Postepay Sites in Canada


You can find a list of betting sites accepting PostePay below. The sportsbooks listed there are of the highest quality in terms of providing the best online wagering experience to their clients, and with bonuses, promotional offers and strong wagering options.

  • Run through Italian Postal Service
  • No connection needed to bank account
  • Withdraw winnings directly from compatible ATM’s

PostePay is a method of depositing to your favourite sportsbooks through electronic prepaid cards based out of Italy. Oddly enough, it’s not the Italian banks that are backing PostePay, but it’s managed by the Italian post office. Since it’s launch at the end of last century, it became highly popular in Italy and provides a safe and secure way to fund online sports betting accounts.

With PostePay being a primarily Italian funding method, Canadian sports bettors are likly going to have some problems considering this method. But should you be travelling abroad, know that these prepaid cards do not need any connection to an Italian bank account. There aren’t many PostePay sites in Canada, but these cards can be used at a select few sportsbooks.

PostePay Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

There are many positives behind the PostePay system, most notably that they don’t need to be connected to a bank account in any way. There is a limit of 999 Euros per transaction which could be problematic for some high stakes gamblers, but the versatility it offers in terms of loading up a PostePay card is another positive of this method.

Furthermore, PostePay allows you to directly withdraw your winnings from select ATM’s compatible with either Visa electron or the Italian postal service. This means that the quick turnaround from having a winning wager to cash in had is quite fast and what sports bettor doesn’t like that?

Canadians will be limited in their use and ability to obtain PostePay cards, but if this funding method continues to expand and grow, it may only be a matter of time before PostePay becomes a globally recognized brand.