Prince Edward Island Sports Betting

Similar to many provincial jurisdictions, Prince Edward Island lotteries include an option to bet on sports. However, even with the new law opening up single-game sports betting in Canada, compared to provincial lotteries, sportsbooks provide vastly improved betting options, including better odds, a wider range of sports, and betting options that aren’t restricted to rules that make winning more difficult. This info primer for PEI sports betting provides a breakdown of options available for provincial residents.

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  • Vast Selection of Global Sports Odds
  • Excellent Live Mobile Betting Platform
  • Secure service – Licensed in Canada!
  • 100% Canadian Focus
  • Plenty of deposit methods
  • Clean and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • The world's favourite sportsbook
  • Provides action for nearly all international sports events.
  • Safe, secure betting services and competitive lines.
  • Wide variety of betting markets
  • Advanced mobile betting platform, including virtual and eSports.
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Single-game sports betting is now allowed in Prince Edward Island. This tiny province is going through big changes in terms of its legal betting landscape. With the legalizing of single-sports betting on the national level, Prince Edward Island was free to join in on the fun.

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation announced it would allow single sports betting on August 27, 2021. This is still where official Candian single-game betting will be held. 

How to Gamble in Prince Edward Island?

Our guide to Prince Edward Island gambling includes details about online sportsbooks available for players, along with sports leagues, betting types and the details that PEI bettors should look out for when selecting a sportsbook.

Prince Edward Island

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Prince Edward Island Sports Betting

Prince Edward Island sports betting features a wealth of options for wagering fans in the province and across Canada. Residents have access to many outstanding sportsbooks, along with the choice to play through local sports lotteries.

PEI bettors will find this information primer for betting options in their province, along with sports analysis and the latest odds across sportsbooks at


PEI gambling options aren’t limited to those offered by provincial lottery organizations. Online sportsbooks link PEI sports fans to the same lines, odds and betting markets found in respected gambling hotbeds like Las Vegas and London.

People who wish to place wagers in PEI can find access to nearly all sports betting markets available for major sports leagues, events and competitions around the world.

Before doing so, it’s important to understand the wagering landscape in the province, including local options and customs. For the most part, PEI operates in the same way as other provincial jurisdictions for sports betting.

sports betting in PEI

How Does Gambling Work in Prince Edward Island

Similar to provinces such as Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, online sportsbooks represent one of two main avenues for sports betting with PEI lotteries acting as the other sanctioned option.

Online sportsbooks are accessible for all PEI residents over the age of 18. The signup process requires an email address, which will enable you to set up an account. In order to fill the bankroll linked to your account, you can opt to transfer funds via credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets and even services like Bitcoin.

Sportsbooks operate under regulations that include a “know your player” rule, so you’ll also need to show that you’re of legal age.

The other available option for sports gambling is the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, which runs their own sports lottery, similar to Pro-Line in Ontario and Sport Select in Alberta. Unlike online sportsbooks, which are legally sanctioned outside of Canadian jurisdictions, Pro-Line in PEI must follow Canada’s requirement that mandates parlay wagers. 

Fortunately, Canadian betting sites include a wide variety of sportsbooks that PEI bettors can enjoy, avoiding the need to deal with difficult wagering restrictions. These online providers allow players to choose single-game wagers and futures bets, along with betting types.

Since Pro-Line players have to submit their tickets in person at locations like convenience stores and gas stations, sportsbooks also enable the flexibility to enjoy sports betting over the internet. All major sportsbooks feature mobile offerings, including some with iOS and Android apps.

PEI Gambling

Compare Sportsbooks to Find the Best Free Bets

The sportsbooks listed and reviewed on our site operate under strict regulations and are sanctioned by industry bodies that ensure fair play.

A few of the online wagering providers have been around for decades, most notably William Hill, which was founded during the World War II era. As such, regardless of the sportsbooks you choose, you’ll know that the services offered to meet a high standard of integrity.

This doesn’t mean that all companies offer the same service, especially when it comes to bonuses. Nearly all sportsbooks offer a welcome bonus to newcomers, but some companies offer a bigger free bet compared to others.


Some online wagering companies feature discounted dime lines and other promos instead of free bets. Types of promos include member rewards that give you rebates or prizes. A couple of companies have bonuses for all deposits, whether or not you’re a new player or returning member. 

Comparing bonuses is an important aspect of choosing a sportsbook and finding the best free bets available, but it’s also important to compare how the provider deals with less exciting aspects of sports betting.

For example, nearly all sportsbooks access credit cards and bank transfers for deposits, while options such as Bitcoin and e-wallets are less common. If you prefer to use Bitcoin as currency, it’s worth your while to find a sportsbook that supports this payment method.

The time it takes for deposits and withdrawals may change from one sportsbook to another, along with withdrawal options.

PEI gambling

Best Sportsbooks in Prince Edward Island

The availability of sportsbooks in PEI includes all of the biggest and best online wagering services across Canada and the world.

Sports Lottery Canada options include offerings from various provincial gambling bodies. For example, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation consists of representatives from PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Labrador and Newfoundland.

The best sportsbooks in Prince Edward Island include companies such as Sports Interaction (SIA), Betway and William Hill. All of these service providers link PEI residents with an outstanding array of lines and odds.

Those wanting to select a Canadian company can check out Sports Interaction (SIA), which rivals competitors in terms of betting markets, lines, quality of service and mobile offerings. 

The number of betting options available through sportsbooks includes hundreds of markets, featuring standards like moneylines, over/unders and point spreads. Prop betting options are among the most popular non-standard bets for individual games.

Futures betting markets allow players to predict various long-term outcomes.

