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  • Safe, secure betting services and competitive lines.
  • 100% Canadian Focus
  • Plenty of deposit methods
  • Clean and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Wide variety of betting markets
  • Advanced mobile betting platform, including virtual and eSports.
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Single-game sports betting has been permitted on a national level, but this does not mean that each province and territory will be opening up its markets. The Northwest Territories have decided in November 2021 to open up their markets to single-game sports betting.

Single-game sports betting is legal in the Northwest Territories.

How to Gamble in the Northwest Territories

Despite the absence of professional sports teams and a sparse population, the Northwest Territories is home to some of the most avid sports fans and bettors. And now with the amendment to single-game betting in the Northwest Territories and the country as a whole, the province’s betting community is likely to grow.

And gambling in the Northwest Territories has never been easier thanks to providing a one-stop-shop for all the best online sportsbooks. 

These books are open to anyone from the Northwest Territories and they sweeten the pot by offering a sign-up bonus for new players. Best of all, they let you bet on the many different sports from Canadian favourites like ice hockey and baseball to emerging global sports like MMA and esports.  

Traditionally, the NWT Lottery is responsible for all the gambling action up here. Their headquarters are found in Yellowknife, the territory’s capital city and any stores hoping to be a gambling vendor need to purchase their licenses here.

The Northwest Lottery and the Northwest Proline have been the only local sports betting options here. And while they’re serviceable, online sportsbooks just offer plenty more options.

Besides, when it’s deathly cold outside, it’s much more convenient to stay at home and enjoy sports wagering with a hot chocolate and snuggies. 

northwestern territories

How to gamble on sports in Northwest territories

You can gamble on sports in the Northwest Territories if you follow all the regulations imposed by both the online sportsbooks and the NWT Lottery.

This includes being over 18-years-old, having an email address, and/or verifying your identity with a valid government-issued photo ID. 

In some cases, you may also need to provide proof of address (rarely) and a bank statement or credit check. It mostly depends on the online sportsbook you are signing up for.

When it comes to the Northwest Proline, this is like buying cigarettes or alcohol: show your ID to prove you are of age and the clerks should have no issues. Make sure to read and understand the rules when betting the Proline or playing online.

When playing with online sportsbooks, do your due diligence by comparing the books. This means reading their reviews and using them to compare the pros and cons of each. But if you want to be meticulous, open these books at different tabs or windows and see. 

A few factors you need to consider when picking the book are its efficiency, odds, and promotions.

You want to ensure the books have a fully functional and easy-to-navigate interface both for their desktop and mobile sites. Check to see if they offer odds early and if they are good odds that reflect the market. And also keep an eye out for what kind of promotions they offer. 

Narrow your options by focusing on what kind of sports you want to bet. Find the sportsbook that offer the best odds, the most markets, and the best promotions for the sport. Different books will focus on different sports even if all of them offer odds for all sports.

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Compare Sportsbooks for best betting opportunities in NWT

On the note of comparing sportsbooks, the Northwest Lottery’s options are straightforward and limited. With online sportsbooks, you’ll need to carefully examine each.

One of the first things you compare is bonuses, as we mentioned. Most sportsbooks offer a sign-up bonus but they all differ in the denomination. Some books offer up to $500 in cash bonuses to match your deposit. Most will offer up to $200.

Secondly, you will need to compare the campaigns and promos the books offer. As we discussed, the books offer these promos depending on the sport. The campaigns and promos tend to run the same time as a season starts. The main sports leagues: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and soccer leagues run from season to season as do the corresponding promos.

And while the NWT Lottery keeps a tight lid on the betting scene locally, online sportsbooks are a little more liberal. You will be able to play using more ways of depositing your money including using bitcoin. 

Bitcoin sports betting is a thing in Canada even if the Northwest Lottery does not accept this as a form of payment. But some books prefer this method and it is also the fastest payment you can access. However, some books have yet to accept bitcoin. 

On an additional note, you will need to be a verified bitcoin user to start handling the currency. 

Other forms of payment you can use include credit cards, money orders, and third-party debt. They are also fast forms of payment.

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Best Sportsbooks in Northwest territories

The best thing about online sportsbooks in the Northwest Territories is they don’t differ in their service from when they serve other provinces or territories much like a national Sports Lottery in Canada. These books, so long as the NWT is eligible, will offer the same type of legitimate service.  

The absence of sports teams or events in the NWT doesn’t mean a lack of sports enthusiasm in the territories. Besides, with long harsh winters and not much to do, most of the denizens would stick to their local pubs or stay at home and watch sports.

And thanks to the magic of modern tech, it’s easy to catch any kind of sport. This is why online sportsbooks cover all the big sports. 

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is Canada’s main sport and the NHL is the undisputed king here in the north. Online sportsbooks offer a wealth of betting options from the NHL preseason to the Stanley Cup Finals. They also cover non-NHL ice hockey leagues and events like the KHL, the World Juniors, and the World Cup of Hockey.

The markets for ice hockey are also bountiful and include the “Canadian line” a.k.a. “Puck line”, which is like ice hockey’s own point spread. This unique market takes an alternative strategy and adds a twist to watching hockey games.


Catching up to the popularity of ice hockey is football, both American and Canadian. The NFL enjoys more international success and is a behemoth of a sports league. But Canadians are also enamoured with their local CFL, which produces some exciting football matches in its own right.

The books also offer countless markets for both the CFL and NFL from their exhibition games to the Grey Cup and Super Bowl. Both events garner widespread viewership and betting action from coast-to-coast. The CFL planning to expand to Halifax combined with the NFL introducing more and more games to Canada can only mean the continued growth of both leagues.

