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Unique in many ways, with deep roots in the sports betting industry, Pinnacle was first established in 1998. Licensed and headquartered in Willemstad, on the Dutch Island of Curacao, Pinnacle is a top rated sports and casino wagering website.

Unrivalled in the way they operate, Pinnacle Sports accepts professional and recreational gamblers from Nations across the globe – including those in Canada.

  • Highly Regarded in the Betting Industry
  • Industry Leader in Accepting High Limit Bets
  • Premium International Sportsbook Since 1998
  • Bonus Hunters Need to Search Elsewhere
Low Juice up to 5%

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Pinnacle Canada Introduction

Boasting a “Winners Welcome” mantra, Pinnacle bucks the trend of limiting successful bettors by offering sharp lines, low prices and the highest wagering limits in the sports betting industry today.

Globally recognized as top gambling provider, Pinnacle has made their mark by respecting Pros and average Joe’s equally. Accepting handicappers with open arms, no matter their level of experience, if you have not looked into this sports focused betting site, we suggest the time to do so is now. 

  • Pinnacle Sign Up Bonus


    Simply stated, Canadians looking for huge sign up bonuses or other rollover taxed player rewards won’t find them at Pinnacle. Heading down a different path, this privately owned sportsbook offsets a lack of promotions by offering value added betting odds that return some of the largest payouts in the online wagering industry.

    That philosophy, proven to be highly respected around the world, isn’t limited to certain sports as it is applied to the vast amount of North American and International betting options that are offered every day.

  • Pinnacle Promos & Contests


    True sports bettors are always more concerned about winning wagers, and receiving the best payouts on their successful bets, than they are about contests and promos.

    Sky-high betting limits, up to $30K on English Professional League matches, the best odds, plus the low margins, is a “promotion” that is offered daily at Pinnacle and returns cold hard cash to their clients.

    It is also wise to remember that gimmicks, which are always tagged with pesky wagering requirements, can also tie up a bankroll and complicate cashout requests.

  • Pinnacle Website


    Shining bright, like a beacon on the sports betting horizon, it’s easy to see that the Pinnacle website was built and is maintained with an emphasis on simple navigation. 

    Consider that as another “player reward” at this veteran bookmaker as the management team believes that investing in the latest technology is more important than devising often unobtainable bonus offers.

    With a sleek look and feel, from LIVE betting to Las Vegas style slot action, the sportsbook and casino platforms are built for speed and maximum player enjoyment.

  • Pinnacle Live Betting


    Getting to the “meat and potatoes” at this top rated online sportsbook, the Pinnacle LIVE betting app is one of the best in the business today. Easily accessed from the homepage, from a “Live In-Play” link located in the top left corner, a drop down menu offers a long list of LIVE wagering options.

    Refreshing regularly in real time, with matches added as soon as they begin, all major sports are covered with the same sharp lines and prices offered on the pre-game batting choices. From a desktop or common mobile devices – Bet LIVE anytime.

  • Pinnacle Customer Service


    Active clients for years now, we have found that troubling issues are very rare at the Pinnacle site. While that is a testament to the technology they employ, it is also a good thing as Pinnacle is one of very few betting sites that does not offer LIVE Chat or toll-free phone options.

    Help is handled exclusively through a site generated email system that’s available 24/7 and response times are usually prompt. Alternatively, bettors can search a “Knowledge Base” that is loaded with helpful questions and come with concise answers.

  • Pinnacle Betting Lines


    Betting lines are the heart of this sports focused online betting site. Listed in American or Decimal formats, Pinnacle prides itself on posting competitive prices, well in advance of the matches, and in the sharpest form possible.

    From standard odds, to LIVE lines and teasers, there are hundreds of finely tuned options available to Canuck ‘Cappers around the clock. Lines on major sports are presented with base offers and bettors can adjust the odds up or down with one click. Green and red arrows flash in real time when base prices change.

  • Pinnacle Deposit Methods


    Protecting one’s hard earned cash is a life-long endeavour and we remind our readers that betting responsibly is the most important tool in every handicapping toolbox. While losses do sting – don’t make matters worse by wagering with money earmarked for day-to-day expenses.

