Skrill Betting Sites in Canada

To take some of the search time out of it for you, we have complied a list of just some of the betting sites accepting Skrill in Canada below. These are some of the more reputable sportsbooks out there and bettors using Skrill as their primary banking method will have no problem creating and funding their accounts at these sportsbooks.


  • Founded in 1946
  • Sharp Odds and Competitive Prices
  • Legendary Sports Gambling Family

Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is one of the most preferred online banking methods for Canadian sports bettors. When it was known as Moneybookers, this company built and established a tremendous reputation within the industry as one of the best options out there.

It functions as an e-wallet for clients to set up and maintain, so transferring funds in and out of your Skrill account is very easy.

Since it is trusted by so many online brands in a variety of different industries (Skype, Bet365, etc), bettors looking for Skrill sites in Canada won’t have too far to look. It is one of the most consistent, convenient, and secure methods out there for Canadian sports bettors to fund their accounts and expand their portfolio across multiple sportsbooks with one simple funding and withdrawing method.

Skrill Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

While some older generation bettors may have some reservations about putting much of their banking information online to create a Skrill account and use them as an e-wallet, Skrill takes the utmost pride in ensuring all of their information and transactions are safe and secure. Creating a Skrill account takes a matter of minutes and with 40 currencies to choose from, Canadian bettors can fund their new accounts in many different ways in under 10 minutes.

From there, Skrill works as any other “traditional” wallet would; Put money into your account when you’ve got it, and spend it online at hundreds of websites and sportsbooks.

After a successful stretch of winning wagers, bettors can then cash out their winnings straight to their Skrill account and either move those winnings straight to their bank account, or keep it in the e-wallet for future use. There really is no understating just how simple and safe using Skrill is for Canadian sports bettors. There is no fumbling around for credit cards to rotate through for deposits – if they don’t get declined by the bank – and all of your wagering funds are collected in one place at Skrill to use as you please.

With Skrill deposits being accepted at nearly every sportsbook worldwide these days, serious bettors that plan on moving money around a lot between different sportsbooks and their personal bank accounts should seriously consider Skrill as their best banking option.