Flexepin Betting Sites in Canada


Flexepin prepaid vouchers were first introduced in 2015. A Toronto-based company, whose parent company is Flexewallet, which has been operating since at least 1996. Flexewallet is a trusted online payment system with a solid track recordThey’ve built up a solid client base over the years and now command a sizeable portion of the Canadian crypto-currency market. Flexepin is the latest in a long-line of prepaid online payment systems and works in the same way as the others. Users can purchase PIN-protected vouchers from a wide variety of real-world retailers as well as online partners.

  • Free of charges with most sportsbooksValue proposition
  • Prepaid vouchers make for simple and easy usage
  • Sophisticated digital protection

One of the most popular prepaid online payment systems currently available in Canada is the PaySafeCard. It’s one of the main rivals to Flexepin and offers a pin purchase service, providing a service to Canadian online gamblers. The process of using pre-loaded payment vouchers provides near-total anonymity. Long string PIN numbers ensure security on every transaction. Easy and secure.

Flexepin Deposits and Withdrawals

Using Flexepin to make secure deposits to your online sportsbook account could not be easier. It’s a quick and one of the most simplistic methods of making a deposit for Canadians available. The entire depositing process takes less than five minutes. You simply take your voucher and upload the deposit to your online sportsbook account.

Firstly you need to seek out one of the multitudes of Flexepin outlets scattered throughout Canada or choose one of the many online resellers. Purchase a voucher for the amount you would like to upload to your online sportsbook or casino account. Then just log in to your online sportsbook account and head over to the payment, or “cashier”, page, select Flexepin as a deposit method. Enter the amount you intend to deposit, wait for the prompt to enter your unique sixteen-digit security code.

The bonuses casinos and sportsbooks offer customers who deposit with Flexepin vary quite a lot. Generally speaking, they are quite high, ranging from anywhere between $300 and $1500. These are extremely high and something customers should consider when choosing a payment method. Equally, users should explore which sportsbook suits them and what kinds of bonuses they offer on deposits.

How to Withdraw with Flexepin?

Due to the functionality of the Flexepin payment system, like many other prepaid card online payment systems it cannot be used to make any cash withdrawals from your online sportsbook account. However, this shouldn’t deter you from using prepaid card systems. An increasing number of users are opting to deposit with systems like Flexepin and choosing to make withdrawals using debit cards or eWallets.

Why use Flexepin with Sportsbooks

The Flexepin prepaid voucher system is the perfect system for use with Canadian online sportsbooks. The growing popularity of the system has meant users can access the prepaid vouchers in hundreds of locations across the country, or online. The anonymity and security Flexepin offers means users can trust their deposits and withhold sensitive information, which they don’t want to give up.

The rise of the online gambling industry has resulted in many banks and financial institutions releasing their own version of cashless payment and e-wallet solutions. In amongst the many options customers have, Flexepin prevails as one fo the top services on the market.

Flexepin Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

At the sportsbook mentioned above, they provide the Flexepin payment method as a way of depositing and in some cases a method of withdrawing too. There’s little need to look elsewhere, as what you see here are the very best sites available for wagering on a range of sports and events. Anything from game outcomes to political and entertainment wagers can be processed at these books. The way gambling is set up nowadays, you can even place live in-play wagers or bet using your mobile phone from anywhere all via Flexepin gambling methods.

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