Premier League Odds 2019

Premier League Odds 2019

The English Premier League is the world's most popular soccer league and is broadcast in almost every country on Earth. The excitement and the drama of England's top flight makes it a perfect candidate for sports betting, and placing wagers on the EPL is both easy and exciting at top rated CSB sportsbooks. You'll find all the best Premier League Odds right here. EPL - It's a Beautiful Game!

See below the next games of England's Premier League:
Friday, Aug 09
15:00 EDT
NorwichNorwichNorwich City
Saturday, Aug 10
07:30 EDT
West HamWest HamWHA
Manchester CityManchester CityMAC
10:00 EDT
Crystal PalaceCrystal PalaceCRY
10:00 EDT
10:00 EDT
10:00 EDT
10:00 EDT
Sheffield UnitedSheffield UnitedSheffield United
12:30 EDT
Aston VillaAston VillaAston Villa
Sunday, Aug 11
09:00 EDT
11:30 EDT
Manchester UnitedManchester UnitedMU
Saturday, Aug 17
10:00 EDT
10:00 EDT
10:00 EDT
Aston VillaAston VillaAston Villa
10:00 EDT
West HamWest HamWHA
10:00 EDT
Manchester CityManchester CityMAC

Odds to win Premier League 2019

Looking ahead, to the 2019/20 season of exciting English Premier League football action, the EPL Championship odds below were update on June 17, 2019, and are furnished by the soccer focused spin-palace-sports bookmakers.

Team to Win 2019/20 EPL Outright
Manchester City 1.60
Liverpool 3.50
Tottenham Hotspur 15.00
Chelsea 21.00
Manchester United 23.00
Wolverhampton Wanderers 101.00
Everton 201.00
Newcastle 201.00
Leicester 201.00
West Ham 301.00
Southampton 751.00
Walford 751.00
Crystal Palace 1001.00
Bournemouth 1001.00
Aston Villa 1001.00
Brighton 1501.00
Burnley 1501.00
Norwich 2501.00
Sheffield United 2501.00

 Currently, City are still the favourites in the market's odds to win the Premier League 2020, as they were almost the entire season last year. They only needed to beat Brighton and Hove Albion on the final day of the season (May 12th) to be crowned champions, and given how good they have been it's not suprising to see them as 1.66 to open the new season.

Liverpool can crash the party though. A draw or loss by Manchester City leaves the door open for the Reds, who are still on a high after a late win over Newcastle United and of course that superb comeback against Barcelona in the Champions League. They face Wolverhampton on Sunday, and given that the Wolves have secured 7th place and have nothing to play for, it should be a straight forward win.

Liverpool to win the Premier League Odds

The problem for Liverpool is that City's opponents have also got nothing to play for, so it's highly unlikely that they will lose, especially considering that they have won their last 13 consecutive Premier League games. Unless you think Liverpool can conjure up a second fairytale finish in five days, put your money on City. 

Odds to win Premier League 2019

Manchester City to win the Premier League Odds

Odds For Top 4

The Premier League Odds for Top 4 market is always tough to pick now that there are six teams in English soccer all in with a realistic shot of finishing in these positions. For the 2018/19 season, the places have already been decided - Liverpool and City were joined by Tottenham and Chelsea thanks to apathetic performances from Arsenal and Manchester United in the last few weeks.

These odds are now available again for the 2019/20 season - will United spend big and find a way to the top four? Can Arsenal improve on their dismal away form? Can Tottenham maintain their success without transfer movement? Can an outsider like Wolves or Watford break their way into the top six? These are the questions to ask yourself before putting a bet on.

