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Emmy Predictions 2024

Find the best Emmy Awards Predictions for 2024 and all other Emmy Awards betting resources here.

2024 Emmy Awards Odds

Here are the odds for the 2024 Emmy Awards, the current odds are subject to change and will be updated on a regular basis to ensure you get the best available wagers. All 2024 Emmy Awards odds were updated on May 23, 2024:

Emmy Awards: Outstanding Drama Series
The Last of Us9.00
The White Lotus13.00
Better Call Saul23.00
The Crown26.00
House of the Dragon34.00

Emmy Awards Odds 2024

Emmy odds are open as soon as nominees for the awards are announced. And in some cases, they open even before nominees are introduced. Some shows are so big and popular that it is a no-brainer they will be nominated for the awards.

You don’t need to wait until the night of the Emmy Awards to bet the same way you can make your Emmy Awards 2024 predictions at any time. 

The Emmy Awards betting odds are the Emmy Awards Vegas odds. They are one and the same as most odds are opened within the strips of Sin City. Awards shows, like most big entertainment programs, are major betting attractions just like sports betting odds.

Betting on the Emmy Awards is almost as simple as searching for Emmy predictions 2024. Since it’s a simple announcement, the markets are straightforward.

This is a cool easy way for movie and TV buffs like yourself to earn some extra ching along with your spot-on predictions.

emmy predictions 2019

How to K.O. the bookie with winning Emmy Awards bets?

If you want to finish off the bookie by winning Emmy Awards bets, you will first need to find the best sportsbooks for you. Only by perusing each and comparing them can you make an informed decision which suits you.

Open the books in different tabs and compare the Emmy Awards markets, the odds, and the bonuses. Almost all books offer entertainment betting odds (called ‘specials’ in some books) but they all do it at different rates.

Find books that offer a sign-up bonus or some kind of promotion that will reward you with free bets for betting the Emmy Awards. And some books also offer the most markets for Emmy Awards. 

Some books will have a limited selection tailored to just the most popular types of awards. But some will go as far as include multiple categories.

Check the odds. Most books offer similar odds and adjust their prices depending on the action with other books. But some will deviate and offer some odds at lower cents. This could be on a bet-by-bet basis, meaning not all their markets will have it but a specific few bets.

And lastly, how do the sites look on mobile? It’s 2024 but only some sites have the smoothest mobile sites. 

emmy awards 2019 predictions

Find the best welcome bonus for Emmy Awards betting and you will be halfway to getting a good deal. You see the types of bonuses advertised a lot. A sign-up offer is exactly what it sounds like: a reward for signing up on the website.

These sign-up bonuses usually come in the form of free bets that match the cash you deposited (to a certain extent). Though limited by terms and conditions (read them thoroughly), you will be able to use these free bets to bet on the Emmy Awards odds if you pick the right one.

These bonuses are free bets and you do not need to wager, stake your own cash, to use them. If you win, you will be rewarded in free cash. And if you lose, you didn’t burn any real cash. Think of it as a freeroll or as a no consequences trial run.

Speaking of no consequences, there is also a no deposit bonus. This is when you get the perks of a sign-up offer without having to put in cash. Though rarer than the regular sign-up bonus, a no deposit bonus is usually awarded during a limited time. 

Most of our sportsbooks offer a sign-up bonus. Try ’em out and see.

Canada Sports Betting has partners that offer the highest odds for Emmy Awards. Most of our books get into the action as this is one of the biggest entertainment programs of the year. Not only does it garner widespread popularity among TV and movie buffs, but among the betting public.

Find the best odds by comparing individual sportsbooks, either by accessing these books and comparing the hard way, or checking our posted odds today. This widget will reveal which shows odds from a couple of sportsbooks side by side. 

Once you find some books that offer slightly higher odds on some bets, keep this book tagged as they may do this regularly. Although sometimes, popular books with extensive Emmy Awards odds will have odds that are higher than average.

Sportsbooks usually just follow the leaders when it comes to adjusting prices. Find the books that specialize on Emmy Awards odds and other entertainment categories. When they get action, they will adjust their prices. If you catch them at the right time, you might find some on a good value.

Finding the highest Emmy Awards odds coincides with finding which bookie has the most current Emmy Awards betting odds. These sportsbooks are usually the first ones to open the betting lines for the awards with the rest following suit (and copying their lines).

bet99 is one of the market leaders in opening Emmy Awards odds. As such, they also offer the most recent betting lines. Although they don’t always offer the highest odds. Another book may open their Emmy Awards odds later but will entice you by offering them at a better price. Sometimes.

Some books may not be quick at offering Emmy Awards odds, but they are great at opening other types of entertainment or specials odds.

These books like Betway and Spin Sports have odds on other events like the UK Elections, movies, and TV shows. These odds are also known as propositions, bets that don’t deal with a win/lose outcome, but something else entirely. 

All three of the aforementioned books also offer futures markets. For the Emmy Awards, that’s all it is. A futures bet is a result that is still far away. And when Emmy Awards odds open months before the show, it is a futures bet.

You can bet on Emmy Awards with mobile and you should! Today, more and more people use their smartphones more than their laptops. This is especially true with the younger generation, who are also among the most active bettors.

When picking your book, always judge its mobile site or mobile app. If you’re betting with your phone, that’s a no-brainer. But here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding if a mobile site or app is better.

A mobile site is more readily available and accessible to any type of phone. They are also more quickly updated, are easier to share (handy for referral bonuses), and cannot be deleted. 

An app is more customizable. You can tailor apps to suit your needs more and you can access them even when offline. Most importantly, their push notifications keep you updated. What’s handier than your sportsbook app notifying you about odds changes or opening lines?

Most sites are available on mobile. And if an app exists, make use of it too.

Use all these tools to maximize your betting access.

emmy betting odds

This is How You Make The Best Emmy Awards Bets

emmy odds

We don’t need to tell you that research is how you make the best Emmy Awards bets. Read up on all the news you can find. Stay updated. If you’ve made friends with movie buffs back in college, hit them up and ask them their takes.

You need to eat, live, and breathe the film and/or TV industry and gain a strong read on how the Emmy awards work if you want to nail your bets. Or you can just chalk (although this doesn’t always work).

Here at Canada Sports Betting, we give you the basic principles in making educated bets. Always remember: bet smart. And know your limits.