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With so many new choices online offering sports betting in Canada, digging through the options can be exhausting! We’ve gone ahead and done the legwork for you, so check out the best online sports betting sites in Canada, whittled down to our Top 5!

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NHL Picks & Pucklines Tonight 
The Toronto Maple Leafs headline Tuesday night hockey, hosting the St. Louis Blues at the Air Canada Centre. NHL picks and pucklines for January 16th also include the rising Dallas Stars travelling to Detroit as road favorites. Busy San Jose faces a well-rested Coyotes squad in the desert, while the Vegas Golden Knights travel to Nashville to regain momentum atop the western conference.
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If there’s one thing that’s true about we Canadians, it’s that we are some of the most devoted sports fans in the world. Where else can a team that comes in last like the Maple Leafs sell out every game? While NHL pro hockey and minor league hockey get most of the Canadian sports bettors focus, betting on CFL football can earn smart punters a lot of cash.

Our other pro franchise, the Toronto Raptors may be removed from their Championship-caliber days, but there’s still lots of money to be made on NBA betting.

Bet on NHL Hockey

Canada loves hockey. To be more specific, Canada loves the NHL, but so do Canadian Sports Betting Sites. The only major Canadian-facing sport (c’mon now, we all know that’s true) to get widespread exposure across the sportsbook industry, most Canadian Sports Betting sites. [+]

offer action on every NHL game, inlcluding live betting on the NHL playoffs. Most books offer the standard puck line of 1.5, so you won’t need to shop around to make some serious puckin’ money.

Bet on CFL Football

CFL = Canada’s best kept secret which gives sharp Canadian bettors dozens of ways to win serious coin every season. With only nine teams, and usually only 4 of those 9 being dominant each year, riding a CFL team from the top of the season to the Grey Cup is 100% doable! [+]

Furthermore, it could be the easiest and most fulfilling way to pad your bankroll, and it’s one that most bettors don’t know about.

Bet on NBA Basketball

Even though we boast only one NBA franchise, there’s little doubt that Canada’s hoops-crazy. Canadian sports betting sites give hoops fans huge opportunities to bet on the hometown Raptors, complete with live betting options so you can bet from tip-off to buzzer-beater. [+]

Go through our vast selection of Canadian friendly betting websites and get ready to bet today.

Ontario's Pro-Line

Ontario’s Pro-Line sports betting states that on their site you can “Get Way Into the Game”. Well, that might be true but good luck getting out. Despite boasting the ugliest website this side of your grandmother’s foray into the “inter-webs”, the odds and payouts are awful. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! [+]

Overly complex and lack of player options highlight the OLG’s sports betting offer. Do yourself a favor and pass this line.

BCLC's Sports Action

Like pretty much everything in British Columbia, BCLC’s SportsAction sports betting service might look nice, but boy is it expensive. Despite the terrible lines offered, how you get paid depends on if you get every single bet on your card correct – and even then Canadian Sports Betting Sites pay better. [+]

Plus, if you want to cancel one part of your wager you’ll need to go to the same retailer where you bought the ticket and all other bets on that ticket are cancelled as well. What a hassle.


Loto-Quebec’s Mise-O-Jeu betting program is a pretty sweet deal…for those people who have no idea there are better options out there. Despite boasting some decent lines, bets are limited to whole dollar amounts from $2 to $100 maximum. That’s not all, Mise-O-Jeu won’t even let you make straight bets! [+]

As if that’s not enough of a reason to choose a Canadian-facing sportsbook, keep in mind that after placing your bets, you’ll need to hoof it over to a Loto-Quebec kiosk to validate the bets. Want to get a refund or pick up your winnings? Yep, you’ll need to walk over there again. Save yourself the money on sneakers and join one of the sites we have listed on our pages.

When is the last time you’ve learned to earn? Limited sports coverage, less than sharp odds, the inconvenience of heading to a store to purchase tickets, plus the dreaded three-bet wagering requirements… Canadian sports lotteries have long been called out for their unfair betting practices, especially compared to those at the top ranked online sportsbooks. Put your trust in our team of sports betting experts to guide your bettor’s journey and get your money right!