American Express Betting Sites in Canada

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Sports bettors in Canada can check below to find a solid list of betting sites accepting American Express as a funding method. The sportsbooks on the list are some of the better ones within the industry, and their initial bonuses and rewards programs are things their current bettors rave about.

  • Highest limits available
  • Tremendous fraud protection
  • Worldwide brand accepted by a lot of bookies
  • Founded in 1946
  • Sharp Odds and Competitive Prices
  • Legendary Sports Gambling Family

American Express is one of the most well-known credit cards in the world and their 150+ years of experience has made them a trusted brand for consumers and businesses alike. That popularity has transferred over to the online gaming industry the past few decades as there are plenty of sportsbooks based around the world that accept American Express as a financial option.

While US citizens with an American Express card took a hit when federal banking and credit card regulations changed for online gaming a few years back, that same such problem does not exist for Canadians with the credit card. There are some very reputable American Express sites in Canada for sports bettors to bet with and the process of completing a transaction is quite simple.

American Express Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

Depositing with American Express is really straight forward for Canadians as they go about it the same way they would with any other credit card; Plug in your information, the deposit amount, and wait for the funds to be approved in the sportsbook once the transaction is processed.

Bettors can also use American Express as a withdrawal method at most books, but make sure you do your homework on the sportsbook you are using American Express because there could be fees on both deposits and withdrawals.

There are always processing fees on deposits, and the limits American Express cards have for gaming deposits could be problematic, but sites with lucrative bonuses and promotions can help alleviate the burden of some of those fees.

One of the biggest draws to using American Express as your sports betting funding method is the fact that it is accepted at many of the largest and most popular sportsbooks in the world. This means that bettors who use this as their preferred method can be at sportsbooks that offer a wide variety of betting options on nearly any sport you can think of.

So if traditional North American sports isn’t exactly your betting preference and something like say, Tennis is, researching which American Express sites offer the best tennis odds on tournaments and matches is something to look into.

All in all, American Express is a strong and fast funding method that ensures security. The fees – especially on deposits and withdrawals – are a deterrent to some, but that is typically the case with any sort of credit card funding option.

Depositing with American Express

Due to the fact, American Express is a highly reputable company, they are accepted across most sportsbooks. Each individual sportsbook holds its own limits on depositing with American express. Depositing with AMEX is extremely quick and can take just a few seconds to arrive in your sportsbook account.

The limits can vary greatly, but for the vast majority of sportsbooks, AMEX cards get the best limits when making a deposit. Take a major sportsbook they offer a minimum of $20 on American Express deposits, while Sports Betting has a minimum of $10.

One of the other benefits of making American Express deposits is that you can even make deposits over the phone, unlike with many other cards. It’s worth shopping around with different sportsbooks to see which suits you and take a look at what limits each offers with American Express.

Withdrawing with American Express

Making a withdrawal is much like depositing with American Express, except it’s a little easier. The downside to withdrawing with American Express is the waiting times, which can be up to 5 days. While this is very frustrating, there are other methods to withdraw your money which would be much quicker.

Be aware that not every sportsbook that allows deposits, also allows withdrawals. Sometimes sportsbooks prefer to offer alternative methods of withdrawals.

Limits on withdrawals vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, so be sure to look into the limits before making a deposit. The vast majority hold similar limits to what they have for depositing. Nonetheless, take a look and see.

Bonuses of American Express

One of the key merits of American Express is its convenience. It’s simple, all you need is your card and some basic information and you can make a deposit online or on the phone. With AMEX, you also cut out the middleman – there’s no need for an e-wallet or third-party in the transaction.

The security assured when using American Express is also very important. As a global brand in the commercial service industry, you take comfort from the fact if something goes awry, you have years of experience and customer care to cover you.