Best Online horse racing betting sites

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      Betting Odds & Insights: Kentucky Derby
      Triple Crown Betting Odds
      For all the horse racing meets in 2020

    Horse Racing Betting Sites

    A variety of horse racing betting sites provide outstanding horse racing odds and betting options, similar to sports betting odds for all major wagering events from major North American and European sports leagues.

    However, the best online horse racing betting sites typically feature promos or less expensive lines for marquee events, such as Kentucky Derby odds with improved payouts. As such, domestic and international horse betting fans will benefit from browsing through these outstanding online sportsbooks.

    Old standbys such as William Hill have been in the industry for decades, but new horse racing betting sites have recently thrived, giving players a terrific variety of online wagering services to choose from.

    Horse Racing Betting Sites Canada

    Canadians have access to all the best sports betting and horse racing wagering sites, including popular brands like Bodog and Bet365, along with newer online sportsbooks like LeoVegas and Spin Palace Sports. These bookies often allow you to use Canadian currency for wagering, although some will be set up for other major international currencies.

    Canadian betting sites like Sports Interaction (SIA) know Canada sports fans well, providing in-depth odds and betting options for the Canadian Triple Crown events, which include the Queen’s Plate, Prince of Wales Stakes and the Breeders’ Stakes. As such, Canada’s wagering fans are never left without an excellent sportsbook service.

    horse racing betting websites

    Top 8 Horse Racing Betting Sites

    • William Hill

      As the best horse betting site, William Hill has been one of the most trusted sportsbooks in the world for decades. When wagering on Triple Crown events such as the Preakness Stakes, you’ll always find solid value and updated odds on their site.

    • Betway

      Betway has climbed into contention as one of the more profitable online bookies, offering superb promos to improve the long-term payouts for your wagers.

    • Sports Interaction

      Sports Interaction (SIA) continues to rise in Canada and across North America, catering to a growing audience of horse betting fans.

    • Bet365 and Bodog

      Bet365 and Bodog have been two of the most popular sportsbooks for Triple Crown betting because of numerous offers and promos which give bet credits, welcome bonuses and reasonable odds, along with a full range of standard wagers and props.

    • Spin Palace and Leo Vegas

      Spin Palace Sports and LeoVegas have traditionally served the casino market with great success, attracting a large audience of wagering fans. After expanding into sportsbook services, they find themselves among the best rated online horse race betting sites partly because of their experience serving non-sports players.

    • PowerPlay

      PowerPlay fields an outstanding variety of sports wagering offers which refresh on a regular basis. They offer exclusive bonuses and promos for members for all sports, including horse racing’s biggest events.

    Our final order is as follows: William Hill, Betway, Sports Interaction (SIA), Bet365, Bodog, Spin Palace Sports, LeoVegas and PowerPlay. 

    horse racing betting sites

    How to find the best site to bet on horse racing

    Our horse racing odds page is a great place to begin when attempting to find the best horse racing betting sites. You’ll be able to compare offers and odds for events like the Belmont Stakes, discovering the racebooks which present the better value for many major thoroughbred races.

    Comparing horse racing betting sites includes a variety of different preferences for your betting style and experience. Some bettors will appreciate bonuses, rebates and free bets, while others prefer discounted odds, special betting events and help with winning accumulator or parlay wagers.

    betting in horse racing

    Mobile tends to be the preferred medium to enjoy online sportsbooks, but not all bettors prefer to place bets over their smartphones. Some sites cater specifically to mobile users, while others provide an outstanding experience for players on desktops, tablets and mobile. Plenty of mobile sportsbooks simply use an iOS or Android browser, while some offer a dedicated, secure app you can download from Google Play or the App Store.

    In addition to odds, our horse racing page will link you to reviews for sportsbooks, including a breakdown of the mobile offerings for top horse racing online betting sites. Doing a bit of research ahead of time will ensure that you pick the best online sportsbook for your own wagering preferences.

    Horse Racing Betting FAQ
    • Every horse racing betting site features different strengths, catering to a specific audience of punters. Some sites, such as William Hill, have been around for nearly a century, which some will find attractive because of the extensive history behind that company. Other players will prefer a site that offers the biggest bonuses with the smallest rollovers. Feel free to check out reviews for horse racing betting sites.

    • Choose the betting site that best meets your needs. If you want to bet on horse races with Bitcoin, find a site that’s capable of supporting that currency. For those who typically bet on the Triple Crown and nothing else, you may be best served by a sportsbook that offers easy payouts and smaller requirements to unlock bonuses.

    • The Kentucky Derby was the latest Triple Crown race to be inaugurated, with the Run for the Roses starting in 1875. The Preakness Stakes began in 1873 and the Belmont Stakes started in 1867, making the Belmont the oldest of the Triple Crown races. Sir Barton was the first horse to win the Triple Crown in 1919.

    • The Kentucky Derby takes place at the Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, while the Preakness Stakes is run at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. The final leg of the Triple Crown is the Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York.

    • Horse racing odds change most often because of the number of wagers that bettors place on horses. If a lot of people bet on a favourite, the odds to bet on that horse will become more expensive and the rest of the horses are more likely to have their betting odds become less expensive. Other changes in horse racing odds may occur because of the fitness of a horse, or changes in the weather during the run-up to the contest.

    • In addition to betting at the track and through off-track brick and mortar sites, players have the option of betting over the internet. Wagering on horse racing through online sportsbooks gives you access to a wide variety of races and betting bonuses, along with better odds.

    • Win refers to the winner of the race, place refers to the second-place horse, and show is the horse that finishes third, similar to how the Olympics give gold, silver, and bronze medals for competitors.

    • Trifecta odds refers to a bet where you predict win, place and show for a single race. The difficulty of predicting the first, second, and third place winners gives trifecta bets a much higher payout than regular wagers. Exacta odds involve betting on the top two horses, reducing the risk and the reward.

    • A superfecta bet raises the stakes higher than a trifecta bet, requiring the players to correctly predict win, place, show, and the horse that finishes fourth. Predicting the order of the top four finishers is even more difficult than predicting the top three, creating a bigger payout for superfectas compared to trifectas.

    • When you box a bet in horse racing, you’re predicting the horses that will finish the top two, top three, or top four, but not the order in which the horses finish. This reduces the difficulty of winning a trifecta, superfecta, or an exacta.