NWT sports gambling

Other Sports

Other major sports events like the NBA Finals, MLB World Series, Kentucky Derby, and both Summer and Winter Olympics are available. The rise of the Toronto Raptors is bringing basketball even bigger acclaim in Canada. And baseball has long been a Canadian favourite and the return of the Montreal Expos will only make the sport bigger.

Types of Bets 

Rivalling their coverage of sports are the different types of betting they offer. Whereas the Northwest Proline is pretty much a parlay, where you bet multiple outcomes into one single wager, the online sportsbooks offer anywhere from pre-match odds to live betting to futures.

Online sportsbooks also offer hundreds of different markets:

  • Straight-up: this is the most common type of bet to make; simply pick who wins the game or match (or pick a tie/draw if it’s applicable); odds here manifest in three ways:
  • Moneyline: manifest as a minus (favourite) or plus (underdog) number; minus indicates how much you bet to win $100 while plus shows how much you win when you bet $100
  • Decimal: manifest as a decimal; to calculate your winnings, multiply your bet by the decimal number
  • Fractional: manifest as a fraction; calculate your winnings by multiplying it by the fraction
  • Spreads: mostly known as “point spreads”, this is an alternative to the moneyline; handicap points are assigned to both competitors and whoever wins, after adding or subtracting their handicaps, wins the bet; unlike the moneyline, odds here are set at even for both
  • Over/Under (Totals): contrary to betting on a winner, you can bet on the total amount of points/goals/runs both teams/players will score in the event; like the spread, this 50/50 proposition results in even odds for both sides
  • Props: an exotic bet, this is a side wager you make that deals with more specific results (like a specific amount of points a player will score or a team will win by) either during pre-game, during the game, or after it
nwt lottery

Northwest Territories Lottery

With online sportsbooks, it is easier to make money with your sports knowledge compared with the Northwest Lottery or the Northwest Proline. 

In betting, nothing is guaranteed. But when you’re playing with the NWT Lottery, they stack the deck against you. Just take the Northwest Proline as an example. 

The Northwest Proline is watered down. If you make the same type of bet in an online sportsbook, you will win almost twice as much.

But what makes winning the Proline so difficult is its scoring system, which includes a draw. And they combine both straight-up style bets with point spread bets in their own scoring category.

nwt sports betting

With the Proline, they make a discrepancy between a win and a win+. This means the teams have to win by five or more points or 11 or more points to cover either, respectively. Winning under five counts as a draw. 

This is consistent for all types of sports or teams and doesn’t align with the odds that Vegas sets for online sportsbooks, further convoluting everything.

With all of these conditions, sports betting becomes akin to playing the lottery. With online sportsbooks, you can do this and you can make more informed wagers with single outcome bets with more flexible odds. And best of all, you get to choose the betting odds if you select the right sportsbooks.

Now, if you’re also a fan of scratch cards and lotteries, you can find online casinos from our partner sportsbooks. They not only offer sports betting but casinos complete with games like Poker, Roulette, and arcade games.

Sports betting in other provinces

Northwest Territories Sports Betting FAQ

Is gambling legal in Northwest Territories?

Yes, gambling is totally legal in the Northwestern Territories. Although there are no land-based casinos, there are a wide variety of options available to citizens online, with Canadian-based sportsbook providers as well as PRO-LINE markets.

Is PRO-Line available?

PRO-LINE is absolutely available and one of the most popular betting lines in the province.
The most popular type for Northwest Territories bettors is the PRO-LINE wager which allows users to wager up to $100 on a parley bet of no more than six games. Bettors can wager on win or tie, with numerous selections available.

Can I bet on racebooks in Northwest Territories?

Northwest Territories has no restrictions with regard to gambling and with no land-based casinos, all the bettors play online.
As such, the regulations users must follow are elected by each sportsbook, so it’s worth checking with the sportsbook in question and see what they have to offer in their racebooks.

Are there any casinos in Northwest Territories?

There are no casinos currently up and running in Northwest Territories, leaving bettors with online casinos and sportsbook providers to play on.

Are college sports bets available in Northwest Territories?

The capital of Yellowknife has a number of smaller sports teams, but none that are competing at a college sports level that we see in the U.S. It’s also worth noting the sparsity of the citizens of the province means it’s unlikely that a team would have a sufficient following in order to warrant the development of a team.

What’s the Northwest Territories Gambling Helpline?

While the services provided by the province permit users to gamble with online providers as there are no casinos around, but they also provide social services. For those that are struggling with gambling, they can contact 800 661 0830 for more information.

What’s the minimum you can bet?

The minimum bet will always depend on the online provider in question, as some hold very low deposit limits while others require a figure slightly beyond what is expected of a minimum. Generally speaking, the minimum will be anywhere between $2 and $10 – though always check before you deposit!

What are the deposit limits in Northern Territories?

Much like the minimum limits we discussed before, the deposit limits are dictated by the sportsbook the user’s playing on as the limits vary greatly.
Deposit limits and bonuses are key aspects of a sportsbook and must be considered and reviewed before placing their first bet. Depositing rewards users greatly, so ensure to take full advantage of what’s on offer!

Which is the best online sportsbook for Northwest Territories residents?

The best sportsbook is a difficult thing to find, as the odds and markets vary from one to the next, which means the best sportsbook is a subjective question. However, what we can do is recommend you some of the top-tier sportsbook providers right now.
For citizens of Northwest Territories, there a variety of great sportsbooks to choose from, the likes of Sports Interaction (SIA) and PowerPlay are both top choices.

Are there any professional sports teams from Northwest Territories?

The city of Yellowknife is the capital of the province, but even in Yellowknife, there are no teams competition and the top-tier of sport in Canada, nor in North America.