    Understanding that bettors have many different banking preferences, Pinnacle offers an impressive array of deposit and cashout options. Financial details, including fees, plus high and low banking limits, are clearly (and simply) displaying on a dedicated page. 

  • Pinnacle Mobile Betting


    Perhaps the best marriage ever – there are many valid reasons that justify a necessary link between sports and mobile devices. From wanting to check a teams schedule or game score, to placing a bet after hearing late breaking match updates, or hedging a nearly completed parlay wager, staying connected while on the fly is important.

    With most hand-held electronics, Pinnacle delivers a smooth layout, that’s easy to navigate, and the site opens perfectly on any size screen. Download the app or just surf over to the main site.

    Check this link for more information on the Pinnacle mobile app review.

Pinnacle Bottom Line Recommendation

Changing regularly, Pinnacle Casino clients can participate in tournaments, mystery cash races and exciting missions. These are “pay to play” promotions but all winnings are collected as normal and the top totals are paid a “bonus” amount.

For fans of casino action - entering special events is like getting paid to play. In additional to the latest vibrantly presented slot games, players also have access to the LIVE Dealer Casino as well as video poker, table games and virtual sport betting.

As expected, from a big and bold bookmaker, registering a personal betting account and funding a bankroll is quick, simple and safe. Don’t forget; the 18+ age restriction applies across all platforms. Bettors are advised to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions posted throughout the site.

As it is with the well defined rules in the banking section, Pinnacle makes it easy to understand and follow their T&C’s. Stacking up to our review criteria - sports fans will enjoy this bookmaker.

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Pinnacle Sportsbook FAQ

  • How do I cash out at Pinnacle?

    There are multiple ways to cash out at Pinnacle. 

    To withdraw, select the “Deposit/Withdraw” section located within the orange bar on the upper section of the website. 

    You will now be taken to a page divided into two: the Deposit section (to the left) and the Withdrawl section (to the right). 

    Select whichever method you wish to withdraw your funds. You have many options from a Bank Transfer to Bitcoin to iDebit.

    Once you have selected your preferred method, carefully read the instructions. You will need to fulfill all the requirements in order to successfully place a withdrawal. This may include providing and/or verifying information or adding new ones. 

    You will also need to pay fees (between $15 to $30) and have a minimum and maximum amount you can withdraw.

    When your withdrawal request is received, you will need to wait for a few days before receiving your money.

  • Why Can't I Deposit at Pinnacle?

    Reasons you can’t deposit at Pinnacle include failing to meet the deposit requirements to your account being blocked from doing so.

    Before making a deposit, ensure you are within the proper requirements. Pinnacle has a minimum and maximum deposit depending on the method you are using. 

    Another issue might be because the method you are using is invalid. This means the source you are using cannot provide the payment you are trying to deposit.

    If using a bank transfer or debit, ensure you have the proper funds. If using a credit card, ensure your carrier allows deposits to gambling companies. If using bitcoin, ensure you are a verified seller. 

    Double-check your payment method before making any deposits. If you make too many invalid deposits, Pinnacle may put a restriction on your account.

    Once Pinnacle puts a restriction on your account, this may be as severe as being disabled from depositing from a specific method or being banned from the website entirely.

    If you meet all the requirements and have sufficient funds and still can’t deposit, contact customer service as there may be a technical issue.

  • Why can't I withdraw at Pinnacle?

    If you can’t withdraw money at Pinnacle, it is likely because you fail to meet withdrawal requirements.

    Before making a withdrawal, ensure you have the proper requirements. Pinnacle has a minimum and maximum withdrawal depending on the method you are using. 

    Pinnacle charges a withdrawal fee. Ensure you have sufficient money to withdraw after deducting the fee.

    Check to see if the method you are using is valid. This means the source you are using can accept the payment you are trying to withdraw.

    If using a bank transfer or debit, ensure you have it activated or that it is not locked. If using bitcoin, ensure you are a verified seller. 

    Double-check your payment method before making any withdrawals. If you make too many invalid withdrawals, Pinnacle may put restrictions on your account.

    You may also need to provide additional information such as verification forms and personal identification. 