To Finish in Top 4
Manchester City 1.02
Liverpool 1.10
Tottenham Hotspur 1.81
Manchester United 2.00
Arsenal 2.20
Chelsea 2.25
Wolverhampton Wanderers 17.00
Everton 21.00
Leicester 21.00
Newcastle 34.00
West Ham 51.00
Walford 101.00
Crystal Palace 126.00
Southampton 126.00
Bournemouth 151.00
Brighton 151.00
Burnley 201.00
Aston Villa 201.00
Norwich 251.00
Sheffield United 501.00

Odds For Top 6

The 2019/20 Premier League odds for Top 6 race is about to begin. The new season will give fringe clubs like Everton, Leicester City and Wolves an opportunity to crash the party. While one of them winning the title is unlikely, bettors receive rich odds for clubs other than the 'Big Six' mentioned below to finish in sixth or higher.

To Finish in Top 6
Manchester City 1.006
Liverpool 1.01
Tottenham Hotspur 1.10
Manchester United 1.14
Chelsea 1.14
Arsenal 1.33
Everton 4.50
Wolverhampton Wanderers 4.50
Leicester 6.50
West Ham 13.00
Newcastle 15.00
Crystal Palace 34.00
Southampton 34.00
Watford 34.00
Bournemouth 51.00
Aston Villa 51.00
Brighton 81.00
Burnley 81.00
Norwich 101.00
Sheffield United 101.00

 As of May 13, 2019, here are the Final 2018/19 EPL standings....

EPL Position MP PTS
1. Manchester City 38 98
2. Liverpool 38 97
3. Chelsea 38 72
4. Tottenham 38 71
5. Arsenal 38 70
6. Manchester United 38 66
7. Wolverhampton 38 57
8. Everton 38 54
9. Leicester 38 52
10. Watford 38 50
11. West Ham United 38 52
12. Crystal Palace 38 49
13. Newcastle United 38 45
14. AFC Bournemouth 38 45
15. Burnley FC 38 40
16. Southampton 38 39
17. Brighton & Hover Albion 38 36
18. Cardiff City 38 34
19. Fulham 38 26
20. Huddersfield Town 38 16 

Premier League Relegation Odds

Odds for Relegation

Here are the To Be Relegated odds for the 2019/20 EPL season:

EPL Odds To Be Relegated
Sheffield United 1.74
Norwich City 1.95
Burnley FC 3.00
Brighton & Hove Albion 3.25
Aston Villa 3.50
Southhampton 5.50
Newcastle United 6.00
A.F.C. Bournemouth 6.00
Crystal Palace 6.50
Watford 7.00
West Ham United 12.00
Leicester 26.00
Wolverhampton Wanderers 51.00
Everton 67.00
Arsenal 1001.00
Chelsea 1001.00
Manchester United 1501.00
Tottenham 1501.00
Liverpool 3001.00
Mancheter City 3001.00

Every season, the teams that finish in the last three places in the standings are relegated to the English Football Championship - the second tier of English soccer. It's a huge financial loss to suffer relegation, and some teams will also see a loss of fans and star players if they drop from the Premier League.

Cardiff City joined Huddersfield Town and Fulham in being relegated from the 2018/19 Premier League - they will join the 2019/20 Championship. While it's grim for these clubs, teams like Brighton, Southampton and Burnley (pictured below) can celebrate knowing that they will live to fight another day in the Premier League.

Odds to be relegated

In terms of betting, there is a huge market here - odds for relegation can be found for each team, and you never really know who's going down until the last weeks of the season.

Quite often, the teams who have been recently promoted will drop right back down again (look at Fulham in 2018/19) while other teams will establish themselves and stay for many years (Wolves and Watford are great examples). It's never easy to pick, which means the odds are quite generous for most of the season.

For 2018/19, Huddersfield (-162) and Cardiff City (-250) were the favourites to suffer the drop, while Fulham spent big at the start of the season and were as much 500 to go down early on. It just shows how hard this market is to pick.

For 2019/20, this market will return. Norwich City and Sheffield United are two of the promoted teams to join the Premier League, and they will be among the top candidates to go straight back down .

