Yukon Sports Betting 2024

The smallest of Canada’s three territories, Yukon is a place without sports team in the pro, junior or college ranks. Only two players in NHL history – Peter Sturgeon and Bryon Baltimore – were Yukoners. Yukon sent three cross-country skiers to 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea – Dahria Beatty, Knute Johnsgaard, and Emily Nishikawa. Cross-country skier Graham Nishikawa competed in the 2018 Paralympics. Yukon sports betting options are equally limited.

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Most of Canada moves forward with single-game betting, and the smallest territory is in on the game too! Since November 2021, residents of Yukon can also enjoy single-game sports betting..

How to Gamble on Sports in Yukon?

When seeking out information on Yukon sports betting, CanadaSportsBetting.ca is the right place to get that information. Yukon sports betting is a very limited proposition.

When it comes to sports betting in Yukon, the only legalized version offered to the nearly 36,000 people who call the Territory home is the Western Canadian Lottery Corporation’s Sport Select.

Open to bettors in Yukon, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, this option requires that bettors play a parlay of a minimum of three games.

The odds and the maximum number of games a bettor can play are restricted significantly by the WCLC bookmaker, which is in fact the Alberta government. On top of that, bettors can’t play WCLC Sport Select online.


Fortunately, there are other avenues for Yukon gambling available to residents who are inclined to wager on sports.

There are many amazing online sportsbooks that Yukon residents can access on their laptop or desktop computer, or mobile device or their choice, whether that be smartphone or tablet. 

All of the data on the leading online sportsbooks there for the perusing at CanadaSportsBetting.ca. You’ll find that all of them are easy to join, present excellent bonus offers to new customers and provide a deep menu of sports betting markets.

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How Does Gambling Work In Yukon?

On the one hand, there’s a unique place in Canadian gambling history when it comes to Yukon.

The Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall is the oldest casino in Canada. Located in Dawson City and set in the style of the Klondike Days from the gold rush of the 1890s, the casino first opened for business in 1971. It offers poker, roulette, blackjack and slots.

Gerties is operated by the Klondike Visitors Association (KVA) and all proceeds are reinvested into the community. The casino operates from May-September, closing its doors during the bitter Yukon winter months.


As far as sports betting, the lone option for Yukoners is the WCLC Sport Select. There are 37 WCLC Sport Select terminals spread out across Yukon. Bettors playing Sports Select are hamstrung by the strong house-favouring rules.

In football, bettors are also required to spot the house three points, whether betting the favourite or the underdog. Any football game ending in a decision of three points or fewer is considered a tie.

As well, the WCLC Sport Select can only be played offline. The only way to wager on this form of sports betting is to get in your car and drive to the nearest WCLC retailer. During a frigid Yukon winter, that simple task can prove to be both dangerous and unlikely.

There’s another option available in Yukon sports betting and that’s to sign up with an online sportsbook. All you need is to be over 18, have funds deposited in your account and an active email address.

Check out the online sportsbook reviews at CanadaBetting.ca Choose the one that best suits your Yukon gambling needs, open an account, make a deposit and you’re on your way to your first winning wager.

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Compare Sportsbooks To Make The Best Bets In Yukon 

You wouldn’t buy the first car you saw. Before you go shopping for groceries, you check the ads from each of the supermarkets to see where the best buys can be made. Shopping for an online sportsbook is no different.

The options are many and continue to expand as the industry blossoms. When you’re in the market for an online sportsbook, you’ll want to shop around and contrast and compare all of the options in order to determine which one will be the best fit for your sports betting needs.


The sportsbooks also recognize how intense the competition is for your sports betting dollar. All of the top sportsbooks will dangle bonus offers in order to get you to sign up for their service. It’s best to determine what type of bonus you desire.

Do you want a matching deposit bonus?

Perhaps you’d like a risk-free first bet. Others will offer no deposit bonuses.

Another factor to verify is if the sportsbook is one and done in terms of bonuses. There are sites that will offer ongoing enticements, such as a reload bonus or a refer-a-friend bonus.

