Soccer Betting

Soccer (or football as it is known across most of the globe) is the world’s most popular sport and it has grabbed a foothold in North America. Major League Soccer has grown in popularity and stature since stating play in 1996 becoming the preeminent league in both Canada and the United States. Fans with a more international interest in “the beautiful game” also follow the leading leagues in Europe as well as the premier international tournaments.

If you like to make a wager on the football action our recommended sportsbooks have a comprehensive list of odds and betting lines for matches from across North America and around the world.

How To Bet On Soccer

There's hundreds of different ways to bet on soccer, and the top sportbooks are all vying for your betting dollars. From simple head to head wagers to picking the correct score of matches, you'll find everything right here. Check out the main sportsbooks.

What's great about soccer is that it is literally on every single day of the week, and usually there's a match on regardless of the time. It's the world game, and this means you're never short of leagues and matches to place bets on. Check out the top betting opportunities below.

Step One - Bonus Bets & Offers

With so much global interest in the world game, you know there's going to be plenty of sportsbooks, and all of them offer great deals for new members. Take advantage of these deals by signing up to as many as you can - more often than not these bonus bets can turn nothing into something, and you're already ahead of the game.

Once you're signed up, make sure to check out the specials that each company offers. For example, you may see a deal that allows you to pick a four-leg parlay bet and be refunded if only one team fails to win. These give you added insurance, and will only aid your success.

You can also use multiple bookmakers against each other to cover yourself. If one company is offering you boosted odds for one team, and you can also get boosted odds for their opponent through a rival betting site, you can back the field and still come out on top. Shop around and reap the rewards.

Step Two - Choose Your Bet Type

Head to head betting is your first port of call when looking at the odds, although be wary of the draw. All matches that aren't knockout competitions (so pretty much all leagues around the world) feature three possible outcomes, and while draws aren't overly common, they are still a chance of ruining your weekend. Don't be sucked into backing the +100 favourite - the match could always end level.

Cover yourself by using the draw no bet line, which refunds your wager in the event the scores finish even at the final whistle.

If three options are too much to take, you'll see lines that are common in most sports, like the spread (often called the Asian handicap) and the over/under markets.

You'll need to do your research, and that's easy when you can find all the statistics of the top leagues and teams right here. Work out your teams goal scoring record against their defensive ability, take a look at the opposition, and you shouldn't find it too hard to pick how many goals your team will win by, or how many goals will be scored in the match.

Finally, take a look at the exotic markets. Corners, yellow cards and fouls all appear in the over/under markets, and you can even bet on the number of throw-ins. There's limitless potential.

Step 3 - Choose Your League or Tournament

Major League Soccer has grown a great deal since its initial season in 1996. The MLS now boasts 23 teams, including three clubs in Canada. Get behind your favourite club today and watch Canada's best clubs battle it out with the best teams in North America.

On top of this, there is the fast-growing CONCACAF Champions League that pits the best MLS teams against the top sides from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Toronto FC are among the teams to have reached the final of this huge competition.

Elsewhere, you're never short of action if you're wanting to place on Europe's top leagues. From The English Premier League to Spain's La Liga, there's always a stack of soccer action in the game's heartland. Plus, all the best teams from the region compete annually in the biggest club competition in the world - the UEFA Champions League. 

And don't forget the big international tournaments. The World Cup is the biggest sporting event on Earth, and there's always plenty of interest (and betting opportunities). We cover the event and provide the best selection of bookmakers in great detail, so you can bet with confidence.

Step 4 - Claim Your Winnings

We will provide all the top news and opinion pieces, and give you tips, guides and strategies to help you beat the odds. All you need to do is collect your winnings. It couldn't be easier to wager on the beautiful game. 

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you: