Horse Racing Betting Sites

Canadian horse players are fortunate to have an array of viable racebooks to suit their online wagering needs. When a player has options, they can truly find the best platform for their wagering dollars and take advantage of the best bonus and rebate programs available in the contentious online gambling market. Researching the pros and cons of each can be a daunting and time-consuming task, so we've done the heavy lifting and sorted out the best racebooks for you!

Best Online Horse Betting Sites

Sign-up bonuses can be a very attractive thing for a horse player looking to hook up with a new online racebook - and for good reason. After all, what's better than an instantaneous return on investment? With reliable and reputable racebooks willing to match 50-100% of a player's initial deposit, a new player can literally play with house money to kickstart a successful run at the track. Here's a quick look at how the top racebooks available to Canadians stack up:

For players who appreciate good bonuses and kickbacks - and hey, who doesn't? - Bodog's racebook is difficult to beat. One of the marquee names in online wagering over the last decade, Bodog doesn't just rest on its laurels. With a 100% sign-up bonus on all initial deposits up to $200, playing the horses from Bodog's expansive menu of North American racetracks is immediately profitable. Couple that bonus with a generous weekly rebate structure that includes up to 5% on some bets, and Bodog takes players a long way towards sustaining a bankroll. 

Bet On Horse Racing Online

Considering that as recently as the 1980's the only way to make a bet on a horse race was to travel to a racetrack or offtrack betting parlor, the evolution of wagering on the sport is mind-boggling. Today, players have an abundance of resources and platforms at their fingertips, ensuring that missed wagers and opportunities are a thing of the past. Moreover, there are numerous advantages to betting horses online that transcend the simple matter of convenience. For starters, A savvy online bettor earns bonuses and rewards that racetracks cannot come close to matching.

Of equal importance, an online wagering account allows bettors to be more selective about the races they bet. A player sitting at the track or offtrack wagering facility is playing on someone else's terms and thus, subject to the poor decision-making and distractions that follow.

Conversely, online players can bet whenever, wherever they choose, which leads to intentional, purposeful and yes, profitable betting. With so many clear-cut advantages to play the races online, it's a no-brainer for regular horse players. This isn't to say that online betting replaces a visit to the track, but even at some of racing's most storied venues, you'll see devoted fans sending in wagers from their mobile devices! 

Is Online Horse Betting Legal?

The world over, horse racing is one of the few online gambling ventures that has remained unequivocally legal in most places. The Canadian government does not grant online gambling licenses to site operators, but also does not prevent citizens from making wagers on any international site they choose.  Even in the United States where sports betting is strictly prohibited outside of Las Vegas casinos and a select few designated other places, the majority of the states in the country have allowed advanced deposit online betting on horse racing. In simple terms, online horse racing is there for Canadians to enjoy freely and legally!