And many of the sportsbooks entice you with loyalty programs that entitle you to prizes as you bet.

Watch for ongoing promotional offers and check the terms and conditions that are attached to each offer.

It’s also wise to check into what banking methods are available for deposits and withdrawals. Are there fees attached? How long do these payments take to be processed?

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Best Sportsbooks In Yukon

When seeking out an online sportsbook, it’s best to begin by getting to know yourself and your sports betting needs and desires before you get to know them. 

What type of sports do you wish to wager on? What type of bets do you desire to play? Answering these questions will help enable you to find the best fit between you and an online sportsbook.

There are numerous online sportsbooks capable of satisfying your Yukon sports betting needs. If you’re merely interested in placing wagers on major North American and international sporting events, then any of these sportsbooks will suffice.

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They cover all of the big sports, including football (NFL, CFL and NCAA), basketball (NBA and NCAA), baseball (MLB), hockey (NHL), soccer (MLS and European Leagues), tennis (WTA and ATP), cricket, UFC, and Formula 1.

They cover all the big events in all big sports, such as the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, Kentucky Derby, World Series, World Cup and Olympic Games.

All of the standard betting markets – moneyline, spread, over/under and props – will be offered by any sportsbook worth its salt.

At the same time, every sportsbook will provide its own unique features that may make it stand out as the sportsbook that best serves Yukon gambling. Are you looking for pre-match odds? It could live betting that interests you. Perhaps you’re someone who enjoys investing in futures betting markets.

Other lotteries, throughout the whole country, operate the same way.

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Football Betting

The NFL is the king of North American sports betting. More money is wagered on this sport than any other, and it’s not even close.

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest sports betting day of the year in North America. Yukon gamblers can enjoy betting on the big game or entertain themselves with the ever-increasing bevy of Super Bowl prop wagers.

Who will score the first touchdown? How will the game’s first points be scored? Will the coin toss be heads or tails? What colour sports drink will be dumped over the head of the winning coach.

The best part of these fun bets is that you needn’t be a Yukon sports betting aficionado to partake.

NFL Odds are available throughout the year.

Hockey Betting

A team from Dawson City, Yukon played in the 1905 Stanley Cup final. That isn’t likely to ever happen again but Yukon gamblers can still play on the Stanley Cup.

As Canada’s game, hockey is a major player in the country’s sports betting landscape, and that holds true in Yukon sports betting.

Make a future book wager on which team will win the Stanley Cup, or which player will skate off with the Hart Trophy. Place a straight bet on the outcome of a game, or in keeping with hockey’s fast-pace of play, dive into some live betting. It’s all just a click away at your favourite online sportsbook.

As in football, you can place your wager in the NHL throughout the year.

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Betway A Sportsbook To Consider

Betway offers all the betting markets you’d expect from a leading sportsbook but they don’t stop there. Their selection of sports includes such lesser-known entities as rugby, table tennis, even esports.

On top of that, you’ll discover a deep bench of promotional offers and unique wagers like the daily Betway Boost, in which they offer boosted odds on certain events. They provide a deep bench of ongoing promotional offers covering just about every major sport.

There’s also the Betway Free Bet Club, in which $10 in Free Bets are available when you bet $25 on trebles and accumulators.

Check out all of the online sportsbooks available to Yukon gamblers at CanadaSportsBetting.ca.

One of the best aspects of wagering with an online sportsbook is that it isn’t merely a game of chance. Sure, there’s an element of luck involved in sports. A key injury, a bad bounce or even weather conditions can impact the outcome of a game.

Yukon betting chances

At the same time, there are also controllable factors that are within the bettor’s grasp. By studying trends and tendencies, utilizing analytics and past performance data, and reading up on the status of each team involved in an upcoming game, a sports bet is far more than an educated guess.

The same can’t be said for the Yukon Lottery. The outcomes of all of the games offered by the Yukon Lottery Commission are strictly down to sheer luck. The prizes offered by Lotto 649, Western 649, Lotto Max, Western Max, Pick 3, Keno and the Scratch And Win Lottery are entirely down to chance. There’s no skill involved.

