Money Order Betting Sites in Canada

money order

In the chart below you will find a brief list of betting sites accepting money orders as a deposit method. The list is just a small sample size of the Canadian sportsbooks that will accept this method as nearly every site out there will have no problems using money orders for deposits/withdrawals.

  • Highly secure and safe method
  • Minimal fees – if any – to use this money orders
  • Very high deposit/withdrawal limits

Finding money order sites in Canada is very easy in the sports betting realm as nearly every sportsbook out there for Canadians will have no problems accepting money orders from their customers. This is because of the high level of safety this transaction gives the bettor and the sportsbook, and the fact that very high limits are offered with this method.

Offering high deposit/withdrawal limits through a safe, secure, and relatively easy transaction method like money orders is something sportsbooks have been doing for a long time. The funds will only be available to the individual bettor that sent out the money order and the high, or even lack of limits, often appeals to the high rollers out there. 

MoneyOrder Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

Using money orders as a way to fund your sports betting account is a great method but it will take some planning.

For one, because there are very high limits, sometimes no limits at all, as to how much money one can deposit via money order, you’ve really got to plan ahead to ensure you have the funds (and our willingness to risk those funds) to send off to the sportsbook. This method ensures that your money will be deposited upon arrival at that sportsbook, but again that will take some time. Planning for the multiple-day wait it will take (2-3 days at the earliest) for the money order to arrive at the sportsbook is something you’ve got to be prepared for as well.

Clearly the trade-off for the long wait time with money orders is the high level of security and safety they bring with large amounts of money involved. If you are really looking to turn sports betting from a general hobby to a full-time business endeavour, those wait times shouldn’t bother you. If making sure your funds are safe and secure are more important than rushing to get action down on tonight’s game, using money orders is something you should seriously consider.