Odds to Stay Up

While tragedy follows the teams that go down, the ability to survive in the Premier League is relished by some clubs. Burnley was at 200 odds to stay up early on in the season after a poor start, and they were close to the edge for the whole campaign. Yet with just weeks remaining they secured safety.

This market is particularly valuable if you can pick a team that's bottom of the table. At Christmas in 2014, Leicester City was bottom of the league, yet somehow they managed to turn it all around and stay in the top flight. You would have got odds around 1000 for them to stay up at that stage.

Odds for Promotion

The odds for promotion market is all about the teams that will most likely advance from the Championship into next season's Premier League. This market is slightly different - the top two teams at the end of the regular season automatically gain promotion, while teams 3-6 playoff for one final spot. That means that teams as low as 12th can still be in with a shot with just a few games to go.

This season, Norwich City (pictured below) and Sheffield United have already secured promotion, while teams 3-6 have been decided and will fight it out for one last spot.

Odds to be promoted

The 2018/19 Championship Playoffs start on Saturday May 11.

Leeds United (3rd) will face Derby County (6th) while West Brom (4th) play close neighbours Aston Villa (5th). These contests will be played over two legs, home and away, similar to how the knockout stages in the Champions League work. The winner of each tie will face off in the Playoff Final, to be held on Monday May 27.

The story of the 2018-19 season has been Leeds United, a former Premier League club with a huge following. At present they are joint favorites with 187 odds to gain promotion, although it will be tough if they need to face in-form Aston Villa in the playoff final. 2019-20 Odds on Teams to be Promoted from the spin-palace-sports sportsbook are current as of June 3, 2019.

EPL 2019/20 Teams to be Promoted
Leeds United FC 3.20
Fulham FC 3.50
West Bromwich Albion FC 4.20
Stoke City FC 4.50
Cardif City FC 4.50
Huddersfield Town A.F.C. 5.00
Derby Coounty FC 5.50
Middlesbrough FC 5.50
Brentford FC 6.00
Nottingham Forest FC 6.50
Sheffield Wednesday FC 7.50
Bristol City FC 8.00
Swansea City A.F.C 9.00
Birmingham City FC 10.00
Preston North End FC 10.00
Blackburn Rovers FC 11.00
Hull FC 12.00
Luton Town FC 13.00
Queens Park Rangers FC 17.00
Reading City FC 17.00
Millwall FC 17.00
Wigan Athletic FC 17.00
Charlton Athletic FC 17.00
Barnsley FC 23.00

What are the other types of Premier League Odds

There are plenty of other Premier League markets available, as per the below:

Premier League Outright Odds

This market is all about the title winner, and can be taken at any time throughout the season. The 2018/19 favourite was Manchester City (-200) while Liverpool were at +400.

Premier League Moneyline odds

This is your most common bet - simply pick the team you think is going to win the game. You'll always see better odds for favourites in soccer matches, because there is also the chance of a tied game - Find out more here.

Premier League Over Under Odds

The line for this market is usually set at 2.5 goals, although there's always the option to pick your own line. Simply choose whether the total number of goals will be more or less than the number quoted. 


Premier League Correct Score Odds

Picking the score is tough, but well worth the effort if you can get it right. Typically a 1-0 victory to the favourite team will be the lowest-priced betting option, and that will normally get you in excess of +600, so it's a great market to make a lot of cash in a hurry.

Premier League Odd Even Odds

If you're more of a roulette gamer, the odds and evens market lets you choose a straight up 50-50 bet on whether there will be an odd or even number of goals in a particular fixture.

Premier League Double Chance odds

The double chance is a great way to hedge your bets, and also a decent idea if you're looking at parlay betting simply because the return isn't as good as an outright moneyline wager. Essentially, you can pick your team AND the draw to cover two of the three possible results.

Premier League Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap betting is hugely popular in soccer betting, mainly because there are few conceivable outcomes in your average match. Betting on a team with a handicap of -1.5 means that you will need them to win by 2 clear goals or more to take home the cash - and of course, you'll be rewarded with generous odds if you're on a winner here.

