With the lengthiest of seasons of all the major North American sports, Major League Soccer runs for nine months through every season. From March to December, Canadians have many opportunities to enjoy the best soccer action in North America. With the season lasting as long as it does, it can be difficult to keep track of every game. Luckily, fans and bettors can find a printable schedule for every game, all season, right here. 

MLS Schedule 2019

Starting in March, the 34-matchday season runs into the spring and summer before finishing up in late October. From there, the top teams head to the postseason battle for a MLS Cup Finals ticket.

Printable League Schedule

MLS Schedule Release

The MLS schedule is released in early January – about two months prior to the first week of the regular season. At the time of release, every matchup is set, but some start times are not finalized. By the start of the season in March, all start times should be set. The playoffs are not set until the regular season is over. The regular season schedule contains two rivalry weeks – where teams play their biggest and most hated opponents. As rivalries weeks are always enticing and exciting, circle these two weeks on the calendar as they offer up some of the best matchups.

As international competition and international qualifying can interrupt the MLS season, the season can run later some years than it does in others, making an annual schedule of events all the more important. Although the regular season and playoffs take the brunt of the attentions of MLS teams, there are other games intersperse throughout the season. These events include the CONCACAF Champions League – which features a mixture of clubs from the biggest soccer leagues in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.  

MLS Schedule Today

The MLS season is 34 games in length and takes place over – roughly 34 weeks. Most weeks team play a single game with the majority of games taking place on Saturday and Sunday.

As the league will take a hiatus throughout the season to accommodate certain international events, teams do occasionally play mid-week games – with Wednesday being the day of choice for MLS schedule makers. A few of the top clubs in the MLS will play in the CONCACAF Champions League where games are played intermittently from August to April.

The last thing to remember is some clubs schedule friendly against international clubs. These vary year-to-year and are more of an exhibition nature – as they do not influence the standings.

MLS TV Schedule

The majority of Canadians can watch MLS games on TSN or TVA. TSN focuses on the Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps, while the Montreal Impact is primarily broadcast on TVA. Most other MLS games can be streamed online through the MLS website. Blackouts apply to games broadcast on a Canadian network.