Live betting has grown alongside the rise of online sportsbook technology, making it easy to wager on many betting markets while the game is in progress. Sportsbooks also give you the option to create your own parleys or accumulators, along with the occasional special promotional betting event.

In addition to a significant number of wagering types, online sportsbooks in PEI also have an incredible diversity of leagues and events, including every popular sports competition in North America and internationally.

PEI gamblers will find that sportsbooks will give them access to the best variety of bets for the following sports.

Hockey Betting

The most popular wagering in Canada is NHL odds and major hockey events, like the Olympics, World Cup and Stanley Cup Finals.

Canadian Hockey League wagering and Memorial Cup lines also draw significant interest in the Price Edward Island gambling community as the second tier of professional hockey within the nation.

Football Betting

Pigskin may not be as big as hockey when it comes to sports wagering, but the National Football League and the Canadian Football League are very popular for Prince Edward Island sports betting.

NFL odds and CFL odds provided by sportsbooks tend to be one of the most frequent plays during the football season, especially during the Super Bowl.

Prince Edward Island Sports Betting

Baseball Betting

Many Canadian baseball fans enjoy the Toronto Blue Jays, including PEI. Compared to most provinces, PEI has a reputation for passionately embracing the sport across all levels of competition. MLB odds, World Series lines and other baseball lines are often enjoyed during summer and the beginning of fall. 

Basketball Betting

Provinces like Nova Scotia and PEI have traditionally been hotbeds for roundball, before the explosion in popularity for the NBA, and the eventual founding of the Toronto Raptors. NBA odds and lines, along with FIBA World Cup games, are available across all PEI sportsbooks.

Horse Racing Betting

PEI is known for its beautiful landscape and bucolic horse-riding opportunities. Naturally, those who enjoy equestrian activities tend to love the Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown thoroughbred racing. Prince Edward Island sportsbooks provide an excellent way of placing a bet or two on horse racing.

PEI Lotteries

UFC Betting

The UFC continues to grow, and fans of combat sports in Prince Edward Island can enjoy placing a wager on their favourite Canadian combatants. Sportsbooks in PEI cover lines for all UFC events, including title fights and undercards.

Tennis Betting

Tennis in Canada has enjoyed a resurgence, especially for Grand Slam events. The Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open are the biggest events in the year, and PEI sports bettors can pick and choose from the best tennis lines available.

Prince Edward Island Lottery

The PEI lottery for sports wagering and other types of gambling provides an option for provincial betting, but you’ll find that online sportsbooks and wagering providers offer superior value and a user-friendly method of placing a bet.

PEI CFL Betting

The information provided on our site allows you to compare the value of provincial lotteries against online betting providers, before making your own decision on how to proceed.

In addition to superior sports odds, wagering variety and online access to services, you’ll have access to casino-style games, scratch tickets and other enjoyable betting activities.


Sports betting in other provinces

Prince Edward Island Sports Betting FAQ

Is gambling legal in Prince Edward Island?

Although Prince Edward Island is a small region, it features the kind of gambling offering expected from one of the larger provinces. A variety of forms of gambling are available to residents; the likes of sports lotteries, casino games, bingo, horse racing, poker, table games and more. All the gambling operations on Prince Edward Island are managed by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

Which is the best sportsbook for Prince Edward Island residents?

The best sportsbook is always a difficult question to answer. With so many on offer to residents of Prince Edward Island, which has the most competitive odds and provides the best quality service?
Well, we can’t speak for everyone, but we can make recommendations based on our guide to the top-rated sportsbook providers. Major providers 888sport and Spin Palace Sports are among the very best and we’d strongly recommend them to Canadian users on Prince Edward Island.

Are there any professional sports teams from Prince Edward Island?

With a population of just over 150,000, it’s unlikely that there would be too many teams playing for the Canadian Island. And this is quite true, there are just two major teams. The National Basketball League has the Island Storm while in Ice-Hockey there are the Prince Edward Islanders Senators.

What’s the minimum you can bet?

The minimum bet for those residing on Prince Edward Island is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on by what method the bettor is gambling. With online sportsbook providers, it will vary from one to the next, while if the bettor is playing on PRO-LINE, the minimum bet is as low as $2.

What are the deposit limits on Prince Edward Island?

It’s commonplace for bettors to question the deposit limits, as they’re very important and can dictate which sportsbook a user chooses. Deposit limits will vary from one sportsbook to the next, so it’s always worth checking with our recommended list of top-rated online sportsbook providers.

Is PRO-LINE available?

Like all other provinces in Canada, PRO-LINE betting is available allowing bettors to place a parlay bet with two to eight selections. The maximum bet that can be placed in the province is $25 while with Stadium Bet users can wager between $2 and $250. PRO-LINE is a great option for bettors and is widely used across Canada.

Are there casinos on Prince Edward Island?

Due to the fact, the Island is so small and the population is so low, there isn’t a great demand for land-based casinos and there are just two in operation at present.

Are there major college sports teams on Prince Edward Island?

There is just one university on Prince Edward Island, which has just one sports team known as the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) Panthers. The UPEI Panthers compete in hockey, soccer, basketball, cross country, running and swimming.

Can we bet on the horses on Prince Edward Island?

Like other popular betting lines, horse racing betting is available to residents of the province. There are a variety of top-tier sportsbook providers offering racebooks, with races taking place domestically and across the globe. The odds with major sportsbooks will be as competitive as you’ll find anywhere, except maybe at the race meet itself!

Is Bingo available on Prince Edward Island?

Bingo is a popular game, especially among the older generations on the island. As such, there are numerous bingo halls currently in operation. They are as follows:
Kensington Lions Club Bingo
Lions Bingo Hall
Hyland Centre Bingo
Gypsy Bingo Hotline
Bingo World
Bingo Hotline
Bingo Country
Basilica Recreation Centre Bingo