MLS Soccer betting odds 2019

MLS Soccer betting odds 2019

Here are the best odds for the next games of the Major League Soccer season. MLS Week 8 matches play out from April 17 to 21, 2019, and our betting odds are provided by SportsInteraction. MLS match prices below were posted on 16/04/19Click any price link to bet on the soccer game of your choice! 

Home Team Win Draw Win  Away Team
Vancouver Whitecaps FC +281 +302 -126 Los Angeles Football Club
FC Cincinnati -119 +277 +282 Real Salt Lake
Toronto FC -154 +309 +356 Minnesota United FC
LA Galaxy -128 +290 +299 Houston Dynamo
Chicago Fire -159 +304 +376 Colorado Rapids
Philadelphia Union -135 +285 +322 Montreal Impact
Orlando City SC -161 +320 +365 Vancouver Whitecaps FC
Atlanta United FC -145 +290 +352 FC Dallas
Columbus Crew FC -147 +296 +348 Portland Timbers
New England Revolution
+140 +250 +172 New York Red Bulls
San Jose Earthquakes +261 +278 -112  Sporting Kansas City
D.C. United -123 +275 +300  New York City FC
Los Angeles Football Club -137 +287 +331  Seattle Sounders FC


2019 MLS schedule is here and MLS Odds are available throughout the season. After winning the 2018 MLS Cup, Atlanta United have been listed by the top sportsbooks as the favourites to go back to back, while both teams from New York and Los Angeles are also expected to make the playoffs at the very least. Major League Soccer Odds are incredibly diverse, which means there's always plenty of money to be made, so your best bet is to check out our reviews of the best online sportsbooks.


What are the types of MLS Vegas Odds

MLS Vegas Odds are diverse and ever-changing, and there are a number of hugely popular bets available. From moneyline bets to correct score markets, over-under wages to asian handicaps, MLS soccer is now one of the most popular sports in Noth America, and there's a different type of bet that suits everyone's needs.

Major League Soccer Odds

MLS Outright Odds

MLS Outright Odds - or Future Odds - available from all the leading sportsbooks, and this market can make you some serious cash. In 2019, Atlanta United opened as favourites, available for odds in excess of +500, so you're in for a huge payday if you can predict who will be lifting the trophy in December.

I am sorry to say that the three Canadian teams, Toronto FC, Montreal Impact and Vancouver Whitecaps, are not among the favorites to be crowned champions this year. Check out our MLS Cup Futures Page for more info.

Atlanta United To Win the MLS Cup Odds

Opening odds for 2019:

  • 1. Atlanta United +500
  • 2. New York Red Bulls +600
  • 3. LA Galaxy +800
  • 4. New York City FC +900
  • 5. LAFC +1000
  • 5. Seattle Sounders +1000
  • 7. Portland Timbers +1200
  • 8. Sporting Kansas City +1400
  • 8. Toronto FC +1400
  • 10. DC United +1600
  • 11. Dallas FC +2000
  • 11. Philadelphia Union +2000
  • 13. Columbus Crew +3000
  • 14. Real Salt Lake +4000
  • 15. Chicago Fire +5000
  • 15. Montreal Impact +5000
  • 17. Cincinnati FC +6000
  • 17. Houston Dynamo +6000
  • 19. New England Revolution +8000
  • 19. Vancouver Whitecaps +8000
  • 21. Colorado Rapids +10000
  • 21. Minnesota United +10000
  • 21. Orlando City +10000
  • 21. San Jose Earthquakes +10000

MLS Moneyline Odds

The easiest and most popular type of MLS wager is a moneyline bet, although unlike most North American sports there are three possible outcomes rather than two. This is because regular season MLS games have no overtime and a draw is an outcome that occurs around 15% of the time. For this reason, heavy favourites will still be on offer for around -200, while outsiders can be at anything from +200 to +1000 in certain matches.

MLS Over Under Odds

The over/under market is quite popular in MLS betting. The line for this market is usually set at 2.5 goals, although there's always the option to pick your own line. The overs will normally be the favourite in a MLS game, although if you do your research and find that a game between two defensive teams is more likely to result in a game featuring less than three goals, the unders would be the way to go.

MLS Outright Odds

MLS Correct Score Odds

Picking the score is tough, but well worth the effort if you can get it right. Typically a 1-0 victory to the favourite team will be the lowest-priced betting option, and that will normally get you in excess of +600, so it's a great market to make a lot of cash in a hurry.

MLS Odd Even Odds

If you're more of a roulette gamer, the odds and evens market lets you choose a straight up 50-50 bet on whether there will be an odd or even number of goals in a particular fixture.