While the prizes offered in a lottery can be massive, the odds of winning those prizes are astronomical. It’s more likely that you’ll be struck by lightning en route to purchase that lottery ticket than you’ll actually win the lottery.

yukon lottery

Studies show that the chances of winning Lotto 649 are one in 14 million. To capture the Lotto Max, the odds increase to one in 28.6 million. By comparison, the chances you’ll be struck by lightning are one in 15.4 thousand.

If you desire games of chance as part of your Yukon gambling experience, several of our partner sportsbooks also offer an online casino where you can indulge yourself in slots, table games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat and poker. Some, like Spin Palace Sports, even offer a live dealer casino.


Sports betting in other provinces

Yukon Gambling FAQ

Can you gamble online in the Yukon?

With a population of just over 35,000 people, the Yukon is one of the smaller territories in Canada but still has a thriving gaming industry. The Yukon certainly has an interesting take on gambling – but is it legal?
The short answer is yes. If the users are playing online and using CA gambling sites, it’s perfectly legal. The gambler must be 19 years of age or older in order to deposit with an online provider. As long as the sportsbook user can fulfil these two requirements, they will be able to gamble legally in the Yukon.

Which is the best betting site for users from the Yukon?

The best site for users in the Yukon? That’s a tough question to answer without going into more detail. There are so many sites available to users in Canada and the Yukon, it’s difficult to say which is the best, but there are many that offer some great rates on major sports. Some of the top-tier sites that are accessed by residents of the Yukon are BetWay and WilliamHill.

Are there mobile gaming apps in the Yukon?

In 2020, mobile betting is probably the most popular way of accessing online betting. This allows users to play their favourite markets from their smartphones!
As mobile phone technology has become more advanced, we begin to see more and more apps available for bettors, with an exponential increase in the quality of the betting experience as each app is released. Often mobile apps are even more user-friendly than what you’d see on the provider on a desktop.

How much can I win on Canadian betting sites?

Well, that’s really down to the user! Canadian bettors can withdraw up to tens of thousands of dollars from online providers. So, it’s really down to how much the bettor wins, with many markets to play from it’s easy to get involved.

Can I bet online using Canadian Dollars (CAD)?

Yes, with all of the most popular online providers they prefer citizens of the Yukon to make deposits and withdrawals in Canadian dollars. It must be mentioned that cryptocurrencies are rapidly growing in popularity, so they are another option to consider.

Is there land-based gambling in the Yukon?

Given the low population density, there aren’t many land-based gambling establishments in the Yukon. We’d strongly recommend that bettors try to work with online betting sites as the popularity and availability of online gambling sites grows in the province. While this is true there is one casino in the Yukon, the Yukon Gold Casino.

Is there In-Play betting in the Yukon?

Nothing has been more influential on the gambling industry in the last ten years than In-play or Live-betting, which allows users to wager on games as they’re happening. This type of betting adds another level of entertainment for the user, which often encouragers bettors to get more involved in the sport.
In-Play betting is available at most online sportsbook providers, notably in the Yukon. All the top-tier providers offer In-Play betting markets on the major sports leagues.

Can I bet on major league sports in the Yukon?

Betting in the Yukon is much like betting in any other Canadian province, there is an array of betting markets available to users including the likes of the NFL, NBA, NHL, CFL, and much more.

Is it free to deposit online in the Yukon?

Generally speaking, depositing online is free or with inconsequential fees. Although this is very dependent on the sportsbook in question, this could be said for most of the Canadian sportsbooks.
But another thing to consider is the deposit method in question, often bettors will deposit with credit cards. However, there is a broad range of deposit methods available to users, including some of the newer cryptocurrencies taking the industry by storms such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Is there esports gambling in the Yukon?

The esports gambling scene has blown up in the last few years, with the esports betting odds commanding a global audience. Yukon bettors can play the competitive esports betting markets through almost any online provider. The popularity of esports has forced the hand of the major sportsbook providers, resulting in most sites taking on esports odds.