weekend commences.