Esports Betting Odds 2020

Esports is short for "electronic sports" better known as video games. These types of games involve multiple players, usually in teams, who compete against each other and are viewed by billions either on streaming sites like Twitch or watched live on stadiums and arenas. Thanks to their burgeoning market, esports betting odds are now offered by sportsbooks and other betting sites. 

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Best odds for esports competitions

The most important esports competitions also have the biggest prize pools.

League of Legends (LoL), Call of Duty (CoD), Defense of the Ancients 2 (DoTA 2) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) are the big four of esports gaming.

These games also lead the way in esports odds. With prize pools that go up to $25 million per competition, thousands of tournaments, and over $70 million in prizes combined, this is where the money is at. And oddsmakers are keeping tabs of the action offering the best esports odds including Canada.

esports betting odds

How to bet on Esports

You can bet on esports like how you would most other sports. Firstly, sign up to a sportsbookMost of these books offer esports betting. Opening an account is easy for Canadians. Simply register, make a deposit, and you're in! Also, these books offer a signup bonus for first-time players. 

Esports odds

We reviewed these top sportsbooks for your convenience. Read about each one to comb over their differences and which ones are best for you. It is recommended to open at least two accounts to get the advantages each book has and to have more betting options.

What are the types of Esports Vegas Odds

Esports Moneyline

The moneyline shows the odds of the outright winner. This is where you bet who wins the match, straight-up.

Moneyline odds appear as a minus number like "-200" to indicate the favourite or a plus number like "+150" to show the underdog. These figures are based off a $100 wager. 

The minus number shows how much you have to bet to win $100. So if the favourite is -200 to win, it means you have to bet $200 to win $100.

The plus number shows how much you win if you bet $100. So if the underdog is +150 to win, it means a $100 bet could earn you $150.

Use these formulas to calculate your potential winnings:

For Favourites:

Wager / Odds x 100 = potential winnings

e.g. 100 / 150 x 100 = $66.67 (your winnings)

For Underdogs:

(Wager x Odds) / 100 = potential winnings

e.g. (100 x 150) / 100 = $150.00 (your winnings)

best esports odds

Esports Point Spread

This is where you pick the team or player who can cover their handicap (or beat their spread). In the case of esports, the handicap usually comes in the forms of points or rounds a team must win by (or can lose by). 

Like the moneyline, favourites are indicated by a minus like "-1.5" while the underdogs have a plus like "+1.5".

The minus and plus numbers don't indicate the odds of winning, however. It indicates how many rounds or points the team or player is favoured by. 

Alternative to the moneyline where you simply pick the winner, straight-up, the point spread is where you pick who covers their handicap:

  • Favourite -1.5
  • Underdog +1.5

This means the favourite will be subtracted 1.5 rounds (or points) from their final tally. If they win by two rounds, they cover because their final total doesn't go below zero (a losing tally).

Consequently, the underdog will be added 1.5 rounds (or points) from their final result. If they lose by one round, adding 1.5 rounds will push their result to a winning one. 

And like the moneyline, there are odds on each team's probability to "beat the spread" (cover their handicap). 

If the favourite is lined at -185 to cover -1.5, this means you need to bet $185 to win $100 only if the favourite wins by 1.5 rounds or more (rounded up to 2).

Esports moneyline odds

Esports Live Betting

Like most of the popular sports, esports also features live betting. esports live odds are constantly updated due to the fast pace of gaming. Live betting allows you to bet on teams or players while the action is happening (within a limit). 

This is a good way to get better returns on the players or teams depending how the game going. 

A favourite who closed at -150 could go up to -120 or even at an underdog price if they are losing the game. Likewise, an underdog who closed at +120 could jump to +400 if they are behind. 

This makes comebacks or upset victories even more exciting and is the main reason why you need to install betting apps on your mobile devices.

Esports Parlays

Parlays a great way to get better returns on your bets. In a parlay, you place two or more bets together to get a better return on the condition that all your bets win. If even just a single bet loses, the entire parlay loses. 

e.g. You place favourite X (-300) and favourite Y (-200) together in a parlay at -100 (EV). Both X and Y win. The return on your bet is EV ($100 on a $100 bet).

You earn more this way as opposed to betting X and Y separately (you would have had to bet $250 in total ($150 plus $100) to win the same amount. 

Esports betting tips

While esports is a new type of sport and is different from traditional sports like hockey and football, the betting fundamentals still apply to it. 

Esports Tips

  • Do Your Research: not just with esports but with the likelihood of winning. Realistically, most bettors lose when they bet. Even the most advanced or experienced bettor can lose. Have level-headed expectations when you bet. Understand the different types of bets, the different sports, leagues, and watch! The best research is a combination of using stats and watching and playing the games.
  • Have a Budget: when betting, it is best to bet by percentages of your bankroll. This is usually referred to as "units". A unit is usually a percent of your total cash. If you deposited $1,000, a unit for you is $10. Many professionals bet by units and correlate the amount of units risked to the value of the betting line. Do not just put random amounts based on your feelings. 
  • Stay on Top of the News: betting lines are fast to change depending on what happens on the news. A top team could see their line go up if one of their key players is absent or is sick. Likewise, an underdog could see their price go up if they are on a hot streak. Stay up to date with the news and watch the lines.
  • Use only the Best Sportsbooks: there are hundreds of sportsbooks online and it can get confusing. However, we compiled the best and most legitimate ones open for Canadians. These books are professional, offer great customer service, and include signup offers for new players.