Laser Betting Sites in Canada


As Laser cards got phased out, betting sites accepting Laser decreased dramatically. Currently, there aren’t any betting sites accepting this defunct method of payment, so Canadian sports bettors will have to look elsewhere for funding options.

  • Prepaid cards offering great security features
  • Unified with numerous Irish banks
  • Simple deposit and withdrawal process

Based out of Ireland, Laser was a pre-paid debit card bettors could use to fund their sports betting accounts. Laser cards were only available to individuals from the local Ireland area and participating banks. Laser cards have since been eliminated from the market (2014), although the height of their popularity in use came in 2009 when almost 11.2 Million Euros on over 195 million transactions were processed.

Unfortunately for past Laser card owners, their demise means that there aren’t any Laser sites in Canada operating currently. It’s not a huge loss for Canadian bettors as getting a Laser card from an Irish bank would have been complicated enough for Canadians unless dual citizenship or other hurdles were not applicable.

Laser Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

Laser cards were highly popular in the mid-2000s and their usage rates were through the roof. Pre-paid debit/credit cards were just starting to gain traction in the world and the Irish banks thought they really had something with the Laser cards. Yet, slowly but surely they began to be phased out when the Irish banks made changes and were ultimately replaced by Visa and MasterCard debit cards. The thinking behind that move was that the more well-known name brand debit/credit cards would be more readily accepted online and worldwide.

For those Canadian bettors that know about pre-paid credit cards and there tremendous use for funding online betting, know that Laser cards were just another variation of them that were based in Ireland. Currently, there are some tremendous pre-paid credit card options available to Canadian sports bettors looking to go that route at their favourite sportsbook. It is a good method for getting funds online quickly and while Laser may be old news, online shopping/funding is still very popular with prepaid credit cards.  

How to deposit with Laser Card

Laser Card Services are for residents of Ireland and features certain benefits when depositing with this method. The high speed of transactions and accessibility by mobile phone makes the whole process even quicker. The deposits are in-line with the generalized minimums and maximums stated on each sportsbook site.

Depositing with the Laser card is simple. You simply log into the sportsbook selected the Laser method and deposit directly into the account, the funds should show instantaneously.

Bonuses of using Laser Card

The service is concise and straightforward, makes for a swift process of depositing and withdrawing money from your sportsbook account. Numerous sportsbooks offer great deals on deposits; take BetVictor for example, offering a 100% bonus of up to $30 on deposits.

Another key feature of the Laser Card is the anonymity it provides users. It features the highest level of security, due to the fact the procedure for completing a transaction doesn’t require a first name, last name, patronymic, or any other private user data.