    If you meet all the requirements and still cannot withdraw, contact customer service as there may be a technical issue.

  • Why is my Pinnacle bonus not working?

    To avail of the Pinnacle bonus, you need to use it within the requirements. This could mean using it as part of a bet (e.g. a free bet) for the specified types of bets.

    This means your bonus will only work if you bet within what the promotion acknowledged (e.g. a bet within the next three days, a bet within a certain category).

  • Why can't I login to my Pinnacle account?

    If you can’t log in to your Pinnacle account, it is either because you are not entering the correct Client ID and/or password.

    If you forgot your Client ID, simply select “Forgot Client ID”, provide the email address you registered with and answer the security question. If you still can’t verify any of these, contact customer service.

    If you forgot your password, you will need to enter your Client ID and matching email address. You will be emailed a new password and when you login, you will need to change it to a new one.

    If you still can’t log in, your account may have been suspended or locked. Check to see you are not in the exclusion list and contact customer service.

  • How to start playing at Pinnacle in Canada?

    To start playing Pinnacle in Canada, head to the website at

    Once on the main page, select the “Join” button on the upper section of the page. Alternatively, you can select the “Open Account” button at the centre of the page. 

    Fill out the required information. An activation email will be sent to the email you registered. Select the link provided to activate your account.

    Once you do so, you will need to deposit money into your account. You can use the “Withdraw” cashier form to select a method of deposit.

    Once your deposit clears, you will now be able to start playing!

  • Is it legal to play at Pinnacle in Canada?

    It is legal to play at Pinnacle in Canada. Canadian laws restricting gambling do not affect the legalities concerning Pinnacle and playing on the website despite being from Canada. 

    Pinnacle is not based in Canada hence the strict Canadian betting laws do not apply to them. The company has its own rules, however. And you still need to abide by them if you are to successfully start playing.

  • Does Pinnacle accept Bitcoin in Canada?

    Pinnacle accepts Bitcoin in Canada. 

    To use Bitcoin as a withdrawal or deposit option, head to the Deposit/Withdrawal cashier page on the site and select bitcoin. Note that you must first be a verified Bitcoin provider to successfully access these options.

    Once complete, it will take around 30 minutes to an hour for deposits to be confirmed. Withdrawals are confirmed instantly. Bitpay withdrawals are converted into the Bitcoin value at the time.

    Deposits are free, but withdrawals will incur a ‎€12 fee. There is also a maximum deposit and withdrawal within a 24 hours span (‎€8,000 for withdrawal and ‎€2,000 for withdrawal).

    Click here to see all the deposit methods available to all website.

  • Does Pinnacle accept Paypal in Canada?

    Pinnacle does not accept deposits or withdrawals through PayPal at the moment. PayPal also tends to have regulations toward gambling. 

    What you can do is use PayPal to fund other forms of payment on Pinnacle.

    Forms of payment like the debit options, bank transfers, and bitcoin can be funded by PayPal. 

    Click here to see all sportsbooks which accept Paypal.

  • Does Pinnacle offer bonuses in Canada?

    Pinnacle does many things well, but unfortunately, they do not offer bonuses.

    What Pinnacle does instead consistently offers the best betting lines. They also have low juice (they take less of your money as part of betting) and is an industry leader in accepting high limit bets as well as provide a vast variety of banking options.

  • How to find Pinnacle bonus in Canada?

    You will not find any Pinnacle bonus in Canada as they are simply not offered. Instead, focus on the low juice and the high betting limits the sportsbook offers.

    Using sign-up offers and the gimmicky promotions many sites offer can also complicate betting. This can tie up your money and complicate withdrawal requests.

  • Who can play at Pinnacle?

    Canadians aged 18 and over can register for a Pinnacle account. Opening an account is simple and easy although you have to abide by the company’s rules and regulations.

    You must read the terms and conditions and follow the rules or risk getting banned. Be ready to provide personal information or verification of payment when requested. 

    Ensure your payment methods are legitimate and accessible as issues that arise may lead to your account getting flagged.

  • What can I bet on at Pinnacle?

