NFL Football Betting Odds 2019

NFL Football Betting Odds 2019

Welcome to another fantastic six months of National Football League wagering action. The space below is reserved for online betting odds on weekly NFL matchups. From Spin Sports, NFL Week 1 odds are updated regularly below.

September 5: NFL Week 1 Thursday Night Football 

Home Team  Win VS Win Away Team
Chicago Bears 1.54 VS 2.55 Green Bay Packers

September 8: NFL Week 1 Sunday 1:00 PM ET Matches

Home Team  Win VS Win Away Team
Cleveland Browns 1.41 VS 3.00 Tennessee Titans
Miami Dolphins 2.80 VS 1.45 Baltimore Ravens
Minnesota Vikings 1.50 VS 2.65 Atlanta Falcons
New York Jets 1.58 VS 2.45 Buffalo Bills
Philadelphia Eagles 1.25 VS 4.15 Washington Redskins
Carolina Panthers 2.30 VS 1.64 Los Angeles Rams
Jacksonville Jaguars 2.70 VS 1.48 Kansas City Chiefs

September 8: NFL Week 1 Sunday 4:00 PM ET Matches

Home Team  Win VS Win Away Team
Los Angeles Chargers 1.64 VS 2.30 Indianapolis Colts
Seattle Seahawks 1.26 VS 4.00 Cincinnati Bengals
Dallas Cowboys 1.29 VS 3.65 New York Giants
Arizona Cardinals 2.10 VS 1.74 Detroit Lions
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1.85 VS 2.00 San Francisco 49ers

September 8: Week 1 NFL Sunday Night Football

Home Team Win VS Win Away Team
New England Patriots  1.38 VS 3.15 Pittsburgh Steelers

September 9: Week 1 NFL Monday Night Football 

Home Team  Win VS Win Away Team
New Orleans Saints 1.33 VS 3.40 Houston Texans
Oakland Raiders 1.76 VS 2.10 Denver Broncos

From Antonio Brown being traded to the Oakland Raiders and Odell Beckham being shipped to the Cleveland Browns, to Le’Veon Bell signing with the New York Jets as a free agent, Super Bowl odds have changed considerably. Stick with us for regular season and playoff betting advice throughout the year.

Player movement has caused the NFL odds, on Super Bowl 54 futures betting boards, to shift considerably. One of the more notable moves is the deflated Cleveland price to win Super Bowl LIV. The Browns fell from +3000 to +1600 at the Spin Palace sportsbook. Super Bowl 54 is confirmed for February 2, 2020, in Miami at Hard Rock Stadium. In this page you will find the current prop bets odds and a glossary explaining various types of National Football League odds.

Current NFL standings


Available NFL Vegas Odds

Conference finalists last season, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints are grouped in a futures picks consensus at NFL focused sportsbooks. Green Bay is in unfamiliar territory as the normally high ranking Packers have fallen out of the top ten to an eleventh ranked +2000 best buy price at SportsInteraction. Not seen in years, prior to start of a new season, the Chicago Bears are top chalk to win the NFC Championship in the NFC North Division.

NFL Betting Picks

Seemingly over before it starts, six teams are priced at +10000 or larger at the bottom of the Spin Sports board. Free agent moves have created several preseason prop-betting options that have been added to the list of Super Bowl odds currently posted at top ranked online sportsbooks. With the NFL Draft scheduled for April 25 - 27, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee, bookmakers have also added proposition offers on the first overall pick. Here are some of the more popular exotic bets currently posted at Bodog.

  • Antonio Brown Season Receiving Touchdowns: Over/Under 9 (-120) Both
  • Odell Beckham R Season Receiving Touchdowns: 9 Over (-135) Under (-105)
  • Le’Veon Bell Total Season Touchdowns: Over/Under 10.5 (-120) Both

Of those three options, Odell Beckham catching OVER nine touchdown passes is an attractive wager as the Browns are a fast climbing power rankings team. Cleveland, who have not earned a NFL playoff berth since 2002, are building a juggernaut on offense as Beckham joins rising stars QB Baker Mayfield, RB Nick Chubb and TE David Njoku. RB Kareem Hunt has signed with Browns and will be an added dimension, rushing and receiving, once he serves an eight-game suspension.

