NFL Scores And Standings

Easier now, than at any point in history, placing a bet on NFL games is as simple as ordering a movie from Netflix these days. That's another relevant analogy as the difference between Netflix, and once popular Blockbuster Video, mirrors the variance of offshore sportsbook betting as compared to wagering with the Canadian Provincial Sports Lottery dinosaurs. Bet Safe and Smart = Bet Online!



NFL Money Line Odds

Normally the safest wagering path, during most National Football League matches, NFL money line betting is simple in theory as punters are only required to select which team will win outright. Since neither team gets a head start with a point spread, the bookmakers perceived chalk will be tagged with the negative number while the pups are posted with a positive number. Pick a winner for the bitter NFC East rivalry feud between the New York Giants (+170) and Dallas Cowboys (-200). With this example, bettors needed to pay $100 to earn $170 with the G-Men while a $200 wager on the 'Boys would pay a $100 return. Handicappers who don’t like giving away points, especially to road favorite squads, are well advised to turn to money line prices at their favorite online bookmaker.

NFL Point Spread Odds

With numbers ranging from a half point, to double digits, NFL point spreads grant underdogs points prior to kickoff while favorites face a deficit as the match begins. In the quick-paced NFL wagering world – anything can happen so bettors are always advised to follow a proper research path. As an example, with a low -3.5 (-110) ATS price, Pittsburgh may look like lock to win in Cleveland during NFL Week 17 AFC North action. However, with the Steelers already slotted into a playoff spot, and the Browns heading into yet another long offseason, Pittsburgh may choose to rest starters while it will be all hands on deck for Cleveland during their final home game of their season. Shop for the best lines as a half point either way can be the difference between cashing and trashing tickets.

NFL Over Under Odds

When bettors can’t decide on a match winner, NFL Over Under betting odds often come into play. Contests between two high-octane offences, who are suspect on defense, or matchups where two rock solid defences who are offensively challenged square off, occur often during every NFL season. We point to the NFC South Division rivalry between New Orleans and Atlanta as a prime example. During the 2016 regular season, the Saints and Falcons were both suspect on defense but lights out on offense. In Week 3 they scored 77 combined points and then closed out the season series with a 70-point Week 17 shootout. Since it is a numbers game - seek out teams that consistently put up points for OVER bets and Steel Curtain style squads when purchasing tickets on the UNDER prices.

NFL Futures and Props

Brushed off by some as nothing more than "novelty" wagering, we are here to emphatically state that there is money to be made on NFL futures and prop betting odds. Bettors do not need to be clairvoyant to wager on Championship futures as some detailed research can uncover the top teams heading a new season. Once selected, teams should then be tracked during the season. If a bet on Indianapolis to win the AFC South is in jeopardy, a half-way point wager on the division leader can mitigate a losing situation. Team and player proposition wagers are also a very popular, entertaining and profitable betting option all season long. Once handicappers choose their favorite NFL betting lines, heading to top ranked online bookmakers, like Bet365, is a safe, smart and simple decision.