MLS Double Chance Odds

The double chance is a great way to hedge your bets, and also a decent idea if you're looking at parlay betting simply because the return isn't as good as an outright moneyline wager. Essentially, you can pick your team AND the draw to cover yourself, and in some cases you can pick both teams (and pray that the game doesn't end in a draw).

MLS Vegas Odds

MLS Asian Handicap Odds

Asian Handicap betting is hugely popular in soccer betting, mainly because there are few conceivable outcomes in your average match. Betting on a team with a handicap of -1.5 means that you will need them to win by 2 clear goals or more to take home the cash - and of course, you'll be rewarded with generous odds if you're on a winner here.

MLS Draw no Bet Odds

If three outcomes isn't for you, all sportsbooks will offer a Draw No Bet line, which essentially eliminates the draw from the equation. The odds you'll see will be lower, although a drawn match will result in a refunded bet, so it's a smart choice in a game where there's not likely to be much between the teams.

MLS Both Team to Score Odds

This line is a hidden gem of soccer betting, although it can be more treacherous than one may think. It seems reasonably likely that both teams will score in a match, although the chances of it happening are around the 65% mark. For that reason, the 'yes' option is usually the favourite, but when betting on a team with a good defensive record, you may be better off selecting 'no'.

Montreal Impact Odds

MLS Live Betting

Live betting is huge nowadays and is a much more engaging form of sports betting. By taking note of the pre-match odds, lines and margins, you can really take advantage of the live betting options available. This is a great way to increase your chances of a big dividend, however you will need to ensure you are disciplined and ensure you follow the fluctuation in lines very carefully.

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you:

How does the MLS season work

The 2019 MLS season runs from the first week of March and the last round of the regular season (Decision Day) will be played on October 6th.

This season there are 24 teams in the MLS as FC Cincinnati becomes the latest franchise to join the ever-expanding league, and as a result there will be a revamped playoff system that features 14 teams (seven from each conference).

MLS Odds

Unlike previous years, the playoffs will feature straight elimination fixtures and no longer will be played over two legs. The first-placed team in each division will get a bye to the conference semi-finals, while the teams that finish 2nd to 7th will compete in the conference quarter-finals, hosted by the higher-ranked team. As always, there will be a conference final, before the winners of each conference compete for the MLS Cup on November 10.

Current MLS Standings - Week 8 on April 16, 2019

Eastern Conference:

Position MP PTS
1. DC United 7 14
2. Columbus Crew SC 7 13
3. Montreal Impact 7 11
4. Toronto FC 5 10
5. Philadelphia Union 7 10
6. Orlando City SC 7 8
7. FC Cincinnati 7 8
8. Chicago Fire 6 6
9. New York Red Bulls 6 5
10. Atlanta United FC 5 5
11. New York City FC 6 5
12. New England Revolution 7 4

Western Conference:

Position MP PTS
1. Los Angeles FC 7 19
2. Seattle Sounders FC 6 16
3. LA Galaxy 6 15
4. Houston Dynamo 5 13
5. FC Dallas 7 13
6. Minnesota United FC 6 10
7. Sporting Kansas City 6 9
8. Real Salt Lake 7 7
9. San Jose Earthquakes 6 3
10. Vancouver Whitecaps FC 6 2
11. Colorado Rapids 7 2
12. Portland Timbers 6 1

Other competitions for MLS teams

The MLS isn't the only competition that Canadian and American teams play in. Each year a Canadian Championship and US Open Cup takes place and MLS teams also play in their respective nation's knockout competition.

For Canadian teams, the Canadian Championship is their offical route to the CONCACAF Champions League, as only American teams can qualify for this tournament through the MLS. Only the champion gets a ticket to the Champions League, so there's plenty at stake.

All-Time Major League Soccer Champions

Colorado Rapids betting odds

The MLS Cup is the Super Bowl of North American soccer. Since the league was founded in 1996, the Los Angeles Galaxy has lifted the trophy the bigger number of times (five - in 2002, 2005, 2011, 2012 and 2014).

The Canadians only won it once. Runners-up in 2016 losing to the Seattle Sounders, the Toronto FC got its revenge one year later against the same rival in the final.

The defending champions are the Atlanta United who defeated the Portland Timbers on December 8th 2018.

  • 1. Los Angeles Galaxy - 5
  • 2. DC United - 4
  • 3. Houston Dynamo - 2
  • 3. Sporting Kansas City - 2
  • 3. San José Earthquakes - 2
  • 6. Chicago Fire - 1
  • 6. Columbus Crew - 1
  • 6. Colorado Rapids - 1
  • 6. Real Salt Lake - 1
  • 6. Portland Timbers - 1
  • 6. Seattle Sounders - 1
  • 6. Toronto FC - 1
  • 6. Atlanta United - 1

New York Red Bulls