“NFL 2019 Draft Props are the first tickets with a chance to cash this season”

For the first time, since they were the Chicago Cardinals in 1958, Arizona has the number one overall pick in the National Football League Draft. While the variety will increase over the next five weeks, NFL 2019 Draft props are beginning to sprout up. A possible franchise quarterback, now that he has officially chosen to play football over baseball, Kyler Murray seems destine to be the top NFL 2019 Draft pick. Bet365 bookmakers have posted a top five list and they are offering other players on request.

NFL Betting Odds

  • Kyler Murray - Oklahoma Sooners Quarterback: (-400)
  • Nick Bosa - Ohio State Buckeyes Defensive End: +275
  • Dwayne Haskins - Ohio State Buckeyes Quarterback: +1800
  • Quinnen Williams - Alabama Crimson Tide Defensive Tackle: +2000
  • Josh Allen - Kentucky Wildcats Linebacker Edge Rusher: +3300

QB Josh Rosen, who Arizona selected 10th overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, probably needs to be traded for the Cardinals to take QB Kyler Murray first overall. Arizona could also trade the pick and the most likely partner seems to be Oakland who have #4, #24 and #27 picks in the first round alone. After that #13 Miami, #15 Washington and #17 New York Giants are teams who need a quarterback and own a Top 20 draft pick. We will update this space as additional 2019 Draft Weekend betting odds are posted.

What are the types of NFL Vegas Odds

These are the types of odds available along the NFL season.

NFL Moneyline Odds

Just like Las Vegas NFL odds, money lines are available throughout the NFL season at top online sportsbooks. A 50/50 proposition, straight prices do have any point spread odds attached to them meaning bettors simply need to properly pick the winner of the match. With money line prices, the favorite is tagged with a negative number and the underdog has a plus number.

NFL Moneyline odds

As an example, if Los Angeles is a (-250) favorite vs San Francisco (+325), bettors need to wager $250 to win $100 with the Rams. Punters willing taking a chance on the underdog 49ers would place a $100 bet to collect $325. While money line bets are simple to make, bettors need to be aware that every dog has its day so proper research is required to place winning wagers.

NFL Point Spread Odds

Slightly more complicated than money line wagers, NFL odds against the spread require bettors to choose between taking points with an underdog or laying points to back the favorite. NFL point spread odds can range from EVEN, on a game featuring two evenly matched teams, to upwards of 21 points on contest where one of the squads is vastly superior to the other.

Point spread style prices are posted with “juice” and (-110) is the standard vig. Using Super Bowl 53 as an example, New England closed as -2.5 (-110) favorites over Los Angeles who were +2.5 (-110) underdogs. Bettors who backed the Patriots, with a $110 wager, had their original stake returned and collected an additional $100 when the Patriots posted a 13-3 victory. 

Available NFL Vegas Odds

NFL Over Under Odds

Along with the point spread and money line odds, online NFL bookmakers always offer a third wagering choice. When contests are too close to call straight up, or the point spread appears too large to take or lay, bettors can turn to NFL Over Under odds. What does O and U mean in football odds? The O stands for OVER the game total while the U signifies the UNDER line.

Depending on the teams involved, game total lines can range from the high 20’s on a match featuring two defensively minded teams and upwards of 60 points on a contest between two high scoring squads. As with ATS prices, Over/Under odds are normally tagged with (-110) juice. On a 47.5 (-110) game total, OVER bets cash if the combined score reaches 48 points. 

Other Vegas Football Odds

NFL Future Odds are not only about who will win the next Super Bowl. It is also about who will win each Conference and each division. That’s why in your favorite sportsbook, you can find the NFL Conference Odds and the NFL Division Odds. But it doesn’t stop there! NFL Football odds also stimulate the bettor to wager on who will become the NFL MVP and the regular season  Rookie of Year. NFL wagering action is online 24/7 every day.

NFL Football Betting Odds 2019

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you:

Advanced NFL Betting Lines strategies

Now that you understand the NFL Football odds and the available types of bets, maybe it is the time for you to jump onto some high level strategies.

At Canada Sports Betting, we have specific articles talking about the Sandwich Game Theory, betting on your favorite team, the home field advantage, a deep analysis comparing the moneyline with the Point Spread and betting on home underdogs.

Check out the articles and use the knowledge gained to cash winning National Football League wagers.

