UFC Betting Sites

Mixed martial arts is a global phenomenon and it explains why the UFC has easily expanded its broadcasting to close to 200 countries. The thrill of watching the fights also translates to betting. You get an immediate winner. Unlike the NFL, NBA or other more traditional sports, there is no regular season or playoffs. Everything begins and ends with that one fight. Win or lose, plain and simple. Ready to step into the cage?

UFC Betting Online

Betting on the UFC has been a thing long before online betting became widespread. But it's reached a new level now thanks to the wonders of smartphone technology and live betting. Whether it's the biggest event of the year or an ambiguous Fight Pass card, the best online sportsbooks we've selected for you have you covered. Check out our reviews below, Pick'EM, get your welcome bonus and enjoy your UFC Bets.

#1 Sports Interaction UFC

A Canadian website since 1997, it serves everyone outside the United States. The site is renowned for their customer service, who are available to talk or chat via numerous methods. Their reliability and security are also one of the highest-rated and they keep it professional. What sets SIA above the rest is their offer of many types of betting options for UFC/MMA and are one of the earliest to open odds. They offer numerous prop bets, which are continually expanding and consistently have great odds for underdogs. Their 100% signup bonus goes up to $200. SIA is also a leader in online betting. This is crucial to MMA where a lot changes in between rounds and the reliability and ease of access makes this a go-to site.

#2 Bodog UFC

Another website tailored for Canadians. Bodog's glaring weakness before, their signup bonus, has been patched and they now offer up to a 100% bonus of up to $200 in cash on signup. What makes Bodog an industry leader in terms of UFC/MMA betting comes from their promos. Unlike other sites, Bodog generously runs promos like their special reload bonuses or their weekly promos offered on site and through newsletters and special offer emails. Their betting odds get released a bit later but consistently are in the top-three of best odds for both favourites and underdogs. They also offer props about as extensively as SIA and with similar odds. Online betting is another standout for the site and with SIA should be bookmarked on your computers/smartphones.

#3 William Hill UFC

William Hill has been around since 1934 operating the old school pen-and-paper style of betting until opening online books in 1998. They are one of the most respected books around especially for boxing, they can't be beat. In regards to UFC/MMA, they have some catching up to do with the industry leaders. They release betting odds late usually being one of the last to have all the fights lined. On the flipside, the betting odds tend to be better. Another area of opportunity for them are their bonuses. The signup bonus offers up to $100 in cash. They focus more on their odds and reputation so there won't be as many promos here if any at all. Their live betting is also topnotch.

#4 Bet365 UFC

One of the UK's top online sportsbooks and big in Europe, Asia. The site itself may be intimidating to many. The green background is nice but the site is a bit too much like a Vegas betting board in the middle of a shopping mall. Too many things are going around and can be distracting to new bettors. A signup bonus of up to $200 can be encouraging as well as their customer service, which rivals SIA as being the best on this list. But there are little promos available for Canadians. The UFC betting odds is hit-or-miss. Their live betting is arguably the best but the odds are released late and many favourites are priced too steeply while comeback on dogs doesn't match. Still an excellent and reliable book that we recommend to you.

#5 BetOnline UFC

While it's listed as the last sportsbook here, it's definitely not the worst. The site has plenty of aspects to improve on namely their live betting, which is a work in progress. While many big fights or events get offered it's anyone's guess if and when a UFC fight will be available. Their signup bonus is up to 50% and while they do offer promos and bonuses for games in the NHL, there isn't much in terms of UFC betting. On the plus side, BetOnline releases their odds quickly and consistently have some of the best underdog prices. Switching between odds format is also easy unlike some sites. Their website is efficiently designed and they also offer fantastic customer service.

And The Best UFC Sportsbook Is...

A tie between Sports Interaction and Bodog. It's best to sign up with both websites and bet wherever the odds are better. Both sites offer quick and easy-to-use online betting, which should be kept handy on your mobile devices and laptops while you watch UFC. Both have accessible websites with SIA having topnotch customer service and Bodog having plenty of can't-miss promos. When betting UFC, SIA has you covered with prop bets and you should turn to them. They open lines earlier but unless you have a good read on the betting public, you can wait on Bodog to release their lines and bet whoever has better odds. While keeping track of both sites, pay attention to bettor trends and see which sportsbook will receive more steam.