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The UFC isn't just perfect for the thrill-seeking sports fan, but the hardcore looking to bet on UFC fights. Here, we have the home of all things UFC odds and UFC betting related.

We cover the best sportsbooks, pro tips and tricks to beating the bookies, and give an in-depth review of everything UFC/MMA betting related. Read through and find the best betting bonuses exclusive to our partner sites.

Find the best UFC betting odds and all other UFC betting resources here. We give you the breakdowns on fight night previews, betting picks, and full details on where and when to watch and what UFC betting sites to use.

UFC 247 Odds

Top online sportsbooks are in on the action early, as eagerly we await the return of the fight between Jon "Bones" Jones and Dominick Reyes. Here are the latest Jon Jones betting odds for the big fight at UFC 247 in Houston. Last updated on January 21, 2020:

  Sports Interaction Favorite   Win  VS  Win   Sports Interaction Underdog  
Jon Jones   1.22   VS   4.20   Dominick Reyes

Jon Jones To beat Dominick Reyes

Dominick Reyes To beat Jon Jones


UFC 246 Results

Conor won the fight in Las Vegas, forcing a TKO in just 40 seconds. The Notorious came out the gate firing and used a number of unique techniques to put Cerrone on his back, before reigning down punches only for the referee to call it. 

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With Conor back and winning - what next?
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    Betting Odds & Insights: Conor McGregor

UFC Betting Canada

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As one of the UFC's biggest customers, Canada gets a front row seat into everything the promotion does.

This includes getting at least three UFC events a year, dibs on the broadcast of all UFC events, and access to all the UFC markets from the top UFC betting sites.

Catch the latest fight night break down including our picks, predictions, and reviews of the top UFC betting sites here.


UFC odds allows you to bet on the sport's best fighters.

UFC Betting Odds

ufc betting odds

Also known as UFC Vegas odds, they are released anywhere from the fight announcement to a few days before the event. It depends how big the fight is.

Marquee fights such as championship fights or ones involving superstars are released almost immediately after an announcement is made (sometimes even when it isn't even official).

You can bet on any UFC or MMA fight as long as they already have betting odds released.

Betting early is important as it allows you to catch favourable lines before the market pushes these lines to lower values. This is why it is also critical to find the best sportsbooks and to familiarize yourself with which books open the betting lines.

Find online resources here that aggregate betting odds from various sportsbooks and also take early betting lines with a grain of salt as anything can change from the time the odds are released to the actual fight.

You will also need to be patient as your money will be tied down until after the fight.

How to KO the Bookie With UFC Betting Lines?

bet on ufc fights

When it comes to finding the top sports betting sites, there are a few things to check off the list.

The first is which sportsbooks offer the best and biggest UFC markets. These are the books that offer the most methods of how to bet on UFC fights plus a wide selection of UFC betting odds.

Secondly, compare the odds. Some books will have cheaper lines on several fights while others will also have lower juice. The bonuses - including the welcome bonus and special promotions (like free bets) - will also factor here. 

And last but not least, access the books on your mobile device to compare which ones have the best platforms.

When it comes to UFC betting, it is crucial to bet as quickly as you can from anywhere. This requires a polished mobile betting site and/or app.

How to Find the Best Welcome Bonus for UFC Betting?

A welcome bonus, better known as a "sign-up bonus" is a sum of virtual cash awarded to you by the betting site when you sign up and deposit money.

Examples of this include when a site will match your deposit up to a specific amount like $100. Read the terms and conditions carefully to find how to qualify for a bonus. 

Welcome bonuses can be used for making all types of bets, but based on each sportsbooks' terms and conditions, some may not be used on UFC fights.

Although most UFC fights can be bet naturally like a moneyline bet (straight-up), so it will most likely qualify. 

Many sign-up bonuses hinge on having you play. You can't take the money and just sit on it. You need to play a specific market like the UFC to acquire the bonus.

In essence, this is somewhat similar to a "free bet" or like the term "playing with house money" (where you are wagering using the betting site's own cash meaning you are not risking anything from your bankroll).

Each our sportsbooks have their own type of bonus. Read through all the best bonus bet offers.

Which Bookie Has the Most Current UFC Betting Odds?

Finding the sportsbooks with the most current UFC betting odds is ideal so opening a betting account in several books is recommended. You need to compare bet selections with many books by opening multiples pages. 

Find the sportsbooks that specialize in UFC/MMA betting. These books not only have current UFC betting odds but also release the lines earlier than most books.

They would also feature plenty of proposition bets like the method of victory and time of victory as well as outrights (who wins a tournament).

Futures in the UFC/MMA betting landscape are simply future fights. These are fights that have not been officially announced or are heavily rumoured. You can place small wagers on these fights, but take note that this would mean having your cash tied down for an indefinite time. 

Check which books offer the most futures. The books that specialize in UFC/MMA will likely have most of them. Although some books also have their own futures and props. Don't leave anyone out. Scour all of them.

Can I Bet on UFC Odds with Mobile?

Desktop and mobile platforms can vary differently depending on which book you use. Some books have invested heavily on the traditional desktop experience but are just ushering their mobile site, while some of the newer ones could have featured more on their mobile version.

The first thing to do is to check which sportsbooks have apps. These would save you time from having to constantly open browsers just to access the sportsbook, although some have mobile sites that function just as well if not better than apps.

A significant advantage to an app is being tailor-made for today's mobile devices.

Apps can offer more personalization options and can interface with your phone's camera, GPS location, and more. This allows apps to send you push notifications, device vibration/alerts, and instant updates.

These are critical when it comes to betting, especially if you fancy live betting. Having an app allows you to stay connected more seamlessly.

Also, some betting apps can be accessed while offline (the odds won't be up-to-date). While you won't be able to bet, you will be able to see the information you saved.

However, apps can also be buggy. And with enough tinkering, you can also make mobile sites as adaptable.

Using the bookmark option on browsers lets you access the site easier. And you can also save webpages or take screenshots. Find where to bet on UFC with mobile and test both platforms.

This is How You Make the Best UFC Bets Tonight

ufc vegas odds

Betting is like buying something: you have to make an informed choice before doing it. Or you will regret it. 

To make successful bets, you will need to do lots of research. Comb through our website where our site experts give you breakdowns of the biggest fights. Our articles are tailor-made to give you easy access to the picks you should play. 

We also go through general tips and tricks and break down the complexities of betting and the history of UFC/MMA. 

Bookmark us and stay in touch for all your UFC/MMA betting needs.