    At Pinnacle, there are a lot of events you can bet on. Sports is the bread-and-butter of Pinnacle and almost everything that is played on this planet can be bet on.

    This includes traditional sports like baseball, basketball, boxing, football, soccer, and tennis. And Pinnacle priding itself as an industry leader in targeting new markets, newer sports like mixed martial arts, esports, and crossfit are available.

    Pinnacle is home to one of the best esports betting platforms. With a portal dedicated solely to it, Pinnacle also has a blog, a schedule, and extensive odds on everything esports from CS:GO to League of Legends.

    But it doesn’t stop at sports.

    Pinnacle also opens lines on everyday events from the worlds of entertainment (award shows, TV shows, reality TV etc.), politics (elections, federal campaigns etc.), and scientific events (space, AI, new technology etc.).

    Outside of these, Pinnacle offers virtual sports like horse racing, virtual football, and racing simulators. This is different from the casino, which offer more traditional fare like table games (blackjack, roulette, craps etc.), slots, and live games (money wheel, triple card poker, etc.).

  • Why Can't I Bet at Pinnacle?

    If you cannot bet at Pinnacle, it is because you do not meet the requirements to create an account and/or your account has been given restrictions.

    If you can’t create an account, it is because you are either underage, can’t provide the required documentation, and/or are from a residence that is excluded from Pinnacle.

    If your account is not working and it is a new account, it is likely because it hasn’t been activated yet. Upon registering, an email was sent to you with an activation link. Select this link or have Pinnacle send another one.

    If your account was locked, it is likely due to multiple failed log-in attempts (protection against hacking).

    If your account was suspended, it is for additional compliance information. Pinnacle requires more personal information from you to fulfill its Regulatory and International Financial Regulations 

    If it isn’t any of these, it might be due to a technical error. Take a screenshot of the error and contact customer service for help resolving the issue.

  • Have I self-excluded at Pinnacle?

    You will be self-excluded at Pinnacle after you submit an exclusion form. You may self-exclude yourself temporarily or permanently. 

    Doing a temporary self-exclusion suspends your account for a duration. It will automatically reopen once you reach the end of your temporary self-exclusion.

    A permanent self-exclusion will shut down your account and you will not be able to register for a new one.

    Contact customer service to arrange for your remaining funds to be returned to you. If you don’t, your funds will remain in your account and you will not have access to them. 

    As for your active wagers, they will not be cancelled during temporary self-exclusion and any winnings will be added to your balance. They will be cancelled within 72 hours of filing a permanent self-exclusion.

  • Who owns Pinnacle?

    Magnus Hedman is the majority shareholder of Pinnacle. He is the owner of Touchbet, a sports betting risk management firm and is based in Malta. 

    Pinnacle’s CEO Paris Smith has high praise for Hedman, whom she says helped the sportsbook secure its new Malta Gaming Authority license. 

    Under Hedman, Pinnacle took innovative approaches to the betting landscape including being the first to offer Drone Racing among many others.

    Smith said of Hedman, “his unrivalled industry expertise and experience helped drive an ambitious strategy for Pinnacle Sports.”

    Since the sale of Pinnacle, they have rebranded (changing their name from Pinnacle Sports to just Pinnacle) and moved from a US/UK-dominant market to a more global one. 

    Pinnacle most recently launched “Betting Resources” to help educate bettors on the intricacies of betting. The portal contains over a thousand articles, a betting tools section, and a glossary of terms.

    And early in 2018, they announced their first-ever brand ambassador in Mats Wilander. 

    Under Hedman, Pinnacle will continue to grow and push the boundaries of the betting experience all while putting the needs of their customers first.

  • Why is Pinnacle down?

    The most common reason why the website goes down is due to site maintenance. This is usually done around 12:00 to 3:00 AM EDT and is advertised on the website and social media accounts. 

    Another reason might be entering the wrong address. Pinnacle has changed and can change their address or their domain. Clear your browser cookies and Google the new Pinnacle address to get their most updated ones.

    A rare but realistic scenario is an issue with the website itself. The site could be having server issues. Pinnacle will notify you through email or social media if they expect to be down for a prolonged period.

    Contact customer service if you need more information.

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