Advanced NFL Betting Lines Strategies

How does the NFL 2019 season work

From humble beginnings, as the American Professional Football Association in 1920, the NFL is celebrating their 100th Anniversary. For the 18th straight season, since 2002 when the Houston Texans joined as the last new franchise, 32 teams will battle for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Split evenly into American and National Football Conferences, the preseason begins with the Hall of Fame game on August 1, 2019, in Canton, Ohio. Atlanta Falcons vs Denver Broncos is the 2019 HOF matchup.

Following four weeks of preseason action, that should be bet on with caution, the 2019-20 season begins on Thursday, September 5, 2019. A total of 256 games will play out over 17 weeks and the season ends on December 29, 2019.

Four weeks of playoffs, that begin with Wild Card Weekend on January 4, 2020, will decide the NFL Champion. Top teams in the six divisions, plus two Wild Card entries from the AFC and NFC Conference, make up the ten teams that advance to the Super Bowl playoffs.

"NFL Conference Championship odds are posted at top ranked online sportsbooks"

Along with Super Bowl and Draft Weekend betting options, online sportsbooks have also posted prices to win the NFC and AFC Championships. New England, with a +325 best value at Spin Sports, and Kansas City +334 at SportsInteraction, are current top two favorites to win the AFC.

After being at the bottom of boards for many years, Cleveland is in top chalk territory along with the Los Angeles Chargers and Indianapolis Colts on the next tier.

Defending champion Los Angeles is the top NFC favorite at  some sportsbooks while New Orleans draws in at others. Remaining stacked, and with their Super Bowl 53 experience as a building block, the Rams are deserving of their lofty status.

An ageless wonder, QB Drew Brees enters his 19th NFL season with the Saints. Leading the second level contenders, the Chicago Bears are in a group that also includes the Vikings, Packers, Cowboys and Eagles.

The NFL 2019 Season

Regular season Division Championship odds should start appearing once the Draft is over and the last of the big name free agents have been signed. On defence, as of 23/03/19, players like DT Ndamukong Suh, DE Ziggy Ansah and LB Justin Houston are currently without a home. Though none of them will be featured backs, Jay Ajayi, Spencer Ware and T.J Yeldon are free agents looking for the right fit on the offensive side of the ball. 

Canada Sports Betting experts, using odds from the best online sportsbooks, cover the race to the playoffs and Super Bowl 54 every step of the way. 

More information on the NFL competition

If you still want some further reading, please refer to our teams page and games page.

You can also print the complete NFL schedule here.

All-Time NFL Champions

The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers are the most successful franchises with six wins each. Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers won the Super Bowl five times. More information on the champions history you can find in all-time winners page.

  • 2019 - New England Patriots
  • 2018 - Philadelphia Eagles
  • 2017 - New England Patriots
  • 2016 - Denver Broncos
  • 2015 - New England Patriots
  • 2014 - Seattle Seahawks
  • 2013 - Baltimore Ravens
  • 2012 - New York Giants
  • 2011 - Green Bay Packers
  • 2010 - New Orleans Saints
  • 2009 - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 2008 - New York Giants
  • 2007 - Indianapolis Colts
  • 2006 - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 2005 - New England Patriots
  • 2004 - New England Patriots
  • 2003 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 2002 - New England Patriots
  • 2001 - Baltimore Ravens
  • 2000 - St. Louis Rams
  • 1999 - Denver Broncos
  • 1998 - Denver Broncos
  • 1997 - Green Bay Packers
  • 1996 - Dallas Cowboys
  • 1995 - San Francisco 49ers
  • 1994 - Dallas Cowboys
  • 1993 - Dallas Cowboys
  • 1992 - Washington Redskins
  • 1991 - New York Giants
  • 1990 - San Francisco 49ers
  • 1989 - San Francisco 49 ers
  • 1988 - Washington Redskins
  • 1987 - New York Giants
  • 1986 - Chicago Bears
  • 1985 - San Francisco 49ers
  • 1984 - Los Angeles Raiders
  • 1983 - Washington Redskins
  • 1982 - San Francisco 49ers
  • 1981 - Oakland Raiders
  • 1980 - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 1979 - Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 1978 - Dallas Cowboys
  • 1977 - Oakland Raiders
  • 1976 - Pittsburgh Steleers
  • 1975 - Pittsburgh Steleers
  • 1974 - Miami Dolphins
  • 1973 - Miami Dolphins
  • 1972 - Dallas Cowboys
  • 1971 - Baltimore Colts
  • 1970 - Kansas City Chiefs
  • 1969 - New York Jets
  • 1968 - Green Bay Packers
  • 1967 - Green Bay Packers