Neteller Betting Sites in Canada

The NETeller payment option does everything you need it to, professionally and expeditiously. If you need to know anything about the company, all the information you need is found easily right on their main website. It is so readily accepted by the top sportsbooks used in Canada that you can’t go wrong by selecting it as your preferred payment method. Here is our Deposit Methods Table where you can see who accepts it.

  • Accepted by the best sportsbooks
  • Safe and secure
  • Preferred method by Canadians

NETeller welcomes Canadians to use their services to send money in many ways. Either the Express or Extended membership package works, with Extended offering more perks and higher limits. The best sportsbooks accept NETeller and your transactions.

NETeller Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

The amount of available sports bets you can make online are staggering. While each sportsbook offers its own lines and unique bets, most of them offer the same style of wager. You can select and bet on anything from the straight winner of a game, to what color of Gatorade the winning coach will be drenched with, to who will out-pitch or out-run his opponent. All of the bets you could possibly want to wager on, you can, and you can use NETeller to do it.

Horse racing is so massive on the internet that you simply can’t avoid it. Any top sportsbook that you create an account with will give you the option to visit their racebook and make all sorts of wagers on the horses. Whether you’re a complete rookie to the wagering aspect of the sport, or a bridge jumper routinely betting heavy on daily doubles and superfectas, NETeller is your first step to enjoying yourself and raking in the winnings.