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SOCCER–Article posted on Wednesday 22 May
Copa del Rey Predictions 2019 
The 2018/19 Copa del Rey final will be played on Saturday 25 in Seville. The big favourites Barcelona face the underdog Valencia.
Online Sports Betting

When is the last time you've learned to earn? Limited sports coverage, less than sharp odds, the inconvenience of heading to a store to purchase tickets, plus the dreaded three-bet wagering requirements... Canadian sports lotteries have long been called out for their unfair betting practices, especially compared to those at the top ranked online sportsbooks. Put your trust in our team of sports betting experts to guide your bettor's journey and get your money right!

NHL Odds

Canada loves the NHL, but so do Canadian sportsbooks. The only major Canadian-facing sport (c’mon now, we all know that’s true) to get widespread exposure across the sportsbook industry. Most Canadian sports betting sites offer a wide range of action on every single NHL game on the board.

NBA Odds

Even though we boast only one NBA franchise, there’s little doubt that Canada’s hoops-crazy. Canadian sports betting sites give hoops fans huge opportunities to bet on the hometown Toronto Raptors, complete with live betting options so you can bet from tip-off to buzzer-beater.

NFL Odds

Hailed as nothing short of football's greatest spectacle, the NfL runs from September until the end of December (regular season), followed by playoffs in January and climaxing with the Super Bowl, usually in the first days of February. Bet now on the next NFL games!

NHL Futures

21/04/18 Update: Nearing the end of the 2018 Stanley Cup Quarterfinals, all eight Eastern Conference squads remain in contention. Most exciting of any race, the fight for top spot in the East was decided by Florida who made a valiant charge but finished one point out of the postseason.

CFL Odds

CFL = Canada's best kept secret which gives sharp Canadian bettors dozens of ways to win serious coin. With only nine teams, and usually only 4 of those 9 being dominant each year, riding a CFL team from the top of the season to the Grey Cup is 100% doable!

Soccer Games Today

Soccer is universally recognized as the most popular sport on the planet. As such, leagues and tournaments are played all around the globe, so you know there’s a game waiting for you no matter what time of the day, no matter what day of the week.

Canadian Lotteries

Canuck sports bettors have been saddled with government regulated sports lotteries since 1976. The operators, plus options offered, differ from province to province but they all follow the same model when it come to return rates, betting odds, and wager permission structures.

Learn To Earn

Similar to the wheel, gambling has been a thread in the fabric of society since the stone ages. While the wheel is still round, the sports wagering landscape has changed very dramatically over the years, and how people bet on sports and entertainment continues to evolve on a near daily basis.

Horse Racing

Horse racing has a rich history in the Great White North and continues to thrive with a wide variety of thoroughbred, quarter horse and harness racing action to choose from. Just as many opportunities for online bettors to make a few bucks while playing the ponies.

If there’s one thing that’s true about we Canadians, it’s that we are some of the most devoted sports fans in the world. Where else can a team that comes in last like the Maple Leafs sell out every game? While NHL pro hockey and minor league hockey get most of the Canadian sports bettors focus, betting on CFL football can earn smart punters a lot of cash.

Our other pro franchise, the Toronto Raptors may be removed from their Championship-caliber days, but there’s still lots of money to be made on the NBA championship... Regardless of your betting needs and skills, bank on Canada Sports Betting and get ready to cash in!

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