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The world of entertainment is so vast and broad and there are so many things to bet on. Entertainment betting odds are another world entirely.

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    Odds & Insights: The Oscars 2020
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Betting on Cinema

Cinema   Entertainment Betting Online

In all entertainment forms cinema a.k.a. movies are where all the money is.

The Academy Awards (Oscars), and Golden Globes are the two most prestigious awards shows for a reason. Every year, fans participate trying to predict the winners almost like fans filling out brackets for NCAA March Madness. The Oscars are almost like the Super Bowl for entertainment betting. 

The Oscars takes place around February and honours the best films of the past year from an artistic and technical perspective. The winners are decided by a panel of voters from the Academy comprised of various figures from the film industry.

The Golden Globes takes place in January about a month before the Oscars and celebrates both the best in film and television. Although its format is different, a formal event where attendees are seated in tables, the results are usually similar to the Oscars. Many prognosticators use this as a precursor to predicting the Oscars.

Beyond these two mega awards shows, there are a plethora of film fests with their own sets of awards. The Cannes Film Festival, Venice, and Toronto (TIFF) are three of the most iconic ones and receive international attention.

The Toronto Film Festival occurs every start of September and has gradually grown since its inception in 1976. It has become so big that it is considered as "second only to Cannes" in terms of film fest prestige. Its People's Choice Award, which is based on audience votes, is an indicator of success for the awards seasons. 

Past movies that have won the award include Slumdog Millionaire (2008), La La Land (2016), and Green Book (2018), which have all gone to win numerous Academy Awards among others.

In these film festivals, you can catch an early glimpse of critically acclaimed films before they release to the worldwide audience.

Betting on Music

Music   Entertainment Betting Online

Next to cinema, music makes a significant impact on our lives. Almost everyone loves music and has a favourite genre, artist, or album. That is why the Grammys are almost as popular as the Academy Awards.

The Grammys are where music's finest are honoured. It takes place to the Oscars around February and honours the best recordings, compositions, and artists of the eligibility year: from October to September. But although it is the most important, it isn't the only major music awards show.

The Billboard Music Awards and American Music Awards also garner significant press and with the Grammys, are considered the "Big Three" of major music awards. The Billboards take place in the fall, around May while the AMA's air before the Grammys around October.

Other notable music awards include the Country Music Association Awards and Canada's own Juno Awards. The Junos are selected by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS). However, unlike most of the American awards, the Junos use sales figures to determine nine categories including Album of the Year and Artist of the Year. 

The MTV Music Video Awards is an alternative awards show that caters to a younger demographic. The Canadian version of this is the iHeartRadio MMVAs, originally known as the Much Music Video Awards.

Betting on TV Shows

TV Shows   Entertainment Betting Online

The broadest category of entertainment betting belongs to TV shows. Unlike cinema and music, you get to bet on TV shows as they happen. It's almost like betting on the regular season of sports. In a way, TV shows are the closest thing to sports for entertainment.

Popular shows like Game of Thrones, The Bachelor, and Dancing with the Stars often open outright betting lines and also offer lines from a week to week basis. These shows are extremely popular and are constantly atop the charts in terms of ratings. 

Depending on the show, you get to bet on different things. For example, in Game of Thrones, a popular bet was "Who Would Claim the Iron Throne?" at the season finale. While for reality TV shows like The Bachelor and Survivor, different bets include "Who Will Be Voted Off?" or "Who Will Win the Season?" 

These types of bets are great for both fans and players who have an uncanny ability to gauge the public's interest. Although it is notable that the odds can be quite lopsided, especially when the results will be obvious. 

Another popular "TV show" is the WWE. Part-sport and part-entertainment, several books open lines on the WWE, especially during their major pay-per-events like Wrestlemania and the Royal Rumble. 

Since the WWE is a scripted event, the odds can be changed quickly or be taken off the board when a "leak" (a result is exposed). The betting limits for the WWE are also lower than traditional sports due to this nature. 

Canada Sports Betting has a lot of material on WWE odds.

But outside the actual TV shows are the awards. Like cinema and music, TV shows also have their own awards show known as the Emmys. But unlike the Academy Awards or Grammys, the Emmys are presented in different annual ceremonies throughout the year.  

The two Emmys that receive the most attention are the Primetime Emmy Awards and Daytime Emmy Awards. The Primetime Emmy Awards are dedicated to the TV shows that take place during the primetime slot (middle of the evening) while the Daytime Emmy Awards are focused on the ones that happen throughout the day. 

The Golden Globes also gives awards to select TV shows and categories. 

Religious Bets

Religious Bets   Entertainment Betting Online

There is something funny about religion and betting going hand-in-hand, but it is a part of entertainment!

While the odds don't always happen, there are some notable events that get covered such as the election of the next pope.  

Electing a pope is a complex process that is usually underreported. Hence, there can be money to be had if the player has done his homework. The outright odds usually pay upwards of 4-1 considering how little most players (and oddsmakers) know about the process and people involved.

Canada has two candidates for the 2019 Papal election. Cardinal Marc Ouellet is 6-1 (7.00) to win, third overall just behind Ghana's Cardinal Peter Turkson and the Filipino Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle. The second candidate, Cardinal Thomas Collins is a longshot at 40-1 (41.00) 

Another type of bet offered is what the name of the pope will be. Again, this is another intricate process that will require a little more digging. 

Like other entertainment bets, limits for betting here are low due to the special nature of the events. 

Everyday life and bizarre bets

Everyday life and bizarre bets   Entertainment Betting Online

This is where the best of everything else happens. While "everyday life" or "bizarre bets" are not actual categories, the events that happen.

Global events like the Royal Baby's Name or the Mars Landing are some funny bets you can make.

Although they are completely arbitrary and nearly impossible to gauge, especially in the short term. 

There are also other "sports" like the hot dog eating contest or an arm wrestling match. Whatever oddball sport you can think of or hear about, chances are, a sportsbook has opened a line on it. 

A popular event that falls under a category of its own is the Miss Universe beauty pageant. As the most popular pageant, the event garners international recognition worldwide.

Viewed by at least half a billion people annually, the Miss Universe pageant is the biggest of the "Big Four" of beauty pageants including Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth. 

Before the Miss Universe, there are beauty contests held in many of the competing countries including the USA. The Miss USA and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants also gain recognition and although not as popular as Miss Universe, they still receive enough attention for betting lines to open.

Canada has not done particularly well in beauty pageants. Last year, Marta Stepien was considered a strong candidate for the Miss Universe pageant but fell short of expectations. Canada won the 2005 pageant and has yet to produce another contender. 

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