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Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane of England react during the UEFA EURO 2024 quarter-final match between England and Switzerland at Düsseldorf Arena on July 06, 2024 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

EURO 2024 Final Odds (July 14) – Spain vs. England Predictions

It all comes down to this. After a month of incredible soccer action, two teams remain, looking to be named the Kings of Europe. Their two historical paths couldn't be more different - Spain is looking to put the cherry…

2024 Copa America Third Place Game Odds (July 13) – Uruguay vs. Canada Predictions

EURO 2024 Semifinal Odds (July 10) – Netherlands vs. England Predictions

Copa America Semifinal Odds (July 9): Argentina vs. Canada Predictions

EURO 2024 Semifinal Odds (July 9) – Spain vs. France Predictions

EURO 2024 Weekly Odds Lookahead: Off To The Semifinals

EURO 2024 Gameday Odds (July 6) – Can England Finally Reach Its Full Potential?

Copa America Matchday Odds (July 5): Venezuela vs. Canada Predictions

EURO 2024 Gameday Odds (July 5) – Quarterfinals Begin With Superstar-Laden Battles

EURO 2024 Gameday Odds (July 2) – Round of 16 Wraps With Two Key Matchups

EURO 2024 Weekly Odds Lookahead: Knockout Stage In Full Swing

EURO 2024 Gameday Odds (July 1) – Who of France, Belgium Will Snap Into Form?

Copa America Matchday Odds (June 29): Chile Vs. Canada Predictions

EURO 2024 Gameday Odds (June 30) – England, Spain Look To Advance, Eyes On Cinderella Georgia

EURO 2024 Gameday Odds (June 29) – Italy, Germany Favoured In Round Of 16 Opener

EURO 2024 Gameday Odds (June 26) – Who Shakes Out Of A Chaotic Group E?

Copa America Matchday Odds (June 25): Peru Vs. Canada Predictions

EURO 2024 Weekly Odds Lookahead: France vs. Poland, England vs. Slovenia, End of Group Stages

EURO 2024 Gameday Odds (June 25) – France, Netherlands, England All Looking To Qualify For Knockout Stage

EURO 2024 Gameday Odds (June 24) – Italy, Croatia Look To Avoid Embarassment, Advance In Group B


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