Premier League Draw no Bet Odds

If three outcomes isn't for you, all sportsbooks will offer a Draw No Bet line, which essentially eliminates the draw from the equation. The odds you'll see will be lower, although a drawn match will result in a refunded bet, so it's a smart choice in a game where there's not likely to be much between the teams.

Manchester United Odds

Premier League Both Team to Score Odds

It seems reasonably likely that both teams will score in a match, although the chances of it happening are around the 65% mark. For that reason, the 'yes' option is usually the favourite, but when betting on a team with a good defensive record, you may be better off selecting 'no'. Research is key to this market.

Premier League Live Betting

Live betting is huge nowadays and is a much more engaging form of sports betting. By taking note of the pre-match odds, lines and margins, you can really take advantage of the live betting options available. Many sportsbooks will also let you cash-out on a bet, which is huge in a league that sees late goals in so many games.

Let's say you've put $100 down at +500 for Leicester City to upset Arsenal. Let's also imagine that Leicester are 1-0 up with 10 minutes to go. There's still a good chance Arsenal will be able to get a goal, and ruining your bet in the process. You may be able to cash out at this point at decent odds, perhaps around +350. You only have one choice at this point - will you settle for a decent win or will you risk it all? That's entirely up to you.

Now that you've learned everything about Premier League betting, it is now time to place your wager in your favourite sportsbook.

How does the Premier League season work

The English Premier League is made up of 20 teams who each play each other once at home and away during a 38 match season. There are no playoffs - although the final position of each team determines whether or not they will play in lucrative European competitions in the following season.

The top four teams gain automatic qualification to the UEFA Champions League, while 5th and 6th place have a shot at the Europa League.

The three teams that finish bottom of the pack will be relegated to the English Championship, a league that features the next-best 24 teams in English soccer.

European competitions

European soccer is the ultimate challenge and features the best teams from the top nations in Europe, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain. These clubs feature some huge names - Sergio Ramos, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski and Neymar are just a small sample.

The UEFA Champions League is the top European club tournament, while the Europa League features a wider variety of teams from a larger selection of European countries. Both are prestigious and have a long and illustrious history. The winners of both will gain automatic qualification to the following season's Champions League, while they will also play-off for the UEFA Super Cup.

FA Cup

The FA Cup is the oldest soccer competition in the world and is open to entrants by any English soccer team, regardless of the league that they play in. The event is a knockout tournament, and higher-level teams will enter at the latter stages of the tournament to ensure the Premier League giants aren't involved too early on.

The competition has produced some amazing moments throughout history, and while the Premier League title is often shared by a select few elite clubs, the FA Cup is a competition that any team can win. 

League Cup

Similar to the FA Cup, the League Cup is also a knockout tournament, although it only includes teams from England's four main leagues - the Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2. 

FA Community Shield

The FA Community Shield is the traditional season-opener, and features the winner of the previous season's FA Cup and Premier League titles. 


All-Time Premier League Champions

The Premier League was established in the 1992-93 season, although the English soccer first division has been contested since the late 1800's.

Manchester United is the most successful team in both the history of English soccer, winning 20 titles in total and a whopping 13 since the Premier League era began.

Liverpool has won the top division 18 times, although the Reds are yet to win since prior to the Premier League era starting.

Leicester surprinsingly won the 2015/16 edition (picture).

All-time Premier League Champions

The top teams are listed below:

  • Manchester United - 20 titles
  • Liverpool - 18 titles
  • Arsenal - 13 titles
  • Everton - 9 titles
  • Aston Villa - 7 titles
  • Sunderland - 6 titles
  • Chelsea - 6 titles
  • Manchester City - 5 titles

In the Premier League Era, there have only been six different winners. They are as follows:

  • Manchester United (13)
  • Chelsea (5)
  • Arsenal (3)
  • Manchester City (3)
  • Leicester City (1)
  • Blackburn Rovers (1)